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  1. Not long until April, I suspect many other togs will join you then.
  2. I think you're correct John. It seems likely that these are professional buyers using the PU loophole. The only time I've traced a "zoomer" was when a nephew of mine searched for images (of him on a charity ride). He's an image buyer for a TV magazine so his zooms appeared in my Measures. No sale resulted of course they were for a charitable use - and I'm a generous uncle!
  3. Only zooms from a limited number of Alamy's commercial customers are shown on your dashboard. So zooms from a typical PU buyer would not show.
  4. I've had a PU sale of an old album cover this morning. I won't update my records as I expect a refund tomorrow!
  5. Facebook today announced the imminent launch of Facebook News - a personalised news service offering users articles reprinted fron the major newspapers including the Times, Telegraph, Mail, etc. The newspaper will be paid for the right to reprint articles. What about the photographs within them? Will we photographers be paid for their reuse? What about image theft, much easier from Facebook? How does it affect the duration of a licence? Will editorial restricions still apply? I'm sure this plan will raise a myriad of questions. I'm keen to know if Alamy has given any th
  6. At last, first reported sale of the year (though I saw it used in the Telegraph back in November) $$
  7. Be careful with this link folks. My virus checker doesn't like it and has blocked it.
  8. Pants! December was dead. Overall I exceeded last year's volume by about 30%, but not value which was about 10% lower. Only bright spot for the month was my account balance which was stuck on $49 was finally tipped over $50 by a late cleared sale. So I'll get a January payout.
  9. Down here in rural Hampshire we have a group of "mummers" performing at the local pubs, and occasional morris dancers too. Unfortunately - stuck in Tier 4 as we are - everything was cancelled this year.
  10. The Dashboard makes it clear that only Zooms (and sales, views, etc.) from "Paying Clients" are recorded: "How is this data collected? This data is collected from the search activity of our paying customers. It records searches, visits, views, sales and zooms." So I assume that if the "man/woman in the street" Zooms an image it is not recorded in Alamy Measures. I suspect however that if they Zoom and buy in the same visit, the Zoom may be recorded along with the sale. R.
  11. OK it wasn't a slick Hollywood presentation, but some credit must surely go to Alamy for trying to open up the conversation with contributors. Some points of interest were raised, and I look forward to a developing warm and open future relationship. Best wishes to Alamy and all forum participants for Christmas and 2021. Russell
  12. Here's a neat report that is not publicised on Alamy, but it creates a lovely spreadsheet which you can download as a .csv into Excel and play with tho your hearts content. Copy the string below, make sure you're logged in to your dashboard, open a new window, paste the strin into the URL/Search bar of the new window, change the dates as necessary and hit enter. Works a treat. I've yet yo investigate whether there are other options for the parameters. Output header: Page 1 of 3 < Previous | Next > Date Image
  13. The Alamy/Lightroom Bridge add-on will give you the Sales count and Revenue for each image. It runs a "report" on Alamy. When I have some time I'll see if I can show you how it looks.
  14. It looks like there's a problem with the recent Alamy software update. My browser automatically fills the email address & password when I load the webpage. But the Alamy software is now immediately clearing those fields. I then select the email/password combination from saved passwords, but the software doesn't detect the presence of a password and I have to select it again. Another one for the coders please Alamy.
  15. The previously "Not Ready" images are now showing as "On Sale". Alamy have presumably caught up.
  16. If you have only recently uploaded the Not Ready images, the issue is simply that the database has not been updated. So although your images show For Sale in image manager, on the database they are still Not Ready. I'm afraid that patience is the only answer, frustrating as that may be, particularly for topical images.
  17. Very much agree with this, though I think 2,500 pixels is generous. I would prefer a limit of say 1,800 by 1,200. Plenty big enough for a presentation or high quality 6" by 4" print.
  18. Spacecadet, the problem is not logging into discussion.alamy.com.As I said above the issue is logging into my Dashboard. Also as I said, if I disable tracker protection I can login (to the Dashboard). However, this is changed behaviour from the weekend. I assume Alamy have implemented an untested change and have not included proper error correction. If the tracker is blocked it should either ignore the problem or issue an appropriate diagnostic.
  19. Have a look at my post in QC and Technical support forum. Ive found out what caused it for me, and it might offer you a solution.
  20. I've done some digging. Either Google has changed recaptcha or Alamy has modified their code to do more tracking of contributors. My problem was down to a privacy add-in I run on Firefox. If I disable it no problem. If I enable it I can't login to the Dashboard. This is new behaviour, only happening in the last 24 hours or so. So I'd like to know who's made the change. Own up Alamy if it is you. The privacy add-in is blocking three trackers at Dashboard sign-in: - googletagmanager.com - google.com - d.impactradius-event.com I'm
  21. Typical Google anti-trust behaviour. If I sign in to Alamy via Chrome rather than Firefox no recaptcha - I just then let Google steal all my private information. It's time government got Google under control. Meanwhile Alamy can do us all a fovour and get rid of recaptcha.
  22. Please please please please Alamy get rid of this nonsense!!!!!!!!! I've wasted an hour today and hundreds of clicks and the ************ thing won't let me in. This is simply not good enough. GET RID OF IT.
  23. Will Alamy please get rid of the stupid recaptcha program. It is broken again and won't let me in to Alamy despite correctly clicking dozens of lousy images. It's a rotten system and needs to be replaced.
  24. Daily Telegraph 21/11/20 (Print) 2DCAP0B (or similar) Jeff Gilbert Alamy Live News
  25. Or in my case the 16th, they're clearly short of a good Operations Manager - if I was a few years younger I'd send my CV in!
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