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BBC report Keith Morris missing

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4 minutes ago, BobD said:

Let's bear in mind that the alleged misconduct were only allegations he was not found guilty of anything.

Absolutely agree. And a lot of harm can be done with false allegations, as we all know. But it's never a good idea to create these worshipped, larger-than-life figures. Just imho.

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On 12/02/2020 at 09:11, spacecadet said:

If you mean the report of the inquest, many of us here were concerned about the circumstances. We contained our speculations at the time out of respect.

As some others no doubt did I thought he might have got caught out by one of his storms. This is even more tragic.

Anyway it's public information. Just google his name. I for one am grateful to David. At least we know. What there is to know anyway.

If you're referring to my post, well, just a thought. Call it black humour if you like. If it's unwelcome, ignore it. If it offends you I'll remove it and you can remove yours.

This whole event is tragic and very sad. Yes, a lot of folks, thankfully, did contain speculation at the time. The circumstances surrounding the sad event however, were fairly well known to many of us who live in Ceredigion. Doesn't make it any less sad though and has been correctly noted, allegations are not proven fact. 

Pete Davis






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