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  1. I have had enough and shortly my life will take a different direction which will be creating a small holding in Ireland. I have done the years of constant upgrading to camera systems and software, salivating over photo magazines with gear porn. I am fed up with MSM propaganda, being cancelled for being born a woman, vacuous celebs holding forth on subjects they know sod all about and being told it's my fault for not feeling safe in the streets. I am no longer willing to be told how to live by MPs who are on the take, screwing the system or flinging hate language at each other. My g
  2. I'm Irish too, but there is no way that awful green should be allowed in public!
  3. Me too, now in the deleted box as I can't bear to look at it without wanting to throw up.
  4. I thought I'd use them to upload random images from my iphone and started to upload to the S word a few weeks back, but they were having technical issues, so only just got my first images accepted. 3 more images waiting for review dating back to a week ago. So I suppose the answer to the OP's question is don't hold your breath 🙂
  5. Could you please be kind enough to update your contributors (remember us?) with what exactly is going on with Alamy Measures? Many thanks
  6. Some of us have been with Alamy for many years longer than the OP and have weathered the ups and downs of this industry. Personally I am happy to stick with exclusivity on Alamy, It has served me well.
  7. I am sure the date was 23rd September early on this morning - but now it's the 22nd!! Are Measures in some dystopian back to the future?
  8. At the time, the local Fox Cubs and Hedgehogs and whatever is upsetting our ducks on the pond at night. From my time volunteering at a wildlife hospital a can of cat food is valuable currency in the animal world 🦡😀
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