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  1. I am sure the date was 23rd September early on this morning - but now it's the 22nd!! Are Measures in some dystopian back to the future?
  2. At the time, the local Fox Cubs and Hedgehogs and whatever is upsetting our ducks on the pond at night. From my time volunteering at a wildlife hospital a can of cat food is valuable currency in the animal world 🦡😀
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. I'll take the trail camera off my must have list. With all your described experiences I think I may get better results hiding in a bush with an open can of Whiskas. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  4. I'd say make friends with your local police and fire services. I have a photographer friend who has done that and I can pretty much predict when I'm reading local news the pictures are by him. He is well known by his local emergency services and much respected for behaving professionally and he provides drone imagery as well.
  5. Does anyone know if night vision images are accepted by Alamy. Thinking of getting one that records 20MP images and HD1080P video.
  6. I use my own name, Linda Kennedy, which sometimes results in searches for the Scottish journalist of the same name. Here I use Celluloid Hero 'cos I'm a Kinks fan
  7. Waitrose Weekend freebie paper 2 September Page 36/7 The Quay at Blakeney near Holt, Norfolk, England. UK. Ray Conchie 2G7ABF4
  8. Am I to understand that we are now required to identify as a BitCoin in a non-binary way whilst wearing gender neutral suspenders? I'll stick to cash under the mattress thank you (it's not really under my mattress, I just said that to cover my tracks).
  9. Oxfam Charity Shop London Britain- Image ID: BD6DYY by Lenscap This image is being used in a YouTube video with the Alamy watermark all over it! It's about 1minute and 9 seconds into the video
  10. Bit of a late spot but found this one on the Telegraph website - by Nigel Sawyer - EDYC5K - article was dated 5 June 2021
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