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  1. It's not just the cameras that are going up in price, but also good gelatin/silver prints made from negatives. Selling archival gelatin / silver prints is my main (very good) income and prices are going up and up, unlike stock which is going down and down. As for my platinum / palladium prints.......... upper and upper! Of course, a lot of photographers have boasted about how they got rid of their darkrooms........
  2. It's because clients and picture buyers have latched on to the same idea as so-called 'personal sales', most of which are nothing of the kind. They can get a full size image for peanuts and then do what they wish with it in perpetuity without penalty. Why would anyone pay full price for something when they can walk out of the same store with the identical item for a fraction of the price? There was a discussion about 'presentation' files being lower size and res but of course this hasn't happened. If usage and image theft was policed better it would deter this but of course Alamy turns a - del
  3. My worst was in Sardinia. I was told by a local in Cagliari that if a car in front of me indicated left, it may mean that they were turning right and it meant for me to go around their left. In the mountains the roads were very hairy and precipitous and you might meet a rusty Fiat speeding towards you in the middle of the road. I was taken out one evening in Cagliari by the president of the Arts Association and he sped through a red light. I asked innocently if at night obeying light signals were optional and he said 'Red? red? that's just a matter of opinion'. I also saw mini accidents where
  4. The single deck trolley buses in Cardiff were used to go from the city centre down to the docks, or 'Tiger Bay' (where I had a girlfiend). There was a railway bridge across the road at the top of Bute Street that was too low for the double deckers.
  5. ...and when I was a kid in Cardiff we had electric double and single deck electric trolley buses powered by overhead cables. They were clean, quiet and had better acceleration than the regular buses. The poles connecting the bus to the overhead wires used to come off now and again stopping the bus. Then the bus conductor who collected the tickets etc. used to draw out a very long bamboo pole stored under the bus and re-connect the power connectors to the overhead wires.
  6. The Italian and cafe and coffee culture arrived in Wales many generations ago with the influx of Italian immigrants. They came during hard times from a region of north Italy near Bardi to work in the coal and steel industries in the S. Wales Valleys. They brought their ice cream, coffee and cafe culture with them and almost every town in Wales, especially the valleys has a Conti, Gazzi, Bracchi, etc. cafe. We have a Conti's just ten minutes from here and he still makes great ice cream at the back of his cafe and he's over 90. In Splott when I was a kid we had two Gazzi's, same family. The son
  7. I was on a long photographic trip in Northumberland some years ago and was shopping for veg to take back to the place we had rented for the duration. A very nice guy who worked in the shop came up to me and asked me if I wanted anything weird. I couldn't imagine what veg would come under that category until i realised he had said weighed in a Geordie accent. Pete
  8. Your ear will get attuned in time. I have a cottage in far northwest Wales and the accent there - like the Welsh language, is as different from here (mid west) and S. Wales as you can imagine. You get an 'ear' for it. Many people argue that Pembrokeshire isn't Wales at all. I'm saying nothing as I have several long-time friends who live there! Pete Davis
  9. How would you manage in a S.Wales veg market if you heard someone asking for gibbons?!
  10. MDM said that Leicas are "overpriced toys for old boys with more money than sense" I'm sorry but I find that grossly offensive. I, along with many others throughout the long time period they have been around, have been using that particular type of camera as an everyday working tool since I was 15 and still am. If others have other preferences that suit their workflow, that's great. But please don't spit out grotesquely offensive remarks because you may have another opinion.
  11. Chuck, The M10P body is probably my next purchase. I already have good lenses so just need the body. I have a couple of exhibitions coming up, delayed because of the pandemic and three books waiting to be launched at the same time, so with a handful of print sales plus some books I'll bag one. Or of course, 2,000 sales here for so-called 'personal use'. (Assuming 50% commission, more sales if you only get 40%). Of course half of those will be refunded so probably around 3,000 + sales to buy one! I loved the RX8. V smooth engine as you would expect from a rotary. C of G
  12. Chuck: I think there is software called Vue Scan which is supposed to work on all scanners with Mac or Windows. I think I used a free download of that years ago for a scanner I acquired from somewhere. Now I use the specific software for the large format scanner I have. However, Vue Scan is still around. If that's what you meant. Talking about engines. I reluctantly got rid of my Mazda RX8 last year which has a unique engine. It was still working fine but a few other parts were failing and they were horrendously expensive. (As was filling it up frequently (25 mpg) and road tax, se
  13. Had to learn to use a screw mount Leica on my first day of work at - only just - 15. (1962) Bought my own a few years later (which I still have) and now also have a few M models and they are well used for my 'personal' - non project work and the digi M I use for the stuff that needs to be digi. It's great that I can use all my older lenses even on the newest digi M's - even screw lenses with a simple adaptor and they are still superb. I tend to use 35mm and 50 most, all Summicrons. Analogue M bodies also increase in value even more than rare single malt whisky! A good pension fund - except I'm
  14. Chuck said: "I do really miss the days of a couple of Leica M's" . I don't miss a couple of Leica M's because I still use them!. Film and digital. Pete Davis
  15. I have never been keen on the term 'street photography', not the photography that is made just the term. I prefer to say 'urban documentary' but I'm not too fussed about it to argue or debate. I was on a bus in NYC some years ago and saw saw Bruce Gilden stalking the streets outside with his Leica and flashgun. I have heard him speak a few times and he is brusque and direct and doesn't suffer fools. Especially when they ask dumb questions. We all have our 'lines in the sand' when it comes to liking folk. However, I do like him, his attitude and his work. Urban documentary has alw
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