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  1. Thanks guys. I will, it's just been a tad frantic the last few days here but I'm grateful for your comments and advice. BTW there's an interview with me here: https://www.ffoton.wales/interviews/2019/5/pete-davis
  2. If anyone is interested, an interview with me has just been published as a podcast at: www.ffoton.wales/ There are also a few photographs to accompany the podcast. Pete Davis www.pete-davis-photography.com
  3. I do understand that most folks upload from their phone which limits image adjustment to a certain extent. I have been uploading some 'vintage' and newer stuff from my iMac, so to retain the correct proportions of the various format sizes I use and for portrait or landscape orientation, I add white canvas around the image to make a white square frame. Probably been noted before by others. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://www.peteslandscape.blogspot.com http://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  4. Thanks for that. I will certainly get around to tagging. Cheers, Pete
  5. Never bothered with Instagram before, not because I don't recognise its value when used seriously, just a matter of time. Too busy keeping up with print sales, updating website and blog, plus travel and making new work etc. However, the galleries that sell my work hinted that it may help to have another platform on which some things can get 'out there' so I have just started to upload from my iMac, a selection of black and white documentary work of the kind that sells through the galleries as original silver prints. Plus I am just beginning to upload some of my more 'vintage' work. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davia-photography.com http://www.peteslandscape.blogspot.com https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  6. I went to talk last weekend by Brian Harris, veteran (real) news photographer, ex 'Times', 'Independent' etc. He put it a bit more pithily. "If I see another picture of a f*****g sunset in the Times, I swear I will explode". (His language!) Of course, as has already been noted, Alamy only cares about what sells regularly and obviously doesn't want to clutter itself up with stuff that doesn't so it is having a cull. I certainly don't buy newspapers to see pictures of lambs in springtime or snow in wintertime but presumably a lot do or they wouldn't print them. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com
  7. What may have confused the contributor to mis-caption those images is that 'Thermoman' seems to be feeling the cold.
  8. Nikon's first ever camera was mirrorless of course. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/
  9. One of my first professional paying photography commissions, (when I was 15) was to photograph a Golden Retriever. I even remember his name, Major. Many years later my Black Labrador Gus used to travel everywhere with me on location. He used to sit patiently under the tripod while I was composing and focussing under the darkcloth and only run out after he heard the shutter go off. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/
  10. I sell a lot of prints and never, ever sign on the front of the print or the mount, (although my galleries take care of most of the archival mounting and matting). I think it looks silly and pretentious on a photograph. Every print carries my name and copyright stamp on the back which has space for the title, negative date, print date, (very important for serious collectors), negative number and then a space for me to sign in. This authentication is important for serious collectors but better on the back within my stamp. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com
  11. Neither is her name Nicole. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/
  12. Always a good idea, not just for one's own sanity but to refresh one's photography from time to time too. Over the years, what I call my 'personal', self-initiated photographic projects, (not stock as here), planned and undertaken out of my own interests and research, have way overtaken, in terms of income any other 'commercial' work that I did. So, I have the happy position where 90% of my (very good) income is derived from this. Sales of prints and books from the galleries that deal in my work, private print sales to serious collectors and sponsorship, public and private, are all healthy. Of course I have to keep initiating projects and exhibitions etc. but as I have more ideas and plans that I have time left on this earth to complete them, that's not a problem. Of course, I also have the kind of work, past and current, that serious collectors wish to buy but I can honestly say that I have never initiated any project based on print sales potential. They all have been truly 'my own'. In the very early years of course, (a long time ago), it meant I had to make certain sacrifices to produce this work, taking 'time out' from commissioned, directly paid work to devote to my projects. However, even this was good because it took you away from the grindstone for a bit and you came back a bit refreshed an invigorated. Nowadays I am permanently refreshed and invigorated! Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/
  13. The trouble is that we will all have to queue along with the Brexiteers. They have well and truly dumped on all of us and should have a special stamp in their passports and have to endure a long queue to themselves and let the rest of us go fast pass. Or, they could have their beloved blue passport and we keep the current colour so they know who's who! Good luck to all of you with Irish, and other European passports. Because of my ancestry no other passport for me. However, I'm content to be Welsh and British and was more than happy to feel part of Europe too. My personal feelings won't change but the practicalities, customs, passport control etc. will change things I'm afraid.
  14. Good luck with the Ph.D. I did mine part time while I was the course leader of Documentary Photography at Newport. I used mine to produce a major body of work which led to a major international exhibition, (part of the requirements) and a book which was published internationally. I had to write a thesis too! If you have chosen your subject for your own passion and interests, (many are selected now because there may be a bursary available for a specific topic from a particular institution), you will gain a lot from it. At the end you have to face the dreaded viva, which, since the abolition of bear baiting is the most cruel thing left! I had to face two, one for the thesis and one for the exhibition. Ph.D's through Fine Art9which is what I did, I know yours is a different subject and structure) are notoriously demanding in their requirements. If you want to discuss anything do feel free to contact me. I have a wealth of experience in academia and Ph.D structures and protocols etc. I know you will get good advice from your institution but sometimes chatting to someone neutral who has seen 'both sides' can be useful. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/
  15. 100% professional and always have been since age 15. Started taking photographs aged 11. Stock accounts for a miniscule proportion of my output as I now concentrate on my 'personal' work; the major self-initiated projects and other work that I exhibit and sell either as B&W archival gelatin/silver prints or chromogenic prints if colour through galleries etc. I also make platinum prints of some work. Major national and international galleries and museums also collect my work. One national institution is in discussions with me at the moment about acquiring my archive when I go to the great darkroom in the sky. (No plans yet). I also have no plans to stop photographing until my safelight goes out. I'm at work all day, every day on one aspect of my work or another. I have enough projects in progress or planned to keep my going for many years and as long as folks want to exhibit, publish or buy my work I will make it. I'm so passionate about photography though, that I'd make it even if they didn't; as long as I was able to make work that was happy with. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/
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