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  1. Simple is good. Certainly keep the restriction on 'personal use'. I don't think a minority of them are suspect, I firmly believe that 99% of them are and this loophole is being abused by too many 'commercial' buyers of photography. To let anyone have a full size file for them to do with what they wish in perpetuity for peanuts, or nothing if the fee is refunded, is ludicrous. However, if a very strict escalating size and price restriction was set as has been discussed elsewhere on the forum, I may, just may, opt back in. Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/ https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto/
  2. An addendum to my previous post about my customs and carnet experiences in Ireland when the UK was in the EU and the republic wasn't... Even though things seemed laid back criss-crossing borders then, a few months after one of my trips a customs officer turned up, unannounced, at my studio and wanted to see the items listed on the carnet. He was making sure I hadn't 'imported them illegally' into the republic. He just selected some examples from the very long list, checked the serial numbers on the carnet against the kit in my studio and went away happy. As with some previous contributors posts, I have never had any problems in any other country and I sometimes travel with a lot more than a camera bag and a couple of Leicas. Big roll-along cases with 10"x 8" equipment and big tripod etc. Never a problem.
  3. Years ago I was undertaking a major long-term project in Ireland, before the Republic was in the EU. I had to have a carnet listing all the equipment which had to have a page for every border crossing I made. Each page, officially, had to be stamped and retained by the border customs after checking all my equipment to ensure I hadn't sold any of it north or south. Very often over the many trips I made I was crossing the border so many times I ran out of pages and not once did any customs officer check the mountain of equipment I was carrying in the car. They would usually take a glance at the long list on the carnet and either just wave me through or stamp it without checking. Of course, this was all at the height of the troubles so they had other worries at border crossings. I crossed the border one time on a sunday afternoon and stopped at the republic side to be checked and a sleepy customs officer just waved me through. I asked if I should check in across the road on the British side and he said, "no need, they don't open on sundays".
  4. This may prove useful. I would encourage Alamy to do the same with 'presentation use'. No-one needs a full size file for PowerPoint etc. Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  5. Absolutely agree too but the reason Alamy don't do this is because they know, as we do, that 99.9% of so-called 'personal sales' are nothing of the kind. In that case the commercial clients want full size images to do with what they wish. Just a way of Alamy giving clients a cheap deal. I'll amend that, an even cheaper deal. Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  6. I have had problems with zoos for all of the above noted moral and welfare reasons for many years and hadn't visited one since we were taken in junior school. I left junior school in 1958 so that will give you an idea. Just the other day i thought I would visit one to see if they had changed and chose one that seems to have had a good reputation, breeding, re-introduction into the wild etc. for some long time. I came away a bit sad and ended up photographing the humans! One of the images is the first one one my home page. Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/ https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto/
  7. I was doing a week's teaching at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague a few years ago and had a free hour or two so went for a stroll to the Mauritshuis museum to look at the Vermeers. I was pretty much alone when I went into the room with the 'Girl with the Pearl Earring' when a coach load of Japanese tourists charged up the stairs, pushed me en masse out of the way and all scrambled to take pictures with phones and iPads held up. Not one of them really looked at the painting properly and once they had all finished snapping, about two minutes, if that, they all charged down the stairs again. presumably to get on the coach to the next stop on the 'hit list'. The rest of the museum and its wonderful collection were ignored. Luckily for me as I and the other visitors were then left in peace to take in the rest of the work there. Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/ https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto/
  8. I think a lot of us have Liverpool stories. I met my wife in 1970 when she was a teacher in Liverpool. She taught in schools in West Derby and Speke. I used to fly up from Cardiff on a Friday with the old Cambrian Airways (Viscount turbo prop, £8 single, free drinks), to the then, Speke Airport and train back from Lime Street early Monday mornings. That was before we were married and she re-located and taught in Wales. https://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  9. The Adelphi is one of many hotels of its kind that sprang up when the railways in the UK were in their heyday. You will find very similar 'railway hotels' close to the main stations in most UK towns and cities. Once grand and imposing with superb service they are now, sadly, in decline being too big and now old-fashioned and difficult to maintain economically. It's actually very sad as many have imposing architecture and design interiors. Or at least they used to. Actually there might be a good photography project in documenting these before they disappear altogether. Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  10. Welsh is actually almost purely phonetic which eliminates most of the problems. Once you know how to pronounce the letters, they don't change. With just one very minor exception. (Learning the correct pronunciation of some of them another thing!) Most English folks think Welsh has no vowels whereas we have, as Ed has noted, both more letters in the alphabet overall and an extra vowel. Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  11. If Ed settles in Liverpool he will only be a short train or bus ride away from North Wales which might be good for his stock photography but not good for understanding accents. Not so much the north east but once you get over to the north west..... People from s.Wales have a job with the n.Wales accent even speaking English and of course the lWelsh language is slightly different south to north. I have a foot in both camps having homes in both Welsh speaking mid west wales and Snowdonia. I can negotiate the accents ok but some folks have problems. https://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  12. I'm saying nothing about the three sales that popped in for me on Saturday morning.............taken using professional cameras Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
  13. Thanks guys. I will, it's just been a tad frantic the last few days here but I'm grateful for your comments and advice. BTW there's an interview with me here: https://www.ffoton.wales/interviews/2019/5/pete-davis
  14. If anyone is interested, an interview with me has just been published as a podcast at: www.ffoton.wales/ There are also a few photographs to accompany the podcast. Pete Davis www.pete-davis-photography.com
  15. I do understand that most folks upload from their phone which limits image adjustment to a certain extent. I have been uploading some 'vintage' and newer stuff from my iMac, so to retain the correct proportions of the various format sizes I use and for portrait or landscape orientation, I add white canvas around the image to make a white square frame. Probably been noted before by others. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://www.peteslandscape.blogspot.com http://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto
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