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  1. ...and then there's Sopa/Zuma sending through 2 identical sets of almost everything (as SOPA, SOPA Images, Contributor/SOPA, SOPA via Zuma Wire, Contributor/SOPA/Zuma Wire or any other possible combination of those) almost every day. I assume these are eventually sorted and reduced to one? But they linger on the feed for a long time. Similars are sometimes inevitable with news uploads (I know I've inadvertently done it plenty of times, especially with people at events/Downing Street etc), so I'm not criticising the photographer, but why do these agencies get to send them through twice, it must
  2. Yes, it also worked fine yesterday. The issue was Dec 14th circa 6pm to 8am or thereabouts.
  3. Live news also had problems 2 days ago (Dec 14th) where almost nothing went through from about 6pm onwards until the next morning, not even the usually plentiful Sopa/ZumaWire etc overnight sets. The images finally got to my aim the next morning and logged as Dec 15th, I assume this was similar for a lot of people. I don't think the issue is anything to do with the news team, it seems very much IT related. In my case, these were not urgent pics at all (and luckily I wasn't sitting on a street curb in the freezing cold with a laptop as you often do with news uploads), bu
  4. It does seem to have occasional glitches where one or a few images in a batch are duplicated during the upload, especially when the batch is somehow split during the process. (despite only uploading one batch from my side)
  5. $40k sandcastles aside, storage is getting a bit of a problem, though. I'm pushing 25TB at the moment on 3x10TB as I'm paranoid of anything larger, backed up onto a 2nd copy 3x10TB stored in a different physical location, so 50TB overall filled, plus various smaller 4-6TB drives for everyday use on older stuff that is re-visited (but is backed up in RAW and some tiffs, plus edited batches of final client images on the larger drives, too), and it is all getting quite painful to maintain. Trying to move to a Thunderbold raid system, but whilst that will make physical complexity less unattractive
  6. Yes, I've tried to file a few weather news pics about half an hour ago, and they're stuck, too. Looks like very few image sets are coming through to the feed, so may be a technical prob on their side? ...Ah, while I was typing, they went through. Must have been a tech glitch. All sorted now I hope on your pics, too?
  7. Haha. You know me well enough to know I NEVER hide in the background. 😁
  8. I found an almost identical Whitehall frame somewhere, Phil (Tolga's finger up like he's about to conduct a choir and SR looking a bit 'is this it?' 🙂 ), so suspect I was standing next to you. I remember then hurridly running back into line about 20 secs later as they were finally coming along the pavement, think this was Starmer/Nandy/Long-Bailey (and Milne in bg) walking up to cab office, no?
  9. Thanks Wim, good suggestion. But since it's a pic of the baby Trump balloon, I somehow doubt that it was used in a legal tech context. Although nothing is impossible. 😃
  10. Thanks for the responses, glad I am not the only one. I've had delays in the past and it's usually fine, but this one seems odd. Thanks for the suggestion re. news team, Simon, I might try that. But am aware the news side runs at much reduced capacity and hours since spring, don't really want to bug them too much with payment stuff.
  11. Dear Alamy, I am still waiting on clearance for P8M4E6, sold 20th Feb 2019. Net value $300. An unremarkable, not particularly good picture, to be honest. One that many press togs took that day, but nevertheless, I'd quite like to be paid for its usage, svp. Delays in clearance are normal, we all get them and I'm fully aware that client payments are less reliable at the moment. That applies to all segments of photography, I've had portraiture and corporate pic clients who haven't paid for work from spring 2020, too, it happens. But having emailed Alamy customer service twi
  12. I care zilch what the old male Alamy forum anoraks have to say: It's degrading, it's sexist and it has absolutely no place in 2020 photo journalism or news photography. It's disgusting to see people being proud of getting print with these shitty shots. If you can't see what's wrong with them, then you cannot see what is wrong with the British newspaper landscape and has been for decades. Needless to say that many other countries have moved on from the women in bikini shots a long time ago, but Britain is stuck in this degrading excuse for 'news' images when all it really is, is to
  13. I still have more than $500 net sales uncleared between October and Feb. That October one particularly annoys me. The only reaction I had from Alamy so far was an acknowledgement of my email and the usual 'sales can take a while to be cleared'. It's been 8 months and counting.
  14. Hobbyist 2-days a week "photographers" who can barely crop a decent image repeatedly going out in central London spreading a virus because they fancy themselves important are the real danger. Shame on all of them. Hope the lives of others were worth the tiny amount you'll earn from that sh*t. Rant over. Don't care what you think. It's wrong on every level.
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