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  1. I'm going back over my images that only have just a few supertags and getting them up to the requisite 10. Question is - does having 10 supertags for each image really work or is that a question for the secret Alamy Algorithm makers? L
  2. So true. You end up earning more money than from stock photography by being on winning pub quiz teams because of the knowledge you've gained from keywording
  3. Thanks Andy, that is kind of you. Saves me having to climb the fence and go through the bins 😉
  4. I did that to my friend. I had him roll up his trouser leg so I could photograph the wound he got after falling off a ladder with an electric hedgecutter in his hand! When I was going through chemo I even photographed my peeling skin off my big toe!!
  5. Thanks everyone - I intend to go travelling for 6 months in the UK writing and photographing as I go. So I think it has to be a Professional policy and my campervan insurance certainly won't cover my gear.
  6. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good insurance company that will provide stand alone professional camera equipment insurance? Thanks in adavance xxxx
  7. Yes, it did come with W10 preinstalled. Not a bad little machine if you don't expect too much from it! I use it to write blog posts/notes etc with Open Office and Windows Live Writer. I like having a keyboard to poke as opposed to a touch screen!
  8. Brill Tee Cee - great to have all these options - useful to know about allplugins for the keywording bit. L x
  9. Hi John - When I get the start screen it gives me 2 options - select Windows 10 button or Microsoft Windows. It also says that W10 will start in a number of seconds if nothing is selected.
  10. Thanks for that. Spooky, I have to restart my netbook each time I link up to a different wifi. I think it has coping issues!
  11. Many thanks for that. I never thought about Adobe Bridge. Great idea xx
  12. I have a wee Acer One 10 netbook running Windows 10. Does anyone know of any (preferably free) software that would enable me to caption and keyword images on it? Thanks in advance Linda xx
  13. I want to transfer images from my camera to my android phone and caption and keyword them within an app on the phone. Can anyone recommend a decent app, all the ones I seem to be finding are about how to add Mickey Mouse Ears to my images :D Thanks CH xx
  14. You are right Kumar. I was looking at the account overview page at the top where it says Current Cleared Balance $*** We will pay you on 01 Jan 2015 I suspect I now know what a panic attack feels like
  15. Have I missed something? My cleared balance of over $75 has been showing for a few weeks now that it will be paid on 1 December. Yet when I logged on this morning it says I will be paid on 1 Jan 2015. Why am I not being paid this month? Anyone else having this problem?
  16. On the back of Boris and George's little jolly to China, I wonder if Alamy is considering cracking the Chinese Market. Is there a market? If there is, is it a viable market?
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