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  1. I used to use DuckDuckGo, but no longer. I found it prioritised US searches that I had to wade through. To remain as anonymous as possible I use a VPN. Re malware, if you are searching the web for something very obscure, and a search pulls up a hit exactly matching your search criteria, beware. Malware Bytes is very effective.
  2. This is the most common reason for me to flatten an image.
  3. Last time I used an inverter was in a Canterbury carpark. I remember it well, as I accidentally uploaded in a batch of live news images one with no caption, headline or tags. Was the only time I ever received the catch all 'this is not what we are looking for' email. Quickly added the missing text and re uploaded, all was fine. The newer Apple laptops have fixed batteries, but older, up to 2017 MacBook Airs, have internal batteries held in by 5 screws. When camping and shooting the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival over 3 days in Dorset last year, I took 2 spare batteries, and held the internal battery in with 1 centre screw, and the MBA's base held on with 2 screws only. When the original battery died, it was easy to fit another. Never used the 3rd. I have seen power banks for charging laptops, but they weren't cheap.
  4. I was 68 in July, but feel younger. I started contributing to Alamy back in 2017. I did consider Alamy long ago, pre DSLR, but was never over enthusiastic scanning many strips of 35mm negatives in my Minolta Dimage 5400. I actually enjoy researching what I intend to shoot, or have shot, people, organisations, companies, whatever. I've always had an inquisitive nature. Processed my first film at around 7 (127 film), and over the years used 35mm, 6x6 and 5x4 film, darkroom then scanning. Have shot digital since 2005/6. I can't see droves of youngsters being keen on shooting Alamy stock. Falling license fees, and thinking a phone can shoot everything come into play. I suspect most future contributors will be retired (I'm not) just looking to add to their pension. There will obviously be exceptions.
  5. Yes, and it also makes a more interesting photo. I remember shooting a Brighton biennial photographic exhibition of near A1 size LF prints. I waited for an interesting character to come along, and he leaned forward eyeballing a print close, click, and in the bag. With others I would wait for someone in a group to point towards a print. Never had to set them up, it was all natural. Prints, paintings, sculptures, same process. This was before I was submitting to Alamy.
  6. I use MacSentry VPN, usually connecting to Dutch, French or UK servers. I've yet to have issues connecting to Alamy.
  7. This area is a potential minefield, so I personally would avoid photographing stock in museums. Even personal photography in museums has issues, it may be allowed if the subject belongs to the museum, but banned if on loan. As JaniMarkus Hasa asks above re public art, that is an interesting subject.
  8. After following this thread since it was started and only commenting once, putting it bluntly, the OP must be in denial. We all see very serious issues with the examples posted and our suggestions are getting nowhere. Further posts would appear to be pointless, best to get on with more important things, I certainly have many. We have done our best.
  9. Earlier this year I spent an hour in a tattoo convention in Milton Keynes. Had no issues shooting, light wasn't great, all shot at iso 3200. No zooms or sales yet. Was interesting, although personally I'm anti tatoo, but that doesn't stop me shooting.
  10. Good to hear you the issue seems to be under control. Re the initial QC of the watermarked images, I can only assume when Alamy conducted the QC, as they only sample a percentage, they didn't view the watermarked ones, or the batch would have failed. If all you submitted together were watermarked, that would be different.
  11. I see your 100% post as if an art filter had been applied, looks more like an engraving than a photograph. What has changed since your earlier uploads?
  12. Unlike many, I used to love the smell of fixer. It was good obtaining the finished print, but can never compete with modern digital. Now the darkroom is mainly the domain of some enthusiasts. Time has moved on.
  13. Same for me Carol, Measures still down. Thankfully my email accounts are with Apple, and backup email Gmail.
  14. Welcome, you certainly are a one stop source for all trains, railways and motor vehicle imagery. I must admit, when times permits, I do enjoy a wander around the railway museum at Didcot, sometimes clambering into the pit under engines for long exposure shots of their underside.
  15. Good capture, I think the best from all you shot at the protest.
  16. One of mine shot 31/08/19 London, Westminster. Found after zoomed and via Google reverse image search. Vice 03/09/19 https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/pa7gak/brexit-no-deal-prorogue-democracy?utm_source=stylizedembed_vice.com&utm_campaign=pa7gzk&site=vice
  17. Aside from the current discussion, do you think there is a falling demand for animals, birds, reptiles etc that have been photographed in captivity?
  18. sb photos


    Hi Jan, I've had a quick look through your images. Everyone that has commented so far has been constructive. I will echo do not become demoralised so early on, it's early days. I note from checking the dates you visited and photographed nearby towns, many on weekdays, that you are not tied to only shooting weekends. This gives you the freedom to shoot when the weather and light is good, and the option to shoot local events that are during the working day or early evening. When photographing buildings there can be a temptation to press the shutter as soon as the subject is framed. Better, if viable, is to use a tripod and take time composing to minimise geometric distortion. In many cases any remaining geometrical issues can then be resolved in PP. Looking at some of your work you have photographed people from behind. Unless doing this is intentional, I would always try to shoot people front on. Some photographers find this awkward. A way to combat this would be to hold the camera to your eye well before your targets come into range, as if you were waiting for them to pass, then click at the optimum moment, keeping the camera to your eye until they have passed. The larger towns of Chippenham and Bath aren't to far away from you, it's worth checking for events taking place there that can expand and vary your stock images. Also consider searching for and if found, photographing the company premises of businesses that involve emerging technologies or that could be in the news due falling profits or for controversial reasons. This is just one thing I've started, as I need to diversify to increase sales. Have yet to upload. Long ago I used to regularly pass through Slaughterford, and the S was often painted over so it read laughterford. Keep your eyes open for quirky things that may be of interest. Also keep your ear to the ground re celebrities and politicians. For instance, in the mid to late 1980's I used to eat and drink in a lovely Wiltshire pub. Chatting to locals I learnt Tom King, who was then a Conservative minister under Thatcher, lived a few hundred yards from the pub. I never saw him in the village, but did photograph his house from the road, it wasn't protected by a wall, but the police guard did come out of his small hut to question me. Sometime later 3 suspected IRA operatives were arrested nearby and got 25 years each, he was lucky. History now, but it shows there can be news interest in the quietest village.
  19. My recent experience was visiting a 'local' Wildlife Park around 40 miles away. It was a family get together, and my Grandson would hopefully have seen animals not seen at his local Bristol Zoo. Photography was a secondary interest. I shot more family pictures than of the animals. There were no photography restrictions. By the day end I felt similar to your comments quoted above, other than I wasn't disappointed with my animal photography, as I wasn't expecting too much. One area that did concern me was the wolf area, wooded and viewed from an overhead pathway. Although it was lacking light under the tree canopies, (was shooting at a minimum of iso 4000 , F5.6 and around 50th sec, with the 70-300, not fast enough for the walking wolf) there was scrub close to where you would attempt photograph the wolves when they came close to you. A wolf, likely a female, had dug a pit to lay in. The other wolf, likely the male, was continually pacing back and forth from the rear of the wood to the viewing area. It never stopped walking and pacing. This isn't normal and concerned me. Other than this the wolves were huge and didn't look under fed. I found shooting the small train and station more interesting. Still have to look through what I shot, still working on yesterday photography.
  20. I squeezed in another 14 photos yesterday, last day of the month. Shot in Whitehall outside Downing Street at the Stop The Coup protest.
  21. I have only once seen the same sometime during either 2017/18, it cleared relatively quickly.
  22. It's been a quiet month with Alamy, both with uploads and sales. Lots planned for September, both reportage and stock. These are two favourites from only 8 uploads, of George Monbiot and Catrina Davies in conversation at Oxford's Broad Street Blackwells Bookshop.
  23. There was a time in the UK when it was fairly widespread that ani terrorist legislation was wrongly used to hinder legitimate photographers. There were flash mob protests outside Scotland Yard and a large Trafalgar Square demonstration 'I'm a photographer not a terrorist'. I'd never seen so many photographers posing and photographing each other. Was organised by Jess Hurd, Grant Smith and other pro photographers. The organisation is still ticking over and occasionally hi lights abuse of police powers with regards to photographers here in the UK.
  24. Chris, something doesn't add up here. A image 240 x 240 is square, and wouldn't up res to 3008 x 2000, which is rectangular. I suspect you were confusing the preview pane size with the open file size as mentioned in your post above. Also the file size is not important, unless it indicated you had saved/exported at the lowest possible jpg quality, which would likely fail QC. The minimum open size of 17MB is necessary to be accepted by Alamy. Whatever happened, the crucial outcome is that you uploaded a satisfactory image. Edit - just checking my cameras before jumping on a train, Nikon small file size shows as 3008 x 2008, had to check as never used it. So subject to no down sizing required you were OK.
  25. My favourite is usually the Charlotte St car park, close to the centre. Normally coming off the M4, A46, London Rd, down Walcott St, then to the right. I used to know Bath well, had friends nearby in Thickwood, but now only in Colerne. Probably spend more time in Bristol now as my daughter lives there.
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