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  1. COVID-19 home testing kit supplied to 10,000 randomly selected UK individuals by Imperial College London and Ipsos MORI on behalf of the DHSC. The research intention was to track the progress of the Coronavirus infection across the UK.
  2. It will be some time before I can travel into London again and everything is as back to normal as it ever will be, plus I'll need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus for it to be safe for me. I am working on finishing off a few projects in my area, and spent a few hours today photographing local stores that are closed and may not open again. The same for some pubs and restaurants too. Today received a letter informing me I hadn't contracted the Coronavirus, something I was well aware of. The letter was a follow on from taking part in a survey to determine the extent of Coronavirus infections in the UK, and taking the home test kit nasal and throat swabs to be couriered to a lab. As a bonus photographing the kit and uploading to my port added to the COVID-19 / NHS related images. If anyone reading this has to swab their nose and throat it's very straight forward. No issues with the throat, but the nasal swab was a little uncomfortable, plus wanted to make me sneeze and eyes would run. Still shooting far less than pre lockdown.
  3. I've only been challenged twice photographing in UK stores. Walked into a well known long established London shop selling umbrellas and walking sticks, fired off 2 shots before being challenged. I apologised, said I hadn't seen the no photography signs and left. The other was in a local Woolworths store that was a day or two away from closing, they were in administration. Had shot the nearly empty shelves, then was concentrating on the till queue when challenged by the manager. At the time that surprised me, as he was just about to lose his job. Both were long ago. I did ask in my local fish 'n chip shop, as Ideally I wanted to be on the other side of the counter. After a chat I obtained some commercial work from them which was a bonus.
  4. Images showing fisherman on the UK's Grand Union Canal enjoying the sunny weather on the first Saturday after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown restrictions were eased.
  5. Sorry to hear of your RX100 problems. Shame the reset is a menu option and not a recessed button. I used the reset once soon after buying my Mk6, I screwed something in the menu, it was quicker resetting it rather than spending ages in the menu. Now I'm quite familiar with the menu. I used the RX100 today photographing fisherman at a local reservoir and canal, they were glad the lockdown has been relaxed, although I doubt the fish do. Less intimidating than a D750 and 24-70.
  6. I can only remember one piece of photo kit from the 1960's with a similarity to weapon shooting, the Zenit Photosniper with the Tair 300mm lens, see http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Zenit_Photosniper It's a wonder no one was ever shot through carrying or using one, especially when you consider Londoner Harry Stanley was shot dead by armed police in 1999 when carrying a table leg mistaken for a gun.
  7. I'm certainly shooting less, as I usually photographed in London, March 7th was the last time. I had caught a train into town and travelled on the tube, there were passengers coughing without covering their mouths and the tube was packed solid. Soon after it would have been too risky for me. Currently I've a backlog of images to caption, tag and upload, all shot on exercise walks.
  8. Unlike earlier versions of the RX100 the Mk6 and 7 don't have built in built in ND filters. The adapter I bought is still in limbo between China and the UK. Worrying as other items bought at the same time were delivered after around 5 - 7 weeks, not surprising delays. A more recent Chinese delivery of electronic components only took 3 weeks, arriving yesterday. That was unexpected. The overdue adapter fixes around the lens and has a 52mm filter thread. Yes, a polariser would have enhanced the image, but I think I got away without it, but I will revisit with a backpack and more gear. Originally I only set out for a pre breakfast short walk but was intrigued by a Lower Winchendon 4 mile footpath sign so just kept on walking. It's surprising what you find just a few miles from home.
  9. My RX100 Mk7 is starting to see some use, so easy to carry with me and quick to use. I still have to scrutinise skies at 100% or more, not for dust but birds. Could have done with a polarising filter yesterday to cut down glare on water, but the jjc filter holder I ordered from China still hasn't arrived. I did wonder if I was right to spend out in these uncertain times and with potential revenue loss, but glad I did now. I've been carrying either just the RX100, or RX100 and D750 with 70-300 lens.
  10. I have £2M public liability insurance, have had for some years. Once I was walking backwards photographing the front of a moving march and bumped into someone, remarkably the only time that has ever happened. Think I trod on their foot too. After apologising and checking they were OK I remember thinking thankfully I was insured. Talking to other photographers most had £5M insurance, and I know some events I wanted to shoot in the future required £5M. As I am doing very little at present with no risks the dilemma is do I renew soon at £2M or let it lapse and go for £5M later when/if things get back to normal.
  11. Yes, the area is very chalky. Also the well trodden public footpath in the top left corner of the image is all white chalk, and walking from Combe Hill down Bacombe Hill towards Wendover there are a series of old chalk pits. I've walked that area around Wendover, Chequers and towards Gt Missenden since I was a boy, but very little in recent years.
  12. Family logically resting while exercising on Coombe Hill, and admiring the tribute below to the NHS. It was cut into the soil by a local farmer. Nearby there were family groups playing with frisbies, but all were keeping ample distance apart. To shoot this and others I walked 20km from home and back, was very hot. Was one of the first images from my new RX100.
  13. Yes, she's recovering with a sports icepack wrapped around her ankle taking it easy in the garden drinking tea after finishing off some mushrooms on toast. I suspect she will be wary of walking tomorrow.
  14. I took a short walk of 6.7 km around part of the outer edge of my town. Left it a little late, too many dog walkers on the paths, but safely avoided all. Shot some stock on my travels, only took a D750 with 70-300 lens. Need to repeat the walk earlier tomorrow, as I needed to capture some premises with closed gates. My wife walked with me, and limped back as she twisted her ankle due to a fissure in the path.
  15. 5 licenses for $148.16, 2 were repeat sellers. Zooms down.
  16. Congratulations Julian. I was about to re apply, then the coronavirus pandemic hit. With the travel restrictions and risk to health I put it on hold until I'm in a position to consistently shoot and upload good material.
  17. Long ago I have camped, sleeping on either foam mats or airbeds with no problems, but not for at least 15 years. The year after last I camped for 3 nights on a sloping hillside in Dorset while photographing the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, the air bed was hell. Photography and weather was good though, plus beer and wifi at the local pub.
  18. Eventually I'll be doing the same. So far all I've done is to move all the likely candidate neg file sheets into a 'to scan' folder.
  19. Writer and singer songwriter Catrina Davies in conversation with George Monbiot at Blackwell's Bookshop, Oxford. Image of George Monbiot from same event had previously sold. Editorial website use, only mid $.
  20. Before the coronavirus pandemic I used to split my shops between Aldi, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op, normally due to price or products. Now I shop more for safety, where I know there will be less shoppers at certain times and adapt meals around what is available, but it's costing more. I shopped at Sainsbury's last night, was at ease there. They had plenty of eggs but still no flour. Was told by the checkout girl that when flour arrives it sells out within the hour. We also have a weekly delivery of mainly vegetables from a local pub/restaurant, owned by NT but run by the local Chiltern Brewery. I only wish we had room for a bigger fridge freezer to minimise shopping.
  21. All valid points above. One advantage of a credit is if it's found in a search and no sale has been notified after 3 months after being published it can be chased.
  22. Me too, even at 68 it's a sensible move. I completed my 2019/20 tax return earlier than ever before, checked my fairly recent will was still current, and made sure my wife and daughter were both aware of my encrypted list of passwords. Just sensible precautions.
  23. Of course. I only have to walk around 5 miles to Wendover, from there up Bacombe Hill to Combe hill, then stop for Lunch. I may walk back by the same route, or walk down to the side the Chequers estate, then via Butlers Cross, Terrick and Stoke Mandeville and back to Aylesbury. Over the years I've neglected the countryside, most of my photography has been in London. Each week I'm walking further, eventually there will be a limit. Long ago I could walk 20-25 miles no problem. It will be nice travelling light with just the RX100, drink and food, no 2 bodies, 3 lenses and laptop. I believe 2M distancing is too little, and normally greatly exceed it to stay safe.
  24. I haven't pushed my RX100 Mk 7 yet, highest iso so far was 320, and was acceptable. The RX100 was the only camera I took with me last Sunday, everything shot at iso 100 in good light, and was surprised at the quality. Will be taking it on a longer walk this weekend, up into the Chilterns. Hoping for good weather.
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