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  1. I've personally used LibreOffice for some time now, it does everything I might require, and isn't bloatware as MS Office.
  2. What you don't know is wether this is because of a bug, human error or another reason. Whatever, it sounds sloppy to me and creates more agro.
  3. I have learnt that "exciting" opportunities are only exciting for Alamy.
  4. Steve, I suspect you are not the only one. Most of us have likely regularly viewed DOOH advertising without realising what it was. Licensing involving DOOH pays a pittance.
  5. I had a TV sale last month, ITV and similar terms to yours, but $4.03, very low. Another TV use in December was for a fair price. Alamy must have done a deal with ITV.
  6. I have pictures of well known people, but they are still on mainly 35mm B&W negative film. Some are still around, others have passed away. They are in my pile to digitise first.
  7. Good to hear you're reasonably OK. So far my wife and I have been overcautious and avoided Covid, though I have been photographing in some pretty crowded outside areas, such as by Downing St during protest marches. Have been lucky so far. Even when the rules on mask wearing change soon I'll still wear FFP2 masks on mainline train journeys, and avoid the London tube.
  8. Stockimo’s web site claims that for news all that’s required is that uploads are approved by the Live News team. For a company that is supposed to have nothing to do with Alamy there are many obvious links. I think I’ll pass on any aspect of of S. As they pay out when cleared funds are $10 and Alamy when $50, it’s pretty obvious S licences sales must be a lot less, even taking account of their contributor commission only 20% for newcomers.
  9. I'm surprised too. While I'm here and the thread is still active, has anyone any experience of shooting Stockimo News? There's very little info on this other than the obvious "If your news photos are accepted, they’ll be available to news picture editors". How quick is acceptance and how long before uploading and appearing in the Live News feed?
  10. Steve, I thought $1.67, was low, then $0.95, but $0.17 is the lowest. A few low licenses thrown in with high value isn't ideal, but may end up being acceptable. My worry, and others who haven't had really low sales yet should also worry, is that as more ridiculous sales are being reported, so how long will it be before most, if not all licenses go for silly prices. Do Alamy only want to make bulk sales from the bigger agencies with no concern re the smaller contributors? Something is really wrong and illogical.
  11. When images are licensed for peanuts it’s no longer viable even posting into the months images sold thread. 2 sales at $0.95 each gross is a joke. I shot an event on Saturday in London, but my main reason was to chat to a few non Alamy photographers I know on how their business is doing.
  12. Even before Covid I would have lingering colds during winter. Having no spleen they would linger, and any cuts would take longer to heal. As I would have coughs, sneezes and etc, OH would hassle me to test, even without any other symptoms. Once before she caught my cold and tested clear with LTF’s, but still went for a PCR test which was negative. First I heard of 20 kits was from my daughter, that’s how they delivered to her school. Here only the libraries and county council offices would dish them out, and didn’t require a collection code.
  13. Local pharmacies had been displaying no testing kits available and there were no delivery slots since before Christmas. Thursday I noticed the signs had been removed, but as dinner was nearly ready and there was a queue I left. I collected a 7 test kit yesterday, not realising my wife had just collected a 20 kit from the local library earlier in the day. Just in time as I only had 1 test left. Am now on a half empty train heading into London, one of my infrequent trips. Myself and everyone else in the carriage masked. Am a little behind, have some fast walking to do soon.
  14. I've had a cold for the last few days, which has been normal for me during winter pre Covid. All daily LFT tests have been negative, including one undertaken an hour ago, which is good news for me. Also good that 7 pack or 20 pack LFT's are no longer rarer than hens teeth.
  15. It would appear that if Alamy were considering setting up a S******o forum back in 2016 and then nothing, that they decided not not too.
  16. I would find 50.7C unbearable. Makes one wonder what that could rise to with climate change, rather worrying.
  17. What prompts you to ask this question, have you had QC failures relating to uploads where you had applied filters? If so, what reason did Alamy give for failures. If not, are you just concerned over the quality of some of your uploads. Also realistically you have to ask yourself if a creative filter is used where would a client be likely to use such an image. Quality wise you may have to be more critical when undertaking your own QC check before uploading, looking for noise and possibly halo's at 100%, all depending upon the filter you apply.
  18. My daughter used to keep chickens in her garden in Bristol. We always used to have boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled egg on toast or omelettes when we visited. If I opened a tin of sweetcorn the chickens would jump into my arms to eat it. Foxes became a problem, and 2 were lost, so the remainder were re homed. She held no grudge against the foxes, now they regularly inhabit the bottom of her garden and co exist with her cat.
  19. Now I understand. They have licensed some of my reportage uploads at lower prices.
  20. Best wishes Betty, hoping all goes well. If I was in your shoes I too would have gone ahead with the operation.
  21. A ridiculous price for Live News. Hopefully you get $$ and $$$ for print use to make it all worth while.
  22. Just summed my gross sales column, well in to retain 40% during last year. So far gross sales varied from $1.67 to $99. Hopefully sales will remain a viable mix of high and low value, though would prefer not to have the low ones, but can't see that changing. So far January is slow.
  23. My car that had the timing belt snap long ago was an old Vauxhall Cavalier. I eventually scrapped it when the engine failed. Was told a needle from the carburettor had entered the engine. My last car before my current, an old Ford Mondeo had a timing chain. I was a good car to drive but a polluter. I scrapped it.
  24. The only time I had a timing belt fail I was lucky. I conked out while slowly approaching a roundabout. I pushed it out of the traffic with the off side door open and steered with my left hand. Called the AA and they fitted a new belt and advised getting it checked out. A friend wrote off the engine in his escort when the belt failed at speed.
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