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  1. These days I almost totally only use limited filters only for personal photography, not for Alamy uploads. Then it would be hard and soft grads, a polariser and sometimes a 10 stop ND. The increased dynamic range of newer digital cameras makes handling an extended range of light easier, unlike when long ago shooting with E6 film. My heyday for using filters was when I used to regularly shoot with my Toyo 45A tripod mounted. I still have 4 tripods, all were suited to different purposes. Last time I dusted one off was to assist shooting some local HS2 workings with a long lens last year. My filt
  2. A great sunrise. I must admit to preferring sunsets. Not because I don't like rising early, but as quite often when the sun drops down over the horizon it lights up the low cloud above and can be spectacular. I was once shooting a sunset on a beach close to St Just when about 20 club photographers arrived to shoot the sunset, then disappeared just before the sky lit up. I still use ND grads, soft and hard, does anyone else?
  3. Just tried to purchase a few USB-C / USB3 memory sticks to use for macOS installers and the PayPal page went no further. Same on phone and MBP, so checked service status - Checkout Service Disruption! Drat! Edit: a few hours later all was well and payment went through.
  4. This will likely be the worst bad thing that’s happened to me that I will ever post. I usually work out of a shoulder bag holding 2 D750 bodies fitted with 24-70 and 70-350 lenses. Today I took a back pack as i also needed a crop D7200 body for a longer reach and a 17-35 lens to go wider. When finished I put the back pack into the cars front foot well. Before I drove off I smelt something awful. It wasn’t on the soles of my trainers, but on my back pack, yes, dog poo! It was awful. Did a temporary cleanup with tissues and sanitiser gel until I get home. There’s a slight smell and I’m about 90
  5. I used to use flash/strobes regularly in my film shooting days, mainly a Metz 402 and later a 45CT1, more compact. With my current Nikons now I use flash pretty infrequently. I still own 3 old SB-24’s (used with stands and light modifiers and wireless triggering), a Nikon SB-600 and 2 Godox flash guns, the small pocketable TT350-N and a V860ii-N and spare battery. The Godox V860ii-N usually gets the most use, and the Li-ion battery is a huge improvement over AA cells. The first V860ii was DOA out of the box, its replacement has had no issues.
  6. Have a job to do today for an old client, maybe it’s a general improvement, can only hope. Arrived early so will wander around Moreton-in-Marsh for the next 15 minutes killing time.
  7. Could have been worse. No $$$ sales this month. 4 sales for $55, 2 for newsletters/presentations, 1 newspaper and 1 magazine use.
  8. I first bought a used ES-1 to digitise a few hundred family images my father had shot. Later I took on a paying job digitising a slide collection, and I still haven't finished them. Later I bought new an ES-2 to digitise a selection of my 35mm E6 and B&W negatives, all stored in strips of 6. I've only got as far as separating the ones to digitise. Have the recommended Nikon macro lenses for both,
  9. Country: United Kingdom, Usage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, up to 1/16 page, inside, repeat use within a single issue, Industry sector: Media, design & publishing, Start: 30 March 2021, End: 30 March 2023, RM, Alamy exclusive, lower mid $$. Image from NHS pay protest in Oxford's Bonn Square last year. All images from protest shot on my RX100. This and others were zoomed.
  10. My brother-in-law will have to be quarantined again when he returns to Australia after another work trip to Amsterdam. In normal times we would have met up with him on some of his trips to Europe, now it's just via FaceTime.
  11. I am hoping to see a Guardian image use reported at the end of this month, as I'm intrigued to see the terms of the license. From this thread I see the Guardian syndicate articles, and from MSN who used a Guardian article including an image of mine, credited to me and Alamy and supplied by the Guardian, state on the MSN website they pay media organisations for news items. I await the license terms for what additional payment they include above the Guardian norm.
  12. I haven't used any of the Oxford park and rides for over a year. Now I usually park in a side street some way out from the city centre and walk in along the Cowley Road. It's an interesting walk. Still have to avoid people though.
  13. All valid comments made by others earlier. One thing that caught my attention re images of narrow boats on the Kennet Canal, I noted 5 that had completely out of focus segments of boats in the foreground. These potentially spoil the images. Dark images have already been mentioned, some could have been improved by opening up the shadows. Be careful then not to introduce noticeable noise into the image. Only submit your best.
  14. I read here in the UK a few weeks back that Covid vaccinations were about to start in Australia. My brother-in-law lives inland from Queensland's Whitsunday Coast with his family. Although he settled in Australia around 15 years ago, he is still registered with a UK GP as he has until now fairly regularly visited us when working in Europe. Here he had a letter, the same as me, that he is clinically extremely vulnerable. As with some in the UK, he has to work, and I wonder how he will react if he's invited to book a vaccination appointment when he's working abroad. His last trip abroad was to t
  15. My second jab is due early May. The first one was a slick operation.
  16. Sitting on a board across the barber chairs arm rests, I remember that well. Many moons ago.
  17. Similar in some ways. My wife cuts my hair, and I get a telling off if I sometimes snip a little myself, she always spots it. Long ago my wife used to make some of her own clothes, also for our daughter when she was small. Now her sewing machine is starting to play up, we have been waiting for some time for a suitable replacement, but they are slow exporting from Japan. Currently she spins wool, knits and weaves, and sometimes felts. I just dried up the breakfast washing up with a nice soft absorbent weaved tea towel.
  18. Same here, and sometimes very forcefully verbal towards covidiots when they threaten my safety. It must be a wakeup call to some, most usually look shocked that they have been challenged. I've never seen store staff challenge a covidiot.
  19. In the past I used to shoot, stitch (from portrait images) and print Panorama's for personal use. I used to avoid anything containing overhead power or telephone cables as they could cause stitching problems. When shooting multiple images to stitch, I would create markers to identify the start and finish the series by shooting images with my hand partially blocking the lens. As others found, a 50mm lens was often ideal, but once I came across a photographer that specialised in using long lenses. I have had license users crop images to skinny panorama's for banners across the top of
  20. I often wonder what is wrong with sections of the human race, perhaps they were dropped on their heads as a baby. Contrasting the the idiots who wear their masks on their chin and wear narrow designer masks that don't cover their noses to others who unnecessarily wear masks when walking deserted roads or public footpaths. When doing the occasional small shop at quiet times I always avoid checkouts where the assistant isn't wearing a mask. They may have a valid health reason, but no mask still contributes to the spread of Covid-19 amongst staff and customers. Should supermarket staff who don't
  21. Just went to access the forum and in Safari got an error message that someone maybe was impersonating the Alamy forum and initially blocked access. It appears Alamy’a certificate expired yesterday. I wonder if any visitors didn’t go any further worried about Malware etc.
  22. Looks very nice. Our cat Bran gave my wife a card saying she was purfect, and a nice box of chocolates and flowers. He is a very thoughtful cat.
  23. Subject to no further lockdowns later this year I hope to visit my sister in Yorkshire. I could time it for when the Peatbog Faeries are playing at Settle's Victoria Hall. It's only a short drive from where I stay. They've played there before, as have many interesting musicians and bands. Settle is an interesting small town too.
  24. Unpacked a box that was delivered by DHL yesterday, contents checked out OK, not damaged on its trip from India. It was a μBitx Ver 6 amateur radio QRP (low power) radio transceiver kit. It's for use with my amateur radio hobby for which I hold a full license. It's been a hobby of mine on and off since I was around 15, and has been neglected for around the last 10 - 12 years. Not so good, after patching up a section of my garden fence yet again, the repairs have only lasted until the next heavy winds. Have just ordered 2 panels and 3 posts to undertake a long term repair.
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