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How was your 2018

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OK, so stats for 2018:


2nd best year ever for sale numbers (856) , and third best for gross income ($26,554) (Best year was 2016 for both these)

Figures as follows for those interested in stats:


2016:   Sales: 868 (Best ever), Gross income: $27,798;  Average image numbers: 19,370


2017:  Sales: 821     Gross income: $27,221;  Average image numbers: 21,041


2018: Sales: 856 (up 4% on 2017, but down 1% on 2016); Gross income: $26,554 (down 2.5% on 2017 and down 4.4% on 2016); average image numbers 23,920 - up 9.8% on 2017 and 20.7% on 2016


For interest; divided geographically as follows


Images  taken in the UK -  % of the sales in 2018 were 56.2% (c/w 38% of the collection taken in the UK)


Europe:  % of 2018 sales was 16.7%, c/w 18.7% of the collection


Africa: % of 2018 sales was 6.8% c/w 11.9% of the collection


Asia & Middle east: 7.2% of sales in 2018 c/w 15.4% of the collection


North America: 9.5% of 2018 sales c/w 9.3% of the collection


Central America & Caribbean: 2.9% of sales 2018 c/w 3.4% of collection


South America: 0.7% of 2018 sales c/w 3.4% of collection (but only uploaded in the past year)


NY resolution: no changes.


Happy New Year everybody



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2018 was my best year for revenue with Alamy to date. 81 sales for $2465 gross.


Over the last 3 years my sales numbers have been relatively stable - around 80. Similarly, my gross revenue has been pretty stable at £2200 +/- 10% for the last 3 years as well. Over the last 3 years I've increased my number of images on Alamy by about 20% each year. A rate of increase that's easily achievable although I need to be careful about creating too many similars.


All in all, a pretty good situation for me. The small value sales (<$10) are compensated for by 2 or 3 a month that are $50 or more, with the occasional $$$ sale maybe once a quarter.


About half way through 2018 things didn't look quite so good, and I thought I would be struggling to achieve $2000 gross, but sales then picked up in the second half of the year. Let's hope that the upward trend continues in 2019!



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2018 was my first full year contributing to Alamy.  I had 8 sales for $434 gross.  In December I had 1 sale for $49.  I had no sales in 2017.

Hoping for a great 2019!  I'm still uploading, but a bit slower due to medical issues.

Happy New Year!



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Sales down from 136 in 2017 to 126 in 2018.


Income down about 10%, which I guess makes sense given the drop in numbers.


Price per image roughly the same for both years -- approx. $50.


Income for 2018 down 40% from my highest in 2014, when I had far fewer images.


All in all, 2017 and 2018 were quite similar.



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2018 - joined Alamy in July.  Had 2 sales both tiny figures by end of the year with a total of 425 images on sale.  Hope to be reporting many more sales,  better revenue, and larger port in 12 months time

Edit just realized I have been here a month longer than I thought - I have been here since June, not July - doesn't time fly lol

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Wish I hadn’t checked the numbers. In spite of adding a couple hundred images, this was selling house, buying house, moving, losing a spouse year, so that’s why not many added.

I sold 3 more in 2018 than 2017. And my income was barely over half of 2017!


I should never have decided to participate in this thread and kept my head firmly stuck in the sand. While looking at my amounts each image sold for in 2017, I saw many good $$$ sales. A lot of really nice $$ sales. Then came 2018. A couple low $$$. Very middle of the road $$, and a LOT of low $$ and $.

What the bat c**p are you doing, Alamy? Fixing to just give ‘em all away?  Hey customer! Take these 200 images for $10, would you?


If we’re going to get low $ figures, at least give us the volume of the MICROS! 

A close to 50% decrease in income in spite of adding images?

Get real. This company is headed for failure.

Now I understand why Alamy plans on getting in our pockets even more. If I’m making peanuts, they are making 50% of peanuts. So they want a few more of our peanuts even yet. Recipe for failure.


edited to add: I actually added 400 images in 2018.



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Copied from the other thread.


2018 - number of sales up over 40% from 67 in 2017, to 94 in 2018. Sadly, gross revenue only $59 better than 2017. $4,087 in 2017 increasing to $4,146 in 2018. Average licence fee 2018 $44.10, down from $61.00 in 2017.


191 images added in 2018.

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I won't compare with 2017 as I had a rather large sale that year which skews the figures a bit. So I surpassed 2016 by 27 sales but only by $100 or so and probably about 1000 extra images. If I could suggest to Alamy that if their revenue is down it's time to RAISE prices not lower them. Naive? Well maybe, but that's what other businesses do when their profits are down, prices go up. Wishing you all a happy new year. Slange

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2018 was my best year ever since joining Alamy in 2002. Here's my stats compared to last year:


Number of licenses: + 17%

Revenue: + 25%

2,000 images added.


As a matter of interest, I did a little analysis. I don't have Doc's energy to calculate percentages but, in descending order of number of licenses, these are my sales for 2018:


. taken in: Australia, UK, France, US, Costa Rica, Borneo, Brazil, Finland, Panama, Guyana, Venezuela, Hungary, South Africa, Gambia, Spain.

. licensed to: Australia, UK, US, EU, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Czech, Italy, China, Taiwan, Estonia, France.

. image subject: landscape, cityscape, wildlife (non-birds), Birds, Plants, People, Lifestyle, Signs.


I am aware that one can't draw any conclusions from the split above regarding what might sell at Alamy, as it is pertinent to my portfolio and what I like to shoot. Nevertheless, I find it interesting.


Happy New Year to all!





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I would describe 2018 as an ok year as regards progress with Alamy


2018 was best ever year for number of sales

2018 generated lower income than 2017 ( 20%) less

2018 generated same income as 2016 - but with 40% more sales in 2018


For 2019 the key for me is for Alamy to generate higher prices per image sold, for which November and December have been encouraging with average sale price more than double earlier months of 2018.


Happy New Year from a chilly and lovely Lake District

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After increasing my port by 50% in 2017, the 2018 numbers are:


Total licences were up 17.8% to 225

Total revenue up only 4.5% to $6338


Due to ill health I only added 1280 new images to my port during 2018. 


My total licences chart looks impressive from 2014 to 2018, but my net revenue tells a different story. With the latest drop to the contributor share to 40%, I expect my net revenues to be less next year than they were for 2012 when I was getting 60% share. So not particularly motivating. 


Also my zooms in December collapsed (for no discernible reason) to the lowest level in many years, so I do not expect great things from Alamy next year.


The answer for me to is diversify and not rely so much on just one library. 


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