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  1. Sorry to hear this. Hope you are better soon. I work outside. But have not stopped wearing a mask since the start of covid when indoors. Adrian
  2. Income 30% up on last year (but last year was poor) Sales increased by 20% (Ditto) Average sale $17.65
  3. 5 for $62 gross Income 30% up on last year (but last year was poor) Sales increased by 20% (Ditto) Looking forward to some bigger sales inbetween the little ones in 2022
  4. Years ago I used to use a taxi driver who said his small jobs usually lead to bigger jobs. On the face of it Alamy seem to be offering crazy low packages. But I do wonder if Alamy are trying to increase their customer base. Would these low price customers have gone elsewhere ? Many may now be knew customers with a big spend budget. Who knows eh ? I have seen many crazy sales which I too are not happy with. But I'm starting to also see an amount of reasonable ones. Sadly though over the past two years the number of my annual sales had been reduced.
  5. bought one of these Used Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX II, Nikon Fit lens - mpb.com and it arrived today... new type of photography challenge/inspiration lies ahead ;-)
  6. Alamy asked me about a photo they found and asked for permission to chase which I gave. No news since. So still waiting.
  7. Gross 3 for $48 (one was for £44) Dacs $59 Years sales average approx $16
  8. Its all gone wrong this month for me Terrible zooms Terrible CTR 1 x sale nett 20p Not much else I can say sadly ! Had some very nice years but don't hold out much hope in the future 😞 Feeling as flat as a pancake........
  9. 4 for $49 gross ££ work out to be approx 30% nett of total these days.... Off to buy a Big Mac ! Good morning all 😎
  10. Dear Alamy I understand the statement you have made above. However, would it please be possible to give a little more explanation into the sales that once went for $25 to now $1.50 ? As suppliers to your business, I feel that at least an open explanation to how you see the future of stock for Alamy would be interesting for us to understand. I don't suggest an `open` message on this forum but an email to us. At least that way everyone involved with the business would feel part of the business. Kind regards Adrian PS.
  11. Agree here. Hopefully Alamy have a master sales plan which will need to involve increasing sales by about 25 fold. Just had another $1.20 sale just in.
  12. Added to say Measures is all over the place for me after several good zoom months ??
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