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  1. meanwhile, back to the "how was your February" post .........
  2. I would also like to drop out of presentation use, I recently dropped out of personal use, straight away I sell a presentation use. By opting out of presentation use will this cost me sales ? Maybe, but at least when I make sales they will have a chance to be sold at their correct 'worth', which, will make me feel my time, effort and work here is worthwhile !
  3. strangely enough, I have just come across some car accident photos on Facebook, photo credit to ....local fire brigade ! must need the likes 😉
  4. lol, that's a bit of a 'Dave' Only fools and horses moment 😁 see you there Andy !
  5. Personally i dont think people should or need to take photos of somebodys elses personal tragedy. If you are first on the scene the responsibilty should be simply to call the emergency services, tell them the exact location, what needs to be there, police fire or ambo, are there injuries and then try to not become a casulty if you try to slow traffic down near the scene. Then stay as a witness if required if not leave the scene safely. But sadly a lot of the public are just hooked on getting social media likes. Pretty sad !
  6. Just bought the magazine and now reading on holiday. Will download when i arrive home. Looks fun.
  7. Also going again on the monday, going to the pro conference again, then buying you a coffee afterwards colin ?
  8. 4 for $235 gross - no distributor sales pulled out of PU but not sure if this will help give higher prices, let's see!
  9. please get rid, 9 x times to get in tonight !
  10. $184 just popped in ! non dist Country: WorldwideUsage: Commercial electronicMedia: Corporate video, including web useIndustry sector: Banking & Finance & InsuranceStart: 15 January 2019End: 15 January 2020 (Um, basically a road sign.....) so three this month, bubbles all round 😀
  11. Agree. Its the obvious wrong use of an image as PU thats bugs me . Dont see with how, as it us, you can challenge buyers ? Adrian
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