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  1. Ok. Fair enough. Another sale has just popped in for more normal mickles. So id better get my coat 😁
  2. That's a fine muckle I'm in then ! Couldn't even buy a coffee sadly with my new mickle !
  3. I cannot understand the point in Alamy selling a photo license (in today) for pennies and then having 50% of those pennies. Worldwide editorial usage.
  4. Really nice to see this has been done by his wife. Sounds like Keith already had a great relationship with the RNLI . Think he must have great relationships with everyone in Aber!
  5. Dear All. Like most of you. I am still feeling the shock to hear of the death of Keith. Considering that I never met him the circumstances of his death still upset me. I have seen that the RNLI operate a lifeboat in his home town. I would imagine that they were most likely involved in the search for Keith. Would it not be a fitting tribute to Keith that perhaps the Alamy family get behind some kind of donation to this charity. To help and assist this service to help others in the future ? Just thinking out loud. I have no knowledge about setting up a donation page but am sure others could. Regards Adrian
  6. Thanks for the email for this. But sadly I can't make it. Have a good meet up & lunch. Adrian
  7. Ok not big news for most but sale 250 just popped in (closely followed by sale 251) Had a very slow last 12 months (compared to previous years) after a swift beginning but always optimistic for the future. But that first sale does seem a very long time ago 😉
  8. 3 for $36 gross starting to upload lots now after a long break
  9. Betty. Really very sorry to hear of your situation. Kind regards Adrian
  10. Please don't shoot the messenger but you seem to be very upset. But realistically you have quite a few simulars therefore leaving you with about 500-700 photographs to license. I myself also have simulars so out of my loaded nearly 8,000 i perhaps have about 5-6,000 different images. So the question should be , Are we all expecting too much of the pie out of 150 million photographs available on here ?
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