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  1. 4 for $49 gross ££ work out to be approx 30% nett of total these days.... Off to buy a Big Mac ! Good morning all 😎
  2. Dear Alamy I understand the statement you have made above. However, would it please be possible to give a little more explanation into the sales that once went for $25 to now $1.50 ? As suppliers to your business, I feel that at least an open explanation to how you see the future of stock for Alamy would be interesting for us to understand. I don't suggest an `open` message on this forum but an email to us. At least that way everyone involved with the business would feel part of the business. Kind regards Adrian PS.
  3. Agree here. Hopefully Alamy have a master sales plan which will need to involve increasing sales by about 25 fold. Just had another $1.20 sale just in.
  4. Added to say Measures is all over the place for me after several good zoom months ??
  5. 5 for $47 gross Hopeless figures these days sadly 🙄
  6. Yep. Understand and agree here. Always rough with the smooth.... but the rough is very rough now 😁
  7. Maybe I've been lucky up til now and have never experienced such low fees that simply 'used' to be higher for the same use. Am guessing we now have a bigger stock and the new 'belief' is 'pile em high'
  8. Trying to work out how an agency can afford the paper trail to sell a photo licence for nett 70 cents ! Surely the paperwork cost more ?
  9. I just got $1 nett for a sale photo from a very unusual shot all the way from the Azores islands..... $1 should pay for ice cream i had there 😞 edited to say it was even zoomed twice to help build my excitement of the possible sale 🙂
  10. Hit 300 sales today. Small fry to many I know. At one point I was up to 10 sales per month. But the last 3 years have been very poor. Think I got to 250 sales 3 years ago ! Had a lay off the past 2 years due to work/study now aim to work harder once again.
  11. End of the day its a numbers game and put simply nobody cares where the images come from ! Which, is a shame. Business I`m afraid.
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