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  1. Betty. Really very sorry to hear of your situation. Kind regards Adrian
  2. Please don't shoot the messenger but you seem to be very upset. But realistically you have quite a few simulars therefore leaving you with about 500-700 photographs to license. I myself also have simulars so out of my loaded nearly 8,000 i perhaps have about 5-6,000 different images. So the question should be , Are we all expecting too much of the pie out of 150 million photographs available on here ?
  3. Really poor month with 2 for $50 But think each April has been poor for me. Don't see many happy people this month so maybe April is bad for many ! Shame, as was a solid start to the year.
  4. Anyone else experiencing upload problems this evening ?
  5. $135 gross for 2 x sales Poor for sales but ctr very good these days, zooms very good, hoping therefore for a better next quarter ! But well up on last year so far and sales average looking great.
  6. meanwhile, back to the "how was your February" post .........
  7. I would also like to drop out of presentation use, I recently dropped out of personal use, straight away I sell a presentation use. By opting out of presentation use will this cost me sales ? Maybe, but at least when I make sales they will have a chance to be sold at their correct 'worth', which, will make me feel my time, effort and work here is worthwhile !
  8. strangely enough, I have just come across some car accident photos on Facebook, photo credit to ....local fire brigade ! must need the likes 😉
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