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  1. My 2nd sale on Alamy. Newspaper - National, Including digital use within the same context, life of article
  2. Very nice portfolio. Your pictures are beautiful. I saw several spelling errors in the keywords. On my opinion there is not necessary to write: street photography, travel photography etc. I guess that ‘street’ and ‘travel’ are enough. Then try to find other keywords which describes the scenes. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the info. Yes, I keep shooting but need time for the post prod. I have thousands of pictures, not enough time to work on them 😬
  4. But my question is: all the photos you sell on Alamy, are photos with people? What would be the approximate percentage?
  5. I'm part of a Photo Club and people are very "strict" about the need to get releases if we use photos with people in exhibitions etc. On the other hand, none of the members use the "stock photos” sites, so they are not aware of this.
  6. Indeed ! It's ridiculous. In addition, anyone can take pictures of you in the street, and put your picture on fb, instagram etc.
  7. I believe that if someone decides that he wants to win a handful of money, it will be easy to say that the photo has damaged his reputation ... Now ... should we be more Catholic than the pope? LOL
  8. There was a judgment in the 80s following the complaint of a person who found his image in a magazine (street photo). She chased the photographer and she won. Which has had as effect a case law case. So, we are screwed
  9. Thank you very much for your comments Ian. You are right ... I don't have many pictures with people. Unfortunately the law is very strict here in Quebec. We need a Release even for Editorial photos if people appears in the picture :(
  10. Very nice portfolio Dominic. You have a lot of different birds and wildlife and captured in different ways. The pictures with the Pelicans grouped together are amayzing. Keep shooting ! Good job ! I’m curious... How are going your sales on Alamy? You have a much bigger portfolio than mine... I have only 1 image sold but my portfolio is “minuscule” at this moment. Thanks Cristina
  11. Hello all, Your critique on my portfolio will be much appreciated https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/artstudio29 Thank you, Cristina
  12. I’m on Alamy since June this year. I don’t have a big portfolio but I’ve got my first sale in December: 35$ gross.
  13. I’m on Alamy since June this year. I don’t have a big portfolio but I’ve got my first sale in December: 35$ gross.
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