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  1. With some current sales prices very low, perhaps Alamy could allow contributors to sent a minimum sale price?
  2. Hi Allan, Great to see you images of Licoln, we are off there in a couple of weeks, better than any giude book, Steve, Norfolk
  3. $ 10.67 before commision somebodies idea of a joke Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 January 2021End: 01 January 2026Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover.
  4. Hi What does it mean when there is a % mark in a search. as per "Sutton%20Hoo" Thank Steve
  5. Wildlife is not normally my thing, but living in Norfolk UK its all around, and I normally miss it. What focus mode/technique is best for capturing/following birds in flight. When doing landscapes and editorial I leave the RX10 in single focus and then reframe. But when I switch it to continues focus to follow a bird across the sky, the lens hunts and does not lock on. Whats the best setup?
  6. I pulled out of the newspaper scheme because of the single figure prices, and stories and pictures get copied/ripped off online around the world.
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Norfolk-Photographers-Pocket-Places-Locations/dp/0993553605/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3MSZ506XBOU98&keywords=norfolk+for+photographers&qid=1574510106&sprefix=norfolk+for%2Caps%2C135&sr=8-1 Published a couple of photographic guides to my/our local counties, learnt a-lot along the way, and really enjoyed it, sold a few hundred on Amazon and in local bookshops. But one review did say "worst photography book I have ever bought" so you need a thick skin. Steve Kelly
  8. I still only have a MK1, even used it for some broadcast video in Mexico earlier this year. Its got a spot on the sensor, but i just clone that out.
  9. Does anyone else think the revenue graph on the dashboard is misleading , and should show revenue after deduction of commissions
  10. Turns out, the world is not flat so from certain viewpoints, the Horizon is not horizontal.
  11. Yes, the horizon should appear "horizontal" but it appears to me sometimes that an in camera level gives a different result to the eye.
  12. When taking seascapes is the horizon always straight (horizontal)? I use the level in the camera, (3 different cameras)but when processing the horizon is often not straight, especially when the picture was taken looking north or south.
  13. If you are in the U.K. And in a public place, you are free to publish, ask anyone who questions you from BBC for Id and report them to production manager and BBC press office.
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