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  1. Starsphinxm commented on my suggestion that instead of resubmitting a live news photos as stock just to move it into standard QC. My thought was that sometimes a good live news photo might not be up to the quality that you would want for stock. If it is up to stock quality maybe even submitting at the same time with standard stock keywords etc. could work. Not having it automaticly go into stock might prevent any misuse of Live News as a way of bypassing QC.
  2. I was surprised at all the NASA images sold on Alamy. All free from NASA as paid for by public so why would anyone want to pay for them, but maybe simply better search option?
  3. It's been a long time since I was active in news, used to be able to get photos from taking, film processing and to printers in 5 to 10 minutes. With Alamy I seldom uploaded to live news, a fire, an event, an accident but non of national UK importance. What would have been a more pleasant and helpful approach would be more specific guidelines such as NO non-UK news unless world shattering, no non-national unless very important. Then maybe have a separate news feed for “soft” news with quality requirements not dissimilar to stock. To stop both of these being used as back door to stock not to roll them into stock but just delete after say 5 and 10 days. Good ones to be resubmitted as stock as normal. As I see it Hard news needs to be topical and now, softer news interesting but timely, stock good but long term. Alamy doesn't seem to be good at selling hard news, maybe not the accredited photographers to do enough of it. Can Alamy get photogs access to inside Downing street, inside European courts, etc. for news? Probably not, probably not interested maybe important to being a news agency. I would like to see a new in between submission which isn't as exclusive; not 1 hour but 2 to 3 hour submission times while not being that back door to stock entry. Only keep for short time and delete or take offline and delete a bit latter.
  4. Sales up a little, revenue down a little with a slow increase in total numbers by about 10 percent.
  5. Like most here I feel the 50/50 split should stay, it's already difficult to even cover costs at the photographers end so driving the market photos taken as a bi-product of another activity. The last reduction from 60/40 was supposed to bring benefits; it may have but only to Alamy not contributors who generally didn't see much of an upturn in either prices or quantity sold. So will this 20% reduction to contributors see major sales increases? Last time I hoped it would, now more dubious.
  6. Some of mine don't have the work "mural" in them nor any actual artwork such as: so it does seem a bit over the top.
  7. The video is alarmist maybe right, but remember the German situation where they couldn't show the face of the wanted person due to personal privacy issue and data protection. The concept in France that need permission to photograph anyone. Maybe we do need to keep a watchful eye on this legislation.
  8. I use IMatch to catalogue my photos and keep a working copy of all of them in work machine plus a backup in the same machine. Then have a 3TB USB external hard drive that that stays near the computer but is disconnected when not actually backing up. Then have a 6TB disk which plugs in to a port to take backups. This goes to another building periodically and backs up a hard drive in computer there. I use a free File Sync program to do the backups. This will compare all the files just backing up ones which have changed. If the backup has ones which are deleted on the main drive I leave them in the backup for at least a few months (or till disk space runs out). Reasonably quick doing it this way, keeps the same file structure eveywhere, can be totally independent of any single computer (unlike RAID systems). Online would just take to long.
  9. 7 sold for a total of 383 with one just a bit over 100 and one a little tiny one which was a distributor sale.
  10. Yes of course its normal server assignment, just interesting that it has changed from keeping alive an upload process to allowing it to split into multiples which it didn't used to do. Would think it adds a bit of administrative burden on Alamy.
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