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  1. The new structure seems to hurt almost every photographer it would be good if Alamy would actually disclose the number selling over 25k or as some say is it actually earn over 25k which is vastly different?
  2. Sales wise Feb was OK on numbers at 14 sales, a bit down on money but passed my total sales value of $80,000 since starting in 2004. This month 0 sales so far, the worst for some time. As for viruses ordinary flu seems like it is killing more than this new one and statistics seem a bit dubious as someone dying with other serious conditions is counted if they have Covid-19 not necessarily that they died from it. Wishing everyone well.
  3. Found a list of types of publications that can't be claimed on and DACs says can't claim on e-books.
  4. Rather a lot of years ago I was in the black area of down-town Memphis just wandering around with my camera and saw an interesting house. Started taking a few photos and a somewhat angry black man came out demanding to know what I was doing. Had a chat for a few minutes, got friendly and he called out the rest of his family to pose with him on the porch. Here in the UK I was wondering around outside the Ministry of Defence at Abbey Wood taking photos of the buildings from the public footpath. A police car eventually caught up with me, asked what I was doing and eventually said OK,
  5. When I was a kid I had my mother collecting flys for me for my "pet" spider. When she came to see it and found it was a black widow with hundreds of babies she wouldn't collect any more flys. Then the tiny little babies seem to disappear through the vent holes I had in the jar lid. I gave up on that spider. As for the images I'm at 5 this month which is a bit down but not as down as that $.
  6. Stop and question when taking photos of the ministry of defence buildings at Abbey Wood. Didn't have me delete any but suggested I move on and not take any more.
  7. I had the same email giving me a number not marked as exclusive. I had removed images from another agency and thought I had found all my non exclusive and the email was a heads up that I hadn't. Did a search with the filter and changed the remainder. Worth doing.
  8. Mine is 5 star, hadn't noticed before the mention. Photos in the past would come through as passed late afternoon, now anytime and much quicker.
  9. Bit poor, 12 sales for $663 which was up on revenue. Sales had been a bit better earlier in year.
  10. I don't have a problem with this generally. I do wonder about the personal use at times as a few seem unlikely but a size limit would at least help on that. I can accept a student using a photo in essay isn't interested in paying much.
  11. I have taken a photo of a sign with beach and cliffs behind in Wales thinking no one else would bother with this and after putting it up had a look and about 4 or 5 of the same sign and view were already up by other photographers. At times wonder if anything exists which hasn't been photographed.
  12. I've had one pop up on Windows 10 random splash screen of Sydney credited to Taras Vyshnya/Alamy but I can't find it.
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