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  1. Add up how much NI you paid in those 12 years. It is a myth that the NHS is free - and a myth that allows horrible mismanagement on both the user and provider sides. However once again this is absolutely nothing to do with photography and I will try and shut myself up by force of will.
  2. I have no experience in this - but if I was in the situation of needing to do it I think I would try to arrange it so that although the groups were treated as separate loads they would clearly link to each other - so the new load would go on the top of the page but indicate there were others that could then be searched for. Something like having the headline as "event such and such place here first group" on the first lot then with subsequent uploads "event such and such place here update 1" then update 2 then 3 etc and then with the last upload "event such and such place here final update" This should make it easy for editors to see that there are other images for them to use while not interfering with Alamy putting them in separate groups
  3. Took this during that spell of unseasonal wonderful weather trying to catch the glory of a Hazel tree in full bloom against the other bushes yet to blossom. Actually had trouble finding other shots of similar whole trees in the database which surprises me - they stand out so well early on.
  4. Hi and welcome to the forums
  5. That's great if and when it becomes clear where is the best place to put images exclusively. At the moment it seems the exclusivity options choose one agency and hope its the right one for your work or do different shoots with different agencies so you have exclusive images at several but they do spend less time shooting for each. For someone starting out without clear ideas of where their work is best suited this is not useful at all. I still hear from people who are non-exclusive that where they have the same images with multiple agencies the images that sell well at one agency do not sell as well at others and that individual agencies still seem to have different customer bases so different images sell at different agencies when multiple agencies hold them. This suggest to me that if I mark images exclusive here that are not right for here they are just not going to sell - they would not sell here as non exclusives either but I would have them somewhere else and would see where they were saying. I suspect people may be right in that the market may be swinging to agencies wanting exclusivity which will result in agencies starting to diverge in content - but until that happens and until I can see where is the best place for my images to sell I am keeping them spread. If in a year or 2s time I see the majority of my sales are at one agency I may consider making images exclusive there for higher percentages but until I can ascertain the best place for my images I am choosing to offer them in multiple places
  6. To add to and expand on the suggestions above. Have you ever tried playing with vector software - ie illustrator from Adobe or Inkscape is free. For all the photographers claiming they do not have an artistic bone in their body I say rubbish. You have to have some artistic ability to take saleable photos. I suspect what is meant is the issue I run into - I can get an idea in my head but do not have the talent with a pencil/paintbrush to get it out of my head. That is where vector comes in - I had fiddled with it on and off for years, seeing it could do cool stuff but not understanding how and so getting frustrated. Then while perusing videos about photography on YouTube I tripped over some really basic explanations of getting started with vectors, and especially a suggestion to look up https://bezier.method.ac/ to practice with. Since then I have found vectors to be a brilliant way to relax creatively when photography was either not possible or I needed a break. I now actually have 2 vector repeating patterns for sale on another site. If you have not tried them look up some stuff on YouTube - try that game I linked to - and have a go. If it works for you great if it doesnt hopefully you will have spent some time interested in finding out.
  7. Could be training parking attendants - or recruiting student architects?
  8. I have not been here long enough to give any comparisons but I have actually seen a big upturn in zooms this month - I have gone from 0 zooms in 8 months to 4 zooms in 1 month. Everything is non-exclusive.
  9. I do get all over the place when it comes to forums lol
  10. Have you read their Live News submission guides? Suffice to say the examples used are of a non-UK, non-Europe situation which I think answers your question of whether the news is limited to UK/Europe happenings. The rules for Live news are quite different and rather specific - it is easy to screw up the captioning/headlining. I had to go through the guides multiple times before I understood what it was they were after. Here is the link - start at section one and work right through to the last section and hopefully you can work out what wrong https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-news-images/best-place-to-sell-live-news-images/?section=1
  11. It is not an editor - it s a management tool. You set what program you want to use to edit photos and/or videos in preferences. It works properly with LR and already has settings available. I use it for importing - it is way faster than Lightroom. Say at a football match I have taken 800 photos, maybe a quarter of which will be worth a second look. I "ingest using photo mechanic then go through the images hitting T to tag ones I am interested in. I then select only the tagged ones and drag to LR and LR then only imports the images I am interested in - I can delete the 3/4 of the shoot I do not need without having to import the whole lot into LR - and I can use minimal import settings for LR because photo mechanic has already created thumbnails. Then I go through edit, rate, colour code, pick as normal in LR before exporting what I need. Its real benefits are with the stationary - all images I import are automatically labelled with my name copyright and contact in the data fields - I can add more to each shoot. It has "variables" which are preprogrammed shortcode so I can put {imn3}-{idy0}-{iyr4} for naming and it will put out month-day number- year - I use this for folders and add a location or even after the code making it easy to sort and see what I was doing. Even better you can program any number of your own codes - so I can set it up for each team that if I input a number a name is added to the caption then I just type in "6 heads the ball" and it outputs "Sotiris Papagiannopoulos heads the ball" (no idea who that is by the way or if he wears a number 6 its just an example) which can save a huge amount of time. I have different prefilled stationary for different tasks - like I have an Alamy live news sheet which tells me what I have to fill in where in the right format - I just apply to live news photos fill in the blanks and its done. The only thing I do have to watch is if I use it to move or rename files they will disconnect in LR - but that is the case however you move or rename files outside LR. I do not get close to its full functionality - but without it would take longer to sort and arrange stuff.
  12. Thanks, Betty - I just wanted to make sure there was no common phrase people used that I was missing - it does happen, unfortunately. I include Latin names as a matter of course, its the common phrases that I fall down on.
  13. I am doing some keywording on some images to upload and have run into a problem. I have taken a shot of some bushes lining a riverbank with a hazel tree in bloom in the middle - a glorious covering of yellow catkins against naked branches either side as other species are not even breaking bud yet. The problem is if I search "hazel tree in spring" or "hazel tree in bloom" I just get a lot of results showing close-ups of the catkins or at most a section of branches with catkins against the sky. Now I cannot believe I am the only person to take a photo of the whole tree at this time of year - so what do people describe them as? How would people search for a shot of a whole hazel tree in bloom?
  14. deborah.coleman@peoplenews.ie It is probably worth dropping him an extra contact explaining the lengths you are prepared to go to if he does not cough up - explain that you will use social media to make sure everyone is aware of what has gone on.
  15. I am seeing if I can track down a local reporter - it can sometimes be useful to email a reporter direct rather than the newsdesk.
  16. OK we have http://www.bray.ie/chamber-of-commerce/ - recommend polite email asking for help contacting said Barry and what it is about. http://www.bray.ie/bray-tourist-office/ _ recommend polite email regards appearances of towns integrity when photos stolen http://www.bray.ie/ -recommend a combination of above 2 approaches. These are all the same site - it may be one person fields all three or they may be different departments. In the first case there is going to be a very grumpy council person phoning Barry and giving him an earful. In the second case there are going to be a flood of calls to Barry - which will probably continue when each department finds out other departments have got the same complaint. All this will of course be done unofficially - you will be politely told sorry not our problem but they will phone him and blast him the second they hang up on you - people do not like having to deal with other peoples crap. https://www.yelp.co.uk/search?cflt=lawyers&find_loc=Bray%2C+Co.+Wicklow - Worth emailing a competitor in the town querying cost for action. https://www.lawsociety.ie/Find-a-Solicitor/Negligence-Panel/ - I know you have already had dealings with the law society but do not know if this is a different section - it is sometimes worth approaching a different section. https://twitter.com/BrayTCouncil - Now for the coordinated bit if above emails do not work I suggest all of us with Twitter accounts start tweeting to these accounts http://wicklownews.net/ https://twitter.com/Wicklow_News This may have to be a drip drip drip campaign but the wonder of social media is while we may not be able to parade up and down outside the offices with placards we can sure as hell parade on twitter - # everything with his name, location and dodgy solicitor. It is likely to result in a desire to shut us up - and the only way they can do that is to force him to behave.
  17. It's starting to look like it will need a coordinated pressure effort. Let's see if there is a tourist board and chamber of commerce for Bray shall we? Maybe a few emails in that direction pointing out how blatant theft from professional photographers really is not a good look for the town. I did put a link to the local paper up - remind them that if something is true it cannot be libel.
  18. Daft question but is there anyone on here in the area could maybe pay the office a visit? Or maybe the old fashioned telephone? I am not sure how price plans work with calls to Ireland but it can be surprisingly effective to phone every five minutes asking for the boss - it ties their phone line up and stops them doing any work.
  19. It should be in your image manager on the left along with all the submissions that passed (be aware if one image was rejected all others in the same submission will also have been rejected without being checked so you will have to go through with a fine tooth comb before resubmitting those you are confident with). What you should find is in the submissions column on the left there will the name of the submission and failed underneath. If you then click on it all the images in that submission that were not checked will have a grey box stating they were rejected because an image in the submission failed and then the actual image that failed will have the grey box with the failure reason detailed inside it.
  20. Thank you. I am guessing it is going to be about 75% processing 25% camera on my other images - and the 25% camera is related to the processing. The 3 I have just put up look blown out on this monitor - the dolls head and the small columns around the top of the boating thing are white - I cannot see any detail in them. I will have to see if I can grab some time on a calibrated monitor to look through stuff away from here. I know there are other things - I have a liking for dark and moody lol but I can train myself out of that. I can go back to the camera and start again with the settings (hopefully tomorrow will be a nice dry non windy day). I got into the habit of using centre metering with my first camera taking photos of swans - and getting a complete blow out lol. Must start revising what situations to use what metering in. Thank you for all your help.
  21. I do know I need a new monitor - I have done the best calibration I can with this screen but it still sucks. My immediate concern is if the photos I just posted look OK to people. If the 3 above are OK then I know where I am aiming - if the greens are horrible and they look all highlight blown, or still way too dark to everyone then I am just going to have to stop until I have got that monitor.
  22. I have just had more photos accepted - and I have tried my hardest to correct the underexposure issues with these. Can anyone tell me if it would make any sense for photos on Alamy to look darker than they do in Lightroom?
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