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  1. Annoying aspect of refund

    I agree with @John Mitchell - if Alamy want to give a refund after longer than say 60 days or 3 months (argue among yourselves the time frame) then the refund should not come from the contributor. It should be reasonable for a contributor to think right that sale was x time ago so no chance of it being refunded now.
  2. Images sold in January

    And if the micro sell it 40 times for the same price in the next couple of years the karma will be the other way
  3. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    It would reassure me if I had one that one day I might manage a sale for more than bottom$
  4. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    But others say zooms are relevant for creating the CTR which is relevant for where abouts our pictures appear in search results. No zooms means zero CTR means images fall to bottom of searches means no sales
  5. Annoying aspect of refund

    I dont suppose it was a case of the wrong licence so refunding and buying the right one - in which case why couldn't Alamy just do an upgrade of the difference in price and give you whatever percentage of the upgrade rather than a refund, wait a bit, new purchase
  6. Annoying aspect of refund

    Isnt there like legal limits for refunds - meaning Alamy could quite properly refuse them?
  7. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    I just hope if they tweak one area (zoom measurement) they protect other areas (effect of CTR on ranking) as I am getting concerned at a CTR of 0
  8. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    I am still on zero zooms for 2 sales - and at this rate likely to make more of a fuss if a zoom turns up than a sale
  9. One Lightroom Catalog or Many?

    Photo mechanic all the way for me - I ingest (when cant they use the word import like everyone else lol) using seq - date - subject in folders named date - subject. Easy to arrange in order, easy to spot which folder I want. When I need photos from multiple folders I use Lightroom collections.
  10. Photos and Sales

    Hi and welcome. First off you need much much bigger numbers before you can expect to see any return. When I joined last summer I gave myself lines of 6 months and 800 images before I expected to see any results - that I managed results before those limits is very unusual. Give it a year and have 10 times as many images before you start worrying about no results. Secondly, don't put too much importance on getting "good discoverability" - for some reason it is set on numbers and it can be tempting to use irrelevant keywords to make up the numbers but doing so will actually hurt your chances of sales because your images will appear in irrelevant searches. The most important thing is to make sure every keyword is relevant to that image. Your images of Stonehenge include the tags "costly" "metallic" "miniature" "mini" which do not appear to be directly related to the image (I know it is costly to visit but not really a tag). With images of animals birds and plants it is really useful to put the species name and latin name - so for racoon you would want Procyon lotor in the title. Yes that does mean having to find out what exactly it was you took a picture of which can mean some serious research - but the forum is great for that you will see a lot of threads on help identifying plants and animals. Finally, the QC system is very clearly described as are the requirements for images - batch QC is a very normal system in industry where there simply is not the funds to pay people to check every single product. Alamy cannot pay people to check every image we send - so we are expected to do it right. Check images at 100% - and check again. If you have any doubt whatsoever then do not submit. My own workflow involves a minimum of 3 checks - when I decide what images to process, then when I process, and then when I put a batch together. I may throw in a couple more checks depending on the time between steps.
  11. Images sold in January

    I am fairly used to hassle when doing one of my "official" roles of freelance for a local startup news place - it is focused on work of emergency services, and suffice to say Joe public is not at his best in those situations. I do not have any problems handling that as I know I am in a specific role and what I am doing. I just get far more nervous doing street stuff - there is a less clearly defined role. I will get used to it - the whole get out of the comfort zone thing.
  12. Images sold in January

    I am hesitant about shooting people as well - unless I am doing it officially. However, I am forcing myself out of my comfort zone (at least when I have the time lol). I think its going to be another of those things that once you get used to it you wonder why you ever had problems - but I am always worried someone is going to get stroppy and cause a scene.
  13. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    Well, my cleared balance on my first sale last year has gone from $0 to $1. I guess that is a positive - I mean reading the forum I could have been waiting months or even years for that balance to clear. It is a start - onwards and upwards is my motto.
  14. Hi everyone

    Hi Matteo, nice to meet you
  15. Finding previous rejections

    In Image manager to the left at the top it says "quality control" with a little down arrow - click it and it allows to you to search passed or failed.
  16. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    Would Alamy setting up an archive site work? Say every image that was 3 or 5 years old that had never sold would be automatically moved to the archive - which would still be fully searchable with all images available for purchase - maybe being purchased there would move them back to Alamy main? The advantages I see to this is it would immediately massively reduce the number of images prospective buyers are presented with to search through hopefully making it a better experience for them, and also it could create a selling point - "looking for something unique - our archive is a treasure trove of never before used images, reflecting the changes in style of photography over time" or something
  17. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    Last year at a local camera club there was a guest speaker - among the many things he covered was a shot he had taken that was, to say the least, gloomy (it was inside of a long-abandoned residence) - and it sold for a significant sum of money and was used as the cover art for a thriller/horror novel. The publisher had been specifically looking for gloomy. He warned against limiting to bright and happy, because there is always a market for sad and gloomy going on as well - so long as the photo catches the mood.
  18. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    I think it all comes down to "you can never tell what will sell". So many times you read of people having sales of photographs they least expected - ones they very nearly did not upload. As a newbie, I can appreciate the learning curve - and am definitely modifying what I upload but in the direction of similars rather than subjects. If an image is individual in a collection - and possibly less common in the whole database I think culling would be a mistake. The "rules" on what sells and how to take a sellable picture change (like everything in human fashion), what is rejected this season may be the in thing in a couple of years time. The best course I can see is possibly removing similars (if you have 10 near-identical photos of a lemon you only need one) then take all the images you don't like that you would cull and move them to their own pseudo. This achieves 2 things - it helps CTR by separating images you don't think will be liked, and offers a really clear indication of if they do sell - when they sell.
  19. Images sold in January

    Great photo - lovely freeze of action
  20. PC upgrade

    For half that money I can pick up an off the shelf gaming computer that will handle VR headsets so will more than handle photoshop. However, my suggestion with that budget is asking around your mates and see if there is someone close to you who builds machines from components then work with the builder to come up with the exact machine you need and build it from components. It did use to be cheaper to do that now it is not (my desktop is 4 years old - could not build it for the price it cost me then and it is still comfortably above minimum spec now) however there are definite advantages to building a machine from scratch - you may not need the hi-speed 3d rendering capabilities of a gaming machine but could use higher levels of RAM and/or an SSD. You can also future proof better - you can take a rough guess at which way photoshop and cameras are going and make sure the machine will still handle it in a few years.
  21. Ensuring Alamy Exclusivity

    I see clikpic is a templated host - effectively denying you half the easy functionality you need. My experience with such hosts is the longer you use them and the more you start to understand web building the more frustrated you will get. I would recommend anyone looking to do their own site to use one of the open source systems - the most obvious being WordPress. If you do not feel you want to take on the whole web build Wordpress do offer their own templated host at which will operate in a very similar way to clikpic - only you will also have access to plugins to do things like a watermark on site and disable right click. Then if you do catch the bug it is far easier to move a site to independent hosting and take on full control as it were.
  22. Ensuring Alamy Exclusivity

    Cant help with the Alamy side - might be able to help with the website side. What platform is your website running on?
  23. Attention Live News Shooters:

    That would be useful to me but I am too far from London - and not yet making enough money to cover workshops lol
  24. Attention Live News Shooters:

    I probably need a more technologically switched on brain
  25. Attention Live News Shooters:

    I don't do a lot of live news - I do a small amount for a local outlet - the problem is less the sending (I do not need to keyword caption or anything that is taken care of by the outlet) and more the phone has to be in exactly right position to pick up cameras wifi - and will try to connect to any signal except the camera - and will then tell me there is no internet access from that signal - before very possibly deciding to lose the signal halfway through downloading the shots from the camera making me go through the whole bloody process again. Then of course once I have the photos transferred it decides it's not going to connect to anything except the camera so in order to email the photos I have to switch the camera off. I just need to sort my phone file system to make selecting photos easier - at the moment it is scroll select tick unselect scroll select tick. If I actually find myself doing more news stuff I will probably get a tablet to make it easier on the move. Even if I put photo mechanic on my phone I would probably get annoyed at it - different UI