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  1. I would say that is quite a young mute swan at the back - probably between 18 months and 2 and a half years, likely female, and possibly not paired. I cannot see the pair in front closely enough but it is possibly a collection of young swans between the time they are driven out by parents and pair up and find a territory for themselves.
  2. Well done and congratulations. I well know the frustration of health problems interfering with photography - the eye and brain want to shoot but the body says Nope.
  3. Yes, but how much money is considered full time? Someone in a developing country is going to be delighted with a couple of hundred dollars a month - and that will cover their living costs. For someone in the US, that amount would be considered peanuts. Asking if stock can provide a full-time income is meaningless unless you specify how much you think a full-time income is.
  4. My son broke his collar bone yesterday - I am giving it a couple of days for maximum bruising then I will be trying to get him to let me take photos - but I bet he doesn't lol
  5. You walk around identifying plants, architecture styles, clothing, and goodness knows what else in your head - because you have learned all about them while keywording.
  6. There are some rules regards cost that HMRC can do automatically if you are on the Money In Money Out system which I would expect small businesses like stock to be on. For example off the top of my head if you do not have a specific business vehicle but share your vehicle for business and personal you give them mileage and they allow 45p a mile for the first so many thousand miles then 25p a mile. This is to cover wear and tear and stuff that naturally wears out as well as fuel. They have formulae for allowances for heating electric council tax etc if you work at home based on space usage and days used - it can go quite fine to like quarter of a room for one day a week or something. Believe it or not, they themselves are a good starting point - they have several leaflets and videos online that can help you see how they are doing things so you can see how to claim what.
  7. Regards travel the way I work it out - and I am driving not using transport - is I plot from home to location and back home and use that as my mileage. I may not drive that exact route - I may go to other places on the way there or back but I only count the miles I would do if I travelled straight. Regards a travel card - I would try looking at any journeys you would do purely for photography purposes - you may have done other things on them but those were secondary to photography and you would not have done them if not there for photography anyway - add up the non travel card costs of these journeys - and if they come to more than the cost of the travel card then you claim them. You then show HMRC that those journeys were made for photography and would have made getting the card financially sensible - then for travel made using the card plot journeys from home to location without non-photography stuff and charge that as it would be without any secondary journeys
  8. I would say first off define what a full-time income is? How much do you consider to be enough? Different countries have different average incomes - and differing amounts would be considered an adequate full-time income.
  9. A frequent question from friends and family is "what on earth do you want to take a picture of that old *?*?*?*?* for? Closely followed by What is wrong with that last photo you took? as you insist on redoing something having checked it at 100%
  10. Surely the correct response to "dramatic increase of imagery that isn’t suitable, either due to the content itself or from incorrectly formatted captions " is to ban people guilty of that not kick out 80 or 90% of contributors including those who have always stuck to content and caption guidelines?
  11. Yeah and for murders appearing on the front pages of national newspapers? You know the sort of thing that should be pinged to newsdesks and which you, Alamy, would have had exclusives on, if you had not closed live news to your photographer who lives 15 miles from it, who was informed about the incident 2 hours after it started (about 12 hours before its importance became known and the nationals started chasing it) and who decided that as there was no live news access it was pointless chasing after local live news when there was nowhere to send it. The lesson I have taken from this is next time I am informed on local live news I will go and chase it and I will find an agency who is not concerned I only do 3 or 4 stories a year who are prepared to take my stuff fast so next time I do not miss a big story.
  12. Only a daft frog stays out of good value water and in bad value water. At £10 it is well worth doing. I suspect a change to £20 will see a lot of hopping frogs.
  13. I have seen this as well - with a lot of fudging around talking about testing etc - plus it being in dollars. I will deal with it if and when it arrives.
  14. And today that which we said would happen has happened. Daily Mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6991977/Teenage-girl-17-murdered-home-leafy-Wiltshire-village.html using a "google earth" photo. Why did I not drive 15 miles yesterday to go and get some on-scene shots and upload to Alamy so Alamy could sell them to the Daily Mail? Could it be that I do not have live news privileges? That I am actually snowed under with other stuff at the moment which makes going through email application processes something I simply do not have time or resources to do so decided that I would not bother? Yes, I am bloody kicking myself this morning for not going - but that is the difference that having access to instant upload makes. I could not tell in advance that this incident would make the nationals any more than I could tell that the similar incidents I have covered and uploaded before the ban would not make the nationals. Oh and for the record it was not a leafy Wiltshire village it was a small town - this happened fairly close to the towns football ground where I shoot fairly often. Later on this evening, I will probably be able to provide more background to the story as their team is in a final I am shooting - background I could have got yesterday if I had had an easy way to do something with it.
  15. I always treat it as copyright is the creators unless specifically contracted otherwise before the shot is taken. If I hand my camera to my son and he takes a brilliant portrait that is his copyright.
  16. See this is where I cannot but help think Alamy have misjudged and got it wrong. There is absolutely no way to tell in advance if an event like that is going to become big news or not - and surely it is better to have photos of it that don't sell than not have photos that would sell? The misjudgement is in the way Alamy have handled this - because I know photographers who would previously have automatically sent to Alamy are now going to send elsewhere and that is to Alamys detriment. I get the need to slim down and clean up the newsfeed - but it could have been done in a different way. The whole"soft" and "breaking" news idea has been put forward many times - how about having it so that there are subjects which only "accepted" members can submit (weather anyone?) and include a constantly updated list of events where accredited photographers are covering and make it clear to all those no on the list that if they submit on a subject or event listed as covered they will lose privileges but allow uploading of newsworthy stuff otherwise. Alamy backroom would then have 2 feeds - the accredited subjects and events where they know the contributors are going to be spot on and a second feed of all other news stuff so that if (when) a story suddenly develops out of nowhere (a couple of drunks passed out on a bench becomes novichok) they can immediately check the second feed and possibly find there was an Alamy contributor on scene and they have scooped every wire service in town and have photos worth a fortune. Having contributors otherwise upload such things as stock or send it to other services is not going to help Alamy.
  17. Surely supply and demand has to come into it - are there really that many photographers from other agencies taking the same photos as are available on Live news Alamy?
  18. I totally and utterly accept the necessity for some sort of exchange of photos for experience in these areas but some big groups take advantage to extremes. As for modern camera systems you don't need the shot to be that good - if that was the case photographers would not be paid at all - and we are. The fact of the matter is that newbie is not taking as good shots as that experienced guy - and yes Joe Public can tell (at least I presume that is why he keeps buying my sports shots when he was there taking his own) There needs to be a balance and for me, that balance is somewhere in the profit and turnover sheets. When a local claiming it cannot afford to pay £5 for a photo is owned by a big group posting a net profit after tax of over £40 million that is out and out abuse and totally unacceptable. I will, and have, donated photography for nothing to charities and good causes. I will, and have, work to find an arrangement with small local shoestring operations. I will not work for free when it comes to big groups pleading poverty while enjoying profits I cannot dream of. I will advise anyone and everyone who asks me not to work for free for such groups.
  19. I could probably live with that - my issue is when small organisations and sports clubs are almost being held hostage. They want and need the local paper to write about them and cover them - and the local paper won't do so without a photo - so their choice is to send a free photo or don't get coverage. Then I when I am asked to cover something for them (its cup final season) they want to use one of my photos but I won't let it be used without payment.
  20. The problem is getting the word out to everyone to refuse to provide for free. NUJ ran a campaign last year - but I dont know if it is still going. https://www.nuj.org.uk/campaigns/useitpayforit/
  21. Go to your dashboard, click alamy measures and then click your images or all of alamy - then you can set a date range. If you are on your images you can further divide by pseudonym. Then the terms that have been searched will be on the left and if you click on them you will see which images came up (and work out any that did not come up). On all of alamy you will see all the terms searched (it will be pages and pages) and you may note a term you think some of your images should have appeared in and so add to the keywords or you may see searches for things you have not done that would be easy for you - say a lesser known local place - and so plan shoots.
  22. For me its a balancing act - there are 2 local town papers, family-owned going for generations, who really are on shoestring budgets. They are invariably polite in requests and offer an advertisement (an actual box print advert not an attribution) instead of fees which I have no issue with. My problem is with the likes of Newsquest who have multimillion pound turnover and won't pay diddly. It does provide a sticking point - clubs want their games reported if they do not provide the free image they do not get mentioned, so continue providing it free. This could go on for pages. All I can say is not all are the same - there are still good guys out there and I hope over time they will get back into the ascendency because they provide better quality - and people will discover that again.
  23. They definitely have one of the worst reputations.
  24. I would say it depends entirely on which group owns the local newspapers and what their plans are for them. I live close to the edge of a county and my main activity is shooting football - I cover several teams in a couple of different leagues. In the county where I live the locals are owned by Newsquest. The Newsquest plan seems to be to turn them from new to community service. They have been cutting and cutting staff for several years (way before I got interested) - they plead poverty (Newsquest is not in any way shape or form in poverty) and get people to send in photos and stories free "to get their byline in the paper". 3 years ago they had a couple of pro photojournalists and would pay club photographers (the role I am in now) for shots. They now use photographers on a daily contract basis (and boy do they make that day work). They will not pay club photographers - so club photographers do not provide photos and they use a single stock photo of 2 pairs of legs and a football (the legs are not even in any local team colours) to report on any match below division 2. Their reports are pants too. They are not much better on actual news like major accidents and stuff - they have photographers on call but will get stuff off Joe Public for nothing if they can and at least once have totally failed to report anything on a biggish story - the attempted murder I covered because it was just down the road. Compare that with the neighbouring county where the group is owned by Trinity Mirror - not only do they pay club photographers but they will send staff photographer/reporters to matches 5 leagues lower than division 2. Not every match but if they have someone spare they go to a match where there is not a resident club photographer shoot it and report on it. They also pay freelancers for covering local events like carnivals etc if they have not got staff available. By all feedback their reporting is better, their coverage is better and they have a much better customer base. They are old fashioned news - not community service. I know the first uses ordinary stock images - not sure where from - and uses them badly. I do not know if the second would buy from Alamy for the simple fact if I come across something in their area I will approach them directly because they will pay. The regional I spoke about definitely uses agencies - and will also pay direct. Looking at the NUJ site on local papers some are decent - and genuinely strapped for cash but will pay what they can - while others the NUJ goes as far as refusing to recommend photographers deal with them. If someone says a local paper is saying they cannot afford to pay for photography I say look and see who owns it - because the chances are it is owned by a big group who while not rolling in can certainly afford to pay for photography - if people stopped sending it for free.
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