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  1. I started last year. In my first 5 months I had 2 sales. In the 10 months since I have had nothing. Technically I still do not have enough images to draw conclusions but it is a little disheartening.
  2. My first thought on seeing these is blooming heck they're still going? lol
  3. Another distinguishing feature of humans is a sense of humour - and the ability to mock themselves. Many animals and birds are also intelligent - corvids especially do know the difference between a gun and a camera as well as having the ability to recognise individuals. I am well aware that there is nothing personal in mother natures twists that screw up my careful plans - but I find it amusing - or I find me amusing. And one day I damn well am going to get a photo of a Jay.
  4. I have long come to the conclusion that animals know full well the difference between gun and DSLR - and especially DSLR in the hands of someone seriously interested in their photo. I have had woodpeckers land within feet of me in the car at traffic lights and start pecking - no way of grabbing the camera without seriously upsetting other motorists. I have been trying to get a shot (any shot) of a jay for several years - so they only appear when I am driving, or they go from leafy branch to leafy branch and shout at me (in case I am not sure they are there) or the specialist landed directly between me and the sun. The favourite of all animals seems to be the pose perfectly right up until the microsecond before the shutter is clicked and then move - I have a huge collection of perfectly framed and focused twigs, branches, patches of grass, stones etc from which whatever was sat on (and had been for enough time to set up and frame the shot) has suddenly moved just as I take the shot. Mummy duck was far more likely to be pulling your string than scared lol
  5. Have just had three excepted through reportage as were noisy due to bad light - but am chuffed to have got them as a rather rare subject in itself. Just goes to show sometimes when you spot something you dont recognize while driving it is worth stopping and grabbing the camera. This is a leucistic jackdaw - and a cracking example of one too.
  6. I emailed and they took them via reportage - this is my little chap who I think is rather striking
  7. I think emailing will probably be best. I know I can be over touchy on noise - other than the iso the photos are fine.
  8. Number 6 is not cow parsley - but it is almost certainly from the same family, which isn't saying much there are hundreds of umbellifers. I have enough problems trying to identify the ones in the UK without going abroad lol. It might be worth you doing a google search of the area it was taken and "umbellifer" and see if anything comes up.
  9. A couple of days ago I was driving along spotted something odd. It turned out to be a speckled/pied Jackdaw - also known as leucistic Jackdaw. Now because of where it was and the conditions the ISO is high (1800) and the images are noisy - they would not pass ordinary QC. However, I am not sure if it is a suitable subject for reportage. They are rare - and stories on them have appeared in the national dailies before now. Alamy only has a handful of pictures labelled Leucistic jackdaw and none of them are as impressive as my little chap (and yes I did go back hunting for him the next day ) - I will keep my eyes open and see if I can get better shots but no guarantee. I would love to get the shots up - but am not sure if this does count as reportage or not
  10. For what it is worth near me there used to be a mummy duck who chose to have her nest in one of the flowerbed divider strips in a supermarket carpark. The one closest to the supermarket and furthest from the river obviously. She would get nearly stood on by people - who would then dash to the supermarket to let them know they had a duck nesting. They did already know (they got told a lot lol) but tried to minimize drawing attention to her by not putting up signs warning of her presence. She was obviously comfortable very close to people - and I am guessing found nearly being stood on safer than nesting closer to the bank (animal rights in the 60s decided to release the mink from a farm - I wish they could spend some time seeing the damage those non-native little beasts do)
  11. When I took it out (and if I make changes) I have to list and identify each item, and the unique product codes are required for recent stuff. I mean the excess on kit is £50 and I am looking at £150 to replace just one of my kit lenses. I think they go new for old replaced with the nearest equivalent in discontinued stuff. They do cover some non-camera stuff - you just have to list what you are insuring. Like everything else it is going to depend on what kit you have and what cover you want - but for people who make a bit of money from stock who use fairly recent cameras and lenses and who are being quoted silly money for "professional" as opposed to "amateur" insurance I think they do provide a compromise allowing up to 50% of your income to come from photography. This has to be a better definition of professional than "you sold a picture on a stock site and made 99c from it so we class you as professional and charge you through the nose"
  12. I do not know if this helps anyone but I get my insurance through Amateur photographer. They specify their insurance is for amateurs or semi-professionals who earn less than 50% of their income through photography/related activities. I am paying under £6 a month (I do not have a lot of gear) and that has £1 million public liability. MORE DETAILS
  13. I would imagine it is more to do with the cost of winning than the chance of losing.
  14. There have been a couple near me - which have been an ongoing fight between a farmer fed up of people ignoring his signs to avoid cattle in fields without public footpaths and him putting cattle in footpath fields due to signs being ignored. It is 6 of one and half dozen of the other but unfortunately, the people hurt/killed were innocent of the argument.
  15. To be honest I do not have the time or resources to market stuff myself. I am not managing to shoot and upload the numbers I want to as it is. My, admittedly naive, hope is that agencies will market what I provide them lol
  16. I believe (but don't quote me) it was visitors from the US that wished to picnic with the lions - but then I believe (please correct me if I am wrong) that in some states it is much easier to get licences for more dangerous animals as pets. To be honest, I don't think the country of origin or even being a tourist has a huge amount to do with it - some people are just idiots around animals. There are cases in the UK of cows trampling people - and while in some cases responsibility can be laid with the farmer in others it is people ignoring warnings because they want to pet them or see the calves or there is a pretty flower or something. I think some people watch too many cartoons and films and develop a badly wrong image of what animals are and what they will do.
  17. You could probably change that to most tourists are absolute idiots about any animal. I live close to a safari park and visit often. One of the keepers was telling us about the time they had a family pull over and start setting up a picnic on the resting platform in one of the lion enclosures - the pride had gone into full stalk mode and the keepers had been really worried they would have to harm the animals to protect the idiots unable to read multi-language signs or even the non-language picture warnings
  18. Be aware that it is not necessarily Photoshelters fault (or any other site that suddenly plunges in Google results) You know how photographers moan about algorithm changes in stock agencies change where their photos appear in searches - multiple that by a lot and you have google. Google has been known to make radical changes to its algorithm - and to specifically start marking down strategies that previously it marked up - so if someone is following the "top ten ways to appear at the top of the search" advice from 2 years ago it may well now have the opposite effect. Now Google has all sorts of good-sounding reasons why it does this but at the end of the day, the result is having to get someone who is approved of by google to do the SEO work.
  19. You could try looking for things you are sure must have been photographed. I live near the city of Bath - world heritage site, huge numbers of tourists etc etc where you would think everything had been photographed, especially anything that research marks as "rare example". Nope. I have found more than one bit of Bath not on stock sites. Also, many ordinary everyday things you see so often you do not even notice you are seeing them things. A good test is to ask yourself if you know what something is (as opposed to what it does - we see things we know what they do we do not ask if we know what they are) - if you don't see if you can find out what it is. If it turns out to be something that the identity of is actually fairly specialised even though loads of people see it then it may not have been photographed.
  20. Insects including "bees" can be a nightmare to identify sometimes. There are mimic flies that closely resemble bees - and within bees themselves, you have solitary bees that very closely resemble the social insects because they are nest parasites (called cuckoo bees unsurprisingly) and with those, you sometimes need to be able to see specific body parts to differentiate. I would echo @MizBrown and recommend finding a specialist or expert. I know for the UK/Europe there is a facebook group that shares and identifies photos of insects and there may be one for Canada. I find the group useful as I can use photos that are not quite stock quality (too small, slightly soft, incorrect focus point), or are simply not the best in a series to get IDs.
  21. Take it from a young'en (well sort of) that has no stake in this While I am sure you do not mean or intend contempt the problem with forums is they involve typing and reading - and all the tone and non-verbal parts of communication are absent. This means that it is incredibly, unbelievably easy for intent to be misread - and some of your posts do, all be it inadvertently, read as incredibly contemptuous. Sometimes it is worth taking a pause and then re-reading what you have typed imagining it has been typed to you, not by you. I am not for a second going to deny your skill talent and legacy with a camera because very few can match them - but just sometimes you do manage to come across as arrogant and I am sure that is never your intent.
  22. Lots of people try - and get very frustrated trying to catch them. I believe freely floating bread is a favourite but they have very sensitive mouths and do detect hooks and line. Never eaten one - I meant lovely as in lovely to watch them around harbours.
  23. Easier to catch with a camera and lens than a rod and line. Lovely fish.
  24. That must have been something to see - I have a tendency to forget to take pictures when seeing air displays.
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