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  1. thanks - yes would be quite poor if I was paying to be on Alamy- I should rephrase and say income has dropped to a third of previous year
  2. positive that this years sales exceed each of the last two years - which were record years BUT negative - revenue is down 200% - yes 200%
  3. plenty of sales for me and have already passed the last couple of years BUT vast majority are all for $3 and a bit - with the odd one above $10 really poor
  4. sales holding up well - but prices - oh dear - well south of $20 per image this year
  5. This is what I expect to happen - and history tells us it usually does
  6. 2nd best ever year for number of sales - last year remains my best year however 2019 is only 5th best for income
  7. thanks - and good point - i will keep an open mind on shooting the current bush fires
  8. Same here - tempted to travel the four hour round trip to shoot some of the bush fires and the firefighters who are tackling them- but will i return a profit ? - doubt it so wet be travelling specifically for these shots
  9. in my book and i have said it before - nothing worse than a contributor who lies with their keywords to deliberately manipulate and impact others shame on Alamy for profiling him - i would be banning him for 28 days and until all keywords were accurate
  10. Been absent from the forum for a bit - so shocked to see this news on my return - a great loss
  11. hardly the point is it why not include links to Premier league results or latest Brexit news in fact we could all include links
  12. for $1 short - would be a nice touch if Alamy paid you that for this month
  13. it sure is news here Sally and even in cooler Sydney we are having the hottest dries winter ever Martin
  14. I get the same problem quite frequently - fortunately over the past week uploading has been fine I think you just have to keep trying
  15. well thanks for that, Im watching the game in Sydney whilst avoiding all news and websites where i might hear the outcome before I've watched the game - thought an Alamy forum would be a safe to peruse whilst watching the game-clearly not
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