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How was your 2018

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Sales Volume up 14%

Income down 36%

Portfolio increased by only 5%

I made significantly more in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Average price per sale : $33.60

Average price per sale in 2017: $60.54

The only other time my income here went down was from 2015 (my best year to date) to 2016, but then the drop was less than 10% and it increased for the following years. I saw smaller but noticeable drops at some other agencies, with others staying relatively stable or increasing a little, and surprisingly, over 30% increase in fine art POD sales revenue, my best RPI this year.

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Over 50% of my sales were F images (a few old reliable repeats in there), with B, C and E (also some repeats) making up the rest, other than one K and one M. 

Two were illustrations, one was from Iceland and the rest were from the US, mostly travel with a couple repeat sales of one prosaic editorial image. 

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