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  1. Images sold in January

    This came in last night. It's the second sale in less than 12 months for this image. Grayton Beach, Florida shops. Editorial Travel guides -print and/or e-book, Unlimited Print run, Inside, Worldwide, Online PDF Rights Included; Duration: 7 years Royalty Free Editorial Only - Part of my experiment RF vs RM - Rick
  2. How was your 2018

    My 2018 was excellent for my meager portfolio. 2018 Sales = 23 2017 Sales = 3 The number of sales definitely has something to due with the fact I uploaded over 700 new images in 2018. Rick
  3. How many did you upload in 2018?

    My biggest year for submissions at 720. I fell short of my goal but I was not able to travel as much as I wanted. I did have a banner year in sales, at 23! My average sale price was right in line with what Alamy says is the company average. I only have 1402 images posted so I'm far from disappointed. I'm hoping to top both numbers in 2019. Rick
  4. FWIW, in the U.S., it is a separate copyright violation to strip the EXIF / METADATA from an image unless you are the copyright holder. Not that it stops any theft. It seems stealing images is becoming the norm. Another person I know left Flickr just for that reason. Rick BTW, I think I read somewhere that Block Chain was coming to photography very soon. Can't remember the details but I believe it did have something to do with combating image theft etc...
  5. Laptop

    Can't stress "max out the RAM" enough. You will not regret it. The problem with the new MacBooks, for me anyway, is that you can't add RAM to it yourself. You order the model you want with the amount of RAM you want. My older MacBook 15" lasted 7 years and I was able to double the RAM myself, which is much cheaper. On my new iMac I have 40MB of RAM. It makes a difference as it seems every new version of software eats more and more RAM. Rick
  6. Images sold in December

    Second sale yesterday. Four for the month which is the best I've ever done for a December. Mid $$, so not too bad. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Editorial - websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Media: Editorial website Image Size: Any size Start: 19 December 2018 End: 19 December 2023 Rick
  7. Images sold in December

    I sold two images today. Here is the first one. Another PU but at full price. Taken in Destin Florida from Harry T's restaurant. Rick
  8. Images sold in December

    Another PU but this time paid the published price. Second sale of this image this year. Site of an old cotton gin & mill on the Autauga Creek in Prattville Alabama. Rick
  9. You're lucky that you are getting full price for PU purchases. My last two have been discounted by half. Why?? One was obviously not going to be used for that purpose & perhaps was a mislabeling but the other could well have been for PU. I don't get it. Rick
  10. Images sold in December

    Personal use. Sold for the second time this year. I can see this as a Christmas gift for someone. WDE!! Alamy gave it away as a gift too. :-) Rick
  11. Commission change - James West comments

    I've pretty much agreed with everything you have said, Mark, regarding this matter. This is a very thoughtful statement. Rick
  12. Commission change - James West comments

    James, I've been a contributor since 2008 but only most recently, 2017, have I devoted all my attention to Alamy. This has been a very good year for me with such a small portfolio, albeit still small potatoes compared to others. Now I am questioning my decision to spend so much time, energy and money into Alamy. I honestly don't believe you know what you have with Alamy and how unique a service you provide. This is reflected in the ridiculously low prices we continue to see when our images are "sold" (licensed"). Alamy provides the largest, and I think best, library of editorial stock images in the world. I have not found another agency that can provide anything close to what Alamy has available to its customer base. I am puzzled as to why the rates are so small for licensing our images when, basically, your customers have nowhere else to go. I have been looking for another agency to work with but cannot find any agency that will accept these types of editorial stock, that we license through Alamy, every day. Instead of increasing your commission to 60% why not consider incremental increases in licensing fees? Who else can provide the same type of images Alamy has? I would really like to know. If I'm wrong, it is time for me to work with others as well. How about working on marketing strategies that tout this incredibly unique service. A way to start moving in this direction might be to temporarily stop accepting new contributors. My word, you now have over 70,000 contributors! How many do you need? You've heard others complain about declining revenue. This is partly due to the fact the sales pool has greatly increased. I know you are proud of the fact the contributor payout is the highest ever. Yes, but to a much larger pool of contributors, thus, reducing the payout per contributor. Secondly, how about culling some of the poorer quality images? Do Alamy really need 150,000,000 editorial stock images? Probably not. I am not suggesting turning Alamy into a boutique stock agency but you are in charge of the best editorial stock agency in the world, in my opinion. Alamy should act like it. You are giving away the farm in my view. In sum, stop accepting new contributors for a while, firm up pricing, and refuse to follow the so called "Tier 1" agencies to the basement. You have something unique here. Act like it. Rick
  13. How was your November?

    My best November since contributing! Ha.... 3 sales grossing only $44.01. I don't understand the 1¢ though nor the fact that a "Personal Use" sale went for a distributor price. And now I see my take will be even less in a few weeks. Rick
  14. Reported today, sold on the 29th. RF Editorial Probably a Website. All that was listed was "Title: Explore the USA: Alabama" Minor $$. Rick
  15. Sold my second one for November. Personal use, region is ROW, where ever that is??