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  1. Sales were up 27% over 2020. Price per image was way down. Average gross price per image was down over $30 each! OUCH! Average gross per sale was about $45, U.S. Gross income was down 27% over 2020. I won't be taking the time to figure out net percentages, but it isn't good. Obviously I was happy with the number of sales going up. Not too happy about the gross or net sale prices. But it could be worse. Rick
  2. Well, I just made, (my 40%), 67ยข for a Christmas image. My sales are up 27% over last year but my gross is down 27%, coincidentally, which means my net is way down. Hoping 2022 brings higher grossing sales.
  3. The gift that keeps on giving. This will make the fourth or fifth sale for this image in the last couple of years. War Eagle! Rick
  4. I have not noticed an increase. I have not opted out but I have noticed that Alamy is letting them go under the published rate. What's up with that?! I have had several below $15.00. I have resisted opting out because a sale is a sale. I know people cheat. It is rather obvious in some cases but I figure they will just hit the "Presentation" button instead so it all evens out. Rick
  5. Four sales that grossed less than $50. The last one really hurt as it wasn't even $5 gross for a magazine, 500,000 circulation, full page. The subject matter was somewhat unique. My cut won't even get me a cup of coffee with tip. ๐Ÿ˜ž However, July is usually very slow for me and at least I got four sales. I'm hoping for higher prices in the future. Rick
  6. Best year ever for me here on Alamy. I sold more in 2020 than in 2019. My net went way up due to this but my average per sale went up also. Hoping 2021 continues this trend for me.
  7. Started the month with a small sale. (very small) But, it's a start! Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Start: 02-November-2020 ; Duration: In perpetuity ; Additional Details: Editorial website, any size, single use, but includes unlimited sharing across web and social media platforms, worldwide, in perpetuity. Region: UK Rick
  8. My October was the best October I've ever had with 6 images being licensed. In the past most of my sales (probably about 80%) come in the spring so this really surprised me. Rick
  9. I get a lot of "zooms" for Dunkin Donuts but this is my first sale for a Dunkin related image. Affiliate Sale; Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Presentation or newsletters ; Start: 19-October-2020 ; End: 19-October-2025 ; Additional Details: Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in an editorial newsletter.
  10. This just dropped this morning. Chosen for use in a national political campaign ad. Runs up to and including 11/02/2020. Paid well for it. Country: United States ; Usage: Advertising and promotion ; Media: Television (advertising) ; Industry Sector: Government (local, regional, national) ; Placement: National ; Start: 16-October-2020 ; End: 16-November-2020 ; Additional Details: Campaign run dates 10/14 - 11/2. Airing in FL and NC only. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Rick
  11. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media ; Start: 14-October-2020 ; End: 14-October-2025 ; Additional Details: Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Did OK on the $$ but certainly not what it is truly worth given the fact it's an aerial shot. ๐Ÿ™‚ Raymon James Stadium with the Tampa skyline in the background. Rick
  12. Third image sold this month. Must be the real estate boom her in the U.S. Good $$ for it. Worldwide marketing, small business for 5 years. Rick
  13. As per usual, (to quote an old English sleuth), my sales are coming in late in the month. Had two today. Took this at home. Fish on the grill for a surprisingly nice amount $$$! Interesting usage! ๐Ÿ™‚ I must be the new Andy Warhol. LOL Country: New YorkUsage: Indoor displayMedia: Non commercial displayIndustry sector: IT Manufacturing and servicesPrint run: 1Image Size: up to full areaStart: 26 October 2020End: 26 October 2023The image will appear as decor for an IT company located in NYC. The image will be up to full area, and three year rights granted
  14. Hi Albert, That's exactly what it is. There are very few left of any sort in this country. They used to be a staple in rural areas due to low overhead (no building etc), but they are hard to find now, even as run down as this one is. Most have been repurposed into parking lots or businesses of some sort. But that would be an awesome project! Rick
  15. For some odd reason the vast majority of my sales come at the very end of the month so this was a big surprise this morning. This sold as RF for a nice $$ amount. No details as to how it will be used though. Rick
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