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  1. My first sale of the month and I think the first ever sale in November! Ha Editorial Website, Travel & Tourism, U.S. Territory Worldwide use for a decade of course. $$ but I'll take it. Beach volleyball courts on Okaloosa Island, on the Florida Gulf coast. Rick
  2. I have to say "people shots" are my down fall. I'm trying my best to get more people in my shots but for so many years, before submitting here, I did everything in my power to avoid people 'contaminating' my images. :-) Now I see the value. This would not be as good without people. Well done. Rick
  3. Second sale for the month, which is BIG for me. Usually the last three months of the year are very slow for me, meaning no sales. This did not "zoom" :-) Use in presentation / newsletter etc... US Region Rick
  4. Finally got a sale for the month. Nothing special. Use for UK television. Unlimited airing for perpetuity. It was "zoomed" several times. But, a sale is a sale. Rick
  5. Distributor sale in Russia for web use only. RF at the smallest size available. My first flower sale, ever. :-) Giant plate hibiscus in our back yard garden.
  6. Two more sales today. I'll post the other one tomorrow. This image was sold as RF Editorial to someone in the U.S. for editorial web use. Average $$ but less than the published rate for the size they ordered so I am guessing it is from a well established client. It was "zoomed" a few months back. Rick
  7. I did change my mind. I will probably still use my Olympus E-M1Mk2 most of the time though. What changed my mind was the new mount and the engineering of the new S Line lenses. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure why I pre-ordered one. Partly G.A.S. & partly curiosity. I knew that if I didn't buy one, I would probably never see one. We don't have well stocked camera stores here for me to do an in-store demo. I am a convert from DSLR to mirrorless so that part was easy. I love the IBIS on my Olympus so that was a factor (although I don't believe their 5 stop stabilization claim on a 45MP sensor). I had some money left over from selling some gear so in a moment of weakness, I hit the order button. I swear, Jack Daniels had nothing to do with it. ;-) I've never owned a camera, DSLR or mirrorless, with resolution above 20MP. I think that may have been part of the curiosity. I'm taking bets on whether I sell it or keep it. (Edit: correction; I briefly owned a Fuji X-Pro2 w/24MP sensor. I just did not like the hybrid viewfinder). But you are right. I caved. Some of my local photog buddies here are really rubbing it in too! But, I deserve it! Haha I will post back here with what I think of it. I doubt too many full res images will be submitted though. That little Oly goes everywhere with me and it is making me money, but you never know. Rick P.S. You have a great memory!! @MDM
  8. September re-rank

    My BHZ image is still on the same page, way down the list. But, I still have only just over 1,000 images so maybe that has something to do with it. My CRT for August was very good the first of the month but wow it's taken a dump since mid-August to now. I've only had one sale during that time. Rick
  9. I pre-ordered a Nikon Z7 with the new 24-70 f4 S lens. I'll let everyone know how good or bad it is. I have no idea when I'll receive it. I've seen conflicting reports on how many pre-orders are being made. I am at the head of the line (queue) because I'm an NPS member, but still. It could be in short supply for quite a while. Rick
  10. Personal Use -- But this was zoomed with the search terms "restaurant empty". Now you tell me is this really being used for "personal use"? Anyway, happy for the sale. First one this month & for some reason the Fall & Winter months are very slow for me. Maybe my luck is turning.
  11. This was just reported this evening. U.S. Magazine sale. The Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach, Florida. You better bring your Platinum card to stay here. :-) Rick
  12. Images Sold in July (one per day per contributor)

    A local real estate company bought this for their website. It's an old mill on Autauga Creek in Prattville Alabama.
  13. Images Sold in July (one per day per contributor)

    North Straub Park across from the Vinoy Hotel in downtown St Petersburg Florida. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial website33 MB4187 x 2786 pixels 3 MB compressedImage Size: Any size Believe me when I tell you it did not sell for the listed price. What a deal for RF editorial of that size. Rick
  14. Upload not working?

    Thanks Betty. If it happens again I'll try it. Things uploaded fast today. :-) Rick
  15. Upload not working?

    I had 5 out of 6 images fail to upload today. I left it to upload for a little over 2 hours with no luck. I'll try again tonight, which is the middle of the night for Alamy. Rick