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  1. Tropical beaches 😎 In real life, even though another family member paid for the lodging, I'll never come close to paying for the airfare by way of Alamy. Or even the group restaurant outings... but we were going anyway, so may as well shoot away
  2. That's why I have a Cyberpower desktop pc--they don't put any junk on their systems.
  3. Our current Win7 laptop is an HP, but I wouldn't get another HP--it has a lot of bloatware that seems to really slow it down (esp startup). My plan is to get a Win10 laptop (Dell, Lenovo or Cyberpower). Then I'll try to install Win10 on my well-spec'd 2012 Cyberpower desktop--should work.
  4. Yes, been very quiet the last couple of months. Yesterday I finally matched last year's number of sales, and am still about 2% behind on revenue. But way too many personal/presentation sales--it's easy to get the feeling that PU sales are replacing some regular sales.
  5. Yep, five stars (no QC failures for over 10 years). Yep, just submitted a couple of images, and they sailed through in a couple of minutes.
  6. I have a bunch of Personal Use sales over the last year, that all say: Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use and all are for $19.99. How come an NU print run of 1,000 costs one-fourth the price of a one-time PU? (I've been opted out of NU since 2007.)
  7. Is there a way to pin threads together? I'm thinking of this one and "Are Alamy photographers all ages?" Or maybe a whole Senior section on the forum.
  8. +1 And to pile on further, I'll say what some others have--though I am not currently opting images out of PU, I do occasionally reconsider. When I looked at the last year's sales, I was surprised at how many were for PU (or presentation).
  9. OK, I bit--apparently it's a blue checkered shirt. Wonder if the photog got models all the same size to save on wardrobe?
  10. Kumar, you beat me to it--I just signed back on to say: Alamy, thanks for asking! Also, who is the intended market for PU sales? If non-professionals, then shouldn't the terms be spelled out at more length than the pro shorthand that's used for everything else?
  11. I currently allow PU sales, but I've never cared for the way the terms are stated, with plurals for "prints, cards and gifts," and "not for commercial use, not for resale." What's not for resale, the downloaded image, or resulting prints, cards and gifts? How many PU buyers know what "commercial use" means? I personally understand what is meant, but how about someone looking for images to put on cards they intend to sell? I suspect they will interpret most favorably for themselves. And if Alamy is catering to the professional image buyer market, why list Personal Use and Presentation first? The usages don't all have to be in ascending price order.
  12. Hi Rob - A lot of forum threads will show you that lots of Alamy shooters ( well, forumites anyway) have been using aps-c and full-frame mirrorless for a long time now, and even cameras with 1" sensors, especially the Sony RX-100's. I've been using the Sony a6000/a6300 etc for several years now with nary a QC issue.
  13. I remember mailing in Cds and DVDs of upsized scanned images from slides and having to wait longer to see if they passed. Sort of the digital equivalent of waiting for your prints.
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