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  1. Zooms into sales?

    Some do, some don't. Some sales do not appear in my zooms. Many zooms don't result in sales. Haven't tried to keep track. I did notice I had a zoom of the Watergate steps here in DC. Mine was one of three zooms. Then I saw that someone else's image of it appeared in Washingtonian magazine. Also I noticed that a recent sale of mine of a particular subject was a different shot than the one that was zoomed. All kinds of fun with zooms.
  2. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    2018 sales are 62% of 2017 total. 2018 revenue is 87% of 2017 total. So, am in good shape for late-year slump
  3. Hmm...I was looking at it on my laptop; there the notation for "more images for this photographer" was "| more". Don't know why it's different on my laptop. My desktop shows the more current format for search results, where icons appear under an image when you hover over it. But on my screen, there are 3 or 4 icons, for: add to lightbox ; add to cart ; calculate price ; and the stack of frames indicating more images if any. But either way, when I do the "Jerusalem" search, my image on the first page does not have the icon for more images. And looking through the first 20 pages of results, I don't see another of my images. I have 120 images with "Jerusalem" in the keywords (and captions). So I'm wondering whether only one of my images is in the results for that search. I realize there are 1,669 pages of results for that search, so maybe I didn't look deep enough. And yes, the search is overly broad, but the results are the results.
  4. I was just checking my placement in searches, and was pleased to see I was on page 1 (relevant) or 2 (creative) of a search simply for "Jerusalem". I was not pleased to see that the "| more" notation did not appear on my first image, although I have 119 other images for Jerusalem. Has anyone else noticed this? (Pardon me if it's been discussed before.) Bill
  5. Who Are We?

    Started using an SLR 50 years ago, but didn't try to make money at photography until I decided it would be a retirement avocation. Just looked up "avocation," it says "hobby or minor occupation." Yeah, I'm somewhere in there. A retired, full-time grandfather who got into stock in time to get some good fees--briefly.
  6. Unable to load images.

    Yeah, slower lately for me too. Used to be as John Richmond describes. My connection is fast as always.
  7. Which bag

    My little compact Ape Case AC540BL nylon "Messenger case" holds two Sony mirrorless with lens affixed, can also fit a little tabletop tripod on one end, even a water bottle on the other end if I want. The front pocket can hold chargers, spare batteries, other stuff. It's padded enough for my use. Been using it for 5 years now, it fits (loaded) in the bottom of a backpack as a carry-on for air travel. When I was using a Canon full-frame, I preferred a Lowepro waist belt with a holster for camera + lens, and accessory holders for other lenses. It had an optional shoulder strap.
  8. Backup camera body?

    Too bad you weren't able to shoot 60-year-old-caucasian-man-laughing-his-hat-off
  9. Backup camera body?

    No one got a video, Betty?
  10. Image Exposure - Poll

    It appears that it was a sunny day when the image was made. Between these two versions, I think the one on the left better conveys that, and the one on the right looks a little washed out (eg, starts to lose the diagonal shadow across the front of the wheelhouse). I'd start with raising the exposure level of the one on the left, and go from there.
  11. So how was your May, eh?

    Pretty good, with 5 sales for $226. Compared to all of 2017, 2018 has half of the sales and 69% of the revenue.
  12. I'm reminded of some questions I've had while processing photos of a granddaughter's graduation in a large hall. I've shot images in generally dark locations, and of other granddaughters in figure skating shows, etc, and used different techniques. I've decided that--"it depends". For just generally dark locations, I've just cranked up the ISO. For the figure skating shows, what seems to work best is manual control, for exposing the best-lit areas (shows with spotlights and other concentrated lighting). For yesterday's graduation in the DC-area classic graduation setting (DAR Constitution Hall), with pretty good general house lighting and a spot-lit stage, I decided to go with ISO 6400, -1.0 exposure control, and Program mode, to account for the variations in lighting and the overall general darkness. For post-processing, I get the exposure to what looks good to me, then do noise reduction and sharpness. I'm satisfied with the results from the graduation (using a Sony a6300 and 18-105mm f4). I should say that I sometimes use negative EV in these situations so that the camera doesn't try to make the scene look like daylight. Questions: What are your general techniques for dark venues? When noise reduction will be required, what's your sequence of Clarity and Sharpening vs NR? thanks Bill
  13. Old guy, new stock shooter

    Hi Miles, and welcome. I didn't notice that anyone has mentioned this--you can enter your keywords (tags at Alamy) and caption in Lightroom, and they will be populated into those fields when you upload to Alamy. Most people do such keywording/captioning during postprocessing, partly so that they can upload to other agencies without too much duplication of effort. I noticed that you have several images of a replica fort, and all of the captions refer to a statue, although only one of the images has a statue. I don't know whether you captioned in Lightroom or in the Alamy Image Manager, but I'll go ahead and point out something about using AIM: it's a common mistake to accidentally leave more than one image selected when you're making changes; the changes then are applied to all the selected images. This can be a handy feature if a number of images have the same elements, but it can also be a pitfall. Just remember to deselect an image when you're done with it in AIM. Bill
  14. Sony Camera Unacceptable?

    To expand on Spacecadet's reply: Look up "image sensor format" on wikipedia and look at the graphic on the right comparing sensor sizes, and the chart farther down. Your new camera has a 1/2.3" sensor, which is in between the 1/1.8" and 1/2/5" sensors on the graphic. It appears that the smallest sensor size to produce acceptable images on Alamy is currently a 1" sensor, available in many cameras. As you see above, many Alamy photographers are enjoying the light weight and results of the Sony RX-100, mostly the mk III model. Your sensor has about one-fourth of the area of a 1" sensor. Also the huge range of your 30x zoom lens can't measure up to the more normal ranges of most of the 1" sensor cameras.
  15. Tiny p&s sensor, 21x zoom, so, no. Unless your friend can figure out a way to get them onto S********o.