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  1. Burger King interior for "Personal Use".....sure, & less than the standard rate too. 🙂 But it's a sale. This was "zoomed" a few months back. Rick
  2. Finally get to post something this month. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Newspaper - national ; Print run: up to 2 million ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-August-2019 ; End: 02-August-2019 ; Additional Details: One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions Apparently used in a UK newspaper the first of August. Small $$. Rick
  3. Yes. Mine hasn't updated for days. Or, maybe no one is looking at my images. LOL Edit: Mine have updated now. Sadly, no zooms for the month though, which is a bit odd for me. Rick
  4. Finally got my third of the month. This one was "zoomed" about two months ago. Near Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains, in Eastern Tennessee. Nice $$, RF but no mention of how it's to be used in the U.S. region. Rick
  5. Thanks @Marianne, It helps to have a 45MP sensor for the detail. LOL
  6. This is the aft torpedo tubes on the USS Drum at the naval museum in Mobile Alabama. If I hadn't had IBIS on the camera I doubt I could have taken this image. 🙂 Boy was it dark in there and I needed at least f5.6 to get some DOF. Sold for magazine / book use in the U.S. It did zoom a few months back. Only mid-$$ but better than nothing. Rick
  7. To be used in U.S. television. A business program of some sort I would presume. Good $$$ for it. A second sale just dropped this morning. I'll post it tomorrow. Rick
  8. My sales were up and price per sale were up. Views and zooms were also up. Granted I only went from 2 sales in 2018 to 3 in 2019 but hey, with a small number of images submitted, I'm happy. My average gross was much higher for July 2019, which is good. Rick
  9. This has been a pretty slow month for me, this being my first sale of the month, but this just came in over the weekend. An IQ sale for multi-use editorial only, RF, US region. Good $$$ too. Rick
  10. I just went back and looked at my stats for the same time period last year. (Year to Date) I have sold more than double the amount this year so far, for the year. My June was dry last year and this year I've licensed two so far. So far things are looking good for my small portfolio. My challenge is to generate more images. That is always a challenge for me but I know the more I contribute the more I'll license. @Bryan, I hope things improve for you!! You have a great portfolio, head up!!
  11. In April I drove up to Tuscaloosa Alabama, about 90 minutes from my house to get a few images of the University of Alabama. I sold one image just two weeks after that trip and now a second image from that trip has sold. Glad I made the drive. This one for PU but full price. I seriously doubt this is hanging on someone's wall but, who knows. Roll Tide! Rick
  12. May was slow with only 2 sales. This one just sold for presentation / newsletter etc use ROW, for about a cup of coffee at a trendy coffee bar. 🙂 Hope things improve this month. Rick
  13. Another repeat seller & this time a PU, which I'm very skeptical of. I did get full price for it though. The Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach, Florida. A beautiful hotel but well out of my price range. 😎 Rick
  14. This one is a repeat seller for me. Small $$. For presentation use in the U.S. And, that's my better half in the picture. 😋 Rick
  15. My best month yet with 9 sales @ $291 gross. Spring is usually good for me then it tends to drop off, so we'll see. I'm pleased with March though. Rick
  16. I've had a very good month with 7 sales. Four (4) were reported yesterday (Friday the 29th)! So I would have to say March is going out like a Lion for me! 😋 All but two of the images licensed over what Alamy says is the total average sale / licensing price with one of them licensing for the most I've ever received here, nice $$$ figure. Now all I need to do is get more content up into my portfolio!! Rick
  17. I had four (4) images sell on Friday!! That's only happened one other time. This one went for the highest amount, $$$, and will be used in a print magazine & Web magazine in the U.S. according to Alamy. Rick
  18. Hi Carmen. Not many of us around. 😎(Alabamians I mean). I'll be headed down your way later in April (I hope) to go to Bayou La Batre. I won't have much time and praying for a nice sunset. Take care. Rick
  19. Presentation use for U.S. region. Small $$ but I'll take it. Rick
  20. My second sale for the month which puts me ahead of last year's total for the month! Ha! This image was zoomed a few months back. Editorial Website use: U.S. Region standard $$ which makes me happy. Rick
  21. Got a presentation sale this morning, worldwide, region is U.S., for the standard $$ rate. This was zoomed and licensed in the same day. A first for me. 🙂 Rick
  22. Thanks Cecile. I had to really react FAST. That "Pirate Ship" appeared quickly and was very fast. I got one shot that worked. This was the first one. That ship moved so quickly none of the other shots I took worked out. To top it off this shot was not set up for this pose originally. I had to get them arranged and run behind them (shooting with a 105mm f2.8 lens) and lay in the sand! :-) I'm glad it licensed. The client didn't buy a print of it. LOL Rick
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