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  1. Alamy is no longer the company that I joined. Resigned. Good luck to those who stay. As Bill said in the long thread, stock photography is dead.
  2. Leaving. Trust is the most important thing in an agency agreement. Emily Shelley’s response that someone posted here was disturbing.
  3. No trust here, awaiting closing of my account. 7.1 looks problematic, but I’m no lawyer.
  4. My account is set to close on June 30, as stated by Alamy in a post above.
  5. This seems correct. I would prefer that Alamy deletes my photos ASAP; Alamy may in its sole discretion, without terminating this Contract, delete any individual item of Content at any time.
  6. Not immediately, apparently. Mine are still up after three days. This is what they wrote to me; "Sorry to hear you want to leave us - we'll start the termination process and your account will be closed on the 30th June."
  7. Got confirmation that my termination is in progress. So glad to be leaving. What a company!
  8. Just sent in my request to have my account here closed. Good luck to you all in making your own decision!
  9. A short time ago Alamy was actively seeking out anyone from the crowd that wanted to join. I'm sure tons of folks from social media hopped on board. Now the new owners are trying to thin the herd. What could possibly go wrong?? I'm still in the resign camp.
  10. I've read and agree with what Ollie posted above. Why would anyone stay with Alamy (unless you plan to buy insurance)?
  11. This is something like what it is for drone photography. The take-off and landing spots have to be ok with commercial photography, but once airborne the drone can fly over the restricted area to shoot. In the US National Parks are off-limits, but flyovers are ok.
  12. What puzzles me is why anyone would stay in a situation where they could be billed for legal work at any time, without notice. Or do I read the contract wrong?
  13. Keith Douglas wrote; "And the agency is asking the contributor to shoulder risks that are outside their control and that could wipe out all their income and more in a single lawsuit." For this reason, mainly, as well as the commission change, I won't be accepting the new contract.
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