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  1. November doldrums?

    Things are about the same for me; slow and steady. 4 sales yesterday, keeping me on track for best year (# of sales & revenue). Not surprising as I add to my port each year, mostly in the Winter. Sold for website use;
  2. Image quality and cameras

    Totally agree, but I still shoot for high image quality in case it's an issue with a customer (I have very few newspaper sales). Some local customers of mine do need good files for calendars and DPS, hence the 6D with good glass and RX100 once in a while. Best answer for OP
  3. Image quality and cameras

    I was a full time pro back before digital, and could usually tell when a printed piece was from film bigger than 35mm. Wanting that quality, I dabbled in the bigger film. Now with digital I'm sticking with full frame, for now. As far as selling, I wonder if a buyer can visually discern any difference at all in the preview size. Probably not. Just as important, how often does a return happen because the buyer is disappointed in the file? I think this probably does happen, especially with Alamy pursuing the crowdsourcing model.
  4. Really like my 5D Mk1, but moved to the 6D for better IQ. Rather than go mirrorless to lose weight, I replaced my 70-200L & 300L with the recent 70-300 Nano consumer zoom. IQ is great and specs say 4 stops IS. 16-35 f/4L and 50 compact macro round out my small kit. If the consumer zoom wears out prematurely, replacement cost is minimal.
  5. How to change commission model

    +1 By opting out of distribution, the contributor can receive 50% of all sales, except for affiliate sales. That scheme was introduced at 50%, then quietly changed so the contributor now gets only 38.5% with no way to opt out.
  6. +1 for DxO, PhotoLab2. I never learned how to handle CA while using PSE (10 years), but got by somehow. With PhotoLab2 I never see it and have never had to adjust it. The lens profiles are great and the CA dialog has a check box for purple fringing, which I haven't had to use (2 Canon zooms, 2 Canon primes). Free trial would probably fix this image on auto, if there is a lens profile for your lens.
  7. The surge has begun....

    Not yet, but trending
  8. There is a new version of DxO's PhotoLab just out (PhotoLab 2) that has an improved search function. You can enter more than one search term per search (location, camera, ISO, etc). You don't have to import anything, just have the HDs available. Free trial enough to let you know if it is going to work or not. Disclaimer: I'm not well organized and don't get on with software too good. Upgraded yesterday, tried the search today and found that it does work. Not sure it works perfectly, but there is a high degree of operator error involved. HTH
  9. Your highest sale

    Book cover for $500, ten years ago
  10. It's money Alamy gives out for getting traffic to the site that results in a sale. It used to be called advertising, something Alamy should pay for entirely.
  11. 38.5% to you, 20% to the affiliate website and 3% to the company that provides support for affiliate sales for Alamy. This despite the fact that the sale is made through
  12. I believe that all you need is written permission from the photographer to upload their photos, like is done by agencies. It's in the contract, but terms aren't always clear to me.
  13. Subscription Sales?

    ...and high volume low unit price licences. Revising the contract to include this specific text is interesting. The old contract already allowed this, but now they have set the language into the contract.
  14. Changes to Alamy Contract

    It's been clear to me for several years how little the contributor is regarded here. After an unpleasant interchange with management I'm left with a low opinion, but leave my images on anyway. My expectations for improvement are near zero, despite changes at the top.
  15. Viewing my images

    You can also use the 'advanced search' to search Alamy by contributor name. To get there you have to get by the first screen. Leave the field empty and click on the search icon on the home page, then choose advanced search to enter your name.