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  1. There's another thread showing most recent ten sales. Looking at that I think this is true (bigly).
  2. Picked up one of these cameras recently. Really liking it so 6D goes with me less and less!
  3. Full frame DSLR with big lens for wildlife at twilight. 🏋️‍♂️
  4. I, too have opted out of everything I can opt out of, and am very pleased that my average fee is going up. Never have been interested in the low fee uses, no matter how many.
  5. Not sure, but remember when the US office was opened, Alamy increased their commission to help pay those expenses. Charging US customers double for PU might also be a way of paying for that office. ? Or maybe it's just because the US economy has done so well. ? I'm pretty sure fees for sales to the US are generally higher, not just PU.
  6. Having an average number of sales in June, but the revenue for the year is up quite a bit. Could be that having US subjects is helping. I'm opted out of everything, which I did to try for better fees. Not interested in the little ones, even though they "add up".
  7. It's threads like this one that have made me weary of this forum. It was a great help to me in the past, for which I am thankful.
  8. I once was contacted by a major retailer about a catalog cover. They asked for a larger file; I sent it. They asked for a file in a different format; I sent it. We went back and forth over the fee. After coming to agreement they asked for an invoice; I sent it. After more than 90 days, I asked about payment. They said they changed their mind, and won't be using my image. I explained that I had done work at their request and the fee was due. Maybe not the common practice, but they paid.
  9. Agreed as well, but no need to argue the time frame. The terms say 30 days. If Alamy wants another time frame, change the terms. Having written terms (and prices) that are meaningless is the path to chaos (oops, already there). I worked with an agency in New England that would never have worked like this. The current chaos in the industry is the result of having no rules.
  10. I opted out of Alamy's "schemes", but don't see a way to opt out of PU. If there is, I'd like to know. I wonder if Alamy's sales staff is commissioned or salaried? There may be no incentive to fetch decent fees.
  11. Alamy seems to put in a great deal of effort to get sales they would otherwise not get, or so they say. This looks like an effort to license a photo real cheap, rather than try for a decent fee.
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