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  1. Agree wholeheartedly! I work much faster using tap/click, swipe, pinch, etc on the iMac as I do on a MBP. My scrolling is set so when I swipe down I see what's below the current screen. That seems natural to me, but, of course, the wife's is set opposite (natural, too, in it's own way). Mark, I'm on my 2nd MM1, only because the cat knocked the first one off the desk to it's demise. Replaced it with another Mk 1 and never found it to be slow in any way.
  2. I doubt it's a compatibility problem, more likely dirty or worn. I've been using the wireless Magic Mouse for years and am so used to the way it works I don't mind replacing the batteries now and then.
  3. Who Are We?

    Have to say semi-pro now; probably heading toward hobby status. I was full time for twenty years shooting slide film for assignments and stock, 50/50. I no longer take assignments and find less time for stock now than I would like. No idea about the largest group on Alamy. Over 600 agencies and more than 60,000 photographers here, according to Alamy.
  4. F22 - what is the point?

    After shooting film for twenty years, most often at f/22, this was the most difficult part of going digital for me. Sensor dust and diffraction were something that forced me to change. Lens design is a big factor. The old tessar (4 element) formula got sharper as it was stopped down, and was used for many macro and copy lenses. Modern zooms seem to vary from lens to lens, but I'm now using f/8-11 often, switching to a 50mm macro when I need more depth of field.
  5. distributor sales

    Still out, 30% not enough.
  6. Adobe doing well but DxO struggling?

    Been using the DxO suite for a few years and really like it. Noise Reduction and Perspective adjustments are top-notch. I now do everything (except metadata) in PhotoLab. Last year I replaced my lenses so won't need any future updates (downloading the latest versions today). Hope they stay with us, but if not the current versions will suffice.
  7. distributor sales

    Out. 50% for taking, processing and posting a photo is what I want. I was in for couple years and won't miss the revenue from the distributors.
  8. Trade in or sell privately?

    Never had a problem with eBay, either, over a hundred items sold. Lately I've used the Buy It Now option to set a price. Having a good feedback score and being patient has resulted in my getting my price almost always. My shelves are too full to keep it all so moving things along is what I do now as time allows.
  9. Trade in or sell privately?

    Craigslist is a limited pool of buyers as it is geared to the locale. EBay is a huge pool of buyers, but you usually have to ship the item. I no longer offer free shipping (that amount would be subject to the fee), but keep the shipping charge low so as to not turn off customers with what might look like excessive shipping. For many items I find the fee (~13%) worth getting access to a big marketplace. Check the going prices by ticking the 'Sold Items' box on the search results page.
  10. Quiet out there

    April is the month in which contributors can opt out of the distributor thing. I didn't get many of these, so it was an easy decision. Many hold the view that something is better than nothing, but I chose to pass. Declining prices are something I can do little about, but I do try to get 50% of as many sales as possible.
  11. Ambiguous new contract clause 4.11

    Alamy has been working on this contract for months, and this is the result?
  12. Uploaded a few while at breakfast; for sale at lunchtime!
  13. Ambiguous new contract clause 4.11

    No, this is when a buyer is directed to by a link on any affiliate's website. I put such a link on my site, but deleted it after they changed the terms. The roll-out was done in a strange way; first the contributor got 50%, months later changed to 38.5%. The numbers don't bother me as much as the fact that an affiliate sale happens at and the contributor does not receive 50% per the contract. Details on affiliate page link at the bottom of most pages;
  14. Printing photos at home or in the office

    Allan, I've been very happy with two models of Epson printers, both using Claria ink. Small one is R260, good for up to 8x12 inches. Mine was purchased used ($15 USD) and the quality of the prints is great. Picked up another one (real cheap, second hand, but unopened) to get the ink. I don't print a lot, so I'm still wearing out the first one and have the unused one as a backup. Then added a larger printer from Epson, refurbished ($179 USD). That one is a Stylus 1400 Photo Printer, printing up to 13x19 inches. I do maybe fifty small prints and a dozen large prints per year, the large ones to sell, small ones to give to models or family. I've never had a clogged nozzle or an ink mess, even though months go by between printing. It may be due to the small droplet size (1.5 picoliter) and/or the chemistry of the ink, don't know. I use Epson inks and paper almost exclusively and I believe the print quality is high because of the small droplet size, but I'm not a techie. Would recommend to a friend, and have. I would certainly replace with the same models, if I ever need to, but they will be hard to find by that time.
  15. Distributor commission on sales

    "Images which have any restrictions in place may be excluded from the distribution scheme at Alamy’s discretion." (from the contract) Personal Use is one of the four types of restrictions found in AIM, so if put in place probably does preclude distribution sales. Note the word 'may' in the contract. Opted out of distributor sales today. Not interested in receiving less than 50% of the sale amount. Very few distributor sales of my mostly US photography.