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  1. In the Alamy Image Manager (AIM) you can set this. It's under the little gear near your name in the upper right.
  2. Also the big one here, and it's rare for the voters to reject a school budget. Our property tax bill (from the town) is broken down into Land and Buildings. Owners of undeveloped land pay property tax even if there is no building. I have to pay the odious tax on 'Personal Property Used in Business' on cameras, computer hardware & software, scanners, desk, chair, on and on, each year. Going from a business to a hobby is now on my radar, and more in line with the fees I'm seeing.
  3. Phil, There seems to be an increasing trend here in the US for "user pays" in things like parks, museums, some roads, etc. We now pay to visit the Maine State Museum here to see our own stuff. Same with State Parks in this state. More to the point, I'm sure that landlords in the UK pay tax on the property they reside on. Rather than have a landlord pay tax and pass the cost on to the tenant, the tenant pays directly. This seems cleaner to me than making the owner pay for services the tenant receives.
  4. I've run into this (DJI blocking take-off), but now that I understand more about airspace, I'm willing to learn how to 'unlock' the aircraft for those locations. It's another hassle to learn to do this just to fly in unrestricted airspace, but that's the current state of things. I wouldn't mind if the FAA (US Gov't) was doing the blocking, but it's a Chinese company telling me I can't take off. There are other companies now making drones that I'll be looking at.
  5. A few years ago I decided it wasn't worth it. Lately the aircraft got better, the price went down, and I really wanted to try a flying camera regardless of the returns. I also learned that here in the US there is a concerted effort by the FAA to integrate sUAV(drones) into the National Airspace (this is good). Got my certificate last Spring and fly a M2P. The camera is good enough for Alamy (same as RX100?), but not like my 6D. BTW, drone manufacturer DJI bought Hasselblad, hence the name on the camera. Maybe Hasselblad engineers worked on it, but it's nothing special. Expect files just like from Sony RX100 (altho my M2P has stronger vignetting). There is a very active Mavic forum (mavicpilots) with many members from the UK (+worldwide). I read lots before taking the test, and I now spend many more hours reading than flying. Despite the difficulties (not many in US), there is nothing like it. I love being part of the world of aviation, even in a small way.
  6. I submitted about 15 this past Autumn; all passed and can be seen on the most recent page of my photos here.
  7. Volume down by 12%, revenue up 20%. Revenue skewed by a $$$ book cover. Have a great 2020!
  8. I've long wanted to be able to use a single program and recently that has become possible for almost all of my images. I use PhotoLab 3 from DxO, along with a paid extra called DxO ViewPoint 3. Many of the corrections are automatic, so I'm not always aware of them, but I adjust as needed before converting to a jpeg. The perspective control, horizon and noise reduction functions are top notch. The most recent version adds keywords (it's keywords only, so not complete) and cloning. For metadata I use a cheap app called Exif Editor. PL3 is standalone, but there have been several upgrades that I was happy to pay for. The version on the computer will always work, but I was very interested in the recent improvements they offered.
  9. Actually, 13% off sales price. 10% to affiliate, 3% to Rakuten, who provides the service. Alamy Commission Table Alamy Commission models, rates, fees and payment Current model Alamy Blue Exclusive Images Non-exclusive Images Alamy CommissionFor sales through www.alamy.com 50% 60% Alamy Distribution CommissionFor sales through our Distributors 70%(30% to Alamy, 40% to the Distributor) 70%(30% to Alamy, 40% to the Distributor) Alamy Novel Use CommissionFor sales through Novel Use 50% 60% Alamy Footage CommissionFor footage sales 50% 60% Alamy Affiliate Commission 56.5%(43.5% to Alamy, 10% to Affiliate,3% to affiliate provider) 65.2%(52.2% to Alamy, 10% to Affiliate,3% to affiliate provider)
  10. When a buyer is directed to Alamy.com from another website (the affiliate), Alamy calls this an affiliate sale and the contributor receives less than 50%, despite the fact that the sale is made at Alamy.com. For this reason I've opposed this commission split since the day I saw that it had been changed. You may recall that it was one thing when announced, and another after a quiet change. I had put a "creative" on my website (to be an affiliate) but removed it after the change. There doesn't seem to be a way to opt-out, so contributors have to accept less than 50% for these sales made thru Alamy.com.
  11. I've had no trouble getting images accepted here from a M2P. The aerial perspective is addicting, but I find little time to fly when the weather is favorable. You probably know that the M2P can fly in cold weather, so I do hope to stay active all Winter.
  12. Interesting project! Looks like you're almost there with the technique. Slight refection showing on NaplesMarino, upper right. Having done lots of this type of work with window light, I know you will soon see these reflections instantly. I think Wim means to simply rotate the original and try again as the reflection may not show on a lighter part of the original.
  13. Great to know this. Thanks! I have to admit I haven't taken the time to really understand the different Scene modes. I did check those three, and HH Twilight is the only one that shoots multiple frames (4), probably the reason for jpeg only.
  14. On the RX100 mk3 the raw options are greyed out in Hand-held twilight mode. Three jpegs settings are available. This was the only camera I took on a recent family trip and it turned out to be perfectly capable. I'd have preferred 6D, but that's just too big for this type of outing.
  15. Yes, Alamy is UK centered, but it is the US economy that is robust right now. While reading this thread I checked AIM and see that I have 5 stars. Submission from 2 hours ago is passed. Don't know anything more about it. I did struggle with QC failure 3.5 years ago while trying mirrorless with kit lens. Sub that just went thru was Sony RX100 III. Ironically, British subject.
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