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  1. Viewing my images

    You can also use the 'advanced search' to search Alamy by contributor name. To get there you have to get by the first screen. Leave the field empty and click on the search icon on the home page, then choose advanced search to enter your name.
  2. tilt shift lenses and tags

    I don't. I use a 28mm shift lens or, more recently, software to achieve a natural look on tall buildings.
  3. Photograph of Work boats at St Helena Island, South Carolina, USA Photographer: KC Shields / Alamy Stock Photo Found by Aiden Image ID : BBNYHD Thanks for spotting this, Aiden!
  4. How long before you sold your first stock photo?

    A little over one year in before I got my first sale. Probably only about 200 or 300 images uploaded. Looking back, I get nostalgic when I see the fees.
  5. Thread gone?

    I responded on a thread that had folks guessing about a low fee, questioning the wisdom of posting low fees on a public forum. I believe Wim posted, now the thread is gone. Correct me if I'm wrong. At least the info is no longer being viewed by buyers.
  6. A new dawn cometh

    Yes, it does. The flange distance (register) for F mount is 46.5mm; 16mm for the new Z mount. The Z mount is so much shorter because there is no mirror box. No change in lens focal length, 50mm will look the same on either camera.
  7. Selling other people's photos – ?

    Here's what Alamy requires regarding ownership, from the contributor's contract; 4.2. (i) You are the Copyright Owner of the Images or have authority from the Copyright Owner to enter into the Contract and that the Copyright Owner is the sole owner free from any third party rights of the entire copyright and all other intellectual property rights throughout the World in the Image except for any rights that have previously been licensed or granted for the use of the Image/s, and that accordingly the Image/s do not infringe upon any third party copyright, trade mark, moral right or other intellectual property rights; or (ii) the Image has been supplied to you to distribute under contract for the uses for which they are proposed to be licensed; or (iii) the Image is entirely free from copyright and no attribution is required.
  8. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

  9. Instagram

    Bob, After clicking on an image, I see three dots in the upper right. Clicking on that gets me an option to Edit. But I don't think it is possible to edit on a computer, unless you get a third party app. I use one called Flume.
  10. Instagram

    Decided to use this tool to get seen more; especially by the younger people who are now art directors, directors of photography, graphic designers, etc. I found using a mobile device to upload clunky, so I paid $10 for a third party app that lets me use up to five computers to access Instagram. I'm still trying to work out hashtags, stories, following, follower and so forth. Making steady progress and the app allows me to use a keyboard instead of a touchscreen. Only thing I really don't like so far is that to upgrade to a business account they force you to have a FB page. I'll make that page look complete after I get IG sorted.
  11. How was your July?

    Publishing sales figures in a public forum certainly can't help! (not directed at you) Weren't these threads more vague in the past?
  12. Purple Fringing

    DxO PhotoLab uses a lens profile that works; I never see this anymore. There is a tick box for purple fringing within the CA area.
  13. What?!

    It's not. Alamy doesn't care as much for the contributor as their fans would have you think. "Our sales teams are always looking for new and innovative ways to evolve our business, whether that’s with the next big idea or a tailored solution for a key client. The images in the novel use pool give them the freedom to explore these schemes, prototypes and trials, with a variety of price points and licenses. 70% of our contributors are opted in to the novel use scheme."
  14. Agree wholeheartedly! I work much faster using tap/click, swipe, pinch, etc on the iMac as I do on a MBP. My scrolling is set so when I swipe down I see what's below the current screen. That seems natural to me, but, of course, the wife's is set opposite (natural, too, in it's own way). Mark, I'm on my 2nd MM1, only because the cat knocked the first one off the desk to it's demise. Replaced it with another Mk 1 and never found it to be slow in any way.
  15. I doubt it's a compatibility problem, more likely dirty or worn. I've been using the wireless Magic Mouse for years and am so used to the way it works I don't mind replacing the batteries now and then.