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  1. Images sold in January

    Done. Thanks!
  2. Images sold in January

  3. Images sold in January

    I opted out of Alamy's "schemes", but don't see a way to opt out of PU. If there is, I'd like to know. I wonder if Alamy's sales staff is commissioned or salaried? There may be no incentive to fetch decent fees.
  4. Images sold in January

    Alamy seems to put in a great deal of effort to get sales they would otherwise not get, or so they say. This looks like an effort to license a photo real cheap, rather than try for a decent fee.
  5. File sizes for marketing etc.

    One would think so, but then, this is Alamy
  6. Commission Change announced in email

    No opt out for this. There's a link at the bottom of most pages explaining this, and saying; "Some of our top affiliates earn more than $4,500 a month"
  7. How was your 2018

    # of sales and revenue both up over last year. USA subjects mainly, FWIW.
  8. BIG Sale....refunded after 3 weeks...

    From "Terms & Conditions" or "Buy images and footage"; 10.Licence cancellation If you haven't used the Image(s)/Footage file you can cancel the Licence and get a full refund within 30 days of the Invoice date. You'll need to send us an email, with the Invoice number (e.g. IY11110000) and the Image file number (e.g.AT4WHG). If you cancel, you won’t be able to use the Image file and you’ll need to remove it from your archives. Also, the client can check the quality of the file before the invoice date; We can also give you access to hi–res files with no commitment to buy, so that you can see how things look in layout before making your final decision. I don't see how this refund was allowable; If you do not wish to accept the terms of this Agreement, please delete the unused Image(s)/Footage and notify Alamy by email to the following address: within thirty days from the invoice date for a full refund.
  9. Repeat Use

    The details given in the OP really don't make things clear. Does repeat use mean two insertions or twenty? Unrestricted repeat use is not something that should be granted without proper compensation. A few keystrokes, license created, fee charged, and on to the next one seems to be Alamy's slapdash licensing model.
  10. Repeat Use

    In the past I've granted customers unlimited use of an image within a certain time period. But for big money, which I doubt is the case here due to the times we're in and what I've seen of Alamy lately.
  11. Repeat Use

    Another example of poor communication by Alamy. Is the Repeat Use an extension of the duration after the first 5 years? If so, why not specify. Is it for a second placement during the initial 5 years? Is this two licenses in one? No wonder people new to stock are often confused about licensing. Alamy muddies the waters and then does little to identify or collect on infringement. I had higher hopes for Alamy, but after twenty years they seem to not care about generating licenses that clearly set down the terms for end use. February is just around the corner. I wish they could convince me of their abilities regarding licensing (I'm all RM).
  12. Exclusivity is losing it's meaning if over 80 agencies have the image.
  13. I see John's point. Distributor sales are completed by the distributor, not through How can Alamy say an image is only available at Alamy, when it can be "...sold by 80 market leading image agencies around the world." If I mis-understand distribution (opted out), please enlighten.
  14. License- what?

    Coming up on 20 years. The closer I look at Alamy the more I see that they do a poor job with licenses and communicating accurate details to the contributor.
  15. Sony RX100

    I also have the Mark 1 and find the IQ adequate, but much prefer 6D. That said, I put the camera with batteries and a polarizer in a belt pouch and I'm able to shoot if an opportunity presents itself. I think the later versions have improved IQ, but haven't tried one yet.