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  1. Understood, but my bottom line is 50% of the use fee. Alamy makes that impossible here. Not a big deal as the numbers are low, just the principle of the thing. Sally's sale reported above is encouraging and I'd take the money if I got such a sale. OTOH, I'd opt-out if possible. BTW, 13% is taken off the top, if I read the contract right.
  2. I think you're right. Affiliate sales appear as direct sales because they are made "...through alamy.com". They way I read the contract, direct sales should pay the contributor 50%. As they are direct sales, alamy has no way of separating affiliate sales from direct sales.
  3. You and me both. Not holding my breath.
  4. Got my first affiliate sale the other day, and noticed that the split was different than when I last checked. 43.5% to Alamy, 13% to affiliate, leaving 43.5% to this contributor. Over the years I've endeavored to keep 50% of all sales when possible, so this scheme never appealed to me. There's no way to opt out, but at least it's closer to 50% than the 38.5% it used to be. From what I can tell, affiliate sales are rare, although Alamy states "Some of our top affiliates earn more than $4,500 a month". Anyone else getting this type of sale?
  5. If it were me, I'd edit heavily and get the best ones (ones that show change) in through the archival route. If the subjects are American, getting them on sale soon would exploit the current booming economy here. Maybe off-topic, but I'd spend some time adding keywords to your existing port. I took a quick look and found a photo of an isolated moose, but no way for a customer to find it other than by location. Only takes seconds to add the word moose, and a scientific name would help as well. Similarly, a photo of a vintage vehicle in some weeds; no keyword saying vehicle, or type, etc.
  6. Best way to find out is the free trial. Also, a series of webinars coming up, starting Oct 31.
  7. I can't really answer that for others. I went to DxO for ClearView, ViewPoint and the noise reduction (rarely use, but needed sometimes). I'm sure similar functions can be found in other software. Recent upgrade to PL3 added cloning (long overdue) and other stuff that I'm sure is worth $69 to me. The perspective corrections are amazing, and have saved me huge amounts of time. One click followed by a tweak of a slider and the building looks good (you can do this in PL1 w/ViewPoint, I think). Software features are well presented on the DxO website, with great before and after examples. Recently retired, I'll be processing more images than before. For that I want to use the latest version of my processing program. HTH
  8. DxO just released PhotoLab 3, the current version of what started out as Optics Pro. I've been using this for years and am happy with it. Only processed one image with PL3 so far, but new features (keywords, cloning) are worth the upgrade to me. It's stand-alone (no subscription), but the upgrades and extras come with a price. Over the years I've spent around $300, some of that for features I have yet to use (Filmpack). I'm mentioning this as there are a number of contributors here who would rather not subscribe.
  9. Doesn’t seem likely if you look at the financial report. Great idea, though!
  10. Could be interesting. Perhaps more cash is needed, hence the reduction in charity.
  11. There's another thread showing most recent ten sales. Looking at that I think this is true (bigly).
  12. Picked up one of these cameras recently. Really liking it so 6D goes with me less and less!
  13. Full frame DSLR with big lens for wildlife at twilight. 🏋️‍♂️
  14. I, too have opted out of everything I can opt out of, and am very pleased that my average fee is going up. Never have been interested in the low fee uses, no matter how many.
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