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  1. thanks got that happening now - next problem DACS brings up prior claim but won't allow me to edit it or enter new ISBN time for sleep I think
  2. Hi All Its 1130pm at night here in Sydney and I have a few minutes to make my part 1 DACS claim Having a complete mental blank - long day in the office hasn't helped Question what do I enter into google books to find my images ? I normally know this having done it before - but it isn't working for me tonight thanks
  3. thanks - been a long time to get a $300 sale - in my book they should be a weekly event!! - maybe one day
  4. Just sold an image taken in Sydney for $300 that's the highest amount I've received for an image via Alamy since I started submitting in 2007
  5. think I will revert back to asking Alamy to manage all of this for me - just seems a lot easier even if it costs me
  6. The positive news for me in 2020 is its my best ever year for number of sales , and some 15% more sales than the previous best year for sales
  7. same - I had three refunded - all from June 2020 Alamy advised me they had been unable to secure payment from the buyer and therefore have written off the sales
  8. thanks - yes would be quite poor if I was paying to be on Alamy- I should rephrase and say income has dropped to a third of previous year
  9. positive that this years sales exceed each of the last two years - which were record years BUT negative - revenue is down 200% - yes 200%
  10. plenty of sales for me and have already passed the last couple of years BUT vast majority are all for $3 and a bit - with the odd one above $10 really poor
  11. sales holding up well - but prices - oh dear - well south of $20 per image this year
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