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  1. more in Traveller.com.au Six of the best british sporting shrines - not all images are from Alamy Crucible Theatre Sheffield - FA52TY- Matthew Taylor St Andrews Links - can't find image - but stated as from Alamy
  2. Traveller.com.au - print and online - Australian newspapers supplement Worlds weirdest tourist attractions is the headline Jeju Loveland in Korea - KPODGD - Agefotostock Genghis Khan equestrian statue - TOKGC8 - Novarc Images Island of the Dolls -Mexico - R292PW-Doleesi Prada Marfa US - EPBGTW -Ian Dagnall Big Pineapple Australia- M91XME - Alizada studios Snake wine Vietnam - B119WJ- Tobias Peciva Thames Town China - HGX3KB- Stockinasia
  3. Daily Telegraph Australia travel section Pinky Beach-Rottnest Island - M71F5W - Ingo Oeland
  4. Sun Herald Traveller paper in Sydney - credit Alamy David Noton F3463P - Pont Alexandre 111 bridge at dusk There are four others but sorry I have to head out and couldn't find them in the first few pages Edinburgh old town Stone cobb in Lyme Regis Cafe in Old Cairo Chillon castle
  5. well done - call them out - very poor behaviour - some people just don't give a ....
  6. To me your point makes the argument not to restrict who can upload - but to control what is uploaded
  7. Why does Alamy manage change so poorly? Its not difficult to properly engage and consult, then make a decision and implement it. But instead we have Alamy consulting with just a few - and then dumping the decision and the outcome on the rest of us. One would have thought that a few lessons would have been learnt from the proposed commission reduction - but it seems not Whats next - can only submit images if you live in the UK or USA
  8. I just photographed Lord Lucan on Bondi beach - where do i send the image?
  9. I haven't had a recent live news sale - but i do genuinely only submit newsworthy images - but being non uk/non US - have always suspected Alamy isn't the best option for my location
  10. and because the application process requires one to submit a recent PDF of a news clipping with your work in it - well that's catch 22 - how can you submit that work if you aren't able to register for live upload in effect once locked out - you can't rejoin
  11. yes had to reapply certainly looks like a way of trimming down the number of contributors who can submit to live news and also therefore cut out the non newsworthy images that get uploaded via this route to be truly news - yes the 1 hour timeframe is really the absolute latest - a few minutes would be preferred
  12. Sydney Morning Herald 24th February - traveller.com.au/italy - cycling Lungomare - PYM6A7-Andrew Bain Sydney Morning Herald 24th February - traveller.com.au/cambodia - farmers in the rice fields - K5A4YF-Jeff Cagle Sydney Morning Herald - 24th Feb- traveller.com.au/india - taj mahal selfie - R8WCYX - Joan Gravell Ditto Inside little taj mahal PGCW37- Aeoliak
  13. Sydney Morning Herald ( smh.com.au) traveller section - wellpark brewery in Scotland EFOKP2 Kay Roxby Sydney morning herald - traveller.com.au/belgium - Leuven cafe - GCYT54- Sergi Reborido - slight crop on image Sydney morning herald - traveller.com.au - tokyo - shopping in Takeshita Dori - BNK7PE - Alex Segre, plus Ginza restaurant BOMJ2Y Iain Masterton plus Yamanote line - MBB0G4 Rosalrene Betancourt plus 2 more alamy images that i haven't located yet
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