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  1. thanks - yes would be quite poor if I was paying to be on Alamy- I should rephrase and say income has dropped to a third of previous year
  2. positive that this years sales exceed each of the last two years - which were record years BUT negative - revenue is down 200% - yes 200%
  3. plenty of sales for me and have already passed the last couple of years BUT vast majority are all for $3 and a bit - with the odd one above $10 really poor
  4. sales holding up well - but prices - oh dear - well south of $20 per image this year
  5. This is what I expect to happen - and history tells us it usually does
  6. 2nd best ever year for number of sales - last year remains my best year however 2019 is only 5th best for income
  7. thanks - and good point - i will keep an open mind on shooting the current bush fires
  8. Same here - tempted to travel the four hour round trip to shoot some of the bush fires and the firefighters who are tackling them- but will i return a profit ? - doubt it so wet be travelling specifically for these shots
  9. in my book and i have said it before - nothing worse than a contributor who lies with their keywords to deliberately manipulate and impact others shame on Alamy for profiling him - i would be banning him for 28 days and until all keywords were accurate
  10. Been absent from the forum for a bit - so shocked to see this news on my return - a great loss
  11. hardly the point is it why not include links to Premier league results or latest Brexit news in fact we could all include links
  12. for $1 short - would be a nice touch if Alamy paid you that for this month
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