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  1. Been a while since I looked in the forum- have lost motivation with Alamy after the fee cut August was a shocker , gross $290 and lots of $3, $5, and $7 sales- only beaten by a late entry of $0.23 for a sale
  2. You couldn't certainly be forgiven for thinking there might be a conspiracy I am having a shocking month, just an endless series of personal use and presentation sales for the usual pittance If August returns to being the same as the months before this one - with many high value sales - I might just be a bit cynical about that
  3. like the website Russell- lovely and clean could I ask who is the provider - is it a square place template? martin
  4. 2017 best year for gross revenue 2020 best year for number of sales
  5. ok updated mine as at end of June 2021 sales are 40% of 2020 2021 gross income is 115% of 2020
  6. only 14 - but average was ok at $655 gross earnings for this year have exceeded 2020
  7. I have long expressed concern over inaccurate keyboarding and have endeavoured to persuade Alamy to address the issue Seems to be to no avail and when I clicked on one of the image slinked in todays Alamy email about latest trends and clicked on naked planet link- I see good image of an australian rainforest taken near Cairns As I look down the image my eyes are drawn to the keywords - oh what joy, what a beacon of best practice- keywords include for an image taken in Australia amazon Bolivia Malaysia amazonia america brazil mya
  8. interesting to see how we each fluctuate from one year to another, and not just because we might be uploading more and that Alamy has more images year on year 2017 has been my best ever year for revenue and income with Alamy, 2018,2019,2020 all showed a decline in income from that year- and now 2021 is reversing that downward trend and could end up being my best year ever. When I look at averages per image sold as you have done Betty I see 2016-35.10 2017-36.20 2018-25.56 2019-25.46 2020-15.10 2021- 43.10 clearly worst average was 20
  9. Have the opposite - already passed last years revenue - but have only sold 40% of the number of images sold last year
  10. spot on but no longer from me im adopting the same approach I take with people who send me emails asking me to to fill in a survey for their service - simply because I bought something - pay me $350 per hour and then I will help
  11. don't think it matters - they have over 100,000 photographers contributing according to the blurb - and maybe 50 active ones on the forum- surprised they don't close the forum- that would save some money
  12. Maybe ask Alamy if they can do it if you provide a few keywords for them to search your port
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