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  1. No, it means that you do not necessarily need a property release when shooting on private property. There is private as in a persons home that you can only enter with permission and which is not open to everyone and there is private that anyone and everyone can enter with implied permission which can be anything from a footpath to a shopping centre to a park, and there is private that anyone can enter by payment like a sports ground. All have different rules. Those rules may also vary from country to country. I think if you are concerned you need to research on a location by location basis - say the national park you mentioned check their terms and conditions - if you do not see anything about photography email them. In the UK zoos with paid entry vary from total freedom to take and sell photos so long as the location is attributed to somewhere that kicked off about putting photos on Flickr.
  2. Odd Alamy Measures

    I do not know whether to long for or dread it coming back. It would be lovely to find I have picked up my first zoom and had loads of views but then again I could find my view rate has dropped right off.
  3. Possibly this is going to be something which legally varies from country to country - and there is going to be a difference between on private property which is fully open to the public (like national parks) and private property which is, er, private (someone's home) For instance, in the UK there is actually relatively little land that is not, actually, in private ownership and getting releases would be a nightmare (yes that high street you walked down is almost certainly owned by the council) if it was even possible. Go on a walk along a public footpath take a photo of that butterfly it is almost certain you are on private land - but whose? Is it a farmers? the councils? an absentee landlord? and by the way, were you to the left or right of that bush because that is where the boundary passes.
  4. Alamy measures

    I am still of the opinion that if agencies try to go too big on exclusive they are going to open a can of worms on many subjects for the simple fact that too many photographers take such incredibly similar images of said subjects. Exclusive is only really going to work in situations where the image is unique and unrepeatable. OK if I go and get sunset at a local dead tree that is quite a nice silhouette then I am going to have something but if I go and take it of a well-known bridge where there are other photographers doing the same then while the image may be unique for me there are going to be other extremely similar images out there. I will watch and wait and learn - and try to adapt to what happens.
  5. Moss species help

    I am well aware of the importance of including species and latin if possible when captioning and keywording - I am generally OK with animals and plants, but have to stick to just general in lichens. I now have a shot of some moss. My first attempts to identify have not gone well - there does not seem to be a nice "click tick boxes to describe features and we will narrow down what it could be" site and going through images that look similar resulted in me giving up after half a dozen completely different varieties all looking similar, and discovering the same variety will look totally different depending on conditions. So do we have any moss experts - or is there a useful direction I can be pointed in?
  6. CGI can't compete with "real" photography . . . can it?

    I am exploring a wider variety of crops - and have started messing with vectors.
  7. Alamy measures

    You have put this way better than myself. Although thankfully I have not had such an appalling result as yourself I have had dealings with companies online - and as you say while there are not any big red flags there are enough little ones. One or 2 is one of those things - this many and my "spidey senses" tingle. I am actively increasing my number of baskets - and my ways of adding eggs to them.
  8. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    I am afraid my best so far in 2019 is not Alamy related - but I am over the moon so sharing it anyway. I cover football matches and sell the shots individually. Yesterday I was contacted by a team who had played on of my regular teams asking if I would travel and give a price for a whole shoot - working off my usual sales prices and discounts next week I am getting paid £150 to shoot a footie match. Its a first for me - and I am so chuffed. PS just realize I should clarify - that is the whole shoot in hi res images 1200 x 1800 px - I maintain copyright and any prints larger than 6x4 will still come through me at the normal prices.
  9. Forum update

    Thank you for the update.
  10. News images watermarking

    Sounds about right.
  11. News images watermarking

    Don't get me started - even the local photography groups are starting to give them a wide berth. I mean if all the cost-cutting meant they provided a great news service I could understand it but they don't - its the opposite. Their stories - when they actually have a story (like they totally ignored an attempted murder last month) are so generically written they could be done on a modified "create a daily mail headline" app. The more staff they make redundant or who leave voluntarily the worse it gets. 20 miles away in the next county its a different group and the difference in quality is unbelievable - stories written by reporters who went and checked them, photos of the actual thing being reported - if possible taken by someone who knows what they are doing, and paid for when done by non-staff. I see in the press gazette today their staff are striking over crap money - as both a photographer who sometimes covers local newsworthy stuff and as a consumer of news, nothing would make me happier than to hear that the local group had been sold out and taken over by someone else.
  12. News images watermarking

    I don't know about the nationals but I do know its a real issue around my local area - whose papers are by the Newsquest group. I work with a small group covering emergency service stories. The locals have not only nicked photos from us (which they had to pay a pretty penny for to avoid court - they have learned with us at least we do not take it sitting down) but have stolen photos from the county council, and at least one business - which is before you get into social media and people who do not realize someone cannot just take their photo and use it without paying. We sometimes get asked by the services themselves if they can have photos of incidents for their social media - and while we are happy to agree we have to be really firm about such images being clearly watermarked and attributed to prevent the local papers nicking them - and it should tell you everything you need to know that the services fully understand where we are coming from.
  13. CGI can't compete with "real" photography . . . can it?

    I would wonder about property releases though - If I take a picture of someones drawing I have to to get a property release for it to be used commercially. So if I use someones CGI created model won't I have to get a property release? Is there going to be a whole new market in photographers purchasing the rights to CGI models - and will they be cheaper than human models? If the game is going to require me learning how to create my own CGI model then I am looking for another game lol
  14. Super black leopard photos

    I didn't realise they were so rare and unconfirmed in the wild - at least the African ones