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  1. I first submitted to Alamy last year after a pro who knows my work said it was good enough and that Alamy had better prices than ms. It was my intention to focus purely on Alamy. In the first 6 months I saw 2 sales which netted me 99c each. When Alamy changed their commission I decided to test the waters with a couple of big ms places. In less than 6 months I have seen considerably more sales - 2 of which have netted me more than 99c each. OK we are not talking bank breaking but when an inexperienced newbie is seeing more sales and occasional higher prices in ms compared to Alamy it raises questions.
  2. I didn't really do the research others did, I read it and shared it - no real work involved. Please do not mention the Q word. Because I will start thinking about it. I may then get a micro flash of understanding which will cause my brain to run screaming over the horizon. Either way, I will have to lie down in a dark room. I have considered trying alcohol for this problem but cannot afford the amount it would require. 😈
  3. Yep this conversation is taking place on other boards about other agencies - same issues.
  4. Can I just throw this blog post in for the "selling as microstock cuts your throat" point. That argument has been actually studied and analysed and while there is no certainty all the evidence suggests that this is not that simple and that having the same image in multiple places is not anywhere near as damaging as some believe. https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.com/2018/02/06/do-alamy-buyers-search-elsewhere-answers-from-alamy/
  5. I struggle with including people as well but I believe it is worth the effort
  6. I have just had a batch pass QC - but 2 of them are marked as failed due to "processing errors". Does anyone know what this means? There are no major differences in settings between them and the 40+ that have been passed. Also, what am I supposed to do about them - re-upload? Delete? Wait?
  7. Taken in May uploaded yesterday - I am really chuffed with this because it proves that there is still plenty out there not yet available on Stocks sites. This is apparently a quite rare example of this type of building and it is in the city of Bath which I expected to have been photographed to death. I have found other shots of the street/park where this is, but nobody apparently has submitted this actual sentry box before
  8. Interesting. Have been playing with it a bit but not on anything I am planning on submitting yet. Looks like it could be another way to really screw up - or make things wonderful lol
  9. I did try to get the Abbey as a background to the boxing day hunt - not very successfully lol. Have you ever checked out the bluebells at the top of Bowdens hill - or just the view? Brilliantly put sir.
  10. I still wish one of the stock agencies would stand up to the NT and call their bluff when it comes to images of their property taken from a public highway.
  11. Yes please Kumar - I had forgotten your kind offer, but definitely would still like it if possible - my email is estelle@starsphinx.com
  12. Love Gary Larson - and who hasn't suffered a spot of anatidaephobia?
  13. Yeah but it is good for a giggle - and making me look like I predict the future. I gaze into my crystal ball and see somewhere in the next few weeks a DM article about "huge shark spotted off Cornish coast" with photos and descriptions of the silhouette in the water and wonderful coastline before somewhen in the last 3 or 4 lines it will admit the shark is indeed a basking shark, native to this country, that appears off Cornwall in large numbers at this time every year. I was spot on with my prediction on the article about hedges wrapped in silk by caterpillers - unfortunately, my local example of this phenomenon is on a piece of national speed limit quite twisty road with no safe way of visiting on foot with the camera, so I was unable to send them a photo and get paid for predicting what they were going to write about. On the other hand I recommend beach snappers see if they can get a couple of shots of the weaver fish in for August - as there is usually an article about the "rare" (it's not) "tropical" (it's not) fish with highly venomous spines that buries itself in sand in shallow water and causes nasty injuries if (when) trodden on.
  14. 99% of the stuff I shoot (on here anyway) is replicable - when supplying a mass market product I take mass-market prices. Maybe those of you worried about the golden eggs would get further if you realised that for many many people the silver eggs that are replacing them are untold riches. Telling people who never believed they would achieve a silver egg to refuse it and hold out for a gold one is not effective. Unless you get every single photographer on the planet to agree to minimum pricing it will not succeed - and if you did a bunch of non-photographers would spot the opportunity and pick up a camera to start making some fast but smaller bucks. So I try to look at what is - can my photo be replicated fairly easily? I must remember the effort something took me is not necessarily the effort it would take someone else. In most cases the answer is yes - and so those photos are going to be of limited financial worth on each sale, and the earning potential of them is on the selling. One the ones that are not replicable they may well be worth more financially but at the same time that may mean a different market and selling approach. Obviously, the ideal is less of the former and more of the latter - which means working to improve my understanding of photography and develop my ability as a photographer which is what everyone is doing. I will get the best I can manage for my work - but at the end of the day if a photograph sells 100 times for a dollar while another sells once for one hundred dollars both photographs have bought in one hundred dollars and I can assure you neither will have cost that much to produce and my books will show profit.
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