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  1. Enhancing Photo Images

    Although I have never processed a film in my life - and would not know how to if you handed me one - I see that general post-processing on a RAW image is the same as you would do one a film negative - using a computer rather than vats of solution. So if you load your RAW file into, say Lightroom, (as said above designed for photography and intended to be a virtual lightroom) and look at it as you would your negative (Lightroom does not make any changes to that image) then use the sliders etc to produce what you would want a print from that negative to look like, then hit export and it will produce a jpeg (or another format if so set) that is the equivalent of the print from the negative - and it is this "print" that you are sending to Alamy.
  2. I think you got the wrong end of the stick - he did not mean the field is mandatory when filling in keywords etc he meant that for the function to be used an API key from Google is now mandatory for it to work - and that key is going to cost Alamy a lot of money hence why at the moment it is not there at all. It is another piece of cheeky footwork by Google - they have got billions of websites used to having their visitors be able to see information through google maps for free - and now they are used to it, and for many websites it has become practically essential, Google are going right if you want to keep it hand over the cash.
  3. I guess the obvious workaround is going to be to have a separate tab open just on the maps to copy and paste - but reading the links from @Vincent Lowe I am forced to wonder how long we can do that without being charged. Remembering that Google are already making lots of money from the adverts we will see using their maps.
  4. I wish the big online guys would give a bit more warning and preparation time when they change their APIs - its a real pain. They are generally not going to get it in the neck it is all the companies using their stuff that get it from annoyed customers so little of it gets to the place that's actually making the decisions. This thread is typical - so it's not Alamys fault but it is them getting me moaning at them (until I am put right about it being google at fault lol).
  5. This is bad - this does need to come back. In what universe would this be considered an improvement?
  6. Not sure if this is just me - I hope so because of it being a massive time saver. When I am filling out the optional tag for images there is the location field - in the past whenever I have typed anything in this area it has come up with google maps and suggestions so I only ever needed to type a few letters before I could click on the location. Now nothing - I am typing out the whole thing with no map or pin or autofill appearing. It is actually quite grating because it certainly takes a lot more time to type "someplace, anytown, such and such region, this country" than it did to type "someplace" and have the options come up to just click one. If it is just me I can go and find out what I have accidentally turned off and turn it back on.
  7. Keyword (and caption) suggestions please

    It is indeed a tirfor - I have zoomed right in and looked at the label. So I will add that and the other stuff on there to the keywords
  8. Also, I would say the 300x series are great cameras to learn with. There were definitely times as a newbie when I was completely out of my depths but really wanted a certain shot - the D3200 (now they are on the D3500) had a series of easy automatic settings that are not on the more professional bodies I could use quickly to help me get the shots - I could go back afterwards and learn how they had set the camera so I knew in future but I would have missed shots as a beginner if I had not had a beginners camera because I would have been fiddling trying to find the right setting or more likely using totally the wrong setting. I know most cameras have an automatic setting but these are more specific than that and a god send to newbies. They make a perfectly good back up camera when the user is ready to move on and should provide years of service - as I said in a previous post mine is still in regular use, and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. OK the buttons are now worn blank but I pretty much know what they do lol.
  9. You can’t. Take photos here

    And my usual curiosity begs me to ask if the PR people paid any attention to the presumably fair few members of the public with the mobile phones - also taking pictures of the said lady golfer? Or did they only get excited at the appearance of a "big proper camera"? I mean stockimo is for iPhones so there could have been any number of people there using that.
  10. Live News Laptop

    My advice after a nasty experience is make sure you go and test the actual model before buying - if you are buying mail order still find a way of testing. A couple of years ago I ordered a high spec laptop (cannot remember make or model for the life of me) along similar lines to yourself. All the blurb was about high-quality video/image screen etc. When it arrived the screen made it unusable for me - instead of smooth blending on shades I could see clear lines between each colour. I had a hells own job getting a refund - because most people could not see the problem - and the first engineer I took it to for a report told me it was because the screen was 4k and my test images weren't so they did not show up properly (!!???) - which he demonstrated by loading a special hi quality video. Now whether the screen was the problem or it was too high for compatibility I cannot say - all I know is I could not use the machine for image processing, which is what I bought it for, and it took 9 months to get refunded and I had to go through the ombudsman to get it. If you can buy from a physical shop (possibly not currys/PC world lol) take the actual machine you buy out of the box there and then and run some images through it to check the screen. It could save you a lot of grief and hassle.
  11. Firstly more evidence for the entry-level Nikons - I started out over 5 years ago with a Nikon D3200 - it is still my backup camera, still sees very regular use at football matches where I will have it set up with an 18-105mm lens in case of penalties while I shoot with a 70 to 300mm on my main camera - which is still a DX being the D7200. Images from the well used D3200 are absolutely still accepted on Alamy - there were a bunch in my last upload. Secondly regards uploading to your account - I may be wrong here and would appreciate input from other more experienced contributors but I believe uploading your wife's photos to your account would be in breach of Alamy terms. The terms are you are declaring that you are the copyright holder on all images you upload - and unless your wife is signing copyright over to you that will not be the case. Now I would imagine that plenty of people add the odd photo taken by some other family member, possibly having borrowed the camera, but if you are considering adding good shots your wife has taken with her own camera regularly I would recommend getting her her own Alamy account.
  12. Keyword (and caption) suggestions please

    Brilliant thank you for your help. I keep finding the whole "try and take pictures that are unique and no-one else has" to have some drawbacks. Firstly they are less likely to be looked for and secondly keywording can be a real challenge lol I do not actually go out deliberately to get unique shots - I just keep finding I have an unusual view of the world and what catches my eye is not what catches everyone elses.
  13. Changes to Alamy Contract

    Uh, I think my point came across wrong. According to posts in this thread, Alamy reserves the right to allow our work to be offered without payment (free) under certain circumstances. People understandably are not happy with this. On a microstock site with a similar scheme whether your work was included in this scheme was dependent on a box tick - if you did not tick the box your work could not be offered on the scheme. The microstock site did give some encouragements to tick the box - like promoting your port specifically to anyone using your "free" picture in the scheme - but I never ever ticked the box. I would not tick the box. I would prefer if Alamy wishes to use such a scheme it also provided a box that I could also not tick.
  14. Changes to Alamy Contract

    I know with a micro stock site I have submitted to in the past there was a box you could tick saying an image could be provided free - so if you had a photo not being looked for or whatever you could choose to let it be used free - but if you did not tick the box the image had to be paid for. I would suggest something similar for Alamy
  15. I have this information in photo mechanic - it is automatically added to every photo I import (or in their language "ingest"). It is something I do not have to think about and provides a layer of security if images are taken from any of the non-Alamy sites.