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  1. I guess people get so used to the system they live with that other ways just seem odd.
  2. I am now getting confused as to how it works in the US. My council tax pays for things like rubbish collection, local roads maintenence (hollow laugh) street cleaning, landscaping in local public spaces etc. The sort of thing that everyone needs/uses/benefits from. The society environment if you like. Are you saying that in the US if I am renting a property then the landlord/owner pays the contribution for all these things even if they live thousands of miles away? So the tenent does not pay for their rubbish collection, street cleaning etc?
  3. One thing you will hear many times - this is a marathon not a sprint. Numbers do count in this game - yes there are exceptional photographers with tiny ports who make money but they are generally working in a niche or are simply exceptional photographers with ability above the normal and for the vast majority of us it is a case of getting as many quality photos up as we can because the guy with 1000 images will do better than the one with 100 (and think 10000 and above to be serious) It is also worth having an honest conversation with yourself about what you are doing this for and what your expectations are. If you want to make money without having to do a lot then it is not going to happen. If you produce photos as a side effect of a hobby and figure it is better to have them up here where they might get seen rather than on your hard drive where they wont then you are fine. If you hope for the odd bit of pin money from doing so then cool. If you actually want to turn this into a viable living income then you are going to have to work your ass off in not just photography but in marketing, understanding demand etc etc just the same as you would have to work your ass off in any other job. It will mean boring tedious stuff you really do not want to bother with, there will be times you feel every creative cell in your body is being formulaed to death as you work on what is demanded by the market not what you like taking. And you are unlikely to get seriously rich. If you have short term money goals you are going to lose motivation and drop out - if you have a proper long term adaptable view then you will stick it and maybe just maybe will see a return.
  4. Not sure of the details BUT - if the packs limit the licencing and simply provide the sort of per image price that big customers are able to negotiate through sales volume to much smaller customers who buy only small numbers then they could be a positive. We know the big companies are negotiating discounts - and that they do not pay the price that Jo Public sees on his "calculator". So long as the packs are restrictive on licencing and are not providing use for anything forever terms it is letting Jo Public see a bit of the cherry the big boys eat.
  5. Thank you so much you are wonderful. The garden where I took the shot had several plants the same and it looked planned so I guessed it was deliberately chosen variety available. I can now finish keywording
  6. No I am saying we are not an environmental disaster. Or that "environment disaster" is a null term if you prefer. "Environmental disaster" is this generations "god is angry" - its way of making life human centric - everything is about the humans. Nature is quite a bit bigger than that - and rather less caring. Can we moderate our behaviour? Probably. Should we moderate our behaviour? Possibly? Are we the most evil baddest worst most significant awful thing ever? Uh no. Not even close. Would the planet be a better place if our species was wiped out? If wiping out this species would be good why is it bad to wipe out any other species? Would the planet be better off if we actually all met the proposed targets on everything that would basically result in huge numbers dying, 95% of the rest being reduced to total poverty and 5% being wonderful enough and special enough and deserving enough to claim the small island of comfort tens of thousands of years of technology have made possible - not on your nelly.
  7. OK I am normally great at identifying stuff - I can normally track down what I want via similar stuff and refining my search - but this one I am finding nothing similar. I have even done a direct image search on google - and nothing (or at least nothing refinable) I have a purple pink daisy type flower with a group of purple petals growing out of the centre - and I cannot find anything for flowers with petals growing out of the middle. I have uploaded a small image for people to see - but can someone please give me and idea of species or where I can look to identify this (I know what the darn bee is - that was the easy bit lol)
  8. Human activity is PART of the environment. We are not some unnatural external introduction (unless you want do discuss the "Were humans put here by Aliens" theory) but a fully natural development. Yes even our manipulations of chemicals and stuff. We are not able to actuallly replicate a lot of things other species do - silk for instance. The fact we do with brains and hands and they do it internally is besides the point. We are natural. Whilst everyone is running around getting hysterical and behaving as though we are somehow separate from nature the chances of getting a grip on any issue is about zero.
  9. I am still on PM 5 - which still easily does everything I need it to. Once I have funds available I will almost certainly change to 6 - but the quality of the software is such that there is no urgency. Someone once said about camerabits its nice to have a small dedicated developer who produces clean fast software that does what it needs to do without a ton of bloatware and unnecessary bells and whistles - and I totally agree. Wish some bigger developers could consider the same focus.
  10. Its not as fast and uses thumbnails. In less time than the LR import screen forms thumbnails Photomechanic has generated full sized previews so you can inspect for sharpenss at 100% before deciding to import. There is also the variables, which I really miss having in LR - in Photomechanic I can set it to create text of things that change without me doing anything - say {imn3}-{idy0}-{iyr4} to generate the date - these variables cover hundreds of things and can be used in any field. You can also create and unlimited number of code replacement lists with unlimited code replacements on each so you can generate a complete description or title or whatever with minimal typing after just taking a couple of seconds to specify which list or lists you are using. So I can have a list for team A, one for team B and one for common situations - I specify I am using those 3 lists and type /A10 sh o gk B1 sc/ and get Brian jones of town united shoots at opposition goalkeeper Fred Brown of town rangers and scores (those are not actual code replacements just an example but you get the idea). I just find Photo mechic far more flexible and faster - not to mention it is not tied to one piece of editing software. It does not matter if I am using LR, PS, Illustrator or even just Paint I can catalogue arrange view etc from Photo mechanic in seconds.
  11. Definitely photo mechanic - not only does it work in full conjunction with LR but it goes way beyond it in functionality - and is a lot lighter and faster to use, especially on culling. If I imported every image I took into LR it would take forever (when not doing stock I do sport - over 600 images a pop) whereas photomechanic can have them off the card viewable very fast - I then run through them and choose the ones I will keep and only import those to LR. I can keyword and annotate in either
  12. For what it is worth homelessness is nothing new - not even the numbers are. What has changed is personal "broadcasting" of such statuses. 30 to 40 years ago the homeless and destitute did not beg outside supermarkets - they visited in the middle of the night to raid the "rubbish" bins where that days food would have been disposed of. By that days food I mean what had been cleared from the shelves - and while some of it would have had that days date plenty (including meat and fish from the fresh counters) would not. Supermarket bosses knew it went on. The police knew it went on. It was quiet and self regulated with "rules" (the single mum with a home and freezer got first pickings the roving tramp who lived on the streets went last - but was left stuff). I know this because I took part in it. Not in a big city. Not even in somewhere like Oxford. A small market town with a good economy. The locals were not oblivious - nor cruel. It was just that people did not advertise their victimhood and were expected to make some efforts for themselves.
  13. Dont forget Aintree - and the activity that goes with it. OK to shoot on the course commerically you will need to apply for permission and credentials, (which with your experience should not be a problem) but even out on the road at the entrance there should be some good material, including the British racegoers incredible ability to dress for a summer party in the middle of winter if involves horses. There may also be the opportunity to get horses exercising off track. Then there will be the catering supplies arriving or leaving, and all the subsidiary bits- I do recommend going for a days racing even without your camera mind.
  14. Nice surprise this morning - my first sale in 2019. Things are definitely looking up as had several Live news images used yesterday but they are not showing up on my dashboard yet so not including them them.
  15. Thanks Kay - had not spotted those. Wish it had a happier ending. Not getting celebratory about these - glad they were picked up but bummer of a story.
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