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  1. I am not a press tog - I do sports photography, stock photography, a small bit of news when it lands in front of me photography, and please myself photography. I absolutely could not do without photo mechanic. I would drop LR before I dropped photo mechanic. First big huge positive - it is way quicker at importing and sorting photos than LR. It can import and have thumbnails for checking within seconds. For those used to working with LR I believe they need to experience it to believe it. Then it is fully compatible with LR - my workflow is import with PM, run through and tick the photos I want to work with, then drag them into LR. LR will then only catalogue the images I want to work on which is much quicker. Second big positive is the what PM calls "stationary" - which is iptc data. The flexibility and variability of this is huge. You can save any number of pre-filled forms that can then be set to be applied to photos on import (which for some reason PM calls ingest but its the same thing). These can be anything from basic copyright and contact markings to full shoot and location details - and of course the caption headline and keywords. Of course, once these are applied they are still fully editable. Thirdly in partly in conjunction with the stationary pad but also working in other areas there are "variables" - for instance, my photos are set to import to {imn3}-{idy0}-{iyr4} - *** - that gives me the month, day, year and the stars represent shoot title. So if I go out Monday and shoot easter it would return Apr - 22 -2019 - easter - and the only thing I would actually have to type is "easter" There are a huge number of variables - from settings on the camera to sizes to custom settings the user creates themselves. The user can define any number of shortcodes - and any number of groups of shortcodes. This means a sports photographer can create a list of team players names linked to numbers then type the numbers in the caption field and the names will be printed - and again can save any number of team lists. You can colour mark, star rate, and tick - up to 7 colours, 5 stars, and ticked or not ticked gives you I do not know how many categories. Also where it is compatible with LR you can set it to use just lightroom colours then anything you mark in LR can be saved in PM. It is absolutely worth the extra investment - but they offer a month's free test to try it out. PM 6 has just been released - I have not tried it because I cannot afford it right now but 5 is still absolutely fine. As someone else said on here when we were discussing the release of 6 PM is unusual in that it is a small group of software engineers that actually totally focus on what is needed and do not fill the program with unnecessary bells and whistles bloatware. The program does what is says it does, does it well, and is probably one of the most stable bits of software I have come across. I cannot recommend strongly enough that people go and try that free month test and see for yourself.
  2. Its probably me but if my phone is connected to my camera wirelessly (if it took a wire I would not even try) it will not connect to the internet either 4g or wireless. Also when it connects to the phone first off it insists on sending a preview of every image on the camera. Then I have to click on the ones I want - which then download to phone - before I can send them anywhere. I guess I must add learning phone software to my things to do list lol
  3. I have got my camera so it uploads to my phone (if I talk nicely to both of them) but it takes time (not as fast as uploading to my computer and has extra steps) but then I have to disconnect my phone from my camera in order to connect it to the internet to send the photos (as I discovered the first time I tried when an hour later the shots were in the outbox not the sent box). It most certainly requires my attention for a couple of minutes to do this. I guess the big boys have better software or something.
  4. Reading this my thought is that the way major stories could be/should be run by serious news collectors now would involve twin card card cameras and runners on the ground to collect cards take them process them (do captioning keywording etc) return them swap them while the photographers are left to concentrate fully on the story second by second. I do not know if that is possible - but if I had the resources to put more than one body at a story that is the way I would do it.
  5. Your English may not be letter perfect but it does properly express your feelings on the subject - and you have my regret this has happened as you clearly do not deserve it.
  6. Uh yes, I have fired people - dismissed them whatever. As well as being blunt and brief it is a good idea to be honest and accurate. When I need pictures of apples and Joe has only provided oranges then telling Joe too many oranges we do not need you any more is fine. Saying the same to Dick who has never once shot an orange, occasionally sends in good apple shots, but mainly shoots elephants for a totally different project is not only a disrespectful and insulting way to treat Dick but is harmful to the business as well as it is likely to lose the elephants that are needed in another area. There are people who have been fired (or locked out, had the locks changed without notice which is a better analogy all around) who made sales through live news of 3 figures sums. There are many more who never ever uploaded a weather shot but limited to breaking live news that was local to them. Now if a shot of a 3 car pile up in worthyshire makes the nationals how is the photographer supposed to know in advance that their shot from dumpshire of a 4 car pile up is not going to? How are we supposed to tell which of the stabbings in local towns will be of national interest before submitting (and yes I know of stabbings near me that did go national and ones that did not). I have been the first and only photographer at the scene of an attempted murder getting shots of the victim being transferred to an air ambulance. Also, I do not know about the USA but in the UK you cannot be fired without warning except for "gross misconduct" which generally equates to a criminal act or life endangerment. In cases of simply not doing the job - or doing the job totally wrong, it requires a written warning to be given first (for more minor issues there will be 2 verbal 1 written warnings). If we were actually paid employees right now Alamy would be breaking news for its behaviour breaking employment terms - remember all those stories of businesses going bust and making everyone redundant by text or just not telling them until they arrived to find their workplace closed - this would be worse. Finally I will repeat and even put in bold my main point - which is that Alamys cack-handed way of doing this is going to hurt Alamy in the future. You said and I quote "people with breaking news photos can contact Alamy to up load those photographs. " My point is Why should anyone with breaking News contact Alamy when they can contact other news services or even the providers direct? The reason I uploaded news to Alamy was because I did not have to contact them. If I have to contact someone it is not going to be Alamy.
  7. Wow every time I go out thinking Alamy cannot possibly make things worse I come back to find they have.
  8. Oh, it is less that I expect them to make sell more or get higher prices or whatever because I don't - that as you say depends on the quality of the shots. What I do believe they offer which I want is an open door people can upload to as and when. Basically, like Live News was. If that is the case - that people can apply to get access that then does not depend on them making a certain number of uploads or whatever then for some it will make more sense than here. The fact that they are a totally different agency and specifically news orientated means they will not be facing the issues of Alamy Live news.
  9. For what its worth in my investigations of a news agency I have been recommended too several times by different people it seems they are happy to have "citizen journalists" with accounts alongside pros and I believe they will do take things like steam trains. They are to be found in the SouthWest of the country but cover nationwide.
  10. Or give reviewers the option of "acceptable live news not fit for stock" on images submitted that way so those do not affect rankings but bad photos of ordinary subjects do
  11. I think the most exasperating thing is they have a forum full of contributors who want to back them and support them - yet they keep mishandling things in such a crappy way said contributors are forced to question their competence.
  12. Well my respect to you sir - and I still think they are being daft.
  13. Firstly you being refused is daft. Secondly how the hell are you supposed to upload more frequently if you are not allowed to upload except on a case by case basis? Do they seriously expect you to go around filling out a form several times a month to see if they will accept things so they can then reconsider whether you should be allowed to upload without filling a form in?
  14. I would not make it so contributors had to re-upload to stock but rather have it so that once the 2 or 5 or 10 days is up the images went automatically into QC then had to be recaptioned and tagged - but with the provisos on noise etc that can come from photos being taken for news in less than ideal conditions. Then any images rejected by QC from news would have the same impact on ranking - possibly I would increase the ranking possibilities from 3 stars to five to reflect this. This would (hopefully) mean that people considering uploading to news will look at their images in the same way as stock - so they would be properly focused exposed etc.
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