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  1. Bumble bee ID help please.

    It could be a tree bumblebee also known as a new garden bumblebee Bombus hypnorum
  2. Just Passed QC so saying HI!

    Hi back I too only recently passed my QC (unlike my driving test I managed it at first attempt) I have only been shooting for about 5 years - I do a lot of local football but when left to my own devices tend to go for animals and nature. I keep trying to push myself outside of my comfort zones (how many flying bees does one need?) and hope doing stock will encourage me to think away from my normal habits. I am not sure about the discoverability thing - but I am chasing down as many keywords as I can anyway. 40 years of photography including teaching sounds great - I am sure those skills will help many (including me lol)
  3. The 'Infringement Team'

    I am not suggesting charging anything we want I am suggesting something along the lines of the victim surcharge used in British courts - if you steal something you have to make amends with a small extra charge on top. So say the price of the image stolen used in the circumstances it is being used in is £10 the person stealing it should have to pay the £10 it would have cost plus say £2.50. It is then heavily promoted and advertised that stealing Alamy images results in a 25% higher cost.
  4. The 'Infringement Team'

    If the only result of being caught is having to pay the same fee you would have if you had been honest in the first place there is no deterrent to copyright theft. Unless and until people are made to pay more for stealing images they will continue to do so.
  5. I dont know if QC picked it up but there is definitely sensor blotches in the sky around the giraffe as well. Plain skys are awkward you do have to watch them.
  6. Keyword advice

    It does also help when keywording to try and think like you are looking for an image - this does sometimes involve deliberately using slightly incorrect keywords like "butterfly" for something you know is a moth and "dragonfly" when you know something is a damselfly. If lots of people are going to search using the wrong term - you have to keyword the wrong term. Try and imagine you had not taken the picture - that you were looking for the picture. Maybe before you travelled and took the picture when you were preparing for the sights you would see you thought about particular things - use those as keywords.
  7. Keyword advice

    I am guessing that is unlikely with this one - tagging bugs is awkward at the best of times as unless you dissect the thing it is really really easy to misidentify - it is often necessary to put a couple of species in keywords. Things like butterflies and damselflies that are pretty are OK - people like them and all sorts of information is available because people look them up. Parasitic wasps not so much - I mean parasite and wasp together pretty much guarantees that the majority of people will give them a wide berth and find them rather icky or downright scary. I have covered this one as well as I can - everything from insect down to latin family so it should be findable - if anyone is looking lol. ps. yes I am slightly weird - I find bugs fascinating. I also get nerdy on some other subjects. I do actually enjoy the challenge of trying to work out exactly what it is I have taken a picture of - this is fun! Whether I still think so after a couple of thousand photographs is another matter lol
  8. Keyword advice

    Ha right now I am trying to keyword a random bug I caught - I have it narrowed down to a type of parasitic wasp of a certain family but even google searches of that family are not producing anything ROTFLMAO - are you allowed to keyword "strange unknown bug"? I mean for all I know it could be exactly what some entomologist is looking for - only I don't what they call it and they don't know what my thoughts on it are. Still, on the good side (I presume), there is nothing coming on Alamy for it even searching just the family name produces a single line drawing of what looks like the thing I photographed so it will be the only result of certain search terms. I will continue wracking my brain to come up with keywords and probably have to accept an orange bar.
  9. Keyword advice

    My technique is google the main subject(s) and see what comes up - for buildings that may include things like historical, site of ?????, an example of ????? etc. I will also try and delve into relevant architectural words (and include architecture as a word). Once I have done that I do an Alamy search and look what keywords other people are using then use my judgement as to whether to include them or not. As for over keywording - I would not be shy about using generic words like building architecture animal etc - way before I picked up a serious camera I was building websites for myself and friends. Quite often at an early stage, I would have only a vague nebulous idea of what I was after and would search images for such generic terms then look through hundreds of varying images to get ideas. OK this is not so good if you are one of the hundreds that don't catch my eye but great if your image is what fires me up and what I base my design around.
  10. The 'Infringement Team'

    There are ways of finding email addresses that are hidden behind contact forms - not something that has ever affected me but I know it can be done. There are even companies that do it for free on the internet. If you are finding the problem is lack of email try googling these companies and you can probably get that far at least
  11. I accept being solely responsible for my images - but if I list them accurately and honestly with no property/model releases for editorial use only and a purchaser misuses them how can I be responsible for that? Its like if I lend my neighbour a carving knife when they say they want to carve their meat can I be held responsible if they then use the knife to kill someone?
  12. Hi from Wiltshire

    Lol - you would be surprised how often online people miss the last one and it results in all sorts of confusion.
  13. F22 - what is the point?

    Thanks to this thread (and noticing some blurs in the sky during my own QC at the weekend) I have just used f22 to take a picture of nice blue sky. My picture has measles . I now have to do the scary sensor clean. I am still paranoid about having the camera body open at all yet alone with the mirror up.
  14. Article 13 of the EU's draft Copyright Directive

    The problem is not the intention - as I said above I do not believe in deliberate intent I believe in unintended effects. There seems to be little doubt that the mechanism by which article 13 would be managed would be filters - and filters cannot be set for incidental inclusion. A filter will recognize say the coca cola mark - and will know that joe blogs did not create it - and so will block joe blogs photograph which happens to be of a butterfly sat on a coke bottle. The coke mark is incidental but it will be blocked anyway. The legislation is at the moment poorly written - there are a significant number of MEPs and some big net names who are concerned not with the idea per se but with the methods it looks like will be involved.
  15. Article 13 of the EU's draft Copyright Directive

    Little miss maisy owns the copyright on her images - but not the copyright on the lorrys, drinks/shops/posters etc all in the background. To display these she needs all the licences. It will be her platform that is liable for copyright infringement so it will have filters on uploads that block copyrighted stuff preventing her from uploading her own photograph unless it is of say a blade of grass. The payment for links thing is a suggested link tax - which has been tried in individual countries. I am aware of the problems of assessments - but I believe that there is often a nugget of truth in their spawning and that this is a topic that should be discussed. If it is discussed people including myself will hopefully be motivated to learn more and if necessary fight the bad bits.