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  1. Commission change - James West comments

    They can only move in that direction if they cut out large numbers of similar images that are available for less on other sites. Which is has of course been strongly suggested they do.
  2. zooms vs sales

    If customers are more likely to use lightboxes (which don't show) than zooms - and if zooms are likely to end up on spam websites - why are zooms made so important in calculating the CTR which is important to rank? Surely it would make sense to give us a measure of images added to lightboxes as well as zooms - I mean the more info we have on which of our images are attracting interest the better able we are to focus in on what customers are looking for.
  3. I totally agree. Let's say you get a model - with a signed release and everything - on a catwalk at a show with dozens of blurred pink blobs as bokeh background. You still have to list it as editorial with 5+ people no releases for all. Which totally misses the point. I am just glad I did not persist in trying to teach the pigeon to sign a model release.
  4. I guess an unidentifiable pink blob suing for use of their image would make an interesting court case - I have marked it as 5+ pinkish blobs that may or may not be people lol
  5. Yes this old chestnut. I have a shot I am keywording - the focus is on a bird (yes a pigeon) but in the background are some people - but they are so out of focus there is absolutely no way they are identifiable. I am talking blobs of colour no facial features at all level of out of focus. I cannot even be sure of how many (at least 2 possibly 6 or 7) Do I still need to count them as people, would they still need model releases?
  6. Commission change - James West comments

    OK I did consider starting another thread to ask a poll question but decided it would probably cause more hassle especially if it set up unreasonable expectations. Something that has come up repeatedly since the cut in fees has been announced is the idea of paying more for exclusive images - however, there seems a reasonable number of people who are not totally convinced by it. So my question is how much commission would you need to be keeping from Alamy on exclusive images to accept the 60/40 split on non exclusive images? 50/50? 40/60? 30/70? 25/75?
  7. Commission change - James West comments

    No. Not at all. Personally I never use red (unless someone claims something outrageous all politicians are wonderful) - I use green when I like what is said and hearts to acknowledge what is said
  8. Commission change - James West comments

    You have my vote. One of the reasons I only uploaded to Alamy was the "not available elsewhere" bit - with the drop to 60/40 I have uploaded elsewhere. If Alamy want to go 60/40 for images available elsewhere and 50/50 for ones only available here, and made a huge effort to make most of their stuff only available her, while tightening up massively on PU and NU abuses (mentioned elsewhere change the default from personal use)I would be cool with that.
  9. Commission change - James West comments

    Cutting old unselling images is never going to be the correct answer - todays old never sold image is tomorrows valuable historical reference in high demand (I work with a football academy - there is an outside chance one of the young men may at a future point appear in an FA televised round and do something spectacular - at which point my photos of him are going to be of major interest - note images not on here now because of no current interest) Your number 2 has possibilities Number 3 is not going to work either - you will find a significant amount of Alamys income comes from contributors with big ports - and from their new uploads. However you have given me to think. How about any sales from ports that have not been updated for 2 years or more carry a 20% charge for storage. Fees remain 50/50 but if you have not uploaded for 2 years it becomes 50 Alamy/20 storage (yes also Alamy)/30 contributor.
  10. I would say that a wizard would be the way to go - I know lots of people do not actually have the foggiest idea of what the actual legalities of use through licences are - what personal use or presentation or whatever does and does not cover. Something like Do you want to be the only person with this image (instantly wipe out all images sold before and set price for exclusive licence) Is this image just for you (for instance to put on your wall), or will it be shared with others what will it be used for - website, presentation, a book or magazine, advertising Add in other options according to the answers to above with guidance on pricing and what choosing the option means. I think most people are more honest when confronted with having to answer questions rather than a list of prices - it is easier to say heys that cheapest price if I look at it this way its personal use than it is to answer the image is just for me to put on a wall when you are intending using it for something else.
  11. Images sold in December

    I must admit I did think I should put tightening right up on novel use and personal use abuses in my email to James - but forgot.
  12. Commission change - James West comments

    People definitely need to get emailing - the response suggests emails are being read.
  13. Commission change - James West comments

    False advertising maybe?
  14. Commission change - James West comments

    That was actually kind of my point - I want James to read the email, snigger or snort at the naivety of him paying people to do it, and if he is as decent as people believe the thought of how much it would cost to employ people will play against the 60/40 decision.
  15. Laptop

    Whatever you decide on I recommend trying it out in a shop first if you can - a couple of years back I ordered a laptop mailorder that looked perfect setup wise according to its list of bits etc. When it arrived I found the screen tended to display like JPEG edited and saved multiple times (shading was in lines). I had one hell of a fight to get refunded as for any ordinary use the screen was not an issue - and 4k video was OK - but I could not use it to edit photos. In the end, I had to take it to the ombudsman to get it sorted. An ordinary user would probably not have noticed - so see if you can try something out before purchasing so you know it will do what you need it to.