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  1. Expert or novice

    I think the lines between novice/expert/amateur/pro are very blurred now. What definition do you use for pro? If you go down the "earns their living from photography" route then you will find a lot of "amateurs" (not earning their living from photography) take consistently better shots than some "pros". I have only recently joined Alamy and have not sold anything yet - but I have sold on microstock sites a couple of years back when I was far more novicey than I am now. Try not to worry about the where you consider yourself on the range of photographers and just concentrate on getting quality shots.
  2. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    Get this at camera club - its a small room and there can be 30 odd photographers trying to shoot the same models in the same poses but very rarely to images look similar - after a bit of time you can tell which member took which shot without their names on things as you get used to their style.
  3. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    I still haven't managed as much as one single zoom so 0
  4. Court of Justice of the European Union Press Release

    Alamys images are watermarked - so screenshots of them show clearly they have been shall we say hijacked. Also, Alamy has already partially limited right-clicking on its own site - its why so many people have problems putting up images on these their own discussion forums. If site A pays Alamy for an image and puts that image without a watermark on its site - then site B right clicks that site to get the image and put it on site Bs site without paying Alamy (and hence us) it can be reported as unauthorised use - or as several threads have detailed be chased by the individual photographer. And no something being shared on social media does not imply it can be shared in general - there is a difference between sharing "saw this awesome photo by A Person on blah blah site" on your social media site and going to blah blah site, taking the picture and putting it on cheap sneaks site. The first way gives further promotion to the photo and is exactly what the user is paying money for the second is stealing. Its the difference between telling your friends about the great new item such and such a shop is selling thus encouraging them to go and look in such and such a shop and stealing the item from such and such a shop and pretending you made it yourself.
  5. Court of Justice of the European Union Press Release

    The way I read that is simply underlining what most people already understand with regards to text but for some reason think does not apply to photographs. If I write an article and publish it on my website - or allow someone else to publish it on their website (with or without payment) then someone reading that website copies and pastes my article into their own website without permission they are infringing copyright and I can seek recompense (in the real world this tends to mean someone has copied and pasted an entire news report rather than linking to it and recompense consists of demanding it either be removed or have a proper link and attribution added) . Most people understand this. Exactly the same thing applies regards photographs but for some reason, people that understand about the article do not automatically assume the same thing about photos (or drawings etc). As for those who infringe - the easiest way to stop the majority is to disable right-clicking on images so they cannot be copied and pasted or copied and saved in the first place (yes I know this does not stop screenshotting but hopefully said screenshot will include attribution) and it is much easier to prove the ones who have not been stopped were acting with deliberate knowledge they were in the wrong.
  6. Alamy does have its own rules on murals anyway - specifically that they are acceptable if part of a general scene but not if photographed isolated and specifically. So if I take a photo of a bridge and underpass that includes a mural I am fine so long as I click includes property with no release but if I zoom in and the photo only shows the mural Alamy would reject it anyway. I think the main thing is to always use the optional tab and put the number of people and whether they have releases and if there is property and whether it has releases, then if there is anyone or anything without a release click the editorial only button. From what I have read on here if a purchaser sees the image and wants it for non-editorial the Alamy team are quite good at contacting you to help work out what exactly can be allowed. So take pictures - specify what is in them - state whether there are releases - if necessary limit to editorial and relax or go and take some more photos
  7. reliable laptop needed

    Ah the Apple versus Windows versus Linux debate lol
  8. August Challenge - NEWS

    My attempt at "police henge" - I didnt quite get the sunrise over the standing coppers right though
  9. Greetings From Essex, UK

    Hi Andy - there are plenty of way more experienced than me photographers here who are very friendly and make the learning fun.
  10. This may seem like a stupid question..

    I am also on about the same numbers - and also not had a zoom yet (and feel so much better reading threads like these) I am taking and uploading what I can while I can - I suffer from fibromyalgia and don't know when it is next going to lay me out, so figure take photos and upload while well and hopefully over time it will develop into a trickle income when I am both active and stuck in bed not able to do anything. My method of keywording is to type the subject into google and see if there is a Wikipedia page on it (sometimes this is after using google to find out what on earth it is in the first place lol) take as much as I can from the wiki page (especially useful for plants and animals because there is usually all the Latin names that are so important) then I go back to Alamy and search it there, find images similarish to mine and check out their keywords. If there are ones I think appropriate I have not used I add them.
  11. That is way beyond a fear of wasps. Before picking up a camera I have been a first responder at a couple of road accidents and other incidents and it was a case of turn off feelings turn on training and deal with whats in front of you - but I would fall apart about 24 hours later. So far news wise I have only covered stuff with "happyish" endings - if worse comes along I know I have the emotional training and experience to deal with it at the time but I have no idea how I will deal with the photos afterwards.
  12. Selfies are a whole different subject - I do not even have an avatar I am that scared of mine. In my imagination I am something like wonder woman only better - I just can't face the reality that I am shorter fatter uglier and way, way less talented. Mind you I have an awesome sense of humour, refuse to take life seriously, and thoroughly enjoy shooting football so maybe there is hope.......
  13. Ok, I am 99% certain this is a viburnum bush - but I cannot find anything with the similar dark red occasional black flattened red berries either viburnum or something else. I am going to go ahead and keyword as viburnum but would love to have a species - or to find out it is something else entirely. There are quite a few bushes all showing the same type of berry where I took these so I am assuming it is a normal berry formation, not some weird one-off.
  14. Re-rank

    Thanks the thread now makes sense.
  15. Re-rank

    Ignorant newby here - what on earth is a BHZ image?