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February 2023 Challenge -- GOLD.

Allan Bell

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After thinking of a few subjects for this challenge, and seeing they have already been done, I decided to go for something simple of which most will have suitable photos. The title of the challenge covers a wide gamut of subjects and I offer five sample images to help start the competition.


The subject in the photo is your own choice so long as it shows the title of the challenge in some prominence.


The usual conditions apply:  Three photos per entry and the photos must be on Alamy.


Submissions close February 28th at 11.59pm. GMT


Early morning Wightlink ferry approaching Yarmouth Isle of Wight.  Gold morning light.





Front of library in Saffron Walden Essex.  Gold paint.





Spine title of Pocket Oxford Dictionary.   Gold print.





Gold Rapport Gentlemans pocket watch.  GOLD.





Rowan tree in autumn.  Natures Gold.




Good luck.


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That'll be one of last month's entries again then........

Mosaic of Byzantine emperor Justinian, Bishop Maximian, General Belisarius and attendants, Basilica of San Vitale AD547, Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy



Posh water, Park Hyatt Hotel, Dubai, UAE



A golden telephone box type K6 by Giles Gilbert Scott, 1935, Kingston Communications, Hull, East Riding, Yorkshire, England, to commemorate local Olympic medallist, boxer Luke Campbell


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Well done Allan. Here are my offerings:


Ayrton Senna's classic 'Black & Gold' Lotus 98T being raced up the hill climb at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed:



The RAF's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flying over the gold topped Victoria Memorial in 2011 for the Wedding of William and Kate:



Marlou van Rhijn winning gold in the 200m race in appalling conditions at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships in the Olympic Stadium




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Well done Allan on your win! Here are my three:


1. Sunset over the ruined West Pier, Brighton Sussex:





2. Scene at The Golden Pagoda restaurant, Gerrard St, Chinatown London





3. Tutankhamun holding a harpoon, part of Tutankhamuns' Treasures - gilded wood statue





Edited by Doc
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If the quality of GOLD images continues as it has I can see already I am going to have my hands full selecting the final eight.




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Congratulations Allan.

Three from me.


Lionel Messi's first (2009-10) European Golden Shoe/Boot




Ian Dury original unlimited(😂) gold vinyl disc from 1977




Small boat heading out into Santander Bay with golden light accentuated  by Saharan dust


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Congratulations on your win Allan, a super shot !


Unfortunately I don't have any shots featuring gold that are worth uploading, but I'll tell you a tale about my gold wedding ring.


My first ring was lost at sea, somewhere in the Tyne estuary while racing a sailing dinghy, unlikely ever to be seen again. My wife bought me a replacement, that I subsequently lost in the garden. Miraculously it was found some years later, only to be lost again while cleaning out the house gutters. This time I fear it is gone for good, but I still occasionally find myself rubbing my ring finger and discovering that the ring is not there !

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Ok, here come mines...


Sea Kayaking during the Golden hour on Darwin Harbour:




The Golden Arches at sunset:




Tsuri-doro at the entrance of the Founders Hall Gate at the Higashi-Honganji or Shinshu Honbyo Temple in Kyoto Japan.




Gold luck to everyone.


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Three from me



Sunlit autumn leaves throwing their light onto a small stream, Gaspésie in Québec.





Late evening light on rolls of hay, somewhere near Filey in Yorkshire




Wild evening light over Loch Linnhe in Scotland after a day of unbroken rain.

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The golden Prometheus statue in Rockefeller Center, New York City




Does spaghetti and meatballs taste better with gold utensils? 




Seville's Torre del Oro, The Tower of Gold




Edited by Ed Rooney
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Three from me :)





looking up at trio of gold bronze statues of  engineers James Watt, Matthew Boulton & William Murdoch, against blue sky in Centenary Square, Birmingham, UK.






giant gold statue of hindu Lord Murugan, at Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia





women in gold clothing at Stoke Gay Pride event in Hanley Park Saturday 18th June 2022




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Congratulations, Allan, so glad to see your beautiful image win. Great subject, hard to sift through mine.

Home baked apple pie with a golden crust.


Storm building against a golden sunset while a family looks on.


Golden wings of a Monarch butterfly I raised from an egg.


Edited by Betty LaRue
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