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  1. Very disappointing

    I had a photo zoomed in May 2017. It was published in a 99 page Australian guidebook in October - both in hardcopy and in a 3 month, online pdf version - but wasn’t reported until this past January. Payment has yet to clear.
  2. "in QC" appearance delay...?

    Thanks very much for the update, Alamy folks!
  3. "in QC" appearance delay...?

    My original issue happened yesterday, but it looks like I have another problem with a group of pics today. (I had uploaded several small batches of six or eight at a time. Most cleared). I have already reported my problem to Alamy, but have just now sent a link to this thread just in case it’s more than a coincidence.
  4. Taking shots of a BBC film production.

    I agree. Your coverage of the funeral was nicely done. Very appropriate and respectful.
  5. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Congratulations! Nice photo. Chomp, chomp. ;-)
  6. Have you deleted any photos?
  7. Help Ed Rooney

    Will do, Edo. Beautiful weather here in North Florida today!
  8. Help Ed Rooney

    Sounds like one little step at a time, Ed. It’s progress! I love seeing your views from dumbo. My youngest child lives and works down in the middle of the buildings across from you. She should buy your picture!
  9. I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that, Ed.
  10. How long does it take to get paid?

    I had a May 2017 zoom that appeared in the October edition of an Australian travel brochure. It wasn’t invoiced until January 2018, and still has not cleared. I’m hoping for this month.
  11. Here are two from me. Middle granddaughter, broken foot in a cast, sitting on the floor next to an electrical outlet so she can charge her tablet while reading. Favorite dog, home from NYC at Christmas. The old girl is looking pretty gray, but still has a lot of spunk left in her.
  12. Help Ed Rooney

    My deepest sympathy, Edo. It’s hard to lose a good friend. I hope your overall situation will begin to improve very soon.
  13. Help Ed Rooney

    Mine is on its way to you. I’m sure you’ve helped many others when the need arose, Edo.
  14. Help Ed Rooney

    I have not had any direct experience with this type of thing, but one of my Florida friends used Go Fund Me for a worthy cause. They said it was very easy to do. https://www.gofundme.com/ Though not all countries and currencies are supported, here is a list of those included: https://support.gofundme.com/hc/en-us/articles/203604044-Is-my-country-supported-
  15. Help Ed Rooney

    Edo lived here, above Angelos Restaurant. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/17/nyregion/little-italy-fire.html
  16. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    So sorry to hear this, Edo. I’d noticed you hadn’t been posting. Glad to hear you’re okay. Escaping those old NYC buildings can be very tricky, and it sounds like it was quite a dangerous situation.
  17. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    Wonderful, interesting picture
  18. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    This is very interesting to me. I check my images searched daily, but not AoA. When I do have the time to search AoA I find the volume of information there can be absolutely overwhelming. I suppose I need a system for sorting out what is important for me, but so far, I haven’t been able to work one out that will be helpful. I suppose I need to review searches more frequently.
  19. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Thank you, Steve! You made my day. This is my first mention here and I couldn’t be more thrilled.
  20. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Excellent! Congratulations, Bryan!
  21. AIM down

    Same here in Florida, too.
  22. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    This one sold at the beginning of the month. I had actually considered removing it because I doubted it would ever sell. Sold for a pretty good price, too.
  23. Forum sign in problems

    Good work!
  24. Downloading sales report

    My Mac Excel version is 14.7.7 Here's what I did: Open Excel From Alamy dashboard select download>sales report Select dates, date paid, date of invoice, etc Click "go" Click "download" noting download destination of the files In Excel: Select file>open at bottom of window select "enable all files" You should be able to navigate to and open your downloaded file from here.