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  1. Oh, I completely understand. I avoid taxis as much as possible. Walk and take the subway.
  2. Come east, Betty, and enjoy a bit of NYC. There are plenty of photo opportunities. 😀
  3. Super, Marianne! I was thinking April 28 or 29, so hopefully one of those days will work for anyone interested. Cecile
  4. Congratulations to you, John. Well deserved! And thanks again for sharing your knowledge of plants so freely here on the forum.
  5. Okay. Glad there’s some interest. I’ll ask again in early April, but keep in mind the last week of that month for a meet-up and let me know if any particular day does not work for you. I’m thinking sometime mid-week. It seems we now have a new topic for discussion. 🙃
  6. I’ll be in New York City, specifically Lower Manhattan, most of April and am wondering if a group of Alamy folks would be interested in getting together for coffee and a chat. The last week of April would work best for me, but I do have some flexibility earlier in the month, too. Location, time, and date would depend on who is interested.
  7. Congratulations on your win! Interesting topic. I now see I’ve got another subject weakness in my collection! Renovated, repurposed, eco friendly building, 18th Arrondissement, Paris. Recycling station, 19th Arrondissement, Paris. Electric postal vehicle, 11th Arrondissement, Paris
  8. It happens from time to time. I submitted three images early last week and they passes quality control the next day. I received an email notice several days later. Most of the time I just check the images and don’t wait for the email.
  9. I would appreciate some help identifying this ornamental grass seen on the Gargano Peninsula, in and near the town of Vieste on the Adriatic Coast of Italy. The photos were taken in October. So far, the closest I’ve come to identification is "Giant Reed, Arundo donax," but I doubt that’s correct. Many thanks. Cecile
  10. Endangered Snail Kites, not seen in our part of Florida in over a hundred years, have come north after losing their habitat to climate change (hurricanes and flooding). At the same time the invasive apple snail, their primary source of food, has infiltrated our wetlands. Rome: Beauty, and the beastly tourists who come to see the beauty. Gravesite of actor/director Christophe Otzenberger in Monmartre Cemetery, Paris (probably more unique than ironic, but I like the juxtaposition)
  11. I’m wondering if I’m correct in thinking this is a chestnut tree. Photos were taken in mid-September (during somewhat of a drought) in the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, west of Paris. I hadn’t planned to use then but, since they were accidentally included in an upload, I figured I might as well leave them in place.
  12. Many thanks for including one of mine. I’m honored. This was an inspired challenge with many fabulous photographs.
  13. I took that tram from the center of Strasbourg last year just so I could say I’d been to Germany. I guess I should have had a beer before heading back across the border. 😉
  14. Thanks, Betty. Yes, mine were definitely much smaller.
  15. Thanks very much, John. I appreciate the confirmation.
  16. I’m back again to show my ignorance when it comes to plants. My best estimate is Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria. The flowers were blooming in early September in the Tuileries Gardens, Paris. I’d appreciate help with identification.
  17. Empty boats, Xochimilco, Mexico City. Shelves emptied of bottled water before a hurricane, Gainesville, Florida. Empty swimming pools, Paris, France.
  18. Sorry, missing the stick. Should have read "stick shift." Manual transmission.
  19. I learned to drive a shift on my high school boyfriend’s 1967 Roadrunner. Candy apple red and full of power.
  20. Unfortunately, have a terrible sense of smell (though sometimes it’s actually a plus).
  21. I have absolutely no expertise, but that's what came to mind when I first saw the photo. My mother had one when I was growing up.
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