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  1. I could do with some of whatever you were on last night Marianne Alan
  2. Ah, this is where being a programmer helps! I often find I have little tasks such as this that would save me time if automated. It would probably take me a couple of minutes to knock up a Perl script to do this. Alan
  3. As far as I'm aware there's nothing in the specifications for metadata that would cover this. Alan
  4. Average fee per licence this year has gone up for me by over 50% from last year. Alan
  5. I was a whisker away from making a sarcastic comment... Alan
  6. What layer functionality is missing in Elements? Alan
  7. Or call it something else. Newcomers who are unfamiliar with the Alamy system will assume that "poor discoverability" means "your photos are unlikely to be seen by buyers", which is not exactly the message you are trying to put across. Alan
  8. I don't see people getting mocked. All I see is people repeatedly objecting to the business model they've signed up to, and other people repeatedly telling them that change is not going to happen. Alan
  9. There is no release from cats. Alan
  10. I would question whether it's necessary on this pic. Anyone searching for that model of car isn't going to be looking for a tiny unrecognisable shot of it in the distance, so it's more likely to hurt your CTR than get a sale. The picture will sell on impact rather than detail. Alan
  11. As Martyn says, PEC-12. I actually bought some a few years ago as a result of Chuck's recommendations but the thought of getting all my Kodachromes out of their mounts was too much for me at the time and I never got round to investigating whether it would be sufficient or possible to clean them in situ. Alan
  12. An additional question for those of you who use the archival route: do you spend any time cleaning and spotting old trannies? I've got thousands but most of them are Kodachrome so there's no possibility of using ICE in the scanner. Cleaning them would be an enormous task, spotting them a thousand times more so. Alan
  13. I often spend a lot of time on captions, involving maps, Wikipedia, Google Earth etc. At least with digital it's easy to take a quick snap of any signs, information boards etc while you're there, without wasting a precious frame of film. Alan
  14. It's probably a bulk deal, in which case Alamy wouldn't care how many contributors their income was split between. Why would they? One deal for them, one payment into their coffers. Alan
  15. Doesn't seem to work for me like that Stephen. The vast majority of my sales over the last 12 months were uploaded between 6 and 10 years ago. Some of them were from the very few trannies that were up to standard, the oldest shot in 1979. Alan
  16. It's kind of appropriate to the literal interpretation of the search though, isn't it? I'm assuming your photo showed a man in an opening high in a castle. Alan
  17. Thanks Danny, and Kumar. It shouldn't really be a long slog but when you've got so many other things on your to-do list... Alan
  18. I'll get round to that eventually. I've got loads of interesting stuff particularly from the 1980s. But it's not a high priority any more. Alan
  19. When I joined Alamy in 2008 my target was 4000 by the end of 2011. I'm only just over 7 years late. My mistake was to assume I would scan my thousands of transparencies. When I did so I was horrified to find that 90% of them were not sharp. Alan
  20. Like I said, it's all down to location. If the café is in London you'll get far more than if it's in a downtrodden post-industrial town in West Yorkshire which is where I live. I do however have an excellent local printer who will do A3 prints for £5. Before my Epson 1800 gave up the ghost I was printing them myself for about £3. Alan
  21. We can't possibly answer that without more information. What camera were they taken on? What size was the original image from the camera (pixel dimensions)? Did you enlarge them? If so, to what size? Can you post a 100% crop of an area that should be sharp? Alan
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