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  1. That should be absolutely fine. If you're not already doing so, I would recommend shooting in RAW and converting to JPEG after processing. Alan
  2. Very useful question, John, because I'm in exactly the same situation - not through choice but because Virgin have just upgraded their PAYG SIMs and they no longer work on steam phones. I shall be reading this thread with interest. I had already noted what3words as a useful app to start with, as Sue points out. Alan
  3. I don't know about you, but if I don't like someone I prefer to be aware of what they're up to. Alan
  4. Best combination I've ever owned. I've got other lenses but I reckon I do 95% of my work with this combo. I have a NEX6 and I've tried an X-T1 but they can't come near it for quality. I'm wondering whether more recent Sonys or Fujis have made significant leaps forward since then. But for now my shoulder can just about cope with a bag (with a flexible strap) full of FF DSLR kit. For how long though? Alan
  5. And mine. Most emphatically. There is NO WAY I would take these down. I would respond to the company saying that under UK law you have a perfectly legal right to take, displauy and license these photos and please could they explain why they feel they have a right to have them removed. We must not be bullied. As the Colonel says, it will be the end of street photography for all of us. Alan
  6. BBC drama serial from 1999, "Shooting the Past" written by Steven Poliakoff. Brilliant drama from one of my favourite dramatists. Alan
  7. Well someone's got to provide balance Alan
  8. Never been better. Good sales in the last couple of months to match. Alan
  9. Very nice. I would have definitely swapped mine for that one! Alan
  10. I said "Some people", Gen. And I was talking about how the terms are used by such people, not about the officially recognised definitions. I've been a part of the motorised camping fraternity in the past and I can assure you that in the UK the two terms are often used interchangeably, by users and especially by dealers who would like customers to think that a Hiace is a "home" rather than just a "van". I usually referred to my Renault Master conversion as a campervan but it was certainly sold to me as a motorhome. Maybe it's different in Oz Alan
  11. I wish I had! Letters in the BFP newsletter kept saying how impossibly hard it was to pass Alamy QC so I put it off until 2008 Alan
  12. And wannabes. Campervan has a ring of ordinariness to it so some people would refer to anything with four wheels and a bed as a motorhome. The same kind of people who would wear a captain's hat on a hired narrowboat. Alan
  13. I agree with everything you've said about him and his style. But I still hate Arsenal. Alan
  14. I always understood that there was no more visceral hatred than that of a Spurs fan for Arsenal. Alan
  15. Motorhome is the more up-market term. Alan
  16. I suspect that the regularity of submissions plays an important part too. I have over 4000 images and no failure since 2014 but I'm firmly stuck on three stars. I've assumed this is because for the last 3 years or so other things have taken priority so I only upload sporadically. Alan
  17. In what context? We each have a profile on this forum - is that what you mean? Alan
  18. Sorry, but this doesn't make sense to me. If the contributor has been paid (however long ago) then this means that the funds have already been cleared. Alan
  19. Oh! I've obviously been around too long because I didn't realise/had forgotten that first posts had to be approved! Alan
  20. You appear to have 79 images on sale Sue, so you must have gone through your approval process some days ago, surely? Alan
  21. After a relatively quiet year I had a sudden flurry of above-average sales in the second half of July. The majority of them were quirky subjects - exactly the kind of thing I shoot specifically with Alamy in mind. Alan
  22. I bought my car just before lockdown. I've barely used it and there's no way I could remember the number. Alan
  23. As a well-known song from Not The Nine O'Clock News might have said: At the sink you must be brave and tireless, At the sink you can listen to the wireless Alan
  24. Hmm..., have they thought about the business they will lose from people like me who may well refuse to shop anywhere that allows people in without masks? Alan
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