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  1. I’ve had lots going on lately and have been working hard not to let the stress get to me. Late this afternoon I met up with a friend for an early bite to eat, turned off my phone and just chatted with her for 90 minutes. It was great fun to catch up!
  2. I suspect many of us don’t report the bad things because we are trying to think positively and focus on the good.
  3. Sure. Those kind of stories. i just finishing reading a fascinating book, though many of the events within were very difficult to stomach. The author took inspiration from the lives of her Southern Italian family and their emigration story, and she turned a timeline of real events into a novel. Poverty, hunger, earthquakes, dangerous NYC construction projects and threats from the Mafia were all included. The stories were based on her research, but also interviews of her grandmother recorded back in the 1980s. The book is called Elizabeth Street.
  4. At least that’s a comfort, Paulette. Good luck with everything!
  5. I think reading your memoirs would be very interesting, Edo, but I can understand not wanting to write a whole book. Formulating a collection of essays of memorable events/experiences has often appealed to me, and is something I’ve considered. Seems somewhat easier than the task of putting together a cohesive book.
  6. It was almost two years ago that I asked this forum for help identifying a plant. I’m still very grateful for the assistance and am happy to say it was just licensed in Japan for a book. A solid $$. (Unfortunately, it was through a distributor).
  7. Congratulations, Lori! Super photo! Here are my three: Tour de France 2015, passing through village of Martinpuich, France (pop. 200) Old train station, Dushore, Pennsylvania (pop. 558) Boat and town, Le Crotoy, France (pop. 2077)
  8. Yes, once the storm got north of Cuba it began to strengthen again. I’m not sure if it was still a cat 1 when it came across the state to my north, but it soon lost speed over land. Unfortunately, Florida had already been inundated with rain for the last several weeks, so the extra rain from the storm has caused lots of flooding. We also had several little tornados that are often present on the eastern side of a hurricane. So, between the high winds and the overly saturated foliage, we are seeing many downed limbs/trees. My home seems to be in good shape and I never lost power, so all is prett
  9. What a bummer! Fortunately it was only the camera that was hurt, and not you.
  10. It’s awful. I’m just getting over a problem with vertigo and seeing the motion on the homepage sure didn’t help. It’s too fast for my taste. I’m glad I don’t typically look at the main Alamy page.
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