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  1. I was very surprised to see a large flock of what looked like small green parrots in central Paris last fall.
  2. Wishing her all the best, Michael. She looks and sounds like she’s a beautiful, intelligent young woman, with a strong spirit. You’ve done well!
  3. The governor of Florida has, just this afternoon, finally issued a state-wide stay at home order beginning Thursday at midnight and lasting through the month of April.
  4. It will be two weeks tonight since my daughter arrived at my home after making the 16 hour drive from New York City to North Florida, and we are both feeling extremely fortunate neither of us is exhibiting symptoms of the virus now that our self-imposed quarantine is coming to an end. Though my daughter couldn’t be sure, having come from New York City, she or the friend she shared a car with had most likely been exposed to the virus. My part of the state is very different from what many people think of when they hear the name "Florida." We have a low but rolling terrain and a very full tree canopy of mainly live oaks and pine trees. Lots and lots of green and, at the moment, al our flowering plants are in bloom. My city is home to a very large state university and its affiliated medical center serves much of the southeastern U.S. We are a very diverse community and our leaders tend to be proactive in taking precautions to protect citizens, unlike many other parts of my state. I learned something very surprising today in regards to the huge retirement community about 1 1/2 hours drive to the south of me. There is concern that it will be the next virus "hot spot" in the state. A knowledgeable friend told me our university medical center was working with other hospitals in the area to prepare for a huge influx of cases related to the virus. It seems there have already been a few cases in that community, and I’ve heard of at least one confirmed death. What surprised me though are first-hand reports of many citizens in that community still socializing in large groups, hosting "block parties," and socializing in the golf course. These are adults! Older, retired adults!
  5. Water coming out of the ground at the main spring, headwaters of the Ichetucknee River, North Florida.
  6. It’s good you can get into see someone so fast, Michael. Hope it’s something simple. I was thinking about my dentist the other day when I sent in payment for a recent appointment. I’m not even sure she’s working right now. Perhaps only for emergencies.
  7. Wishing Kim, you and your family the very best, Betty.
  8. I also love Steve’s puffin. I was supposed to photograph puffins off the coast of Scotland later this year, but the small boat company has cancelled the trip. Looking at beautiful pictures will be as close as I’ll get! Such marvelous photos here from everyone. Thanks for lifting my spirits!
  9. LOL, Betty. I skipped The Exorcist. I react much like Edo described and "take on some of the negative elements of the plot." It’s like being overly sensitive to certain things. They become personal. I can view some films that have violence if there is a reason for me to watch, and I can deal with tough situations when necessary, but those images never leave me. I’m sure I’ll eventually watch 1917, but will wait for a "calmer" time.
  10. Grand "Chocolate" Falls, Navajo Reservation, Arizona, USA
  11. Great idea! Some fabulous shots. Photos to lose oneself in for a bit.
  12. Ok. I may give it a go. I’d like to see the film, but I’m also a bit of a wimp. My NYC daughter and I have been plowing through the TV series The Americans and there are times, when I know something sinister is going to happen, that I’m pulling a pillow over my eyes. Of course, now that my daughter is here staying with me, everything we watch is "negotiated." 🙂
  13. I’ve debated watching 1917. I’m not sure I’m up to it, though I’ve heard it’s very well made and is an excellent film.
  14. An enjoyable read, Edo, and I really like your timeless photo of the workers pouring bronze.
  15. Speaking of NYC, my daughter, who has been holed up in her Lower Manhattan studio apartment, will be coming to stay with me for awhile. Normally, I think she’d hold off a bit before leaving, but her best friend, who is also from our North Florida town, has a (non-viral) family medical emergency. Since the friend has rented a car to drive south first thing in the morning, my daughter and her dog will be coming down, too. Her only concern is the possibility of sharing germs with me, but my health is good, so I’ll take my chances. I’ll be happy to have her here, and can maybe take some pictures of an overly stressed millennial working remotely. She’ll be thrilled. 😎
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