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  1. A horrible loss for so many. My deepest condolences to Keith’s family and friends.
  2. So many fabulous photos, I’m sure it was difficult to narrow down the selection, Colin.
  3. Ah, I didn’t understand why you were laughing. Now I see. 😀
  4. Oh, rats! I’ll need a membership. Many thanks for finding it!
  5. This one cleared Tuesday. If anyone can find it online, I’d appreciate it very much. So far, I’ve had no luck, but many news sites are blocked to me these days (currently in France). I’m guessing it was used for a UK article about WeWork. Price not worth mentioning. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Newspaper - national ; Print run: up to 2 million ; Placement: Inside and online ; Start: 18-August-2019 ; End: 19-August-2019 ; Additional Details: Any placement in paper and online. One use in a single editorial article used within the print and digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article.
  6. Wow! My new images, uploaded last night, are labeled 2A07.... Glad you pointed that out.
  7. I have the knee issue, too. Sometimes I spread my feet out wide in a half split to get me lower to the ground, but crouching down on bended knees just doesn’t work for me anymore.
  8. I successfully tag on my iPad when I have to, since I no longer own a laptop, but the words tedious and slow going accurately describe the activity in my opinion. Otherwise, I love my iPad and use it for reading books, online articles, email, etc, etc, etc.
  9. Fearless girl with smiling women. Young photographer Sad doggie
  10. Betty, the pic above was copied from my image manager, but I usually do it from the Alamy dashboard. Start typing in a message box and you’ll see "insert image from URL" at the bottom. That’s where you’ll paste your copied pic.
  11. Yes. There’s a way. Here’s one way.....Do an image search from your dashboard and enlarge the Image. Press on the image and select copy. Then go to your message and select insert image from url. Paste in the image link and submit reply. A bit tedious, but it works for me.
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