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  1. Valencia, Spain?

    Congratulations and best of luck, Edo! Now that you have your Irish passport, and have made your decisions, there should be lots of interesting times ahead!
  2. Images sold in August (One per day per contributor)

    Michael, I was just in the Phoenix and Atlanta airports and saw signs with Zika warnings in the air terminals. I was a bit surprised, too. Congrats on your sale!
  3. Good advice, Edo, but I think I’m just looking for an excuse to get a newer/better piece of equipment as consolation for leaving the RX10 behind. BUT is the RX100/M6 worth it? I haven’t traveled with just one camera in a long while, and the thought makes me a bit nervous. However, as much as I like my RX10, I seriously doubt I’d use it enough on this particular trip to warrant hauling it around. I’ve never been to Italy, but I know what large, tourist-heavy cities are like and I just don’t see myself using the RX10 during most of the trip. I’ve got awhile to think this through since my tour is not for many months. I’m a bit of a neurotic planner when it comes to traveling with cameras, electronics, and the right bags, and I travel as light as possible. Most likely, a second, pocket-sized camera is in my future, though it’s not money I really want to spend. Having a little extra zoom would be nice.
  4. I have recently signed up for an organized tour, a first for me. Because I won’t have as much control as I normally would when traveling alone, and because we will be visiting many heavily touristed areas in Italy, I’m coming to the conclusion a small pocket camera will be best for me to take. I have the RX100 M4 (am I the only one here with an M4?), and it’s never failed me, but my preferred camera is the latest RX10. It’s possible I may upgrade the RX100 before my trip. I’m hoping to hear more positive comments regarding the M6 over the next few months and will be avidly following this topic. The idea of a longer zoom is most appealing.
  5. Horse ID

    At a glance, I’d guess American Quarter Horse. But if I wasn’t positive, I personally wouldn't list the breed.
  6. Classic GMC truck ID, help needed please

    Perfect! Thank you both for the information!
  7. I saw this old GMC pickup truck on the street in Avignon, France this past spring. I would be grateful for any ID advice offered. The California plates, on both front and back, date back to April 2011. Definitely past its registration date! The rear panel on the back lift looks wooden and matches the rest of the trim.
  8. Actress identification

    Location related issue perhaps? This must frustrate you to no end!
  9. Actress identification

    I’m curious, Edo. Did you have an upload problem during your short return to NYC or, before that, in Mexico, or did it start after you arrived in Canada?
  10. Greetings from Southern New Jersey

  11. ID of flowering tree, Paris France

    Perfect! Many thanks, John.
  12. ID of flowering tree, Paris France

    These trees with purple blossoms were photographed in the Paris Tuilleries Gardens in mid-April. Could someone help me with identification please. Are they flowering locust trees? Many thanks!
  13. Identification help, plant with purple flowers

    Thanks for the help everyone! Much appreciated!
  14. I would appreciate help identifying this plant with purple flowers spotted in Northern France, near the coast, the end of May. Bell Flowers?
  15. Google voice sounds like an interesting idea. I have not heard of it before. I’ve been using WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Skype to call, but only on WiFi and to those with recoprical Apps. I think the next time I venture into the French countryside, where I have no Wifi, I’ll get a cheap French, pay as you go phone. Jeff, what US phone plan do you have? That will make a difference as to what might be available to you. Also depends where you’re going,