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  1. You might check to see if the Westford butterfly garden has online id photos. That’s how I identified a tropical bird I photographed at my local museum/butterfly garden.
  2. Homegrown photographers: Two of my granddaughters Homegrown rainy day funds. Homegrown university dominating my town.
  3. That’s super, Sally! Congratulations! A wonderful sale! I’ve read “The Curious...” I wonder if I’d like reading some of his other books, too. (This week, I should have been on a small boat out of Oban, before heading over to Edinburgh. Drat!)
  4. Betty, to get the ‘squiggle” when using your iPad, just hold down the letter and choices should pop up. When selecting the “n” you’d get ñ or ń. Just select the proper choice by sliding your finger up and you get Piña.
  5. My bigger camera is an RX10, so not overly expensive. I generally protect it with a lightweight jacket or sweater placed in the bottom of my bag. Here’s an Internet pic of the kind of bag I bought a few years ago. https://www.vinted.fr/femmes/sacs-a-main/201238121-sac-fourre-tout-monoprix-en-jean
  6. For traveling on the subway and buses in large cities I do something similar to you, Paulette. I have a denim bag with both a cross body strap and short shoulder straps, so I can tuck the bag up under my arm, but let it hang free when I’m out of crowds, and it just looks like I might be out doing some light shopping. For other times, I also have a proper camera bag, with a waterproof cover, that can be worn as a backpack or as a sling.
  7. Scratched corneas can be extremely painful, especially when the lid isn’t held in place by a patch. Hopefully your daughter will heal rapidly. At least she was in the right place for getting immediate care.
  8. Good point about Chrome, Wim. Thanks. I have a 2011 Mac running OS 10.12 (I think). Requirements for updating the camera firmware are 10.13 or higher. My Mac is so old and clunky that, even after cleaning up a lot of space, it still takes about 30 minutes to fully boot up. Probably best for me not to even attempt a firmware update. Sorry for you folks with leaks! Makes my “problem” look pretty trivial!
  9. Oh, yes. That’s my problem, too. Just ignoring that point.
  10. Yesterday I learned Sony came out with a firmware update last November for the RX10 IV, my go-to camera. I seem to be taking lots of animal pics during these pandemic days (birds, alligators, rabbits) and the update adds animal eye AF. However, my computer is too old, and my new iPad won’t work, so I seem to be unable to do a firmware update at this point. Now want the update even more. 😕
  11. No, I don’t think we ever stop worrying, especially during these strange times. A good thing that happened to me (yesterday) was a surprise treat from my neighbor. Banana nut muffins right out of the oven! I had three instead of dinner.
  12. My daughter safely made the 15 hour drive from Florida to NYC, packed up her apartment over the course of two weeks, then drove west to live near my son in Arizona. The NYC to Northern Arizona drive was done over four days. I’m relieved she’s made it safely and now feel I can relax a bit.
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