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  1. I made a large and very tasty salad for lunch, but as I was putting away the dressing and unused veggies I bumped a refrigerator door shelf, knocking a jar of dill pickles onto the floor. Because the shelf was pretty low, the glass didn’t scatter too much, but the pickle brine made a bee line across my kitchen floor and under my pantry door. I’ve partially cleaned up the mess, but decided to sit down and enjoy my salad before dealing with the rest of the damage. Of course, I wasn’t wearing shoes when it happened, so feel lucky my feet weren’t cut.
  2. That is very sweet of your daughter and reminds me that, way after the fact, I found out my very first sale was a purchase made by my younger daughter. It was a landscape of a place we had visited together and the purchase was for personal use. She had it on her office compter as a screen saver for awhile.
  3. All Souls Day couple, Oaxaca, Mexico Sax player under bridge, Central Park, NYC
  4. I stayed in Houston a good bit back in the 1980s and it was the first time I’d ever noticed cicadas. I still remember how surprised I was over the loud noise they made.
  5. Possibly binned. I cleaned out that treasure-trove closet a couple years ago, so don’t totally remember. I try recycling, donating or selling If at all possible. The only unopened box was Art Gallery. I still have more old primary school goodies to sort through though. I won a statewide tech award, and also wrote a lot of grants. I have had a hard time letting old tech hardware go because you just never know when you might need something. 😀 I think, somewhere, I have my first two digital cameras. The kind you inserted a hard disk into. Seems like they could hold five photos, or so.
  6. Personal use....UK Software awarded to me for my classroom in the 90s. Took a few photos before tossing it all out.
  7. I really like your photos of Paris in the snow. It doesn’t happen that often, so pretty pictures of Paris in the snow should sell. I would add a few more specific location words in your tags if you can. For instance, 2E1RE6T is Ile Saint-Louis, and that makes it extra special. I would also add the tags Seine, River, and 4th Arrondissement. If you can name the park in the photo of the couple with a dog and it’s arrondissement, that would be good, too. It’s a wonderful photo!
  8. For the moment, this year seems to be going much better for me than last. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Personal use. USA. Standard full amount.
  9. Congratulations, Andy. A superb photo! Also, an inspiration set of eight, and a most interesting contest overall.
  10. Oh, I agree mine can serve as a main course. When I had a house full of kids back in the day, I often served the cornbread with something like a hearty vegetable soup. Sometimes I added bits of ham to the cornbread, too. In fact, I last fixed the full cornbread recipe, along with a big mixed salad, this past “Covid” Christmas when it was just me and one of my sons for dinner.
  11. I love good cornbread, but don’t make it too often these days. My great-grandmother’s recipe doesn’t call for flour, but it does include a can of creamed corn. If I really want to fancy it up, I also add some chopped onion and pimiento before pouring half of the batter into the hot skillet. I next sprinkle on about a cup of shredded sharp cheddar, then repeat a second layer each of batter and cheese. My cooked cornbread is then served out of the skillet. I don’t think I could flip it out even if I tried. The skillet is too heavy.
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