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  1. Edo, you have my deepest sympathies. May memories of the good times you had with your sister give you some peace.
  2. I saw my eye doc earlier this week and she said I was looking at surgery in the next year or two. I’m pleased to read the good reports from those of you who’ve had the experience.
  3. 2020 was a horrible year for me, but January 2021 is off to a good start. Fingers crossed it stays that way. This is my third sale for the month. High $$, magazine, ROW.
  4. Yes, the same here. Wishing your daughter well. You must be so worried, Betty.
  5. A nice, almost $$$, sale. Unfortunately for me it was through a distributor and non-exclusive due to the subject. France, inside book.
  6. I’ve traveled over to a very rural part of my state for a brief stay on the coast. Middle of nowhere kind of place. Average household income here is very low, and most employed residents must drive long distances for work. On my way here I drove through mostly forest and timber land. Hardly any cars, few people. However, just about a mile past a lone crossroads, I encountered three county police, and a long, circular line of cars off to the side of the road outside an old building that has seen better days. A split second later I realized it was the county drive-through local Health Department
  7. Those normal events of just going shopping with an adult child can be so meaningful these days. I’m looking forward to the time when I can have more of them! My daughter lived in Alexandria and worked in Foggy Bottom, but moved six years ago. I love the DC area and enjoyed visiting her. I’m also extremely glad she isn’t living there at the moment. Yesterday and today I was able to spend some time with my younger sister and brother in-law who I haven’t seen in almost a year. They are traveling from up north to Central Florida for the winter, and we met both days to have outdo
  8. I traveled a lot in 2019: 850 Barely left my city in 2000: 150
  9. Today was warmish with a bright blue sky. I took a walk at a nearby wetlands park. Saw lots of water fowl and got a few usable photos of water, sky and colorful foliage. A huge otter, as large as a Retriever, scampered across the path behind me as I turned around. I got a few quick pics, though probably nothing sharp enough to upload here. Beautiful day though.
  10. Thank you all! Very helpful and much appreciated.
  11. I took this photo in North Florida mid-November, but I was in a botanical garden. I’m guessing the plant is not a native. I also took a picture of a label, but it apparently wasn’t the correct one. Any help identifying the flower would be much appreciated.
  12. Yes. Same one. The original opened in Ybor City, Tampa in 1905. There are two or three satellite locations now, including one in St. Augustine. I think the St. Armands location opened in the 80s. I remember going there when we spent time on Longboat Key. They have at least one cookbook and my chicken and rice recipe is adapted from theirs. Sorry your daughter has been unable to get her first vaccination. I hope she gets one soon. All our health professionals should be vaccinated first, especially those heroes on the front lines who are constantly dealing with COVID patients. It’s
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