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  1. Congratulations! My three... On a frigid morning, manatees cluster together to stay warm in the sheltered waters of Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River, Florida, USA. The edge of a front at sunset, Cedar Key, Florida, USA. Woman in red coat trudging through the snow, New York, NY, USA.
  2. Steve, there’s a "Report unauthorized use" form link at the bottom of your Alamy dashboard page.
  3. Thanks, Kumar! If anyone will find themself in Paris during September, and wants to meet up for a coffee, I’d be happy to try to coordinate a gathering.
  4. Thanks so much, Kumar. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this trip. Maybe sometime in the future! I’ll be in Paris the month of September, but must then head south, rather than north. My best to all for a fun meeting. Cecile
  5. At least, if you click on "categories," you can jump down to the bottom, familiar categories, rather than having to scroll all the way down. (On my iPad you can, anyway).
  6. Kids photographing active alligators... Girls’ fun run... Water play...
  7. New memorial to the Unsung Heroes of 9/11, workers whose deaths came long after their work cleaning the destroyed World Trade Center, New York. Memorial Children's Garden, remembering the lives of now deceased young children, Flagstaff. Flag Lowering Ceremony, Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer.
  8. Glad you resolved your problem, Betty. This iPhone info is really helpful! I just gave the scan a try, then saved into pdf format.
  9. Edo, since I was in your old neighborhood today, I took a look at the doors to your place. I’m not sure if this is new since your daughter in-law stopped by, but there appears to be some remodeling of the restaurant in the works. There is also a permit dated late May posted on the entry door to the apartments that allows for work on the interior gas lines and meters.
  10. Good luck and happy travels, Edo, from my temporary digs in FIDI.
  11. I uploaded a batch as a kind of test, then added tags and captions once they went live just a bit later. However, I was slightly past the daily update time, so my photos didn’t show up until the next days update (as I’d expected).
  12. Okay. Thanks for the heads-up, Kumar. I’d probably spend a couple nights in Cambridge and wouldn’t have a car, so would depend on buses/trains to Ely. Thanks for the welcome!
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