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  1. I didn’t realize until after I took the photo, I wasn’t the only one with my eyes on the insect.
  2. Good luck, Betty. Hopefully all will be fine.
  3. I debated with myself and ended up watching it last night. I also have it recorded, so will probably watch again in a couple of weeks. I found it to be very inspirational, both in regards to photography and to leadership. Much of it was also quite moving, and I found myself tearing up several times.
  4. It looks like you copied the link at the top of the page, rather than the image link.
  5. My three... Gulf fritillary, Florida Sunset, Saint-Malo Orange door, Paris
  6. For anyone able to access MSNBC, The Way I See It, the two hour film about Pete Souza’s time as White House photographer for Presidents Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, will be aired this Friday night, Oct 16, beginning at 10:00 PM Eastern time.
  7. My good thing, I had a four hour, socially-distanced visit with an old friend today. I have a decent-sized garage, so I swept it up a bit and ran a fan for added air circulation with the large doors open, too. It was great to catch up.
  8. I love New York City, as well as Paris, for basically the same reasons: public transportation, ease of getting around, a plethora of things to photograph, and historical/cultural sites and events. All the little neighborhoods have their own personalities and turning a corner can bring you into a whole new area of the city. Over the past several years I’ve spent a lot of time in both places and I’m always so much healthier when there, mostly from all the walking. I’m also glad I’m not in either city at the moment, but I’d make do, if necessary. I have friends in Paris and hope to get back there as soon as traveling becomes safe again, but now that my youngest has left NYC, I’m not sure I’ll ever return for more than a short trip. Having a free place to stay in the city was always a real plus. Dealing with unsavory people on the streets is never pleasant. I had a young woman (not a street person, however) go off on me last year because she didn’t want to move off the door-stoop so I could exit my apartment building. She was already worked up about something, and decided she’d try to take her aggressions out on me. Sometimes these situations can almost ruin your day, but it sounds like you know just the right way to handle things, Paulette.
  9. They look like homemade/kids’ versions of pre-Lenten Carnival devil animals. I believe you were in Oaxaca city, but try looking at this link from a town nearby. http://www.lizdevine.com/carnival
  10. I’m sure glad improvements have advanced treatment since the time my father had his cataracts removed in the mid-1970s. Though he was younger than fifty, he had developed terrible cataracts from being a radarman in the US Navy during WWII. For the removal, he had to be hospitalized for a couple of days and kept immobile for the first 24 hours after the surgery. Afterwards, his vision was forever horrible, and he had to wear hard contact lenses that were constantly getting dislodged, along with different types of glasses, depending on what he was doing. It was all quite frustrating. These days, it seems such a comparatively simple procedure. Still, I plan to avoid surgery until mine start to become problematic. Hopefully, that’s a few years away. I’ve worn two different contacts for years: one in my non-dominent eye for reading and the other for distance. I rarely ever wear my glasses and my optometrist tells me having the same type of lenses implanted after cataract removal should work well for me. That would be nice since glasses drive me nuts. John, would a second opinion from another doctor be an option?
  11. Edo, I do hope you’ll continue to write your blog for a long time. I look forward to a quiet read Sunday mornings and enjoy hearing your thoughtful little nuggets of information. Plus, being stuck here in North Florida, I feel like I’m learning more about other places as an "armchair traveler." Here at home, I have a lot of collected things that mean a lot to me, but during the months I’m traveling and living out of a tiny suitcase, they just fade into the background. Live in the moment. It’s a good plan. As for slippers, I’m a barefoot girl, too, but the Eddie Bauer pair, gifted to me about thirty years ago when I thought they were silly, unnecessary and frivolous, seem to come out more and more in wintertime as I get older.
  12. Some days are like that, when you just want to scream or throw a tantrum! Frustrating, but glad it all worked out in the end.
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