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  1. Many thanks, Kumar. At least it’s enough of an improvement to keep me interested in adding photos, especially after my horrible year of 2020 and recent commission cuts.
  2. UK, media magazine, mid $$ Sales for 2021 have now surpassed my most "successful" year (2019), with sale revenue is about 10% higher.
  3. Toulouse France Xochimilco, Mexico City, Mexico Chinatown, New York City
  4. Welcome back! What an ordeal for you. So glad you’re better and that you were well taken care of during the worst of it!
  5. I could do without Alexa, as well. My youngest daughter gave "her" to me as a gift and I have it set up to turn my reading light on/off, making it easier to get out of my living room without tripping over something in the dark. Nice to have, but I really don’t need it. My oldest daughter gave me a doorbell camera for Christmas and it took me months before I’d agree to connect the thing. I’ve actually become a bit fond of it now and have found it somewhat useful.
  6. I’m very sorry you’re ill. It must be particularly frustrating in light of your first covid illness. Wishing you a rapid recovery. Hopefully your symptoms are now at their worst point and you will soon begin to improve.
  7. My point, exactly, Betty. I believe vaccination is crucial. I also believe it’s important to continue to practice the various safety measures.The new debate, as I see it, and as it affects me and those I love, is when, or if, the booster is necessary.
  8. My 75 year-old sister has been doubly-vaccinated since the spring, but tested positive after being exposed by a friend. She also (most likely) passed covid on to the couple she’s visiting. Because my sister has serious health issues, she was sent to a facility to receive an antibody infusion which took about an hour, then sent home to quarantine. Fortunately, my sister and her friends all experienced mild covid symptoms similar to a cold. She will now have to wait an extra three months before she receives a booster. If she hadn’t been vaccinated, most likely she would not have survived.
  9. Fun topic and some super photos already!!! Little girl and calf eyeing each other, Place République, Paris Protestors, New York City Women selling produce, Oaxaca, Mexico
  10. I find altitude affects my ability to consume wine without getting a headache. I’ve been up over 7,000 ft for the past month and suffered a pretty bad headache each of the two times I drank one glass of my regular rosé. While here, I’ve only tried beer once - some sort of fancy, sour beer that wouldn’t normally be my choice - and was, thankfully, headache free.
  11. I’m allergic to dairy, but will sometimes indulge and pay the price, too. I also indulge occasionally by having Ben & Jerry’s almond ice cream, but find the high sugar count keeps me awake at night. Sometimes it’s just easier not to eat any ice cream at all.
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