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  1. I agree. The way the situation was handled showed a lack of respect and common courtesy towards contributors. While I have never sold a live news photo until it’s gone into stock, and I can understand their wish to clean up the submission process, having the opportunity to submit in the case of something timely was always an Alamy plus, in my opinion. Occasionally, something of national or international importance happens in my university hometown, but I also spend a lot of time in large cities where it’s more likely I’ll come across something newsworthy. Alamy’s handling of this situation has left a bad taste, and I doubt I’d go to the bother of trying to connect with the helpful news team now.
  2. My tricky back went out again last Thursday when I was traveling. Stupid suitcase. It’s supposed to roll, not drag! Hope your back is right again soon, and you’re ready for your drive, Betty.
  3. Wishing you safe travels, Betty. My heart goes out to you.
  4. Thanks, Paulette. I ordered a slightly used copy. 😀
  5. Paulette, you beat me to it!
  6. Sold for a very nice fee. My highest so far. RM. Educational use. 25 years. "Reference Macmillan and Alamy contract dated February 2014.” I’m assuming that would be Macmillan Publishing.
  7. Congratulations, Paulette! Three people enjoy a canal-side picnic, complete with wine, on a sunny April afternoon in Paris. Greedy brown pelicans hustle for fish scraps at the John’s Pass docks, Madeira Beach, Florida. Paris office workers eat lunch around a La Défense wading pool on an exceptionally hot day in June.
  8. Thanks for posting that link, John. I’ve had a few iQ sales, but hadn’t a clue what the term meant.
  9. Beautiful blooms, Lisa! I’ll be out there the end of this month, so guess I’ll miss all that gorgeous color!
  10. Nice that you worked so fast. It’s funny how those first shots often turn out to be the best of the shoot!
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