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  1. Your highest sale

    $1173.99 (2015) Alan
  2. Lightroom file capacity

    Are you going to throw a party when you reach a million? Alan
  3. Subscription Sales?

    Then move further inland! Alan
  4. Subscription Sales?

    ...and one = 500 images floating around waiting to be ripped off for nothing while the other = well, you do the math. Alan
  5. Had an Alamywhack today

    Jeremy Hunt? Alan
  6. Had an Alamywhack today

    More or less. It actually returned three images, all of which were mine. It's very satisfying when you see this: I'm still waiting for the sale to drop in though Alan
  7. Equiptment

    You won't find any information about equipment because it's not relevant to Alamy's business. They are licensing images to commercial customers, not promoting photographic techniques. Alan
  8. Sorry Jill, but that's also confusing. It has nothing to do with the RAW file size. It's the uncompressed image size. RAW files are usually compressed and so the file size bears no relation to the image size. Alan
  9. Glasgow or Edinburgh group meet-up

    I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to the meeting on Friday. I have to film an event on Thursday evening and there's a lot going on in my town on Saturday. It would be a pain doing a return journey to Edinburgh on one day and in any case I wanted to make it worthwhile by having some extra time to wander around. Hope you all have a great time. Alan
  10. I bought a grey import from HDEW. It had a fault, I sent it back, they replaced it, the replacement had the same fault. HDEW said it must be user error, and Canon refused to touch it because it was a grey import. To be fair to HDEW, they did eventually take it back and refund my money but in future I will pay the price for legit gear and have peace of mind. Alan
  11. 8 months and not a single Sale HELP!

    The main issue is that Alamy has 150 million images and you have just 206. Alan
  12. Wish I could do that with my three faulty CF cards Alan
  13. Condolences from me too Betty. Alan
  14. September challege: THINK LOCAL

    Just to prove that anything can sell: My local bus stop. I grabbed this shot quickly with the NEX6 on my way out for a walk because I liked the arrangement of lines and colours. I only uploaded to Alamy to make up the numbers and never expected it to sell, but it did fairly quickly, for a commercial presentation. Rushbearing parade passing the end of my street. The bus stop in the previous picture is just out of shot to the left. Just across the road from a previous home: Alan
  15. porridge

    As a vegan I wouldn't, would I? But if I did it would probably be strawberry jam. Marmalade goes better on toast. Alan