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  1. Poor Discoverablity

    Indeed. Think about the buyers. Someone wanting a picture of a birthday card is unlikely to need a specific bird image, and someone looking for a bird picture doesn't really care whether it's a birthday card. So what I would do in the circumstance is take another photo of the card showing it clearly as a card, and caption and keyword that one differently. Then you've covered all bases without hurting your CTR. Alan
  2. Keywording is exhausting

    I hate keywording too. But if I go out to shoot photographs, and take into account the time to get there and back, the time spent walking around, finding the right locations and angles, and the time to process them all afterwards and get them up on Alamy, then keywording is probably the least time-consuming part of the process, especially as many of the pics will share a good number of keywords. And then I can always go back and improve the keywording later, with minimal effort compared to re-shooting, even if that's possible. Alan
  3. February 2019 Challenge: "What is Love?"

    Most people are squeamish about eating things with eyes. Alan
  4. Poor Discoverablity

    Yes, 'concept' keywords are very worthwhile, as long as the picture truly captures the concept. Think of what a picture buyer might have in mind when searching for that concept. In the case you describe I think poverty would be good, also austerity. I'm not sure about unemployment, as I think buyers would be looking for something a little more specific like queues outside a job centre, but I guess if it's a really powerful picture it could work. Alan
  5. Poor Discoverablity

    You might want to look at some of your captions, which are a little too generic, for example "India 2011 travel images" and "Bangkok to Chiang Mai railway market". Buyers want to see a description of what's actually in each individual picture. Alan
  6. How was your January?

    Best January ever, for both number of sales and total value of fees. Alan
  7. Classic Car ID Please ?

    Built on a Zimmer frame, presumably? Alan
  8. Hello from London

    No. The Spurs renaissance is over Alan
  9. Hello from London

    But I doubt if any men got pregnant during the process... As this is a forum for introductions I think a bit of leeway is in order with regard to what we talk about! Alan
  10. Hello from London

    Just the idea of a couple getting pregnant. But as MDM suggests, you can do almost anything with DNA these days. Alan
  11. Hello from London

    I'm fascinated by the idea of a pregnant couple. Alan
  12. Yes, that should be no problem. Alan
  13. Slide Copying

    My Illumitran came with a PK-13. Since I don't use Nikon it's of absolutely no use to me so I am planning to auction it on eBay. Alan
  14. Before I went full-frame, I was using a Canon 40D. I also had the 10-22 like you, and a 55-250, but my main lens was the Canon 17-55 f2.8. Not cheap but a cracking good lens. Alan
  15. Van ID

    No, it's a Luton, as stated earlier. There is a picture of it online captioned as a Dormobile but it most definitely isn't. A Dormobile is a camper van so it will always have windows, and also it's only alllowed to be called a Dormobile if it has an extending roof section. Alan