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  1. Carousel reflected in window on London's South Bank: Reflections in high-rise block in London: Autumn at Novodevichy Convent in Moscow: Alan
  2. Not to mention a bit of homage to Grant Wood. Alan
  3. I'd like to see someone claim that it's their hand in a picture from 1906... 😏 Alan
  4. That's actually a double upside because if you can crop so much you wouldn't need an expensive zoom lens. That would pay for a couple of those extra hard drives. Alan
  5. Your initial submission of three photographs is to show Alamy that you're capable of meeting their requirements. They're not going to allow you to upload more until they have assessed them and decided that you are. Alan
  6. And make sure you get the name of the sculptor. It's always just possible that he or she might become newsworthy one day. Alan
  7. https://arkitekturguide.uit.no/items/show/659 Alan
  8. You've got some great stuff there and you obviously know how to make the most of documenting your part of the world. One thing to bear in mind is that while it's good to have a speciality, it will be a niche interest for buyers too. So if your 100,000 images of the rest of the world are as good as these then you should start submitting as fast as you can. Get as much variety into your portfolio as possible and you will make sales without a doubt. But to sell regularly you need several thousand at least, so get cracking! Alan
  9. I suspect that for many of them it's the thrill of taking the photo that turns them on. Alan
  10. I've often taken photos in public places that include children. I've never yet been challenged - perhaps because I don't act furtively and I use a big DLSR that maybe looks more professional, who knows? If I was ever challenged, depending on the level of hostility my most likely response would be "Why don't you call the police? I'll be here for a while". Alan
  11. If you're saying that the Wikipedia user Jaru-eri is not you, then it looks as though someone else is trying to impersonate you, which would almost certainly be illegal. Alan
  12. 52. Which is 20 fewer than 2019. I've had other priorities. Alan
  13. "Us" is probably one of those 'insignificant' words that are ignored in searches. So the search is just looking for "among". Alan
  14. Yes, exactly the same for me. CTR 2.0 in August, steadily downhill to 0.50 now. Also, unless there's a sudden flurry of sales in the last week, this year will see a drop in sales after 8 years of continuous growth. I'm not entirely surprised by this, though. As I've only uploaded fewer than 200 pics in the last couple of years while the Alamy collection has swollen by millions, I'm lucky to be doing as well as I am. Alan
  15. You don't appear to have any images on sale yet, so it's hardly surprising that you can't create a portfolio. Assuming your initial upload has passed QC, you need to wait until the system updates and puts them on sale. In normal times this is 24 hours, but these are not normal times. Alan
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