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  1. IMO?

    I also feel sorry for Lorenza having her gender changed... Alan
  2. Taking shots of a BBC film production.

    Absolutely. In a past life I dealt with quite a few press photographers. Every single one had rhino hide in place of skin. Alan
  3. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    I was going to ask about canals because although the water is natural, the canal isn't! Then I saw Bryan has already posted a couple. Does this mean canals are OK Maria? Alan
  4. Saloon or Sedan?

    No, never a cabin. We would usually call it the interior. Alan
  5. Printing photos at home or in the office

    This is why I use Marrutt inks. Set of 8 Epson 13ml cartridges for R1800: £130 Set of 8 Marrutt 125ml bottles with refillable cartridges for R1800: £185 It's an absolute no-brainer. Alan
  6. Printing photos at home or in the office

    I haven't been to Ballydehob since 1993 but I do love West Cork and especially the Beara which is wonderful. But so is Kerry. Alan
  7. Printing photos at home or in the office

    I'd be almost tempted as I Iove that part of the world. But what would my status be in Ireland after Brexit? Alan
  8. Printing photos at home or in the office

    It's worth looking at Marrutt inks for Epson. They do refillable cartridges and the bigger the bottle you buy the more you save. They also have regular discount offers. IIRC the prints last 75 years. Alan
  9. Printing photos at home or in the office

    So far I've only done local cards, and when I started a few years ago I sold them through a local card shop and also on occasional market stalls organised by our local arts group. It's difficult to get an exact idea of cost when you're using bulk inks and only printing every now and then in bursts, but I reckoned it cost me about 50p to print a card and supply an envelope and plastic sleeve. The shop paid me £1.10 and sold them for £2.20. They sold very well on a regular basis for a while but then the owner decided to close the business and since then I've had too many other things on my plate to spend time finding another outlet, so currently I only sell them every month or so at the market. I always intended to sell cards more widely via my website but there's just so much else to do that invariably takes priority. I do plan to produce them to tie in with any exhibitions that feature my photographs prominently (for example I have an ongoing project with a friend who is a poet to produce multi-disciplinary exhibitions and events based around his words and my pictures). Alan
  10. Printing photos at home or in the office

    I've been printing at home for some years now. I do mainly greetings cards and prints for exhibition up to A3. I use an Epson R1800 which I've had for at least 10 years. It produces excellent prints and I can't fault the quality. I use Marrutt bulk inks because they're cheaper than Epson and seem to be just as good, and Tecco paper because I tried lots and found that one suited my work best. There are printer profiles for it which work well in Photoshop. I only have two gripes. Firstly, it doesn't seem to be possible to get a continuous feed system for the R1800. Apparently there used to be one but the printer proved unreliable with it. Secondly, because I print in bursts every couple of months I waste a lot of ink cleaning the heads each time. However, I believe the latter would apply to any printer so it's entirely my own fault for not printing more often. Alan
  11. Local Paper

    BBC Weatherwatchers does this every single day. I wince every time I see a photo on the local news that could have earned money. Alan
  12. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    First educational book sale for quite a while. Devizes town centre. Alan
  13. Daily sales reporting

    Years ago, I wrote a little server for my computer that received a message from my website every time an order came in, and I set it to play a sound clip of the House of Commons Speaker saying "Order, order". I found that it got so addictive that I couldn't get up from my desk to do something else in case I missed the sound. Alan
  14. I'm new. Am I missing a way to generate sales?

    But over time you find yourself enjoying the same things that your wallet enjoys Alan
  15. I'm new. Am I missing a way to generate sales?

    Yep, that's it. 61 images in a pool of 125 million gives you a 0.00005% chance of a sale. Alan