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  1. Because: 1. If you do it, others will think it's OK for them to do it, and if one of them is infected someone could die. 2. If you break down, have an accident, skid off the road or encounter any other mishap that prevents an emergency vehicle from getting through, someone could die. 3. If, following (1) above, too many others follow your example and cause congestion, thus preventing an emergency vehicle from getting through, someone could die. It's totally selfish, and in these extraordinary times the last thing we need is selfishness. Incidentally, if the coast was only 2 miles from my home I would be walking there every day! Alan
  2. Apologies for this totally shameless piece of self-promotion but I think "The Silent Scream" is probably how a lot of people are reacting right now. The Silent Scream Alan
  3. For me lockdown isn't much different from normal. I'm sitting here looking out of my window at the Pennine hills on the other side of the valley, just as I do any other day, but today it's coloured by a tinge of annoyance at Sainsburys. I've been a regular customer for 40 years but I've never registered for online shopping because I've never needed to. Now, a new customer who happened to register a couple of months ago could get food delivered but an elderly gentleman who has probably spent over £50k at Sainsburys over the years can't even register. So much for loyalty to your customers. Alan
  4. Indeed. This always annoys me. Especially when it's in a supermarket toilet and I just have to hope they're not going to touch something I want to buy. Bring back toilet attendants! Alan
  5. I'm sure this doesn't apply to your neighbours Bryan, but there are going to be an awful lot of other people's neighbours around the country with thin walls cursing the lockdown! Alan
  6. Nah, we don't play soccer in Europe I doubt that there's a serious intention to re-start at the moment but football plays such a major part in our lives these days, both socially and financially, that the authorities will be too scared to admit that the current season might have to be abandoned. There would be riots in Liverpool (good opportunities for Edo!). Alan
  7. Last time I remember that happening was when that unpronounceable Icelandic volcano erupted a few years ago. I have a picture of the clear sky somewhere on Alamy, but the Alamy watermark looks just like vapour trails! Alan
  8. There are positive things every day. Yesterday I cooked the most delicious curry I've had in some while. The day before it was a beautiful afternoon and I had a lovely 5-mile walk in the countryside. It should have been 7 miles but my hip seized up and I had to limp the last 2 miles home in pain. But hey, I don't dwell on the bad bits. Alan
  9. My zooms have been very healthy for the last few months, with CTR consistently well above average. Sales are a bit slower than last year but there's still a steady trickle. Alan
  10. Many people are hoping that this crisis will finally force us to wake up and stop the headlong rush into destructive self-centredness which has been going on for the last 40 years or so, and rebuild a better society based on social cohesion and shared responsibilities. If you stockpile you may avoid a second trip to the supermarket but you are condemning dozens of others to choose between starvation and virus-dodging. I don't think it will happen. I'm optimistic about most things but not about human nature. For the record, I haven't bought toilet paper or pasta in the last few weeks and the only thing I've stockpiled is three cartons of soya milk instead of two last week because I was running low. I'm just assuming that somehow I will be able to shop once a week as I always do, whether it be online, in a store with precautions, or with the help of kindly neighbours. Alan
  11. QC and the Sunshine Band. Music played with a light meter. If I'm playing we wouldn't want too much exposure. Alan
  12. Then you have idiots like the woman who was interviewed on TV last night and said that if we don't carry on life as normal we're giving in to it and letting the virus win. It's not a terrorist group or an enemy in wartime, it's a ****** virus. It doesn't respond to psychology; it wins if we do carry on life as normal. Alan
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