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  1. Nice idea. I've been watching county cricket on YouTube, reliving my passion for cricket when I was a boy. (I still love it but we've been starved of live cricket on TV for many years now). I haven't watched MLB since I lived in the USA 20 years ago. I used to love it - a good substitute for cricket. Thanks for mentioning it - it will probably end up as one more thing I waste my time on instead of being productive! Alan
  2. Sadly glitches happen in most things from time to time, regardless of whether humans or computers are involved. It looks to me as though you've been the unfortunate person on the end of one. I can't see any other reason for this to happen. Third time lucky! Alan
  3. I think I can match that. My most important contribution to music was that I took a photo of my sister's boyfriend who was the engineer who twiddled the knobs of the phaser on Status Quo's "Pictures of Matchstick Men", and whose punk band later had an entry in the UK heat of the Eurovision Song Contest. Alan
  4. I've been doing this when I remember, Steve, but more for Facebook than for stock. The room is so small and cramped it's difficult to frame pics in a pleasing way, and I always look incredibly scruffy! Alan
  5. If we're talking manipulated photographs, here are a few I've sold prints from in the last few years (mostly impressionised, a few layered or collaged): http://www.alanwrigley.photography/impsold/ Alan
  6. I've still got mine. Tamron SP500. I've been meaning to do something creative with it for years but never seem to get a round tuit. Alan
  7. My current bathroom renovation has turned into an art project. I decided almost as soon as I started to throw the budget out of the window and create the most beautiful and stylish bathroom in my town. I also intended from the very start that every last little bit of work would be done by me on my own, so it's very much a project to realise my own personal vision. No photos yet because I haven't finished. Alan
  8. I don't do live news. Nevertheless my average fee for this year is 15 times the fee I received yesterday, which suggests that for me, at least, low fees are an aberration rather than a norm. Alan
  9. That's a good point, but it surely can't be in Alamy's interest to have clients who commit infringements? They lose financially as well as us, and if they turn a blind eye it will only give clients a licence to keep on infringing. Alan
  10. Steel drummer on the Golden Jubilee Bridge in London: Alan
  11. I can't even sit down to watch television if I've got food stuck in my teeth. Alan
  12. I usually clone out unsightly moveable items, like litter, bins etc, on the basis that I might well have taken the photo on another day when they weren't there. Alan
  13. I've been using Canon SLRs almost exclusively for 47 years and ever since I first got auto-focus (1996 I think) I've never used anything other than shutter release focusing, nor ever felt the need to. I've only had a failure to focus a couple of times, when I was trying to shoot in conditions so dark I could barely see the subject with the naked eye, and there have also been hardly any occasions when I've inadvertently pressed the release too far. I use back button AE sometimes but never AF. It was a very different story when I tried Nikon for a year. The D80 regularly failed to fo
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