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  1. Imposters syndrome (again)

    But not people who think the same way as me, ergo they probably won't like my art. Alan
  2. Imposters syndrome (again)

    I'm too old to be bothered with self-doubt. I just do the best I can, and constantly try to improve, and if it's not good enough for others then so be it. I like some of the things I produce creatively (but not very many of my photographs) but if they don't appeal to other people I just tell myself that they probably also voted for Brexit. Alan
  3. invite London area museum-attraction PR staffs to luncheon

    The NT have their own picture library, so they don't want to lose business to other libraries. Alan
  4. December Challenge

    Angel Passage, London: Footbridge, Feltham: The Shard, London: Alan
  5. Everyday surrealism pics

    You can't have feral unicorns running around all over the place. Alan
  6. Everyday surrealism pics

    They have those in Devon too! Alan
  7. Question about my balance of account

    That is exactly what's happening. It's all explained in the links. As Danny says, you need to get in touch with your ISP. Only they can sort this out. Sadly there are too many ISPs these days that can't be bothered. When choosing my ISP I specifically looked for one that could offer a static IP address (i.e. one dedicated to my line only) partly for this reason. The fact that I've been with them since 2002 suggests I'm happy with the service! Alan
  8. Is this too much noise?

    I would say exactly the same as Mr Cadet. Alan
  9. Desktop or laptop?

    This is really just another "Canon or Nikon?" question, isn't it? Alan
  10. Watermark Photos

    No. Alamy put their own watermark on. Alan
  11. I often have to use the manual adjustment to get rid of purple fringing on branches against a sky, particularly on the NEX6. It does the job very easily and I've submitted many pics to Alamy that were processed in that way. Alan
  12. But professionals usually expect to pay for services, so it's irrelevant. Alan
  13. Your highest sale

    Yep! Same day, same licence. Alan
  14. October Challenge - "You Wear It Well"

    The Friends of Sowerby Bridge Railway Station at the station's 175th birthday celebration. Wrigley Head Morrismen (no relation) with their unusual style of head-throwing while marching. Couple in red shirts attracting the attention of a seagull. Alan
  15. Private use

    But does he still have the car? Alan