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  1. Maria Grazia Casella/Alamy Stock Photo https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/uknews/global-heating-will-make-it-much-harder-for-tropical-plants-to-germinate-study-finds/ar-BB16dIA8?li=BB122uej&ocid=mailsignout The same photograph used twice in the same article, online.
  2. I really enjoy walking in mangroves: Both of these mangrove environment were taken in a radius of a few kilometres on a morning walk.
  3. Hi Betty, Yes, it is actually amazing to look at. They very much resemble the architecture of the outside arches of Gothic cathedrals, in the way they support a bigger structure. Have a good day, Regis
  4. Mangrove tree at low tide: And in the mangrove forest at low tide too:
  5. Well done on the win on such a tight finish Colin. And green is great and very open. Here come my three entries, all done from my backyard to about 2 km of my home. Green bananas from my backyard: Close-up of mangrove leaves: Plumeria Alba flower on tree: Good luck everybody.
  6. I sometimes go fishing on that river, I always make sure that I stay well and truly in the boat.
  7. Corypha utan, also known as a Cabbage palm. It grows up to 20 meters tall and bears fronds 4 to 6 meters long. Like other palms of genus Corypha, this species flowers at the end of its lifetime, producing a massive inflorescence up to 5 meters tall containing up to one million flowers palm tree. This tree is estimated to be around 50 years old, and it should die in about a month, as it started to get flowers about a week ago. (This could nearly have been some Live News pictures... 😉) That is not much in the grand scheme of things and life, but I was rather happy to have seen it.
  8. Wow, Yes it is pretty tight at the top. That will keep it interesting until the end. 😃
  9. Yes, I had for personal work one of the Nikon 60mm Macro on a D2X for many years and loved it. It was one of my favourite lenses on that body. (I never use the VR function of the 105, as I work with flash, so I can not comment on it)
  10. I can't comment on that, as I don't use the Sigma. Work pay for the gear I use for them. I mostly photograph very closeup of people. The Nikon is very good for that.
  11. Jansos, At work, I do a lot of macro with Nikon gear. My main lenses for it is the Nikon AF-S Micro 105 F/2.8G IF-ED VR I am very happy with it. A bit heavy at the end of the day, but pretty good. Have a good day, Regis
  12. Hi losdemas, Thank you for including one of my photographs. When I saw all the great photos entered in the challenge this month, I thought that I didn't stand a chance. This makes my day. 😃 have a good day, Regis
  13. An old photo that I just get around to upload. Taken in Singapore in 2007 with a Nikon D2X. I really liked that camera at the time. When I look at it now, it seem so heavy...
  14. 🤣 Ok, No worries. Don't freeze on the way up here. (It is unusually cold for us up here now. 20 degrees Celsius just right now. And this morning I turned the heater on in my car for the first time in years)
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