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  1. Chris, Alamy has a branch for mobile phone photographs, it is called Stockimo, this is where you can upload your iPhone photographs.
  2. Congratulations on the win Alan, it was well deserved. Here come my three seaside photographs: Sea kayak at sunset on Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia: Man running for exercise, jogging between tree silhouettes along a beach at sunset: Crocodile Safety sign along the beach in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia:
  3. Congratulations Paulette, well deserved win! Family is a great topic, but of which I don't have much... I will have to work on this. Here is one. Because a family sometimes start in a baby's eyes. 😉
  4. Bavo Genevieve! Here come my three: A woman between the lines, on the lookout: A child in the water between the lines: Pulling a roller bin in front of a wall full of lines: Good luck everyone.
  5. Sunset over Darwin Harbour waters in the Northern Territory of Australia. With a sea kayak passing by. Image ID: 2FKM958 Photograph taken in April, but uploaded just now.
  6. Despite having many of my photographs on Alamy, exclusive to Alamy, I have not received the email from Alamy about the new infringement team.
  7. I remember a few months ago someone on the forum asking if defocused images were ok to upload and if they sell... Well this one just sold, albeit not for much. Royalty-free Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Upday Monthly Allowance - 400 images - Upday personalised news app exclusive to Samsung Media: Website, app and social media 46 MB 4896 x 3264 pixels 582KB compressed Start: 25 April 2021 End: 25 April 2026 If you already had sales with Upday, you know the price.
  8. Last weekend we went to a little island called Crab Claw Island, but not via chopper, and got a cabin on the beach: And the sunrise was beautiful:
  9. Congratulation for having such a good photograph in the last Challenge Ed. And now going through my images on Alamy I found only three photographs that could relate to this month theme... So here they are and sorry if two of them look a bit alike... Young girl playing saxophone under a bridge: Buskers at the market 1: Busker at the market 2: Good luck everyone, it is nice to see photographs of people having a good time.
  10. I would not like my chances if I was a young one starting now...
  11. Four sales for me, which might be a record number of sales in a single month for my small portfolio. So I wouldn't say that I am laughing all the way to the bank. But not complaining, and getting ready for some leaner months ahead.
  12. For the ones among you who remember the very early 90s:
  13. There used to be a song: So Many People.... But I don't remember who sang it? Blur, Oasis? Anyway, congratulations Andy, and here come my three: First a lazy weekend pic: People at an anti-fracking protest in Darwin Australia: A man walk by the Blues Chairs on the Promenade Des Anglais in Nice France:
  14. $$ Editorial magazine sale, Australia and New Zealand for the territory. RM Alamy exclusive: I had two sales on the same day, which considering the very small portfolio that I have with Alamy was a nice thing to happen. This is my third sale of the month, and that for me, is a rare occurrence too. So not planing my retirement yet, but still smiling.
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