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  1. Paul, About nearly all of the press in Australia, is under one form or another, under the influence of Murdoch, so I would say that most of the newspaper industry in Australia is very low grade tabloid. Even the broadsheets who pretend to be better, in my personal opinion, doesn't fare much better. And I say that as someone who has worked with many of these publications in the past. I am in a totally different industry now, but I still remember some of the jobs I was sent to, and it does make me cringe...
  2. Congratulation on the win, and on such a great new challenge for us all, Michael. Here is my humble three. Just to participate, as some of the photographs already entered are of very high calibre. So first through a windshield (Is this accepted as a window?): At the cafe window, night-time in Darwin Australia: San-Mon or Main Door of the Jindaiji in Tokyo, Japan: Good luck everybody, it is great to be able to "travel" through so many door and vista, even if only via photographs on a screen.
  3. Thank you Shergar. I didn't know that David Bailey has dyspraxia. I have loved his work since I came across it in the early 80s, and he was already a very famous photographer by then, with an already great career.
  4. English is not my first language, sorry for the spelling mistake. It should have been : Tough instead of though...
  5. RM Distribution Website use Not much money, but from a series that has sold regularly since produced.
  6. You guys are a though crowd. I for one found the video interesting and relevant. Sur, there is a lot of other things I would love to know more about, but I still see this as a step in the right direction. Have a good day, all.
  7. Congrats Bella! Here come my three: Texture of a palm tree trunk: Staircases outside apartment building in Japan: A beach in France:
  8. I too just sold a toilet picture. To Europe too, via distributor too. Someone must be doing a big story on toilet around the world...
  9. First time I got a sale coming in on a Sunday. And best of all, it brings my sales for 2020 at Three times what I got in my previous best year. I might have be rather lucky sales wise this year. This is the city of Darwin, Capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia. The little bit with rocks, boulders and gravel on the water edge, is not a bad spot for fishing land based if you are after a Rock Cod, with once in a while a chance to get a Barramundi.
  10. Disposable surgical face masks a trash basket:
  11. Congratulations on the win, Wim. Here come my three: Tourists taking photographs of manhole cover in Japan: Tourist taking photos of friends and deers in Nara, Japan: And young people taking selfie photographs with bubble tea in Tokyo, Japan: Three photographs representing people taking photographs with a mobile phone... Something that I would never have imagined when I started to take some photographs myself. It is really amazing to see the change in the industry... Good luck everybo
  12. Because the oldish inner child still like the dino ... 😉
  13. Four pages of Oranges! That is a popular topic, good choice, well done. Here come my three: First an orange truck in Australia: Then, taking pictures of an orange moth with a mobile phone: And to finish an Orange Train in Osaka Japan:
  14. Hi Doug, Personally I really like the Fuji X-100. I now have the X-100V and it is a great improvement on all of its predecessor. Not only, but for me, mostly due to the weather sealing. I once had dust in the sensor of one of the previous version... As it is a single lens camera, I had to send it back to fuji to get it clean. As I live about 3500km from the Fuji office, it basically cost me about $300 and about a month to get fixed. Hopefully this won't happen again with the new one. Also the lens is much better, and the sensor is not too bad too
  15. This month saw me getting over the double of my best year in regards to the number of sales, so far. With a small portfolio like mine, it is actually a very surprising year.
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