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June Challenge GREEN

Colin Woods

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Greetings all


After the tie-break finish from the last subject, its me to set the new challenge. With people starting to think beyond the virus, with shops, restaurants starting to open, we look to be having a green light to live again. So, the subject for this month is about as broad as you can get. Green. Anything green, either all green, or green in contrast with the rest of the image. It can even be green for envy, environmentally friendly or green for an untrained beginner. Its up to you to scratch your collective head and interpret green. As ever, the images should come from you Alamy collection. You can post a maximum of three. On the last day of the month I will choose my favourite 8, and the winner has to set the next challenge. If you are new to this, don't be intimidated by setting the challenge - its easy and there are plenty of helpful people here to ask. Looking forward to seeing what turns up.  Here are three from me to get the greenness going


A portrait of a young muslim boy in India Stock Photo


Young indian boy wearing a green headscarf





A lone tree on Exmoor Stock Photo


A lone tree on Exmoor in south west England





The Emerald Lakes on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing Stock Photo


Don't drink the water - lurid coloured water in the Tongariro volcanic area in New Zealand.

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Congrats on the closest of wins! Love this challenge.  I think Kermit the Frog once said, "It ain't easy being green"

Here are my three.


1) The "Green Doctor" is in.  Venice Beach, California




2) The golf greens on Mackinac Island, Michigan 





3) A green field of wheat grass 



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A refreshing  challenge. Here are my three greenies...


Relaxing amid the greenery





Rooftop greenery in downtown Vancouver





Boy learning the trade from his dad, Cancun, Mexico







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My three greenes.

Plantacoes de Cha Gorreana, Maia, Sao Miguel, Azores,



Rest and be Thankful Viewpoint, Argyll & Bute, Scotland,


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Sruggling a bit here, but playing is more important than winning, or so they say...


1) Narrow Boat named Fiddlers Green





2) 8' Driving wheel of Stirling steam locomotive




3) Green energy






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Difficult to choose only 3 but here goes:


Dewdrops on the hardy maidenhair fern, Adiantum venustum




Ground living green tiger beetle, Cicindela campestris, on heathland, Cann Wood, nr Dartmoor




Snowdrop bulbs lifted 'in the green' after winter flowering for division and replanting



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Green beach chairs, St. Croix, Virgin Islands.



The leaves on my crabapple tree.



I was getting my car serviced when I looked out of the waiting room window, and stepped out for this shot. I saw green for days...


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Good challenge and some great images here already. My three entries below.


Garden at 120, Fenchurch street, London. 



A child re-planting a tomato sapling


Man riding electric bike in London. A bit of GREEN and ECO GREEN in this 🙂


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Well done on the win on such a tight finish Colin.

And green is great and very open.


Here come my three entries, all done from my backyard to about 2 km of my home.


Green bananas from my backyard:




Close-up of mangrove leaves:




Plumeria Alba flower on tree:




Good luck everybody.




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2 hours ago, Alan Beastall said:

Whats behind the green door? ( was there a song in the 50's/60's with this title?)


I see a green door and I want to paint it black?


Jim Lowe 1956

Frankie Vaughan 1957

The Exotic Guitars 1962

Shakin Stevens 1981




edit: I didn't have the Frankie Vaughan one.

Hmm let's play that Indian Love Call album 😎

It's from 1962 not 1969 as Youtube says. (Says my hdd.)

edit 2: Yuck! 🍭

Edited by wiskerke
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Regeneration, after a controlled forest fire - EAFA37



Utrecht pedestrian crossing with Miffy traffic lights - F1FEDR



Monstera Deliciosa or Swiss Cheese Plant - J79G6X




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