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May Challenge – ‘Signs’


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OK, well deciding on a subject is probably the most challenging part of this.  I had decided on ‘Communication’, then discovered that it had been used before – in May 2015!  I went through a series of ideas, discovering that everyone had been there before me. So, unless this was to be the June challenge, I had to settle upon something: the subject is ‘Signs’.  A form of communication, so I guess I’ve kinda cheated, but hey!


Please be as free with the subject as you wish; take it literally or figuratively.  From a straight photo of a sign above a shop/store; a symbol of something; a pointer to or from somewhere – or something; a gesture to indicate, express or otherwise communicate something (sign language, perhaps?)  Doesn’t have to be human signage, either!  Could be related to the plant or animal kingdoms in some way, perhaps?  Or even extra-terrestrial!


Go wild - really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Some examples from me...


Climbiong holds and warning sign on an indoor climbing wall. Stock Photo

1. Warning sign


Sign on door of closed branch of Jessops Photographic store in Reading as the company entered administration in Stock Photo

2. Sign of the times


Disabled parking bay with wheelchair user icon, painted yellow on red tarmac. Stock Photo

3. Road signs


Spray painted markings left on road by contractors to indicate positioning of water, gas and electric utilities. Stock Photo

4. UFO parking


EDIT: nearly forgot (well, did forget!), the rules as always are:


  1. No more than 3 images per photographer
  2. The images must be currently up for licence on Alamy
  3. At the end of May, (midnight BST i.e. GMT+1) I will select 8 images from those submitted and place them in a poll for everybody to vote for the winning photo
  4. The winner starts the next challenge


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Signpost with directions to World travel destinations and Christmas Snowman on Sandy Beach of Punta Sur Ecological Reserve in Cozumel, Mexico




Hiking Trail Sign above Mumm Basin with view of Berg Lake and Mount Robson Rocky Mountains British Columbia Canada




Peculiar Speed Control Traffic Sign near Children Playground in Poway California north of San Diego.   Incidentally, this was my first Alamy sale ever

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Congratulations on your win. You've chosen a fun topic for not-so-fun times. Here are my three offerings...


Coffee, please, not politics (here in BC, a long espresso is called an "americano")





The end is near!





A sign of the times







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Parisian street sign - Boulevard de la Tour Maubourg.



Basingstoke railway station sign and logo. UK




Banner at Wickes thanking all NHS and Key Workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. UK



Congrats on the win Danny

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Hardly my area but I'll raise my head from the flowers to pop in three:


Nacho, a painted statue from Paignton Zoo's Great Gorilla Project stands above a road safety notice at Woolwell roundabout, Plymouth




Sheep and traffic beside warning sign with animal mortality figures on unfenced road at Roborough Down, Dartmoor, UK




4000 year old Assyrian proverb aver the door to a fisherman's lock up on the Cobb, Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK



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here come my three:




Crocodile safety sign on East Point Beach in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia:






School crossing sign in Fukuoka, Japan:






Mac Donald's sign that has been damaged by tropical cyclone Marcus (2018) in Darwin, Australia:




Good luck everybody.

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Kensington Market Sign for bicycles




Loo With A View Sign for Temporary Loo for Tourists Having Breakfast on the Serengeti after Air Balloon ride




Sign on back of truck at Demolition Derby






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Here's 3 signs from me.


Great-spotted woodpecker on a public footpath sign.





Sign welcoming dogs at tearooms in Solva, Wales.





Composite of 3 signs by the roadside about littering - incidentally David Attenborough was 94 yesterday.




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8 minutes ago, Abiyoyo said:

My three signs




Casuarius (Cassowary) caution road sign in Cape Tribulation Rd,  Daintree National Park, Queensland, Australia Stock Photo




LOL!! I had short-listed this sign of mine. There is now a graffiti on it saying 'chill out not flat out'. LOL!!

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I didn't know I had so many signs in my collection until now!  Good subject and congrats on your win Losdemas!


1) Signs at a 1970s No Nukes rally in Washington DC




2) An American diner which is sadly gone now, as with much of what I grew up with




3) A sign of our times, here in the U.S.



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Great challenge, something for everybody I would have thought.


1) Descartes misquote






2) Cyclists beware !






3) You can be sure of a warm welcome here




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GT7CF8 - Edinburgh




Who needs Photoshop if you can just go there?

E8W4JR - Otago region NZ



KK512B - I-80 West through Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover Utah



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Dad killed mom.   From a Violence against woman protest in Strasbourg.  Not sure i realised the full extend of the message until after the capture. Loved the tryptic part at first to be honest




"Edited" street signs....  






For Sale







tough subject for me to pick, as i do lot's of signs, as i feel they tell interesting stories  (i am still troubled by the first one).....   tried to pick a selection

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I have a lot of photos of signs and found it hard to select three for this comp but here goes.



Costa coffee shop Grafton Shopping Centre Cambridge


No bait digging sign river Yar estuary Yarmouth Isle of Wight
Sign outside shop selling seaside novelties Bridlington East Yorkshire






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3 hours ago, meanderingemu said:



3 hours ago, meanderingemu said:







This one speaks volumes. I find myself wanting to write a short story..... Getting a boat, having fun with it.... finding hard times..... Sad story though maybe just nostalgic about the fun with it.



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Great subject.


3 from me......



Sign 'No Ball Games' on a red brick wall, UK. Stock Photo
Sign 'No Ball Games' on a red brick wall, UK.
A lone Leave campaigner amongst a pro European Union demonstation (March for Europe), 2nd July 2016, London, UK. Stock Photo
A lone Leave campaigner amongst a pro European Union demonstation (March for Europe), 2nd July 2016, London, UK.
Tired pole humour roadsign/artwork in Amarillo in Texas . May 2004 Stock Photo
Tired pole humour roadsign/artwork in Amarillo in Texas . May 2004
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