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Has the last day of the month 'surge' been and gone ?

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Yes I need 5 more beers too. - Wait were's my glasses.

Oh no - sales not beers.

That'll be 24 to equal it. So 25 to beat it.

Did go 12 higher than last year. So far because the fat lady has not sung yet. (1 regular sale this morning.)

$$ wise: just $43 below 2017 which is not too bad at all.

However $2.365 below my best year 2016.



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In December, a small sale and I believe there will be no more in this year. 2018 is my second year and I made less than ten sales despite continuing to charge. But do not demoralize me, I think it takes time. I hope for a good 2019 for me and for all of you ... a great year and not only here but in everyday life. Best wishes!!!!


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No surge for me either.


I'm 3 short of last year, which was my best year ever with 163 sales.


However, revenue is up 15% on last year, but still short of my best ever year of 2015.


Still need another sale this month, even then it will make it the joint worst of the year.



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