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  1. Did a quick scan on internet and came across a print: Le Lac de Märjele, Aletschhorn, Albumen Print, Francis Frith, 1865-75. Almost identical position to your scan. In fact some of the ice blocks in the meltwater and patches along the side are almost identical. Could have been taken same day, amazing.
  2. Yes, I think that’s probably where taken from.
  3. OK, so the ridge, I think, is the Sparrhorn, Hohstock, Nesthorn leading to the Breithorn with the Beich Glacier coming down below the shadow shopes. Main glacier running down the foreground of pic is the Grosser Aletschglacier. Meltwater in foreground may just be a buildup though there is some water past the Marjelensee where a path meets the edge of the glacier. I’ve never been there but it would be a good spot to lug a heavy camera and tripod to in ye olden days.
  4. I just found a shot attached to google maps aletschglacier and it’s definitely that one, exactly same skyline peaks. I wont post it for copyright reasons.
  5. I’ve been around a few Swiss glaciers in the past, Aletschglacier is a good starting point as it’s big, long and complex, see my shot (Image ID: 2BRDYYY) taken from Eggishorn summit on the south side with very wideangle lens. There are a fair few side glaciers join it. Interesting that there is quite a lot of meltwater in the foreground, mid-summer shot when it swelters on the glaciers.
  6. The Times (print) 23.10.20 Business: across pages 42/43 Malcolm Park Wimbledon, London, UK. 1 September 2020. Autumnal daybreak over London with City office skyscrapers silhouetted against an orange dawn sky - Image ID: 2CEC88T
  7. Hello Jools. Out of interest, is the 55,000 outstanding Euros you still have to pursue a result of sales via photo agencies who have not bothered to pursue the claims on your behalf, or is it via other routes? rgds Malcolm
  8. Aldeburgh? (with no great confidence).
  9. I recognise some of the cars, but cannot with confidence help with captioning. You have a really interesting set there, out of focus or not. Well done, nice job.
  10. The Daily Telegraph (print), page 8 Saatchi Gallery, London, UK. 2 September 2020. Saatchi Gallery reopens to the public on Thursday September 3rd 2020 with ’London Grads Now‘. Following the cancellation of grad shows across London due to COVID-19 restrictions, the gallery with the generous support of Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, has invited students and lecturers from London’s leading fine arts schools to exhibit graduating students works safely. Image: Artist Victoria Cantons, Slade School of Fine Art with Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around, 2019. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News Image ID: 2CETGRW
  11. The Times Online (6 hrs ago) Business Wimbledon, London, UK. 1 September 2020. Autumnal daybreak over London with City office skyscrapers silhouetted against an orange dawn sky. Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2CEC88T
  12. I have an ongoing query with Contributor Relations regarding this. The two images in question were "sold" on 13 Nov 2016 & 6 Jan 2017. The sales were refunded on 30 Aug 2017. The same two images were then "sold" again on 30 Aug 2017 and refunded on 29 Sept 2017. The same two images were then "sold" AGAIN on 29 Sept 2017. My statement shows the sum total of these sales debited from my statement on 30 July 2020 as a refund. I await a clearer explanation from contributor relations.
  13. Oh yes they do (then take it away 3 years later): Me: I notice in my July 2020 sales statement there are two refunds on sales apparently made in 2017. Can you explain to me why, after almost 3 years, these refunds have been debited from my account? Alamy: Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, we've been unable to get payment from the customer in this instance. Our Credit Control team have worked very hard to try and get the money, but on this occasion they've been unable to. This is the recent (August 2020) reponse I received from Alamy for 2 sales made, and credited, in 2017.
  14. French alpine theme to 3 shots sold yesterday (Germany / Turkey / Germany) This last one shot quite a few years ago with a Hasselblad X Pan
  15. Metropolitan Police advice: Members of the public and the media do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places and police have no power to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel. I regularly photograph on the street for editorial news imagery and would certainly not delete such images.
  16. I didn’t need to think all that hard about leaving G. Started things in January and migrated my whole G collection to Alamy by June. Fees at G were latterly, frankly, on same level as MS.
  17. I went a local craft market in centre of La Plagne, Savoie, France (summer, tourist season, alps) about 7 years ago (quite why, I can’t remember). One particular stall, selling "art sculpture" had a sign saying - no photographs. I was given the evil eye by the stallholder (Italian) as I passed the stall with my camera and long after I passed him looking back. Hilarious. Get a life.
  18. Chuck, it was Kodachrome, shot in March 1979. I took around 40 rolls from London out to Oman for a survey job I was involved in. Brought them all back after 2 weeks and processed in UK. The D850 has made a very decent job on these copies.
  19. I purchased the Nikon ES-2 35mm slide copier (Film Digitizing Adapter) a few days ago in order to copy many hundred transparencies dating from 1979-2005. Using the D850 with the 60mm macro lens the results are very good. I originally copied some of these way back using a dedicated film scanner which seemed to take forever with inferior results. The D850 creates 34mb jpegs files once the film mounts are cropped off which I resize down slightly. Example below (shot originally on a Nikkormat, can’t remember the lens, probably 50mm f2).
  20. Hello John, thanks for including me also.
  21. I’ve had 2 refunds today from September 2017. No explanation. Virtually 3 years. Beware. Whatever you sell may be refunded in the distant future. Country: WorldwideUsage: Commercial electronicMedia: Website, app and social mediaIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingImage Size: Any sizeStart: 29 September 2017End: 29 September 2022Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years.
  22. I use a D5 and D850. I’m more and more carrying the D850 and really now only use the D5 for fast sports events as the buffer is superior. In every other respect the D850 is my favourite. With such large files, the crop factor with telephoto lenses in particular is tremendous, and the camera is substantially lighter than the D5. Definitely recommend.
  23. Thanks Bryan. Another one here: Times online 30th World Malcolm Park Bonhams, New Bond Street, London, UK. 13th February 2020. Peinture, 1959, French artist Pierre Soulages masterpiece will lead Bonhams Post-War & Contemporary Art Sale in London on 12 March with an estimate of £5,500,000-7,500,000. - Image ID: 2AXTRFY
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