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  1. Previously if I entered my name on the search page I had all my 70 odd thousand images appear. I’ve just done what you suggest Corin. Added a keyword, deleted it and then added my contributor name in advance search filter. I then only get 48,000 or so images appearing
  2. As an ex-designer I find the choice of main typeface on OWN THE BLANK PAGE with distorted O H N & E somewhat bizarre, sorry, plain ugly (would have been interesting to sit in on the web designers "rationale" for the choice of typeface). Also the new condensed alamy brand logo hiding top left looking apologetic. The fluorescent green, yuck. However the image search no longer showing my full portfolio is a real backward and unhelful step for me, assuming it’s permanent and not a passing tech glitsch. On plus side the single front page image is cleaner than the old design. A few tweaks and th
  3. News images taken on 21st September remain in news feed for 2 days. Then they fall into a black hole and not visible on 24th September. Where are they Alamy?
  4. I shoot Nikon Z7 around 60% of the time now (street, arts, many landscapes). 2 bodies, the wonderful 24-70mm f4 S lens & the equally great 14-24 f4 S lens. Occasionally add the 70-200mm VR II lens with Ftz mount. Z cameras also used attached to telescopes for astro work. I use them for significant weight reduction. Nikon D5 only used for fast work now and my D850 has the 500mm PF lens permanently attached for big telephoto and wildlife work. Look forward to finished reviews of the Z9.
  5. I’ve owned six mercs from 1980s through to 2016, my C class estate (2012 model) had this badge type on the hood (but no star). It appeares also on early E class cars (see image HPTB14) but my later E class models discarded it in favour of the three point standing star only.
  6. The Times (print) 11/6/21 across d.p.s. 10 June 2021. Composite image of the partial solar eclipse developing over a period of an hour, captured through variable cloud above London. Image captured through solar filtered lens. Image 2G2BD9W Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News
  7. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned in this thread, perhaps the top level should be rebadged the Unobtainium Level.
  8. I’m in the midst of selling this lens (Nikon fit). It’s got a good range and extremely well made lens, has given me great results from a static position tripod mounted but too heavy, needs a tripod or monopod for practical use. Weighs a lot in a rucksac and I opted for the much more practical and physically smaller, though expensive, 500mm Nikon PF lens in its place - lightweight, faster autofocus and easy to handhold. As a result it gets more use. Appreciate you are Canon so that’s no help.
  9. After a day of dreary grey cloud on 8th May in London the sun dramatically appears towards early evening and lights up 1 Canada Square in Docklands.
  10. Can’t agree more. I have the 24-70 f2.8 VR lens on a D850 and 24-70 f4 lens on a Z7 which I’m using more and more for press work. Much prefer the latter, the Z f4 lens is a revelation.
  11. Photographed 2007, sold yesterday $$ presentation or newsletter.
  12. Always pleasing when this coincides
  13. 17 April 2021. The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery signal start of national one minute silence for funeral of HRH Prince Philip, photographed on parade ground at Woolwich Barracks, London. What gives with the condensed posted image?
  14. I’ve sold the occasional image of the City of London skyline (which is continually changing) searched with a specific month and year (sometimes 10 years back) so I don’t discard the older shots. I do keep updating the same subject though.
  15. Indeed, I covered the pre-sale with several shots: Image ID: R5436G
  16. Colourful Snow Moon rising behind the Crystal Palace transmitter, London (Nikon Z7/500mm lens).
  17. My only way to deal with the ridiculous prem access situation at the other place was to remove all my images with them and place them on Alamy
  18. I think its a 4-engine DC6. There appears to be additional exhause staining inboard of the engine shown suggesting a second engine on that side off frame to right. The small air intake (above the engine pod) also looks like DC6 shaped.
  19. Some very useful Feb stock sales so far including above (Friday) $$ Germany Editorial book and below (Today - Sunday) $$ Worldwide Magazine.
  20. Second right: Austin A55 Cambridge? 3rd from right, indistinct due to small scale, possibly a Ford Zodiac Mk IV. Sorry, just noticed, you only wanted the US car!
  21. An area of interest to me, I try to keep a camera or phone handy to shoot what I’m preparing (some of these images have distorted on posting - click on the first one and follow the arrows!).
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