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  1. Country Life magazine 5th March 2021 Malcolm Park - The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London, UK. 14th November 2019. George IV: Art & Spectacle exhibition preview, presenting his unrivalled collection of art, much of which remains in the Royal Collection. The exhibition runs from 15 November 2019 - 3 May 2020. Image: Sir Thomas Lawrence - George IV, 1821. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News. Credit: Alamy. Image ID: 2A9APCT
  2. Colourful Snow Moon rising behind the Crystal Palace transmitter, London (Nikon Z7/500mm lens).
  3. My only way to deal with the ridiculous prem access situation at the other place was to remove all my images with them and place them on Alamy
  4. I think its a 4-engine DC6. There appears to be additional exhause staining inboard of the engine shown suggesting a second engine on that side off frame to right. The small air intake (above the engine pod) also looks like DC6 shaped.
  5. Some very useful Feb stock sales so far including above (Friday) $$ Germany Editorial book and below (Today - Sunday) $$ Worldwide Magazine.
  6. Second right: Austin A55 Cambridge? 3rd from right, indistinct due to small scale, possibly a Ford Zodiac Mk IV. Sorry, just noticed, you only wanted the US car!
  7. An area of interest to me, I try to keep a camera or phone handy to shoot what I’m preparing (some of these images have distorted on posting - click on the first one and follow the arrows!).
  8. I have a Hasselblad 503cw with film back however only used a digital back with it for last 9 years. Hasselblad s/h prices remain good for clean, unknackered, bodies and lenses because there are varied digital options for the V Series.
  9. I still have my Nikkormat from 1971 (purchased new), not so much a keeper as a bookend now. Meter no longer functions (for about 22 yrs), foamwork around the mirror has degraded and falling apart.
  10. I’ve been up the west coast and also Moray Firth fishing villages, can’t place this. Northern Ireland coastal village?
  11. The Telegraph online 1.1.21 Malcolm Park Vivid green Ring Necked Parakeets visit a garden bird feeder - Image ID: H6DEB6
  12. When I attempt to access ‘Download sales report’ I’m getting an Alamy intranet login screen which does nothing. This is a new one for me, anyone else have this issue? I’ve logged it with IT.
  13. Being pedantic (and a Scot) Scotch is the Whisky (no e), the people are Scots or Scottish (Scott is a surname, Scott’s is a brand of porage oats).
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