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  1. Which is why I have finally chosen to remove all my images from XXXX after 9 years as RM is now persona non grata there. Unfortunately many at XXXX are mugs as they simply accept what is thrown at them while all the time complaining. My collection will shortly be making it’s way to Alamy.
  2. I carry a compact tripod for night photography (Manfrotto MKBFR1A4R-BH), these shots taken using it with Nikon D850 and 24-70mm lens plus cable release. 100 & 200iso down to f10. Mix of 3 to 8 sec. exposures. The tripod will also take the heavier D5 and fits in a small rucksac.
  3. A pair of fingerless gloves under a pair of thermal gloves. I only deal with going from frosty to toasty once a year and have to wait patiently for 5 mins for condensation to subside (both on lens and glasses). Only time I ever had a battery problem was shooting at 17,000ft on the crater rim of Kilimanjaro in -18 degrees at sunrise with the Mamiya 7 film camera (back in the days).
  4. I often shoot food ingredients when preparing a recipe (I art directed food shoots for 25 years so the habit is still there), and sometimes shoot a studio set-up when other photography is not so pressing. Mixture of available light or studio flash. Some pleasing shots also taken with overhead mobile phone. Tend to shoot ingredients that interest me. Most of my food work is elsewhere. A few pieces above from Alamy site.
  5. Don’t worry Ian, I managed 8 shots of him to make up the deficit!😉
  6. A rare telescope capture sale, massive sunspot from 2014: S. Korea, Editorial book, 11 October 2019, $$.
  7. The Times Online 23/08/19 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/in-pictures-the-weigh-in-at-london-zoo-gjxhbkn6v ZSL, London, UK. 22nd August 2019. Huboldt Penguins at the annual weigh-in, an opportunity for keepers at ZSL London Zoo to make sure the information they’ve recorded is up-to-date and accurate, as each measurement is then added to the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS), a database shared with zoos all over the world that helps zookeepers to compare important information on thousands of endangered species. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News. Image ID: WAWTNK
  8. Hi Jools. I have 58,321 Images with "poor discoverability" and 627 Images with "good or optimized discoverability". It doesn’t appear to make any difference to what is picked up in general sales for me. Not worth worrying too much about methinks.
  9. There were no traffic issues on Friday, but there were serious rain issues! I arrived for 08.45 on Saturday and got in quite easily. Left early as I had a 100 mile journey back to London.
  10. Elegant BOAC liveried 747 in flypast formation with the RAF Red Arrows Aerobatic Display Team at RIAT 2019, 20th July 2019, RAF Fairford. Nikon D850/Sigma Sports 150-600mm zoom at 600mm.
  11. Numerous usages of one image which I’m referencing here: TRKH4D Malcolm Park Horse Guards Parade, London, UK. 8th June 2019. Soldiers of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Troop their Colour in the presence of HM The Queen at the Queen’s Birthday Parade. A Royal carriage arrives with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The Mail on Sunday (print) 9/6/19 Harpers Bazaar 24/6/19 Town and Country magazine 24/6/19 The Sun 24/6/19 Newscom.au 24/6/19 The Mail online 24/6/19 Vogue 24/6/19 Herald Sun australia 25/6/19 Good Housekeeping 25/6/19 Yahoo Lifestyle 25/6/19 YouTube 25/6/19 AussieActu 25/6/19 (usage incorrectly attributed to AFP) e-news.us 25/6/19 Huffpost 26/6/19 India Times Post 26/6/19
  12. Lazybones, weather was positively tropical this morning, dry and bright (well, 1600iso)
  13. On a slightly separate issue, all your images appear to be RF, including (at a cursory glance) brand names and logos for: Aral, Zeiss, Hasselblad, VW, DB, Mercedes Benz, Nike, McDonalds. Not sure that’s wise.
  14. Scots Guards officer losing his hat during Trooping the Colour, 8 June 2019.
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