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  1. My three. Stonehenge, sunrise: Fire, earth, air. Kilimanjaro crater rim, sunrise: Fire, water, Earth. Flying Scotsman steaming up: Fire, water, air.
  2. Just looked at your collection, some nice images, but 250 identical shots of Maiden Tower out of a total collection of 1758 shots. Why?
  3. Just to clarify Brian, the Victoria Jones P.A. shot is not captioned Alamy, it’s a small cropped shot underneath in the printed paper. Otherwise, congratulations as always for your work.
  4. The Times (print) 1.7.20, page 9 Philip Mould & Company, Pall Mall, London, UK. 30 June 2020. London Art Week Digital preview (LAW Digital), with online viewings from 3-10 July. A unique collection of enticing London Art Week virtual viewing rooms will be curated according to category of art and present works from all participants side by side. Image: Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) Portrait of a Young Girl in a White Apron, c. 1630. Annabel Bolton of Philip Mould & Company examines a portrait bust of T.E. Lawrence. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News - Image: 2C525R8
  5. What goes around comes around. It may not be obsolete if scientists think what might happen does happen. Strange analogy though, how many people have seen 5 beehives together?
  6. I asked this question recently to Alamy, as a result of removing several thousand images from another site which decided to drop RM. This is the information I received from Alamy: images (around 60) with geographic, date and industry specific, licences attached to them (by this other company) cannot be labelled on Alamy as exclusive until these licences run out. All the other images which had sold but without specific usages (around 1000) can now be labelled on Alamy as exclusive.
  7. Hi Phil I have two microscopes I use for photography. Both are binocular microscopes with a third (trinocular) head which takes either Nikon or Cannon cameras (the camera to microscope fitting is the same as with an astro telescope. The microscopes are: Nikon Labophot ( with 5 rotating lens turret). Carl Zeiss Universal Pol (fitted for polarised light photography). Both are former research quality instruments, bought second hand about 10 yrs ago. The Zeiss is built like a tank. Photography with them is simple.
  8. The Times (print) 5.6.20 pp36-37. New Bond Street, London, UK. 24th October 2019. The new Louis Vuitton store opening day in New Bond Street with a big splash of colour spectrum on a grey and wet London morning. Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2A65T7W
  9. The Times (print) 19th May 2020, across pages 38-39 North Greenwich, London, UK. 14 November, 2018. Colourful sunset behind the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf seen from the O2 at Greenwich Peninsula. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: R1RHH4
  10. As an irrelevant aside, the tent looks like a Vango Force Ten, I had one of these back in the early 70s. Spent a number of wet and winter climbing holidays in Glencoe semi-sheltered in it.
  11. Some garden images taken in broad daylight with backlit flash
  12. The Sunday Times (print) 19 April 2020, page 16. London, UK. 18th April 2020. 2BFD0RJ Two Ring Necked Parakeets in conflict over best position on a bird feeder in a London garden with an explosion of plumage colour on a grey and damp morning. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News.
  13. Thanks for that Matt Ashmore. One of my pics you’ve chosen. As a press photographer currently isolating, as one should, I’m restricted at the moment to home, garden and local streets. Papers are still looking for amusing images in these troubling times. I’m glad it made you laugh. Several I’ve shot like it have made the dailies in the last few days. Looks like I have the last laugh Matt!
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