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  1. Used, weirdly, in an article about the terms and conditions on a banking website being as long as the first Harry Potter book.
  2. Yes I think it's a leftover from the previous system. I think you could have TOP keywords up to 50 characters, if I remember right. It was possible to get more than 10 (short) tags in that and they were transferred to supertags at the changeover.
  3. Hmm, OK, anyone got a photo they'd like to share?
  4. Found one! 'Webber Wogan' - took it at Maggie Thatcher's funeral. Never sold.
  5. Wow, it was a real stroke of luck that the old woman walked past just as you were photographing that chicken.
  6. I'm tempted to stay quiet so as not to encourage competition, but I have done very well with pics of old coins - and modern ones.
  7. Lady on the bench in focus, waiting for the other two to walk into the frame - didn't notice the creepy guy in the trees until much later.
  8. Yes - no searches work. Even in the main page search box.
  9. Spling has never been one of my strengths.
  10. Couldn't agree more. The secret of success on Alamy - with over 200 million images - is getting your pics seen by potential customers. It doesn't matter how good they are, if they don't get seen, they won't get used.
  11. I am constantly reminded about the importance of spending more time on the most boring part of the job - captions and tags. I thought it might be interesting to see what came up for people in searches from keywords that some of us might not have thought of adding. This one came up for me last week: Search term "tongue-tied", 100 images viewed, only this one zoomed.
  12. It was indeed. I thought you were hiding in the background somewhere - I didn't realise you had stolen my idea
  13. Someone might recognize himself here Whitehall 2019 Prague 1990s
  14. Most important - supertags. Then - tags Least important - caption. Not counted at all - other information (on the optional page) It makes sense. If you search for eg a tennis player, you get lots of results of other tennis players - because they were playing against that player in the match and are mentioned in the caption. Keep potentially useful info that is not relevant to the image in the optional info.
  15. Getting slower. I'm assuming it's the legions of new customers fighting over our images and overloading the system.
  16. I shoot a lot of verticals and a quick look over recent sales suggest they make up about 40% of sales. I always use a camera with a battery pack on the bottom - not for the extra battery but for the vertical shutter release and controls. It really makes taking verticals easier and once you get used to it, it becomes second nature.
  17. Ha! I photographed some of those (second ones) on our lawn this morning. Bad news - I don't know what they are. Good news - if you find out, so will I. The first could be Yellow Club Fungus (Clavulinopsis helvola)
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