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  1. I hope you find the new library is an improvement on what you have here. I have looked for years for something comparable to Alamy and have failed.
  2. Remember these? When I finally upgraded to a flatscreen I took the old TV apart to dispose of and photographed the more interesting bits. This one has sold twice - this week for $150. Photograph EVERYTHING.
  3. The road outside the house I grew up in, taken as I arrived for a visit - to an Italian book. Presumably a maths textbook. Taken while waiting for the train at Victoria - sold 4 times this month (for not a huge amount of money)
  4. In the last two weeks I have barely taken a still photo (one day in London, not very productive). I have discovered video and am really enjoying it. Mostly wildlife, will it sell? I hope so and I'm willing to devote more time and effort to see if it pays off. I'll be going to London again next week to lurk in Downing Street with the Nikons but bumble bees and wagtails have made a very pleasant change.
  5. It's fiddly and time-consuming but you can use pseudonyms. If you have hundreds/thousands of images you want to change at once, you can make up a new pseudonym and as you amend them, assign them to the new pseudo. That will immediately be reflected in searches in Image Manager and you can do the next 500, put them in the new pseudo, and so on. When you're finished, put them all back.
  6. In the olden days, the rule when shooting hand-held was to use a shutter speed at least as big as the focal length. So 500th sec. for a 400mm, 1000 for a 600mm. Image stabilization has made this rule largely redundant as far as camera shake is concerned, but it hasn't stopped birds moving. I use a 500/600mm and rarely go below 500th sec out in the field. With a very lazy/tired bird, you can go a lot lower. Assuming you have a decent lens, f6.3 should be fine. Just had a look at your recent pics and you seem to be doing fine as it is. One thing I can suggest is adding the
  7. This suggests (very strongly) that retaining the 50% for exclusivity would have minimal effect on Alamy's total income (c1.3%) compared to a huge (20%) reduction in the income of photographers who have decided to give their work exclusively to Alamy as well as having put a HUGE effort in the months since the last percentage change into making sure their portfolio was correctly marked as exclusive.
  8. No, marking images as exclusive - as some of us have been diligently doing for the last six months - has been a complete waste of time and effort.
  9. If I understand right, it means, basically, that commission is going up to 60%, exclusive images included. If this is right I have spent the last six months working my way through my portfolio of 44,000 images diligently marking which are exclusive and which are not and trying to guess which might or might not be regarded by somebody as an "artwork" - not to mention cancelling a contract with another agent to make more images exclusive - for nothing. Please reassure me that I have misunderstood and that this isn't the case.
  10. You certainly get more money selling direct - good luck with selling to Japanese TV, US textbooks, Brazilian magazines, German companies' internal newsletters, Greek calendar publishers,......
  11. You'd think that one would have real potential as a generic 'Australia' image for tourism. But, like the other 255m images, someone has to find it first...
  12. These are great - especially the kangaroo. There must be a market for this kind of thing, but it is hard to know where. That's the problem with art.
  13. A combination of lockdown / bad weather / boredom drove me to try a bit of graphic design. It was aimed at the print-on-demand mugs and t-shirts market but I uploaded some here too (all under pjrdigital) It has so far been financially unrewarding, to put it mildly, but it kept me off the streets for a couple of weeks. I've been writing some music too - with similar results.
  14. I find Sun/Times uses are usually reported the following month - occasionally the same month if used in the first week or so. You have a choice to use an agent or sell direct. Selling direct brings in more money per publication and pays more quickly. If you have contacts with all the papers and are happy to do all the work yourself, stick to working that way.
  15. Je crois qu'il faut titrer et ajouter les mot-cles en Anglais. Alamy fait les traduire en autres langues (plus ou moins) pour ses distibuteurs etranges, mais il faut initialement ecrire en Anglais, malheureusement.
  16. I was hoping for pics of red deer stags. Disappointed.
  17. I don't like to boast but I've had several that were bigger than that.
  18. In a way lockdown has helped with not being a rut - though maybe I'm now just in a different one. Formerly travelling to London twice a week to photograph things - when things were a thing - I had to find new things to photograph. Wildlife, studio stuff, experimenting with Redbubble print-on-demand-arty-stuff, graphic design rather than using a camera. I have always been thinking that I should diversify and lockdown gave me an opportunity to try out new ideas - even writing music (no, not a great success). Things are now sort of back to normal and I'm back to my old rut, though the novelty h
  19. Anyone remember tearsheets.......?
  20. Of course not all images are checked by QC, only a selection. The submission may still pass and you can delete if afterwards, if so.
  21. Taken on medium format film in the olden days. Just sold for the ninth time, it's now paid for quite a few pizzas and coffees.
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