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  1. I did had a some problems last week. from the 20 it uploaded 8 and stopped. Or the first one got already stuck. Finally they went through. 😁
  2. Yes, had a NU one 0.61 net. And that was based on 50% commission. Opting out in april. If I don't forget
  3. Had two sales the last two days. both $$$ !! Saves my january.
  4. Could not upload the last two days. To slow and stalling. Mac OS high Sierra. Believe this must be something on Alamy's server. Edit: Right now apparently it is suddenly working fine. Should complain earlier Edit: upload error after 21 images went through.
  5. Personal use sale. ( ?? ) Usage: Personal use, Persönliche Ausdrucke, Karten und Geschenke oder Referenz für Künstler. Nicht für werbliche Nutzung; nicht zum Weiterverkauf bestimmt.
  6. Nada. 2 sales under compared to last year. 20% in revenue less compared to last year. Anyhow, wish you all a prosperous 2019 Perry
  7. And this screaming man nearby. I must have something with rocks.
  8. I found this monkey head in a limestone rock. Don't really know what is doing in my Alamy collection though
  9. My BHZ image dropped dozens of pages in december last year. But sales average and zooms the same or up. So I am not bothered anymore. Perry
  10. Sevilla, best decision, imagine I live in Malaga . “Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla” is the saying and I do agree. Perry
  11. Just passed QC this afternoon. Panicking to early guys. Anyhow, thanks for the moral support, haha.
  12. Phew, thanks,there is still hope than. Espero un poquito mas entonces.
  13. I uploaded a bunch of images on sunday, still not through quality control. Anyone else waiting to pass? Or?. Go to jail don't pass Go.
  14. Panoramic view. Nice place to chill at 2500m, Stream in Sierra Nevada, Granada.Spain. While 38º in Granada, here it was around 27º.
  15. Dropped down since january. It is rarely above the Alamy average. Gone up a bit in august 0.4. Although it does not seem to effect my number of sales.
  16. Since january things went south for me. Very few zooms. But today 2 --> $$$ sales dropped in covering a few months of my average.
  17. And mine mainly european butterflies and wild orchids. https://www.instagram.com/perryallandalusia/?hl=en
  18. Detail of oldest living spanish fir, (abies pinsapo) Sierra de las nieves, Malaga, Spain
  19. Had my first sale with 859 images, that was in 2013. 8 Months after the first upload.
  20. First time I had sale on a saturday. Usage: Personal use.... ??
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