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  1. Above average sales at 15, but revenue low at $209. Highest $39.67, but not exclusive to Alamy. No payout this month as only $10 cleared out of $239 owing. Zooms zooming along though. John.
  2. Yes, I have dinner at lunch time and tea at dinner time!! John.
  3. Was the headline in the paper "Hole found in road, the council are looking into it" 😁 John.
  4. If Alamy hasn't been paid they aren't 'borrowing' money off anyone. Both you and Alamy are waiting for the client to pay. Once Alamy has been paid, you will be paid (as long as the amount cleared is over $50). John.
  5. You don't have to tick the 'editorial' box if you don't have any releases. You can just tick the 'number of people in image', then no you don't have a release. The same for 'is there any property in the image' box. John.
  6. I must be a great mind as well, because that's what I do too! John.
  7. 11 sales for $293, about average for sales, slightly above for revenue. Best $78.19 (x2), worst $5.21. No sales this month yet. John. Edit: first 2 sales popped in today!
  8. Alamy are potentially missing out on sales by not updating the database quickly enough (obviously). I had 2 searches yesterday for 'Bodnant Garden', one of 80 images and the other of 41, of which 3 were zoomed. I uploaded 23 more images the day before of Bodnant Garden but they aren't on sale yet, therefore I'm missing out on potential sales. John.
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