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  1. Allan, Only just caught up on the thread. The OS don't make Pathfinder maps any more, but they have changed the name to Explorer and the maps are the same (1:25,000 or 2 and half inches to the mile) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Explorer-Map-Lincoln-Paper-Active/dp/0319244695 Hope this helps. John.
  2. .......now up to 13! You will probably have a good month next month and I will have a poor one. That's the way it seems to go sometimes. Keep your pecker up! John.
  3. That's my method too. Basic info to get them on sale, then go through them again and add details etc John.
  4. No! 😃 Rolling monthly figures for yesterday show 17 sales, 9,602 views and 74 zooms for a CTR of 0.77. 10 12 sales so far this month so not too bad for me - which probably isn't what you wanted to hear! John.
  5. Titles, or captions, are definitely important in searches. Describe the image as thoroughly and as accurately as you can. That way, as well as your keywords, your images will come up higher in any relevant searches. John.
  6. Sale number 1000!!!!! Tutankhamen's wooden chair, table and stool, painted white, from King Tutankhamen's tomb Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Cairo Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 16-September-2020 ; Duration: In perpetuity. High $$ John.
  7. OK, I don't use the 'app that shouldn't be mentioned' and didn't realise that images taken with android phones could be uploaded via an ipad. I have washed my mouth out with soap and water and I will never mention the unmentionable ever again. Yours contritely, John.
  8. The main Alamy site doesn't accept mobile phone photos. There is Stockimo, an offshoot of Alamy that accepts mobile photos - but only from Apple phones! So you can't submit those photos to Alamy. John.
  9. I did a search on your contributor name under 'advanced search' and true enough, no images came up. However, when I did a search for 'Canandaigua Lake' your images came up. Alamy contributor relations are busy and under staffed at the moment but it might be worth sending them an email. John.
  10. You need 500-1000 images before you will get regular sales. This isn't microstock so you won't necessarily get sales everyday - especially with only 8 out of 216,000,000 images on sale. Upload well keyworded images and give it time. John.
  11. Allan, You've aged a lot these last few days!!😁 John.
  12. Still happening here. 3 yesterday, 7 for the month so far, that was after 12 for August. I'm on 998 total sales, so with a bit of luck I might pass 1000 today! John.
  13. Is that what's called ruling with a rod of iron.......... John.
  14. I don't know - give it a try........ John.
  15. If you can log on to Alamy, go to your dashboard and click on 'account settings' next to 'overview' (the page you will be on) and you can change your email address. If you can't logon to Alamy then you will have to email customer services. John.
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