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  1. I'm 66 and 3/4s, which sounds old, but I don't feel old! Most bits are still working OK, so not too much problem bending down etc. I too like my own company, although I get on with people, even been married twice and now in a relationship for the last 16 years with a lovely lady. Photography is a very absorbing occupation and I get carried away and don't notice the time! John.
  2. Many thanks to both of you! John.
  3. These 2 sets of images were taken on St. Mary's Island, The Isles Scilly, England in May. The first one was growing wild in a hedgerow next to the road. It was about 6ft - 8ft (2m - 2.5m ) tall. The second was growing in a marsh (almost in water) on a nature reserve. This was about 1ft - 2ft (0.3m - 0.5m) tall. Sorry for the formatting, I tried to post larger images but failed miserably. Hope someone can help. John.
  4. It was a bit 'day-glo', but it was glowing at the end of the day! As you say, a sale, is a sale, is a sale.
  5. I meant the subject was over saturated - but maybe it was the image!! John.
  6. Chuffed that I sold this one today with there being a lot of competition. Don't know what search term they used but various terms range from 9,000 to 41,000 images returned. Distributor for about $20. John.
  7. 11 sales for $276 gross, so just below both averages. Best $86, worst $4. 3 of my 4 highest sales this month, including the best, were distributor sales. Views very poor, zooms only a bit better. John.
  8. Yes, once discovered you will be updating frequently - like i do!! John.
  9. I had relatively good sales in June and even better in July so should get a bumper payout in September!! John.
  10. Probably too late to the party, but if other people are thinking of photo insurance I can recommend Photoguard. Had a claim last year and the whole process of claiming was very painless and they paid out rapidly. John.
  11. So do you mean you will be paid next month? I have got $98 cleared now, so will get a payment for September. Well done on the big sale! John.
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