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  1. I thought I had replied to this thread but apparently not! Pretty average all round 11 sales for $304, although revenue was the 4th best of the last 12 months. Heading for my 4th best year for sales and 6th best for revenue out of 12 years. john.
  2. Michael, Allow 24 hours after uploading/tagging and they should be visible. John.
  3. Best ever was 82 on the 14th. June 2017 (I keep daily records!) with 7856 images for sale. This months best is 45, with an average of 36, with 11009 images for sale. John.
  4. I agree with the premise of not adding keywords of things that aren't in your picture, but in this case I would include the type of tree as it is fairly prominent in the image. Having said that, I can't think that any one looking for a picture of a maritime pine would be too interested in this one. I always try and describe what the picture is about (imagine telling someone that can't see your photo what it is all about) and put that in your caption. Then pick most of the words in the caption as tags (keywords) with the most relevant being supertags. In this case I would have maritime pine as just a tag, not a supertag. John.
  5. I've always suspected that regularly adding content helps Alamy rank. In the early days, when I wasn't selling many images, I always had a reasonable rank and I put it down to regular submissions. John.
  6. Yes, got mine on 3rd. October. The doctor's had a drop in session without an appointment and people were queuing out of the door! John.
  7. Only just read this thread. Terrible news - he will be missed, so very sorry to hear this. Condolences to Keith’s family. John.
  8. Got mine today also, direct claim. Up 22% 😁 John.
  9. Mid $ distributor sale for website. Sony RX100 MK II. John.
  10. Do some research about the 'castle'. You must know the location and what the mountain is named? Then see if you can find the name of the property and maybe the former owner (the count) and include all these in your tags. Don't try to get to 50, as others have said, only include relevant ones. So you end up with "****** castle, the former home of Count ******, built on top of ****** mountain, Murcia, Spain, Europe" for the caption and include all the underlined words as supertags and the rest as tags, plus building, house, home and any other words that actually describe whats in the photo. John
  11. My Windows 10 image was different to that one! It was from G*%£&. John.
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