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  1. We've got a combi boiler so no hot water tank and the boiler only kicks in when you need hot water, so no problem there. But in my opinion it's definitely worth keeping the heating on all the time, as long as you have thermostats on every radiator. John
  2. We leave our heating on all year round on thermostat, and all the radiators have separate thermostats, so if the temperature goes too low the heating comes on. We did a comparison one year and the cost was about the same. By letting the temperature get too low it uses a lot of fuel to get back up to the right heat. John.
  3. Second best month for sales over the last 12 months with 19. Revenue only $249 gross, net $96. Highest $91.08, lowest (ever) x 2 @ $0.21 gross, $0.08 cents net!!!! Zooms and views all over the place. Onward and downwards. John.
  4. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Website and Social media, any size, single placement and design, worldwide, in perpetuity Media: Website, app and social media Print run: Unlimited Placement: Any - print inside, electronic, online Image Size: Any size Start: 28 September 2021 Duration: In perpetuity Which netted me $0.08 cents!!! I've had 2 of those this month too. John. $ 0.21
  5. Had a new low for me - a $0.21 sale netting me $0.08!!!! John.
  6. Just had a $91 sale for a front cover of a book, then an hour later a sale of the exact same image for personal use for $11. What's the betting the first sale gets refunded! I'll keep my eyes on this one. John.
  7. Try this: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/how-do-i-get-my-images-for-sale/ John.
  8. Very true Allan. Revenue is at 77% of last year's total, and of course 7 months will have been at 50% so we will need to sell more just to stand still. However, sales could have gone down too, so it's not all bad. John.
  9. My sales have reached the same level as last year already. At this rate, it should be the best year ever for sales in 14 years. John.
  10. Not too bad for me. 17 sales for $354. Highest $93.77, lowest $3.22. Views and zooms down, like everyone else it seems. The good news is i've beaten last years sales total of 119 with total sales for 2021 of 122. Revenue is only at 77% though. John.
  11. Searching for images using my real name causes me problems - no, I don't want to search for John Keats! Yours sincerely, John Keates.
  12. I would have: Stigmatopora harastii, Stigmatopora, harastii, Red Wide-bodied Pipefish, red, wide, bodied, pipefish, plus Wide bodied pipefish, and general tags such as fish, animal, etc. where bold are supertags. Not sure I would put red as a tag as that might generate too many false hits. John.
  13. I'm from The Potteries, but I don't know what it is! 😉😁 John.
  14. It's working now for me after 2 or 3 failed attempts earlier this morning. John.
  15. Back to positive... July was my best ever month for sales in 14 years with Alamy with 25 sales! John.
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