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  1. Back to positive... July was my best ever month for sales in 14 years with Alamy with 25 sales! John.
  2. Best month ever for sales in my 14 years with Alamy with 25 sales. Revenue not too good though at $325 gross $165 net. No $$$ sales; Highest $65.70 (@50%); lowest $1.50 (@50%) $0.75 net, but lowest net was $1.73 gross (@40%) so $0.69 net. 17 out of 25 were $ gross sales. 14 sales in the last week. Other income of $12.50. Views and zooms average. John.
  3. I'm catching up with images i've taken a couple of years ago but once those are uploaded I'll not be going out of my way to take images for Alamy. John.
  4. Anybody been able to access measures today? John.
  5. Lucky you having a green bar!!😁 Perhaps it will make up for the 20% drop in revenue just round the corner............ John.
  6. I used to use the Alamy uploader all the time until I had a problem one day and used Filezilla. Like aphperspective, I use Windows 10/ Microsoft Edge and find Filezilla very fast and easy to use too. John.
  7. Probably for both of us. The more Alamy make, the more we make (albeit 20% lower from Saturday!). John.
  8. All the best wishes to you in the future too. I joined Alamy 2 days after you in 2007! I retired in July 2007 and Alamy has been a big apart of my life since then. I would miss Alamy terribly if I was to leave. John.
  9. Go to Alamy Image Manager, optional, go right down to the bottom right and there is a delete button. The image stays on sale for 6 months though after marking for deletion. John.
  10. As far as I know, capital letters don't make any difference, so all the 'cannabis' and 'pot' words would be treated as just one word in a search. Is that the case (no pun intended)? John. Edit: just seen the post below saying caps don't make a difference.
  11. Good advice - that's what I do too, not too big a task to caption and keyword with that size of batch. I'm 5 stars so submissions go through straightaway, but every 5 submissions or so they get QCed. If I have a batch in QC I don't upload another until the first batch has passed - just to be on the safe side. John.
  12. Same here, balance went from $47 to $11. Looked back to January this year but no refunds showing. Sent email to Alamy and got "We’re just checking this with our finance team to see why your funds have dropped. We’ll get back to you once we have more information." Hopefully be back to normal tomorrow. John.
  13. I've not heard of Thyrsis's cave either and I don't live far from the Peak District and go walking there regularly. There is, however, a Thor's Cave in the Manifold Valley (haven't got any pictures of it, note to self) and the valley itself is well worth a visit. John.
  14. Right, fair enough. It always seems suspicious to me when a registered buyer buys a PU. John.
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