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  1. Don't worry - you retain copyright. John.
  2. Windows 10 opening screen. Sunrise at Stonehenge with the start of a new day Nicolas Jones - Image ID: JTX5BM John
  3. Well done John, there was indeed some stiff competition and excellent entries. John.
  4. I've the same settings as Wim. I get a number under my notifications if someone quotes or replies to a message but I don't get any emails for likes etc. John.
  5. So you are well above average. CTR is, quote "the number of zooms divided by the number of views, multiplied by 100." So sales aren't taken into account in calculation of your CTR. I've always had a below average CTR but have made regular sales. John.
  6. I take it you have $173.48 worth of sales, but how much has cleared ie actually been paid by the clients who purchased the images? On your account screen under 'balance of account' it should say 'current cleared balance: $xx'. If this figure is over $50 you will get paid. Further down the same screen you should see 'next payment date', if your cleared sales are less than $50 it will say 'not due' Also on your dashboard it says 'current cleared balance: $xx We'll pay you once your balance is over £50 '. Hope this helps. John.
  7. Not too bad at 9 for $310. 9 seems to be the new average for 2020 whereas it was 11.5 last year. No $$$ sales but not too many tiddlers, lowest $2.98 , highest $59.59 so an average of $34.44. Sales 38% and revenue 47% of 2019. Revenue holding up and although sales are down revenue seems to be a bit higher per sale. John.
  8. It was always a mystery what he wrote! 😄 John.
  9. Even though the subject matter isn't green I've always liked the green on this image so i'll include it. John. A Brown Argus (Aricia agestis) Butterfly resting on a green leaf England UK
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