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  1. How to set exclusive image for Alamy

    I would imagine that is correct. If you have only loaded up to Alamy, they are effectively exclusive to Alamy, no matter where Alamy chooses to distribute them to. John.
  2. Many thanks Harry for reporting this. John.
  3. Many thanks Clare, only just spotted your message! John.
  4. How was your 2018 (and December!)

    December was my worst month of 2018 with 6 sales for $108. I've been averaging 14 sales a month and only need 10 in December to pass 2018 sales amount of 163 for the year, but I fell short by 3, so 160 for the year. John.
  5. How was your 2018

    2nd best year ever for sale numbers in 2018 (160); best 2017 (163) 2nd best year ever for income in 2018 ($4,520); best 2015 ($4,821, but skewed with $$$$ sale ). 2017 income was $3,909. Sales down nearly -2% on 2017, but income up +16%. Images added in 2018, 1354 (a record number) meaning I increased my portfolio by 15%. Average price for an image sold in 2017 - $24; 2018 - $28. CTR, views and zooms generally all way down on last year. Happy New Year to you all! Here's to a good 2019!! John.
  6. No surge for me either. I'm 3 short of last year, which was my best year ever with 163 sales. However, revenue is up 15% on last year, but still short of my best ever year of 2015. Still need another sale this month, even then it will make it the joint worst of the year. John.
  7. Understanding Exclusivity

    Surely by definition any agency's images cannot be exclusive here! Unless they aren't going to sell them on their own site for 100% of the fee.............
  8. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Edo, Perhaps you could ask at a language school if anyone would be willing to come with you to translate for you when you are visiting government offices, hospital etc. John.
  9. How was your November?

    Not a bad month: 19 for $546, both above average. Lowest >$5, highest $76.57, which was a distributor (the only one). 1 TV use. Zooms, views and CTR all low 9 sales away from equalling last year, but revenue has already beaten 2017 John.
  10. Surge time?

    I've had 4 sales today, only 1 of which was a newspaper sale. 1 was a high $$ TV use, all the others were $. John.
  11. Favourite photos in November 18

    A young Egyptian girl. John
  12. Surge time?

    My surge of 1 today was a book sale (only $$) so standing by for the flood tomorrow and Friday! John.
  13. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    I'm using Edge on Windows 10.
  14. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Mine were a couple of Stately Homes and a well known local garden. John.