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    Apart from running an architectural design company....Photography, Football (season ticket holder at Stoke City), watercolour painting, butterflies (I do a weekly count for Butterfly Conservation during the summer), walking, gardening, nature, travel, wildlife, music, beer..........and sleeping!


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  1. Despite it being a poor month so far, at least a $144 direct sale dropped in this morning! John.
  2. Paulette, Thanks for pointing that out to me. I only rarely look at the forum and missed the conversation. I'm still convinced my images aren't being seen in searches as reflected in a very low number of sales. I think the whole system needs scrapping and starting all over again! John.
  3. Something is definitely wrong with measures still. Yesterday I looked at some pictures of Jodrell Bank because I took a few new ones on Sunday. I also looked at Arley Hall as I am going there this Sunday. Low and behold the 2 images I zoomed on have come up today as zoomed - but I'm not a registered buyer so they shouldn't have come up at all. It's too much of a coincidence that someone would zoom the 2 exact subjects I zoomed! Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining - I will spend all day today zooming my images to boost my CTR!! (its a joke, Alamy, by the way!) More seriously, still only 3 sales this month instead of my usual 15-16. If it stays at 3 that will be my worst month since February 2015 when I had a third as many images as now. John.
  4. Yes, working for me again now. Alamy just need to sort the sales part now............
  5. Something is definitely wrong at Alamy! I usually sell an average of 15 images a month. Last month was my worst month for about 7 and a half years with 5 sales. This month so far, only 3. My views and zooms are really down, although CTR is above average. My measures hasn't worked for a couple of days now. Getting very disillusioned with Alamy at the moment! John.
  6. Shockingly bad month with FIVE sales for $55. My worst month for sales since January 2016!!!! My average for the last 12 months is 15 sales and revenue $268 per month. Things can only get better!! John. PS. when I click on my number of images and select newest, the latest images don't come up and are in a random order. If I click oldest that works correctly. I don't know what's going on!
  7. Not working for me again today. "not collected any activity" message for yesterday. John.
  8. Just realised I had one of these! Retail shot - a repeat best seller. John.
  9. 16 sales (about average) for $477 (above average) - in fact it's my highest revenue since June 2022! Lowest; $1.16: Highest; $127.77 (x2). My revenue has increased for each of the last 5 months in a row. John.
  10. As spacecadet says, batch tagging has it's place. I usually batch tag groups of images of the same subject once they have passed QC, just to get them on sale, but usually only generic terms, then go through them later fine tuning my keywords and captions. John.
  11. Exactly! It's better to get a correct system from the start than to have to go back and amend them later.
  12. As has been mentioned, don't try and religiously get to 50 tags. Your captions definitely need some work if your images are to be found. Take image 2WPERMF of a statue of a woman. You haven't got 'statue', 'sculpture' or 'woman' or her name as tags - but you do have 'accommodation', 'boats', 'bird', 'fishing', fishing boats', 'funfair', 'groynes', 'national cycle route 111', 'pubs', 'restaurant', 'rnli' ,'rnli visitor centre', 'sand', 'sands', sandy beaches', none of which are in that image! You also have 'north pier' and 'south pier' - but it can't be both. Adding irrelevant tags will hurt your ranking as someone looking for a fun fair doesn't want to see a close up picture of a woman's statue! Don't take the criticism personally, we are only trying to help you gain more sales! From a fellow Staffordshire resident. Edit: a bit of googling has found; 'Gansey Girl' is a bronze sculpture by Stephen Carvill which can be found on Bridlington Harbour's north pier. That should be your caption, plus possibly Yorkshire, England, UK. plus all those words should be in your tags and those in bold should be super tags. John.
  13. Distinctly average! 13 sales for $244. Lowest; $1.59: Highest; $63.19 (although a distributor sale). Views and zooms average as well. John.
  14. 16 sales for $206 - a bit low on income. Lowest: $0.36 (x2); Highest $36.78. Views and zooms low, although views seemed to be catching up until measures was broken again. John.
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