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  1. I had actually uploaded 2 batches - one via FTP and the other via the Alamy uploader. I usually use FTP, but when they didn't appear after 30 minutes I sent them again using the Alamy uploader. Eventually the FTP batch all arrived but only 9 from the Alamy uploader. I deleted the extra 9 the next morning before they went on sale. John.
  2. I've always said this latest lockdown will end in tiers........
  3. 11 sales for $322 - a bit above (new) average for both sales and revenue. Lowest $5.04, highest $100.73. Disappointed I only had 1 calendar sale. Need 32 sales (yeah, right!) for $421 (just about doable with a fair wind) to match last years figures. John.
  4. Yes, one lot all images have uploaded and 9 out of 16 from the second upload. I'll have to delete the second batch tomorrow before I put them on sale. John.
  5. I've just tried to upload 16 images via FTP and the uploader and neither have worked. Anybody else having problems? John.
  6. I don't want to butt in here, but you can have people in your images without releases - just tick the box in AIM, optional, do you have model releases... and say no. John.
  7. I couldn't log in to the forum. Tried and failed 3 times and I then had an email from Alamy saying I was locked out of my account!! Panic set in at this point, but I realised I could log in to the main site. In the email it asked me to change my log in password as it said someone from Glasgow had being trying to log in on my account! After I changed the password manged to log in and everything seems to be working again - at the moment. John.
  8. I don't know if you can change the default text, as it looks a bit thin on my monitor. If you click on the 'size' button it just says 'default' and as far as I can see, no option to change it. John.
  9. A couple from our trip to Vietnam back in January 2019 which I am only just processing at the moment. The trip seems a lifetime ago and things are very different now than they were then. John.
  10. I hope images from 2019 will sell as i'm going through hundreds from Vietnam taken in January 2019! John.
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