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  1. Just trying to get back in the Alamy game with my new found passion for lakes and wondering whether Instagram hashtag generators might be useful for Alamy? Sites like metatags where you type in a word or a picture and it gives you all the associated hashtags in order of popularity? There’s a few of them, and they are useful for Instagram but would they translate to Alamy? Is there a better site for choosing Alamy keywords? TIA!
  2. Hello, I am a newly starting out and i was hoping from advice from more seasoned users of this site. Is there a suggested most effective way to use tags or keywords on photos? Captions? Or other suggestions that are basics that perhaps I should consider? Any easy mistakes I should avoid making? I would appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance. -Jessica
  3. Is the any way of changing the name of an existing tag?
  4. Does it matter whether tags are upper or lower case? If a buyer searches on for example "Cake" with uppercase first letter, will results for "cake" in all lowercase show up? I ask because I was entering tags and saw that I had the same tag in twice, one with first initial uppercase, one with it all lower, and it accepted both of them. So I wonder if there is a difference. Thank you.
  5. So all of my photos are currently on sale, but most of them have low discoverability. I've been trying to tag them with anything and everything that is (or could be) relevant to what's captured or represented in the image and then I run out of ideas. Are there any sources you all have to find ideas for tags that fit your content but that you wouldn't have otherwise thought of? I've tried searching for images similar to mine on Flickr and looking at the tags they've used but most of my finds are duds.
  6. Hi, I have some questions about tags please. 1. When editing in image manager, is it important the order the tags are in? ie should the most important tags be at the top? 2. How do you reorder tags? When I try to drag and drop a tag it combines the tag I am trying to move with the tag in the position I am moving it to. I can't seem to be able to drop it in between tags. I am using the Chrome browser. Thanks Paul
  7. Good morning everyone. A quick question which I'm sure must have been asked before but which I can't seem to find an answer to in the forums. If you have a handful of images tagged with the exact same keywords, in what order do they come up in a customer search? Does the most recently uploaded, for example, appear first? Or is it the earliest uploaded etc? I was informed by contributor relations that the most recently uploaded would appear first but that doesn't seem to be my experience. Any help appreciated, Gary.
  8. Hi I haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere. I have a number of files that aren't matching between Lightroom and Alamy through Lightroom bridge. I can see the cause but not the solution. The files in question have all failed QC and then been resubmitted and passed. With both submissions my file name remained the same however Alamy allocated a different reference for them both. Alamy Bridge is matching with the failed version and subsequently is not bringing across any data and tags etc and marking them as not on sale. I have read the manual and tried many combinations o
  9. Hello, everyone. Really enjoying this forum so far. I am brand-new, and haven't found an answer for this yet in my forum or Alamy instruction search so far. I was in the process of putting my first image on sale, and trying to figure out the best method for choosing which excess Lightroom tags I wanted to delete. I deleted a few, and wasn't seeing any changes to the number of tags. I then counted the tags, and realized that although the screen was saying there were 50/50 tags, there were actually a lot more showing. (Before I counted, I had assumed Alamy had already deleted excess tags on impo
  10. Hi, I add my own tags to the EXIF data of photos on my PC to help me sort them (before upload to Alamy). I accidentally left a person's name as a tag on a photo I uploaded to Alamy. I do not want anyone to be able to see that name. Do Alamy strip this EXIF tag data out, or will I need to delete the photo from Alamy and re-upload without the tag? Thanks
  11. Hello all, Is there a way to indicate an "anti-keyword" for an image? That is to say, to set a search term that you have as a part of a keyword and you don't want your image to be find. For example: I have many photos of a place called "La Mola", and everytime some client searches the term "Mola mola" (which is in fact a scientific name of a fish), many of my images appear, penalizing its CTR. The solution for me would be that I could indicate in the AIM that those images don't get searched by "Mola mola", only by "Mola" or "La Mola". Maybe the "anti-keyword" should look
  12. I've just started contributing to Alamy. I'm having difficulty working out how to get lots of keywords on my images. I believe that you should have quite a few - at least more than the minimum 5 but I'm struggling to find them. The Alamy documentation does not give any specific advice here. For example. I have an image of the Spasskaya Tower of the Kazan Kremlin in Russia - in the Republic of Tatarstan. So - I've used all those as keywords. But - what then? Should I be putting things like "White tower", "Russian Heritage"? I'm not really sure once I get beyond the obvio
  13. 20% of my port is black and white film scanned images. The issue i'm facing is false positives, i.e. the query "iphone X black" returns to buyers a "black" and white picture i made recently of a "white" iPhone X giving buyers about 15 images of mine they don't want. This is just an example, other images have been affected either by the word "black" or "white" ("africa black" has been used by buyers looking for africa black people while i was referring to africa black and white film picture). Sometimes this issue applies also for "obsolete" or "nostalgic" words; actually i use th
  14. There has been a tremendous amount of discussion recently on tags and captions. Many people have subscribed to the idea of going back over their images to revisit them some with apparent success. A lot of us struggle with tags and captions so I was wondering is anyone was prepared to give examples of what they consider to be high quality tags and captions. Of course these do not have to be your images but can be from someone else.
  15. Are accurate phrases more affective than a list of single/double words as tags. Eg Robin singing on a branch in winter or perched robin, or combination of both, which ends up as a long list of tags. Cheers Andy
  16. Pete Grady

    Reset Button

    The reset button should be placed somewhere AWAY from the +/add symbol in the keyword box in the Mandatory info panel. It's too easy to get going along and hit that button rather than the small plus sign.
  17. I am trying to annotate and tag my first images on Alamy. I am new to this particular process so I have created a couple of screen shots to help explain my question. 1 - First is a picture of Olmsted Point, Yosemite NP 2 - Second are the Mandatory fields completed 3 - Lastly are the optional fields completed Here is the web link to a temporary page on my website: http://jbrish.com/temp-3/ My discoverability is stil in the orange and not optimal (as far as I can tell) yet I don't really understand what more I could add to improve the l
  18. I am new to Alamy although not to stock sites overall. I read somewhere that when super tags were introduced, they had a negative effect on some of the listings and that the algorithm needed to be tweaked. I am somewhat reluctant to declare super tags, but I am also concerned that this will affect the discoverability of my images. What advice/experiences have contributors had. Thank you for your time and consideration. Regards, J. Ross
  19. Why oh why oh why does Alamy completely lose all my supertags from some of my recently uploaded and keyworded images ? I remember actually tagging them all recently and saving but now all gone. no wonder my sales have slumped. It's bad enough that we have to re-tag our older files uploaded but to find that recently tagged images have defaulted back to zero supertags is astonishing and very frustrating. Now I have to go through every image to check. It's absolutely ridiculous and needs addressing as soon as possible. Rant over.
  20. Hi I’ve read an article by an Alamy contributor who includes in tagging words such as “copy space left”, “copy space top”, “DPS” (double page spread). The idea is that makes it easier for picture editors to find what they need. This is the first I’ve heard of this approach. I’m not sure I’d want to attempt it - how do I know how my picture will be used? I’m not a picture editor. I think i’ll just stick to tagging for the picture subject. What do you think?
  21. When captioning and keywording, is there any way of syncing various photos. I know this is possible in Lightroom and Photo Mechanic, but I can't see a way in Alamy's native system. Maybe a workaround? Thanks.
  22. George Munday

    Tag count

    Here's a thought... Occasionly an image is worthy of many tags. In that situation it's easy to exceed the required amount of 50 if say Photoshop Bridge is used. It's not a problem until one discovers a critical tag has inadvertantly been left out. However, before adding that new tag, the number of tags needs to be reduced to 49. So, we just have to blindly delete the less-important tags until that number of tags is reached. It would be helpful if above the tag listing, the number of tags are shown. Currently in the situation outlined above, it merely shows 50/50. If
  23. Being awake since 4 a.m., who knows if my brain is working right. First day on Prednisone is a b***ch. I’m excited to see measures working. Looking at my new zooms, I see I have two that start with A, one B, and a D. Folks, these are old images that I just finished reworking tags and captions on 7-10 days ago. It’s not that none of my long-in-tooth images never get zoomed, they do. But I don’t think I’ve ever had 4 oldies zoomed this close together. (Too many negatives, there? ) Maybe it’s a one-off, won’t happen again. Maybe it’s my jittery brain making too much of it.
  24. Good afternoon all When tagging an image, what balance do we split between descriptive terms and others like "teamwork"....competitive, stability..etc. does it increase zooms or sales...or seem a waste of allowance of tags we have. I look forward to replies because concept tags have not been high up my list of priorities...maybe I have been wrong on this for a while. Thanks Best regards Sparks
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