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  1. "shots of TV personality Fern Britton and ex-PM David Cameron" This is a story I hadn't heard about
  2. I usually walk around with two camera - one with a longer lens, over my shoulder, pointing down and backwards, but the other with a wideangle, round my neck, pointing forwards - because I normally have my finger on the vertical shutter button ready to shoot 'from the hip' if something photo-worthy appears in front of me. It's a hit-and-miss approach to getting photos, but I 've sold quite a few of them
  3. Just wait for the personal use sales/refunds to come flooding in from the people who think they are going to get Irish citizenship for $9.99
  4. Having spent too long lurking around Westminster in the last year or two, last week I did what I used to do before I got my press card - got the tube to somewhere else and wandered around aimlessly looking for things to photograph. I've uploaded over 100 stock images from the day so far and already had one sale ($3!!) That day did more for my motivation than anything else recently. Parliament is in recess for another week or so - I will be doing it again.
  5. Sale just came through. Taken Wednesday. Uploaded as stock this time yesterday.
  6. Oxford Street, Wednesday (the sunny one)
  7. "No, I said look natural - pretend I'm not here..."
  8. When waiting for the bus, use your time wisely. (Another four sales like that and it will pay for the bus fare).
  9. Those transfer fees are only valid if it's the only sale you make that month. But still, it's a small percentage left.
  10. #IRONY ALERT# 81c net Following a -83c "other fees" So 2c down on the day
  11. Mine passed this morning after two days - it normally take an hour or two at most. So yes, it seems to be slower than usual. Don't panic (yet)
  12. I'm sending in as many as ever - after a brief time away to concentrate on video for a while. I find the number of sales is going up and despite a lot of smaller $2-8 sales, the average is increasing slightly and I seem to be getting more in the $30-50 range. If I suddenly start making a fortune with the slow motion dragonfly videos I may switch to that. Till then I'll be continuing with stock.
  13. I see the point about refunds, but it needs to be made clear to people what they are paying for just to avoid a lot of unnecessary work later, and there threat of no refund might help make the point, even if it isn't carried through.
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