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  1. Commission change - James West comments

    If this means foreign-language websites using computer software to translate keywords and captions DO NOT DO IT.
  2. Commission change - James West comments

    I suspect it applies to everyone equally as the mistranslation are so dreadful and widespread that most searches will be affected!
  3. Commission change - James West comments

    Totally agree. Anyone with any knowledge of a foreign language and ten minutes to spare will very quickly discover that the standard of keyword and title translation on foreign Alamy sites is APPALLING. On a search for the current British PM brings up pictures of Theresa Mai (the month on May) and Theresa kann (Theresa may/might - the verb). Hundreds of pictures of bicycles are keyworded with the word Zyklus (cycle as in business/economic cycle - NOTHING to do with bicycles) Search for 'Trinkgeld' (the tip you give a waiter) and you get pics of Orange Tip butterflies, white tipped sharks, rubbish dumps, points of pencils etc etc etc, all things connected with 'tip' in English, none of which have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with the German search term used. A search for 'Drachen' brings up pictures of red kites and several other related birds of prey. Why? Because 'Drachen' is German for dragon AND kite (the child's toy, NOT the bird). So a German client looking for pics of dragons (or toy kites) sees pages of birds of prey which - unless they have a pretty advanced command of English - will make no sense at all and probably convince them that the Alamy search engine is hopeless. Alamy's success in the past has been largely built on its ranking system and search algorithms. Single-word translation CANNOT be done by computer and makes a complete mockery of Alamy's search results and, I suspect, reputation. If you are really going ahead with this change in commission rates, please do not spend A SINGLE PENNY of the extra cash on rolling out further foreign language sites with computer-generated translation. IT DOES NOT WORK.
  4. Commission structure single thread

    I have looked into other outlets for selling my work. Up to now, the choice of places I was willing to consider was very limited, due to the difference in commission taken. That has now changed. Agencies I have refused to consider before are now very much up for consideration. Alamy need to realise that a large part of the reason for its success over the years has been their relationship with its contributors and their different business model - in other words, giving a much fairer cut of the sales. Cutting their contributors' income by 20% will change that completely. I have been very supportive of Alamy over the years. This goes too far.
  5. Surge time?

    I've had some come in, one of which I know was in the Sun. I know of at least one in the Guardian too, still waiting for that.
  6. Surge time?

    Likewise - I know of some that are due so hopefully the floodgates (?!) will open sometime today. Otherwise next month's figures will get an early boost.
  7. Surge time?

    They seem to be educational books by Simon and Schuster.
  8. Surge time?

    Has anyone else noticed a number of $15 book sales? - looks like a deal with one particular publisher. Not very excited with the amount BUT they come with the title of the book included! Helpful for DACS claims.
  9. Surge time?

    Very similar - very slow start to the month but things seem to be waking up this week. Still hoping to do well from the newspapers in the next couple of days to get the average up.
  10. The EXTREMELY unwelcome return of Captcha

    NINE STUPID CAPTCHA GRIDS to get in here. All vehicles, buses and traffic lights. Alamy, can we PLEASE have a guide on what percentage of a square constitutes "containing".
  11. For a long time now I've able to log into Alamy and the forum without the irritation of Capture asking me to identify a small part of a hill or guess what percentage of a car actually counts as a 'vehicle'. But it is back, with a vengeance. Have I just been lucky, then unlucky, or is it the same for everyone? If it worked, it wouldn't be nearly so bad but having to decide whether the corner of a traffic light without any lights counts as a traffic light or whether a brick might be part of a shopfront is extremely irritating. If our forum is really so secretive we need a security system for logging in: a why is it only used sometimes and b can we please have one that do what it expects us to be able to do?
  12. November doldrums?

    Also a calendar sale - Sissinghurst in Kent
  13. ID: Veterans Day group-uniform

    Yes, that is a stylised grenade, so some sort of grenadiers. Beyond that......
  14. November doldrums?

    Sales aren't too bad, but yesterday was weird. Two sales appeared in the morning, then when I checked in the afternoon I found six of my biggest sales from last month had been refunded - then reinvoiced at the same price - plus another small sale, but the two from the morning had disappeared. They still haven't reappeared and they were clearly different customers. Odd.
  15. November doldrums?

    HIGNFY seem to pay about twice as much as Pointless. But the sale was reported on Monday morning after broadcast on Friday!