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  1. I always thought the "novel use" license was meant to cover things that didn't fall into another standard licensing model - kids' homework or printing on a mug etc. AI training should, and quite easily could, be a separate licensing model (with a choice to opt out). I opted out of NU a long time ago, thank goodness, but it seems the 'novel use' label has become just a lazy way of selling photos for almost nothing for any use.
  2. Thanks for replies. I'm not a dog person but if I ever get one it'll be a Jack Russel / Chihuahua cross https://wamiz.co.uk/dog/advice/1160/the-jack-russell-cross-everything-you-need-to-know
  3. I'm fairly sure it's a dog. If anyone can help with a more detailed ID I would be very grateful.
  4. Not a very exciting photo but a great bit of general everyday advice.
  5. Up to Thursday it was an average month. Yesterday I made almost as much as I did from 1st to the 30th. It ended up a good month.
  6. The latest from my "camera permanently set up on a tripod next to my computer which is why I never get any work done" project: This is Josef and this is him landing on friend
  7. This is Guevara. He's outside my window, about 5 feet away from where I sit at my computer, which is one reason I never get any work done. And I had to walk almost 20 yards from my front door to get this one #Dedication
  8. Finally got a response. It half answered one of the two questions.
  9. Still awaiting a response to my email sent on 19th April and again 3rd May.....
  10. I took this 7 years ago and finally it's sold (twice). I can't imagine why.
  11. I had one yesterday - of a church in an obscure town in Hungary. I can't imagine there is a huge demand for posters but it was $35 for the first quarter of the year. It seems the amount paid for each image depends on how many customers demanded a print. This looks like a potentially promising revenue source - of course, we don't know what percentage of the retail price finds its way to us, maybe we can work that out when the original print run of 1000 runs out and they renew it. I find the "up to 1/8 area" confusing, for a poster.
  12. I'm trying to stay away from this but today's just can't be beat: Insect on a block of wood, Stuttgart, Germany followed by the wonderful: Two insects on a block of wood, Stuttgart, Germany (one of which isn't an insect, or even a spider, it's a harvestman -Weberknecht in German if you want to get the caption right for all the German front pages. And they're both out of focus)
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