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  1. I've just been back to Canterbury for the first time in years. I got some new shots but also re-took old ones. Firstly, I now have better equipment and probably technique, so the photos are better. Secondly, places - shopfronts etc - change and new things appear. Thirdly, while captioning the new ones I discovered that all the pics I had of the Marlowe Theatre were misspelled Marlow, a possible reason why they haven't sold.
  2. Prague 1990s Trafalgar Square Portobello Road
  3. I've got two I know of - 'wogan webber' and 'angry redwing'. I cannot, however, remember either of those searches coming up. Fingers crossed.
  4. Probably not a great answer for the original post but I'd agree about 3LT. I have one of these https://www.3leggedthing.com/store/monopods/docz2 which is supposed to be stabilising feet for a monopod but makes a brilliant tabletop / low level / on-top-of-a-wall tripod with a standard head fitted instead of the monopod.
  5. Almost exactly the same as February, which was a lot better than January, which was dreadful. Not a wow of any kind for me, more of a 'nothing to write home about but could be worse'
  6. I fear we are showing our age (anyone else here remember Hirondelle?)
  7. Harry the Harris Hawk Handler. (His name may not be Harry - I might have made that up) St Paul's Cathedral these days
  8. I have been using public transport, occasionally, and until recently it has been the safest place to be, with a train carriage or whole bus to myself - even tube trains if you avoid peak times. My last time on a train, last week, was very different. Far busier and a lot harder to avoid people.
  9. Thanks for finding that - yes, a montage of two of mine. One of the perks of being the only person in Maidstone to own a camera.
  10. That's spooky - this one sold for me on the same day - unfortunately not the same fee
  11. I believe it's 'That photographer without a stepladder is on his own over on the left again."
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