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  1. Trade in or sell privately?

    As a rule I leave it on a shelf to gather dust. But what I have sold I have done via eBay - I've never had any problems and you can set a minimum price and hang onto it if the reserve isn't met (or get in touch with the higher bidder if you decide they can have it anyway). I was replacing a fisheye with a wide angle zoom and looked into the trade-in price for the fisheye but got more on eBay (though not a lot more)
  2. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Maison Cauchie, Brussels. Web use.
  3. "in QC" appearance delay...?

    Mine have just passed QC.
  4. "in QC" appearance delay...?

    Mine are still 'processing'. I think the FTP uploads will only appear when they have passed - there is clearly a delay for everyone.
  5. "in QC" appearance delay...?

    Not waiting that long, but delayed, yes. I uploaded three batches this afternoon - one is in QC, the others are still 'processing'. They are all, however, visible in My Images. Were yours FTP or uploader? The batch I uploaded via FTP (news) didn't appear in my images until they had passed and were on sale.
  6. Live News Take Down

    Ah, I've just checked and it seems I do (usually, but not always) include the year on Live News - I must be on autopilot when I do it.
  7. Live News Take Down

    I never include the year in the caption and I haven't had that happen. I once had live news put into QC because the date was set wrong on my camera and it looked like the pics had been taken months before.
  8. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    'Personal use' - to Germany....
  9. Being Watched!

    Maplins are closing down and have at least 30% off everything left - just saying
  10. Taking shots of a BBC film production.

    I had this once in London when a Bollywood movie was being filmed. Several unpleasant employees made it clear that the company didn't want photos taken, but when I made clear I knew what the legal position was, they admitted that they had no right to stop me and just went to great lengths to get in the way of my photos. (Actually, as I was in Trafalgar Square at the time, there are restrictions on commercial photography, but that's up to the local authorities to enforce, not the film crew.)
  11. Quiet out there

    Slow start for me too, but I find the first week of the month is usually the quietest, and it was a holiday.
  12. 13 month year

    I take April 1st as my tax year.
  13. I'm new. Am I missing a way to generate sales?

    I think I'll always enjoy photographing kingfishers more than lumps of rock (though I know what you mean)
  14. I'm new. Am I missing a way to generate sales?

    Numbers and diversity. With only one subject you could do very well - if it's the right subject - or very badly if it isn't. It's not all about the standard of photography - there has to be a market there for the sort of things you photograph. I find the things I enjoy photographing most sell the least, unfortunately.
  15. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    Is that Baggins' in Rochester? I had some come up in a search for that recently.