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  1. Ha! I photographed some of those (second ones) on our lawn this morning. Bad news - I don't know what they are. Good news - if you find out, so will I. The first could be Yellow Club Fungus (Clavulinopsis helvola)
  2. I have a few repeat sellers that keep getting reused in the papers, or more usually online: BBC Broadcasting House, Maidstone Crown Court, a row of For Sale signs down the road from me, the head of the Scottish Civil Service in Downing Street, Boots in Piccadilly Circus - no banks, but they are certainly the kind of thing that gets used repeatedly to illustrate stories in the back pages.
  3. If the question is, can I delete a submission BEFORE it goes through QC? the answer is no.
  4. I quite agree. Surprisingly my best-performing pseudo is PjrRocks (also my election slogan) dedicated to photos of lumps of rock. They consistently perform better than MPs.
  5. Used on the front cover of the book recently written by the pictured David Amess MP - which he plugged in PMQs last week.
  6. I'm pretty sure if delete a pseudo, all the images go with it. You can transfer all the pics to a new pseudo first, but make sure you leave at 24 hours for any changes to register before taking any major action.
  7. I believe they market it as their "Buzz Lightyear lens"
  8. I've got the Sigma Art 24mm f1.4 and the 135mm f1.8. They are the best lenses I have ever had and I tend to use them on two cameras as my standard kit these days. They are amazingly sharp and though I have longer lenses I can crop parts of the 135 images and get better results. Using fixed focus lenses took a bit of getting used to after zooms, but i think I'm taking better photos as a result. (Id really like the 105 1.4 but I really cant justify having that too.)
  9. Chinatown #WheresMikePence? Covent Garden
  10. This one has sold a few times. I was very lucky to get there during construction before they put the roof on.
  11. What annoys me is when I lose sales to lesser images by greater photographers.
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