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  1. Always worth taking a bit of stock during the long periods of inactivity in The Street.
  2. 2004 for me - scanned slides on a CD, mostly now deleted
  3. Best month since November. If I hadn't lost $50 to the Artwork Exclusivity Reclaim Fiasco it would have been the best month since last July.
  4. If I'm out doing photography - rather than out shopping, with a camera, just in case - I usually have one over each shoulder and an Amazon Basics backpack which is a great bag and a real bargain. https://www.amazon.co.uk/AmazonBasics-DSLR-Laptop-Backpack-Interior/dp/B00CD778LC/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=amazon+camera+bag&qid=1596054947&sr=8-9
  5. Also, do you check the Sales History page ("see all sales") or the Download Sales Report page? The latter updates far more regularly - you don't actually have to download it. If you do Sales History and not Download Sales Report, we look forward to welcoming you to the 50 Times A Day Club.
  6. Thanks for finding that. It's well worth putting in a bit of effort identifying people who wander in and out of Downing Street - that one's sold half a dozen times now.
  7. I think the question should be multi-choice. 1-3 3-10 10-50 more than 50
  8. $11.06 is €9.99. On the plus side, from January €9.99 will be about £28
  9. No idea what it is but it has an excellent chance of winning next year's Turner Prize.
  10. Two in this morning - at 97c each. Still waiting for the newspapers....
  11. This is looking like the best month since November. A couple of nice TV sales last week and hoping for some good newspaper returns this week. Interestingly the number of sales is down but the average fee seems much healthier.
  12. Sorry, can't really help, but "Potato disease identification" has to be the best subject title I've seen for a while
  13. Biggest TV sale I've ever had. I'm always a bit surprised when this one sells, considering the number of pics of her Maj available. Let me know if you see it on the opening titles of QI or something similar.
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