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  1. 4 sales. lowest per month of the last 12 month. πŸ˜™
  2. Had my frist (mini) sale after 2 weeks yesterday.which is quiet unusual for me. And a small cleared sum.
  3. Thanks for the keywords. Video is not available in our country. Spain? 😁
  4. Thanks Rob, Looking at Studebakers of the fifties. Some Ford classics popped up, that look more than the car. Customised indeed. 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Fordor Sedan, but thanks for directing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Custom#/media/File:1950_Ford_Custom_Coupe.jpg
  5. Must be an easy one, with this typical grill in front but just can't find it. Could be a customised version of the original one.
  6. Hi Spacecadet, sorry english is not my native english, yes I mean underexposed. But you are right, it was a greyish clouded day. Could go back on a sunny day. I do use Clarity and dehaze often. I did noticed you have to watch out for noise in dark parts using Clarity though. Betty, you are spot on. Agree, not everything has to jump of the screen. To be honest I do spend a lot of time on post processing. Maybe to much sometimes. Also true for objects I tend to give it a bit more a "style" on purpose. But again to let it stand out more. For personal work I tread this all different. Tend to process these in a way as how I remember the scene, or maybe even better, how I experienced it, lights etc. Do a lot of processing to get it the way I "think" it was. Not so much as it comes out of the camera. However, for stock I would not go so far that way. Hope it makes sense what I am trying to say, as english is not my native language. Perry To ad.. Start to think that my main problem is that I am not very used to take photos during overcast weather. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜„
  7. Indeed Chuck, missing contrast wat makes them flat. In Lightroom they defenitly look a bit lighter. They need at least half a stop more I would say. Was looking at this, but you come to a point that somebody has to tell you (to believe itπŸ˜„) Thanks for advice guys.
  8. Thanks. John & John 😁I got somehow paranoid lately about the images not having enough "Punch". Did change my way of processing lately. But these last ones are somehow dull or dark. I am going to redo these. Give them more contrast and maybe some more highlights. Thanks Ed indeed maybe a bit more saturation will "pop" them more.
  9. A bit of a silly thing, but are my last images, the ones of Nerja to dark in yr opinion. (last 28) I suddenly see a change in it after years of uploading. It was a cloudy day but think I must have changed something in processing them. Or not? Thanks in advance. Perry
  10. Sales are average for me, but revenue. price per image tjeesus. double digits (after the commaπŸ˜‘) So disappointing that I started to lurk around at the "dark side". I am not aiming at an income here, but boy what is going on with these mini sales here.
  11. I did had a some problems last week. from the 20 it uploaded 8 and stopped. Or the first one got already stuck. Finally they went through. 😁
  12. Yes, had a NU one 0.61 net. And that was based on 50% commission. Opting out in april. If I don't forget
  13. Had two sales the last two days. both $$$ !! Saves my january.
  14. Could not upload the last two days. To slow and stalling. Mac OS high Sierra. Believe this must be something on Alamy's server. Edit: Right now apparently it is suddenly working fine. Should complain earlier Edit: upload error after 21 images went through.
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