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Sales ... up or down over the past 6 months ?

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Curious as mine are down drastically.

License Sales down by 45%

Income down by 45%

Anyone doing good bad or ugly ?


Seems to stem from the famous 5th December 2016 changes 

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Up in volume, but prices have come down. 

September 2016 to January 2017 were really bad revenue-vise. Glad things have recovered so far. Fingers' an toes' crossed it will stay like this. 

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Hi Ace,


Mine are way down since Alamy's changes to their search engine.




PS Strange to say that my images still seem to be appearing high in the searches though??

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On July 1st my numbers were:

Sales Volume 2015         +18.37%
Sales Volume 2016         +60.27%
Sales Volume 2017 x 2    -3%

Average for 2016: 29.25 / month

Revenue 2015                +26.60%
Revenue 2016                +30.85%
Revenue 2017 x 2           -13.5%

Average for 2016: 1400 / month


However sales and zooms took a spectacular nose dive after the recent Fourth of July changes (which may have happened a week earlier).

Zooms have picked up this week. Sales still extremely low: 3 direct sales this month. Have to go back many years for such a result. I'm somehow hoping that the accounting dept is completely swamped with sales and will catch up before the month is over. Probably not.




( Percentage Change Calculator : http://www.percent-change.com/ )

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My sales volume is 60% of what it was for the first half of last year (down 40%).  Sale prices are down to 55% of last year (down 45%).

The search engine change had a big negative impact for me.

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Comparing first half of 2017 with first half of 2016 (i.e. same seasonal sales period)

Images sold +100%   Net revenue +82%    Number of images on sale +18%


Comparing first half of 2017 with second half of 2016

Images sold +30%     Net revenue +12%    Number of images on sale +14%



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Income in 6 months is higher than whole past year. So no complaints here. Also made some 2,3 and 5 sales to the same client which is also nice.


I believe this is the result of the high number of uploads the past year...


But, in the past 3 months views and zooms are descending, which is not a good sign for the future...


And this month is really lousy... With some 10 days to go, hope will continue my nice average...

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Average for 2016: 10 sales per month


Average for the first six months of 2017: 10 sales per month


Not complaining. I figure that if I'm managing to tread water, I'm doing well.


Last year's changes didn't seem to affect me much for some reason.


Edit: My sales do tend to go up and down, though. A good month is often followed by a not-so-good one, but this pattern is nothing new. It stretches well beyond the last six months. July (slow month so far) seems to fitting the mold as June was above average.





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Dear All,

Thankyou for all your replies.

Some interesting info.

Seems some happy some not.

I`m just hoping for a better 2nd half of the year.

But its a big drop for me :-( 




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Sales and revenue are up on last year, but as I'm a newbie don't read too much into that.  However, I like to think it's partly to do with me uploading better quality images with better tags which are more sellable.  Many of my images are on the 1st page of searches so overall I'm happy.

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Sales numbers flat. Gross revenue down 25%


However, last year (and the 2 years before) I had some success in getting a few LiveNews images into newspapers and that pulled up the revenue average quite nicely. Moving home to a new location has stalled that temporarily as I familiarise myself with the local area! Hoping for a pickup later in the year.

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Compared to the first six months of 2016, sales are 15% up and revenue 13% down for the same period this year. Interestingly, there were no distributor sales last year but I've had six in the same period this year which has contributed to revenue downturn.

Jim. ;)

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