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  1. I wish one day my account could feel that numbers... Or maybe not only one day
  2. You bet it isn't gvallee. I just found my fridge is almost empty, no butter for my breakfast! And it costs more than 0,99$...
  3. To complete the weird sales day, just got another, PU sale of this snow background - D06RKW. You don't tell me it's for a wall print!
  4. Thyrsis, that's interesting! Are we all missing something new here? Alamy?
  5. Mirco, the problem is that the cheaper and cheaper sales are coming more and more often. That's worrying. And now I got the bottom level! I hardly find it motivating to work on and upload new work. I'll pay more for the energy while postprocessing, keywording and uploading new batch of files + costs of production/ travel, than I earn... This is a serious problem. I don't want to be forced to look for a day job to cover my costs of selling with stock, there is no fun at all, is there?
  6. So it happened, hard to believe - last sale is $3,29 through distributor, gives me $0,99. It's less than 1 (one) dollar... Royalty Free license, here, on Alamy, not on microstock... Disappointed, confused, shocked,... Find no words seeing what's going on...
  7. Don't know if it'll make you feel better, but I haven't seen a single sale for 2 (two) months... Yes, something is definitely going wrong here! Even zooms and views fallen down to the ground... And no, it's not normal at all
  8. Some time ago Alamy removed our links below the posts so we had only one option to contact the person by private message (PM). Now the PM is gone too, so my question is - how do I contact someone here on Alamy's forum? Honestly, I'm with many forums and this is the only one without PM option! WHY?
  9. And here we go again... Maybe it's a new way to do this business? Or some kind of a game? Interesting choice this time, don't you think? FXW112
  10. Ace, maybe you plan to do some workshops of moaning? I do moan and it does not help that much... Must be doing it wrong...
  11. Philippe, that's the case - there are lots of inquiries in last around 12 months and nobody I know got any sale ever. Images are completly various in quality and subject, the price seems to include both the chosen image and any similar, so if you must freeze 6 images for their EX, you get only $950 for all, which is ridiculous. Even for one image for book cover, 10 years exclusivity, the price is not attractive at all. Of course if they will ever buy it... From what I see here and on the FB group, many people got that emails... It would be nice Alamy cleared that thing to us,
  12. As we know there are "Exclusivity inquiry" emails coming in last months. The client wants to buy an exclusive license as below: Image: xxxxxaUsage: Trade/Retail book coverDuration: 10 yearsTerritory: WorldwideExclusivity: Industry/Spot (Trade Books/Cover) ... The client’s fee would be $950 USD and is non-negotiable. ... If you would approve, any similar/sister images should be restricted from sale in the same manner, including images: xxxxxb Here are two of my images under inquiry: - DEYJKX (and similar DEYJ7C) - DNBY4R (and similar F8C
  13. I also got that $950 exclusivity book cover offer in April this year. Said no.
  14. About 90-95%, except my family few images. I don't push the button until I know what I want and my camera is still like new
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