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  1. It is quite odd that the English daily vernacular contains more swear words than adjective these days, with literally scores of meanings depending on how they are annunciated BUT the unwritten rule is probably (?) that we never write them down :+) We are an overly complex peoples :+)
  2. I actually like the design, but I don't like the immediate prominence of the "image packs", looks like that may be the standard pricing from now on considering it was the first thing I saw on scrolling.
  3. Looks like its a website frontend redesign
  4. Where can you see your naughty points ? found it its in your profile.
  5. I had a mooch in the html and it seems a Wordpress site with the image of the OP being shown directly from the site's server (and un-watermarked) rather than from Alamy's server. I think we need some explanation here from Alamy because of the "internet distribution" of an un-watermarked image. Is making un-watermarked images available through 3rd parties websites in the contract? If it is then its another flag against the contract.
  6. For me quantity up but prices down. Down enough that I have sold more than last year already but income down to 2/3rds. Cant see brighter future at all for contributors with anyone, nor see alternatives.
  7. I agree, and I think the contributors dashboard should be changed to show only the contributors income cut and not the Alamy sales price.
  8. Interesting piece from Melcher on how the industry is still changing and how its losing its commentators, bloggers and forums...... whether they had insight or not. http://blog.melchersystem.com/this-is-not-a-press-release/ Are people/the crowd now becoming bored with what is left? This paragraph, from a man who was at the helm of many stock companies, really brought it home ..... "Since the industry is no longer supporting independent photographers, the stakeholders have switched to a bunch of institutional investors, corporate climbers, and
  9. https://petapixel.com/2021/09/21/photographer-sells-her-widely-stolen-photo-as-nft-for-300k-makes-it-free/ Another interesting story but it does makes one wonder if these sales are genuine or just market making.
  10. Thats a major point, you need at least 125. I was happily going along, seeing the occasional 60-90 USD sales and thinking all was not so bad. I started to do some math and realised that my average sale at that time was $30, still not shabby but the very most I could get out of that was $12. To me even $12 is not enough as sales are quite far apart comparatively. Since that my average has gone down further due to an onset of sub 10$ sales. I wish Alamy's back end would just show me the "my cut price" I don't need to see what they and other make out the deal. If anything I think it obscures r
  11. I have not uploaded since the new contract. I had a rash of small prices and when I actually calculated my cut rather than the reported sales price I got quite despondent about the whole shebang. I am still photographing in my chosen genre but not submitting anything for stock. The new contract is not my issue its just the whole decline of the sector financially for the contributor, its just not worth the effort for me anymore.
  12. I only got mine this morning - 14 days after it was initiated.
  13. Safari caches quite aggressively, it causes me many issues especially with dynamic sites. The keystroke command (I know by heart) is OPT+CMD+E
  14. Last year I had a coffin and a pile of nails, my pile of nails is down to just a couple now.
  15. I am sure they do but be careful on what you buy, off the shelf trail cams produce notoriously poor image quality compared to say even the cheapest DSLR or pocket camera, especially in low light. I build my own (but dont sell the images I produce from them) DSLR camera trap rigs and I can tell you its an expensive activity.
  16. I had a long look at NFT art sales a few months ago. What scared me off was it was a certain genre of art and mixed media that was selling and the buyers (collectors as they are called) were few and far between but were making multiple purchases - seemed like market makers to me. I am still not sure it will ever be an outlet for non-art photography. You also have to "pay to play". I still am following the whole thing. Theres a very interesting Damien Hirst project called "The Currency" you should look at (its on YouTube as well) whereby I think he is mocking the NFT and art worlds
  17. I am having the same battle with myself at the moment. Mine is about falling prices. I have made the same amount of sales as last year already but actual income (to me in cash) is not much more than half. It can only go further south from here. I feel I am clinging to a log that has already sunk for me.
  18. Latest from PS is that the have just hired a new lead developer/programer. I don't think we are going to see anything from them this year in terms of the update - at least.
  19. So to clarify? a) Photographer notified cases - standard fee minus 60%? b) Contractor identified cases - 5 x fee minus 50%, then minus 60% of remainder My average fee is about 30 USD I would say, so (I am extrapolating to work out a probable average outcome for myself)..... a) 30 USD minus 60%, so would be 12 USD to me? b) 30 USD x 5 = 150. 150 minus 50% is 75 USD, so my 40% of that would be 30 USD to me? Thank you for starting a conservation about this James, this is the first time Alamy have actually given us any real i
  20. Anyone having any issues seeing their account balance? I just see an unpopulated page now with no details.
  21. I have not used their payed service. My experience with claims was the same as yours though i.e. "they just seem to send an email asking for payment and then give up." In addition it took me 6 months to get an answer that the offending parties (3 cases) had simply not replied to their emails and the cases were thus closed. In addition I sent them numerous emails to get that out of them. What I still find intriguing is their results (hits) are quite different to Pixys for me, they often flag what Pixsy does not and visa versa.
  22. I have been waiting on details about how they intend to operate the infringement system. But I have not seen any details so far, especially on rates/charging. If the intention to go after everything or just outdated Alamy RM licences and what are the fees (which is the most important factor for me). I am thinking of investing 40 USD a month in a pixy account though if I have to wait any longer for info. Their free service has kicked up loads of potential cases for me.
  23. I have websites (one Joomla and one Wordpress) as well as my main site which is done with Squarespace and a photoshelter backend. I know building sites very well and have done many over the years. IMHO using a service like Squarespace or Wix or similar is just so simple and easy to do without any worries of maintenance (although site scripts such as Joomla and Wordpress are easy to maintain thee days), server errors, script compatibilities, etc. They are the way to go IMHO.
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