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  1. Interesting, then to stay relevant, or lets just say to stand still in terms of a percentage of the total collection an individual photographer would need to be increasing their overall collection size, at this moment in time, by 1.82% a month Or for every 1000 images in your collection you need to be adding 18 new images. a month. Not so difficult really as many seem to be adding a lot more. For me the big issue is what is the collection becoming in order that togs sustain themselves. On a collection of say 5000, then 5 x 18 is 90 new pics a month BUT theres a big difference between 90 pics and 90 good quality images. I think this is Alamy's main issue now, overall collection quality - their costs will go up year on year but their collection quality may not, leading to an inevitable conclusion - maybe. PS check my math as I often have "senior moments"
  2. I have been with them since the start (as well as their failed stock attempt), I use them for a very specialized collection of images that is my main passion (stock and stock images are not). I have reported a number of issues to them over the last couple of years, they always respond very politely and positively (fantastic customer services team) but I always get the impression they are just locked into a system that they do not have the resources (my opinion) to reprogram and I end up with lots of "tea and sympathy". In March they took in 8M$ from a VC which they said would help with new offices in NYC, collaboration improvements, more staff and new templates. I have not hidden my disappointment with their lack of ongoing development over the past years, they were miles ahead of the competition before (as you know their backend system and capabilities are a joy to use) but now the market has changed IMO and the are not setting themselves apart. Their 10% sales fee would be a potential issue for me but I had not sold anything for years with them so I turned off the online sales hoping to see some emails of interest from agents/viewers but that has not been the case either. Like has been said/inferred in some previous posts, if I could find a suitable cheaper alternative (PS is a minimum of 30/month for enough storage to operate IMHO) I would probably move but am waiting to see if the 8M$ brings any improvements for me at my level of usage. I suppose I WANT to stay with them but need them to start improving to give me confidence, I was shocked how quickly and ruthlessly they dumped the stock agency all those years ago when the sales numbers were not immediately met. For SEO I don't seem to have any issues, but have not done anything special and I don't have gallery descriptions (although I will now start adding them if it will improve further ;+)
  3. My experience has been the opposite as well. So much so I pulled out of distribution and have gone Alamy only (plus Japan in distribution because of language) on the thought that if they wanted the image enough they would have to go to Alamy themselves - so far this is has not been the case though they simply don't buy (or have not yet).. hoping for a change ;+)
  4. The ruling aside... He charges $16,000 to licence one of his images. Wow. He has found his niche ;+)
  5. And there it is, I agree wholeheartedly with you. The writing has been on the wall for the last 10 years with threads like this one cropping up every month or so. Its a slow death but the ability of the "industry" to pay the crowdsource (us) any meaningful return going forward to warrant investmnent from a purely financial sense is long gone for 95% of us. Even if some industry players could, they dont have to anymore. I like Alamy, they are the only people I have a residual collection with. But the party is long over in stock town..
  6. I agree, its been a marathon we are now in the last home stretch. Secondary editorial an Industry that only requires one to buy a camera (or phone in some cases) to take part - so its doom has always been inevitable. On another subject I wonder if the true artists (digital artists) are faring, any better than camera owner/operators. I suspect a little better but doomed ultimately also as software becomes more powerful and affordable.
  7. For an editorial stock tog - nothing IMHO For a specialist subject tog - has chance of preple finding you I suppose I just do it because the vain side of me likes to see nice (or not so nice) comments. I dont monetize my photography anymore though so thats not my aim anyway.
  8. I have one too at https://www.instagram.com/paulthompson.th/ BUT I dont use it for stock images, its for my better images which I don't sell.
  9. I just opted out of everything except Japan, so its just Alamy and whoever does Japanese distribution now for me. I kept Japan because they seem to have a very active book publishing market that pays OK prices.
  10. Yes I have been with them since 2006 - thats who I am worried about.
  11. HI - I am presuming this is an OK topic to discuss here, but if not the moderator can delete. I am using a service for my personal archive and online image galleries. I don't sell through the service (never had any client interest really) but I do distribute images with its download links, lighboxes and preffered client abilities. I am now worried the service may be in financial trouble. They have not updated their service or templates for a few years now. Last week they announced they had taken $8M in investor funding to do some updates, add some technical staff and update some templates (all operational issues rather than expansion opportunities). This has me seriously worried as it would imply they are not solvent enough/able/willing to invest in the business themselves and have just, essentially, sold off part of the company to another entity. My guess is that they were slowly sinking and this is an act to keep afloat. So my question is, can any one recommend good alternative personal archive-web gallery services that have image distribution systems? Similar to "PS".
  12. Wow interesting thread! Photography elitism is alive and kicking amongst the Alamy contributors which is a surprise because all Alamy wants is a file that meets a simple tech standard achievable by the camera rather than the person who bought the camera.
  13. I did a similar thing about 4 months ago. I had a Mac airbook and an iMac - I swapped them both out for the top spec 15 macbookpro with 1TB, a Benq 4K monitor (about 1500 USD) and a WD array of disks (which ultimately I would like to replace) and a backblaze account. I had to buy an OWC thunderbolt hub as well. Now I use the same computer for everything which I find much easier than using two setups. I much prefer it to my old setup. Photographically and video wise it has been able to easily handle anything I can throw at it. I just have two minor annoyances I have is the 1) the trackpad - its great for images and video but drives me nuts when typing in the field - I wish the would put a disable button on the keyboard for it and 2) the need to the use the USB dongles - it does not really affect operation just aesthetics and a more bulky cable bag on the road. Most of my time is in national aprks so I only have internet when I am at home or a hotel. I use it with D850 files so same size as your sony and often make big panoramas. I do not regret it at all and it has made my life easier - although the expense was a bit hard to swallow at buy in.
  14. Where does this "50%/exclusive" idea come from? Is it a forum thing or did it come from an Alamy communication/conversation? I've gone back through the posts but can't figure out where it started?
  15. I tried Copytrack. After a year I just deleted my images with them. If you search their name in the forum you will find a thread with my experience with them.
  16. After reading this page I think a couple of you have really gone a bit too far. You are contributors, what business is it of yours if Alamy funds charities, none of you own or manage Alamy. If you don't like contributing to Alamy then just stop doing so but smearing them with such comments is too much.
  17. I appreciate that you share this information but I fear many here are so dyed in the wool anti-M'Stock that they don't listen or maybe won't listen. I know you have shared similar details before and I just wanted to say thank you for being so open about this (M'Stock earnings being higher on a particular collection). We all need to read posts like this and learn because the whole market has changed a lot since the beginning of M'Stock. I think if we all take anything away from this whole issue, at present, its that everything changes.
  18. Its good question, I think they are trying to work that out themselves and I also suspect they know a number of lower tier agencies are about to go to the wall again and Alamy themselves has less than stellar growth in income terms (2 to 3% a year). My decision has been made - I am retiring from stock (I left G last year as well) but being in that situation I tend to look at Alamy in an eye without prejudice (even though with some disappointment). I may be completely wrong but their latest move may have been to set their sails on a course that would distinguish them (maybe even their future survival). What will Alamy have to become to survive is another question we need to consider.
  19. From the graph on the youtube video ...... and wayback machine.....Alamy's estimated numbers 2008 payment to contributors 12.5M 2008 total revenue 22M 2008 total images 14M 2018 payment to contributors 14M (+12%) 2018 total revenue 29M (+32%) - but costs have risen as well as infrastructure needs, so this is not profit! 2018 total images 155M (+1000%) When you at it like that theres no wonder something has to change, and Alamy know it. And let's not beat about the bush they know a lot more on where the market and their company is/should be going at a macro level than we. But anyone who thinks there will be financial growth for "photographers" (in ANY agency) is sorely wrong IMHO - this is NOT an ALAMY thing it is an industry thing. 12% increase to togs with a 1000% increase in inventory over a 10 year period. It is a stagnant market in terms of potential growth for the average tog. I am not saying anyone should leave, stop, stay, delete, add or whatever but you may consider its a market that no one who looks at the numbers would likely invest in. Food for thought.
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