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  1. Yom kippur in Israel

    Thank you very much dlm... it is indeed a good day to bicycle, skateboard,... or just have a stroll ;-) a very special day... because almost all people refrain from using the car, it is the quietest day of the year, in an otherwhise hectic city, you can hear birds, stray cats are super relaxed, no barking of dogs... plenty of bats having a good time...
  2. Yom kippur in Israel

    Thank you! Happens once a year...
  3. Yom kippur in Israel

    Holiday here in Israel and besides a few Live News pics also made this timelapse: Yom Kippur in TLV | 2018 Let me know what you think about it?
  4. Have you found any Alamy images September 2018

    https://www.ft.com/content/85734f8c-7e04-11e8-af48-190d103e32a4 A few Alamy pictures in this article, credited to Alamy alone. The Antwerp university picture is mine... Zoomed past month, no sale yet...
  5. Slide Copy

    Sorry to also hijack this thread... how much time do you typically spend on “scanning” slides this way and how much on post processing... I had a dedicated Minolta scanner to scan slides and I remember it wasn’t much fun... asking this as I have some nice slides from travels (chile, peru, brazil...) that I would very much have digitally...
  6. G-Family Mark II

    Not sure it will change very much... when "G" bought "C", they pretty much killed it and by buying "i" they gave it a final blow, certainly for contributors... I know it's not all black and white and there are other factors to take into account... Anyway, won't change much for me I suppose...
  7. Storage and backuo...

    Thanks Matt! what cloud/internet solution would you suggest?
  8. Storage and backuo...

    I suppose many of you have huge amounts of pictures, and I was wondering how you manage this? I have now around 5TB of files, mostly photos, both professional and private and also plenty of files related to my day job - architecture... I have a 500gb SSD for current projects, that is both photography and architecture. In terms of space around 75% is filled with RAW files. My lightroom catalogues are also on this disk 3TB of archive for my pictures, almost full And then two other 1TB hard drives for pro and private documents... And a small M.2 for operating system and all my programs... backup on external hd’s which is far from optimal, I know... How do you manage you terabytes of data?
  9. Releases to photograph in places like musea

    Thank you very much for all your replies... I'm trying to understand. Let's say a museum has a policy of allowing people to photograph inside, but not for professional purposes. Is it ok to put those images for sale for EDITORIAL PURPOSES ONLY? Or do you need a special document? If so, what kind of document do you need? A property release on the other hand would grant the buyer to use the image for commercial purposes, right? Like publicity, posters...
  10. Releases to photograph in places like musea

    Thank you very much for your reply Martin!
  11. Releases to photograph in places like musea

    Has this subject been discussed to often? Are releases a fable or is there a secret circle of people getting those releases? I would very much appreciate some of your experiences trying to get releases for editorial photography. Thanks in advance!
  12. I was wondering how to get the proper releases for musea and similar locations? I haven’t had any success and was wondering if any of you succeeded? And if so, if they could share some tips...
  13. Have you found any Alamy images in August 2018?

    https://theculturetrip.com/middle-east/israel/articles/the-best-breakfast-spots-in-lev-hair-tel-aviv/ Flower gardens at Habimah Square Tel Aviv, Israel. | © Eyal Nahmias / Alamy Stock Photo Allenby street, Tel Aviv, Israel. | © Michael Jacobs / Alamy Stock Photo Sale popped-up a few days ago...
  14. Lightroom purchase

    Indeed, and you can install it on two separate computers... and with older versions your ACR won`t be updated...
  15. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    After a slow first 6 months, July was my best month ever with 16 sales and highest net income... (best month before was April 2017 with 11 where 5 images where sold to the same client....) It started with 9 sales in one go (same client probably) a few more sales and finishing with 2 sales for one client... This record month actually saved my statistics for the the first half of the year... A sale for a museum really boosted the net income...