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  1. https://www.popo.de/fileadmin/user_upload/POPO-moebel-bremen/Home/popo-katalog/Downloads/POPO_Magazin_46.pdf Naeblys/Alamy Stock Photo Eddie Gerald/Alamy Stock Foto Yadid Levy/Alamy Stock Photo Michael Jacobs/Alamy Stock Photo 😉
  2. I’m considering buying a Macbook or Macbook Air for traveling and using it mainly to work on my photos on Lightroom. If I do will take the better processor and if possible take 16 Gb of ram. Not interested in the Pro model as way to expensive... I have checked the minimal requirements of Lightroom and puzzled by the video memory (1 to 2 Gb) as this information is not given by Apple... I suppose the video memory is shared with ram? Anyway, what interests me more is the experience other (stock) photographers have with those computers... thanks in advance
  3. Disapointed by Alamy for revoking my live news access! Not sure I want to even try to get the access back... Will post the few events I cover (live shows, manifestations, independence day and the like...) as normal stock... I posted other photos from the same events later as normal stock and they passed IQ... After the 40% and now this change... disapointed...
  4. Is there such a document as a property release for editorial use only? If a place is willing to give permission to sell the photos for editorial use but not for commercial usage? They don't want pictures of their place - for example church, museum... - to have commercial products...
  5. Good morning, I set the number of people and check that I have a release the next field where I should select the release is greyed out? When I click on the release button, up right in AIM I don't see any way to upload a release? Checked the help files etc... Thanks in advance for your help, Michael
  6. Ikea uses a lot of 3d renders for their catalogues, instead of photography... Creating photorealistic renders nowadays is getting more and more democratic: hardware is the same as a good gaming pc and for software you have so many options free (unreal, unity, blender...) or for reasonable prices... assets (3d models of people and whatever you need to create a scene) are readily available... I know a bit on his subject as I’m an architect doing archiviz... Will stick to photography though, as it much more pleasant to discover places and being outside...
  7. 2018 has been a rollercoaster for me in terms of views, zooms and sales, but with a downwards trend... views and zooms have plummeted the last 6 months of 2018... views are still much lower, but zooms and thus ctr better so far in January than last months of 2018... will see in the coming 2-3 months if the zooms became sales...
  8. You need to be much more specific about what is expected, imo. 100 images seems a lot for an arxhitecure office to put on their website, is it 100 pics to chose from? If not shooting 100 quality pics of a shopping mall can be huge job, considering selection and pp... I suppose they want facades + some interior shots to showcase the architecure, maybe a few shots to show the ambience and maybe a few details... To make a long story short: - architecture shots takes a lot of time to shoot and pp... in a mall that is functioning might be difficult to have
  9. December was a bit better than average for me, even with only two sales. In 2018 I have earned 25% less than in 2017, with the exact same number of sales and over 3.000 uploaded in 2018. Am very disappointed.
  10. I've used a MBP 17" for many years... now that I have a PC with 27" screen, wouldn't go back. Never used the trackpad for editing, and frankly for anything else, but a normal mouse... Not only the screen size, but also the speed (even with similar specs, a desktop will usually have better performance due to better thermals) and having large internal drives to have all my data avaible are also factors...
  11. Personnaly, haven't seen any website that use them... 3D artistst (mostly in architecture) use half-domes or domes (360) to create the environment, and have reflections in windows... but usually HDRI ones. The HDRI's take even more effort to make... Frankly, I have a few horizontal pano's on Alamy and they don't seem to have much success...
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