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  1. 42 sales so about average for me but best in rolling year for revenue at $1680 gross, mainly bolstered by one large $$$ sale and two smaller $$$ sales. Views and zooms down so looking gloomy for the future. Pearl
  2. Excellent, thanks Steve. Hopefully I'll get paid for this one as they haven't used it before. Pearl
  3. Many thanks for the spot Meanderingemu. That was zoomed recently. Pearl
  4. Many thanks Robert but it's not actually mine. It's that of a friend who I was with and who wrote the article. Pearl
  5. Update - I received an email last night asking for my permission! Pearl
  6. Yes I've had the same. The original sale for $950 was from one of those emails asking if I'd be willing to give exclusivity for book cover use for 10 years and I agreed to that. However as Alamy changed the restrictions some time ago exclusivity can't be that precise so it was restricted for editorial use for 10 years. This renewal if for a further 25 years of exclusivity and I wasn't asked if I was happy with that. I doubt my particular image would ever sell many times so I'm not complaining in this instance but there is a principle at stake here I think. Pearl
  7. 44 sales which is 4th highest in rolling year but 2nd highest for gross income thanks to 2 $$$ sales. Not looking forward to next few months as searches seem to be down along with zooms although a small sale dropped in this morning. Pearl
  8. As I said I think the search engine knows from the tags you put in. Back is interpreted as rear so perhaps that is one of your tags also. Pearl
  9. Those have been around for a while and are picked up from the tags you use. Usually they relate to searches for people or buildings Pearl
  10. I have seen 80% quoted as the maximum that might catch it but I can't remember who said it. My understanding is that once 80% have had it the virus fades away because most people are then immune. Pearl
  11. An Alamywhack showed in measures from yesterday's searches and just came through as a $$$ sale. Pearl
  12. Many thanks for reporting this Russell. I wouldn't have found this myself Pearl
  13. 46 sales making it the highest for volume (just) in the rolling year but only 4th highest for income as approx 50% were <$10 sales and only one $$$. Pearl
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