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  1. Many thanks Avpics. This came through as a sale on Monday. Interesting to know where it was used for such a pathetic amount. Pearl
  2. I took it as a welcome lighthearted comment. Let's not lose our sense of humour especially when things seem to be going downhill at the moment. Pearl
  3. 38 sales which is about the norm for me but prices generally down. Just crept into $$$$ gross but that is below average for how it used to be for my port. Only one $$$ and that was a distributor sale. On a brighter note October has kicked off with a $330 gross, non-distributor sale so maybe this will be a better month. Pearl
  4. Received mine today too. £4 more than last year but less than previous years. Still I consider it a bonus Pearl
  5. Many thanks Steve. This was zoomed recently. Thanks for the ISSN as well. Pearl
  6. Many thanks for reporting VbFolly. A sale was reported for this image earlier this month but it doesn't say it was for a magazine so useful to know for DACS. Pearl
  7. Many thanks Bryan. Only just catching up on images found as I've been away Pearl
  8. Just below average for number of sales at 29 but the worst month for income for at least a decade, probably longer. Way too many $ sales even for magazine use. Pearl
  9. I also had a sale of Eyam today. Pathetic amount and distributor sale to Turkish newspaper (Can't remember how to make image bigger) Pearl
  10. 38 sales for $1304 gross included two $$$ and lots of $. Pearl
  11. Irregularly but often. I check the Net revenue sales report set to date of invoice as that updates in real time. I only look at the Sales history the next day to see the terms of the license. Pearl
  12. Many thanks Steve for your marathon effort and for the ISSN number. Pearl
  13. I had a distributor sale refunded after 6 months and after it had been paid for. The amount refunded was more than the original sale due to change in exchange rate so it cost me to sell nothing. It's really annoying and shouldn't be allowed. Pearl
  14. 4 PU out of 22 sales so far this month. Probably not a surge exactly but one of those is suspicious. Pearl
  15. I've had a few exam paper sales but they are a bit prone to being refunded. I hope yours isn't. Pearl
  16. Thank you for reporting this Steve. This was taken a few years ago and is my son's house when he first moved in. He has been wondering whether to sell it and move on. Perhaps this is telling him something. Pearl
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