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  1. This is all as clear as mud to me. Maybe Alamy can reword their release as I, as an opt outer, am confused. My understanding (confused admittedly) is that they are just cancelling the "newspaper scheme"???
  2. I am quite peed off with them Ian. I still think they have still, probably, the better system out there but their project management and communication are pretty damned poor. Its just delay after delay after delay. And would we even have seen a press release on the latest delay if you had not poked them in their blog comments. I am willing to bet none of us will be using the templates in a live environment till next year. https://paulthompson.gallery/
  3. I am with it being the design agency's fault. Saying that I personally suspect the photographer had no idea about the clause restricting usage of "people" images in the unsplash terms when the image was uploaded. Is the video (the advert) still online anywhere or is it just a print advertisement ?
  4. I changed my strategy at the beginning of this year to only offering through Alamy UK (no distribution et al), exclusive on a 97% RM collection. I have about 100 RF images/illustrations as well. I have past my 2019 income by 20% already on a reduced sales volume of 30%. I am very happy with the RM prices Alamy has gotten me this year.
  5. Thank you all for your time and recommendations it really helped a lot. A million thanks and some green. I was convinced the Sony was the answer and got on the bus to Palma the day before yesterday to buy one. But we all know what happens when we visit a camera shop :+) I ended up walking out with a Nikon Z50 kit (+16-50) and 50-250 for 1300 euros. My first ever mirrorless. Definitely not pocketable but fits into a corner of my nap sack and weighs nothing compared to my usual rig. I like the feel and the image quality, I like the lightness, and being a Nikon theres no learning curve for
  6. I agree with Ian, the new themes and improvements therein were due in July so they should be released anytime now. As the development time given for the themes was 6 months I am expecting (hoping) that they will be something special in them.
  7. I think we can forgive his bias Chuck as his website is called "selling stock"
  8. I can't disagree with anything he said but need to be pedantic on one point. Thailand is not a cheap country to live. Those days have long passed. I got a surprise when I got stuck in the UK for 3 months due to the covid lockdown - it was cheaper for me to live in the UK than in my home in Thailand ;+)
  9. Thanks everyone, the verdict seems quite conclusive. Cheers!
  10. Hi, Due to COVID I have been stuck in one country and all my camera gear is in another. It's been 6 months so far without a camera and I am getting bored. So I thought about looking for something that is small, not too expensive but capable of passing Alamy QC at say 400 iso (or 400 with limited post processing for noise). Something small I could just pop in my backpack during the day and could handle a little abuse. Just for general location shooting. I was looking at pics from my iPhone (10) and was quite shocked about how good the quality's in good light but am assu
  11. It took me that long to log back in to Pixsy :+) Old men and computers - not always a match made in heaven.
  12. Things must have changed because to create a case or even send a take down on Pixsy you need a paid subscription account now.
  13. Photoshleter sent out an info mailer on this a few days ago as well. It apparently needs two associative URLs lodged in the HTML associated with the image. One for the image location and one for contact details I seem to remember.
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