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  1. I had a very disappointing experience with Copytrack and with Pixsy I have never actually made a claim as its a subscription model and I really can't see me coming out of it ahead financially at the end of the day if I am paying subscription fees.
  2. What are the prices like? I left Age a few years ago as their rates they sold me at averaged about 4 USD per image sale.
  3. Yeh thats one of the issues with the templates being so structured and having a "display" side and an "archive side"". To do that you would need to remove the menu items and build a manual menu in the site builder pointing to the archive items i.e to this https://www.geographyphotos.com/archive (then you can build out the menu items below that manually if you want). Sites looks well though!!
  4. After having had a good scour on the PA as well PA Images site I am a bit confused to say the least about this - I just don't really get it considering what Alamy's actual profits are and the fact that the group members have access to Alamy's images at the lowest rates already. Its going to be an interesting year to say the least and no doubt we will find out just what PA see as an attractive proposition. Lest hope its not too painful.
  5. As far as I can figure their database hierarchy was written top down, so one can have "collections - galleries - images" but one cannot move an image in the hierarchy (or I have not been able to figure it yet), my problem is wildlife taxonomy - i.e. "mammals-big cats-species" I want to be able to mix images and galleries at the lower level so if I have say one picture of a fire cat that would in the species gallery level But if I have 5 pics of a indochinese tiger then I want to have just one pic of an indochinese tiger (in species gallery) thats actually a gallery node and own you click you would see the five pics. SO I am stuck trying to come fit how I want it to display within their structure rather than my own. Lets also hope they sort out their SEO problems as well as that continues to frustrate me as well. OTH Archive
  6. Ian, by nested do you mean putting an image in a collection or a gallery inside a gallery? If so let me know how you did it as I have not been able to figure that.
  7. The newest "new" templates that were announced are now not going to be out for at least another 6 months apparently. The existing "new" (responsive from a few years back) templates are a bit of a oddity IMHO, the ability to "customize" them is virtually non existent which can be frustrating, esp at the price they charge. I have noticed that many of their users have gone with using a seperate Wordpress/Wix/Squarespace frontend and then just used Photoshelter as an archive component (which is what I do).
  8. The pack per image prices are about that of an average Alamy sale so I don't see it as a bad thing per se.
  9. I have all kinds a weird problems with my Nikons through sweat. First signs are a white crust in the hot shoe, joints and screw heads. As I live in the tropics I lost so many cameras to this I ended up forking out for the top body for the sealing but even thats showing some signs after a couple of years. Once it get a hold inside all kinds of wildness happens.
  10. My sales and revenue are the same as 2006 and have been stable virtually every year (with the odd outlier year). BUT I have had to put in an additional 2750 images (I had 250 in 2006) to keep it stable. I calculated that to stand still, I would have to add 18 images per month per 1000 currently in my collection, to keep my percentage share of the total images on Alamy static at the current rate of total image submission. I don't regard stock as part of my future but like most am going to ride the Alamy (my only outlet now) train until snow covers the tracks. I so agree with Stephen (message above).
  11. We had joy, we had fun We had seasons in the sun But the hills that we climbed Were just seasons out of time We had joy, we had funWe had seasons in the sunBut the wine and the songLike the seasons have all gone
  12. If one deletes a pseudonym do the images under that pseudo revert back to your default pseudo or do you get a choice of moving them to another pseudonym first? Thanks
  13. Hers another example of a strange implementation of RM .... "Rights granted for the life of the product for supplementary educational publications and materials" My reading says that they can create supplementary products (RM period is 30 years). What is RM and what is RF continues to get greyer. I find Alamy's recent advertising of "support" for RM a little disingenuous as - what is RM/RF is getting a little grey.
  14. I also use Flume to upload from Mac. Also cannot see any advantages for stock. I recently signed up with the free account on Pixsey (who can automatically link to your instagram account) and have been SHOCKED how many of my instagram images appear on other websites. Instagram allow hot linking to their server so its easy for websites/techies to do BOT pages using instagram images. I have about 60 images on instagram and about 300 Instagram related hits on Pixsey. None of them are of course able to be processed legally as they are hosted in 3rd countries such as Panama and have owners privacy enabled.
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