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  1. I like Peter M's YouTube channel, have watched him forever, he has a very distinct video style. But with 5M subscribers on YouTube and over 2M on instagram one starts to wonder if opportunities for monetisation are a/the major driver. I watched some of his YT vids on his methods of post processing and thought many times throughout the process "thats OK for 1000 pixel image but would not hold up at 4000 pixels". I will continue to watch him but an am very leary of "brands" on Youtube.
  2. I have Sharpen AI but to be honest I have not found it comes up to the hype, especially where feathers and fur are in the equation. Denoise on the other hand is wonderful.
  3. Unsplash has always fascinated me. Whether we like it or not they hit on something and the fact they have nearly 3 billion downloads (!!) proves that. I have always been of the opinion it was sham and that it appealed to camera owners who had no interest in monetisation or were against monetisation and did for "philosophical" reasons. The sham IMHO was that after it had its first employee it was always going to be up for sale, that was the aim I believe. Getty have been wise in my mind as Unsplash is a classic "disrupter". They will not want to kill it as a hundred startups can
  4. I like wildlife and to be honest could not think of coping without the 1.4. It's a god send. In wildlife you can never have enough length. The 2 for me is something I can only use if I am attempting to photograph something within say 15 meters (small birds) and on a tripod, handheld it makes everything slow down and affects quality IMHO (I use Nikon BTW). As you are starting out at 200 mm I would just say go and use it a few trips and then come to your own conclusion whether you need it for the type of photograph you are wanting to take. If you do then the 1.4 is good with most lens but kee
  5. Interesting. If Alamy accept thats the value in certain situations you can correctly or incorrectly assume that their value assessment is based on quantities. Could it become a new regular thing?
  6. I have two Z lens both cheap, one the kit lens zoom and one other zoom. Amazingly sharp! Really took me by surprise and I am used to shooting with a D5 and a 500 f4 as my most common setup.
  7. No, dead as doornail. About once a year someone may ask for a print but I don't do them, but thats from my website not my archive (the archive is the PhotoShelter part of my website).
  8. I agree John, even though I don't use pricing on PS, one would think the future should be simpler rather than more complex for a potential buyer. I was saddened to see they [again]missed all their deadlines on the new templates and then decided their new official policy was just not to give us anymore updates anymore on the project.
  9. It may be overkill for some types of photography but the sensor, AF and especially the speed will be tempting for sports and wildlife. Anyone in these groups with a Canon 1dx family or Nikon D"x" (rather than Dxxx) family has probably forked out the same amount on their camera as this new Sony already (and more on a big f4 prime). They may buy into this or, more likely, wait for the others to catch up. I wonder what the ISO performance is like. This camera would have had an amazing platform at the olympics in Japan (whenever that ever takes place now) but now the other have time to catch up
  10. I have had a payment listed as "other income ASCRL" (The American Society for Collective Rights Licensing). So maybe some more are included (not sure though).
  11. I think 90% of their users are sport and wildlife on the bigger telephotos. I use Nikon's 1.4x on the 500 FL (almost permanently attached) and 600 (non FL) and my eyes can't see any degradation. The 2x on the other hand is unusable for me with significant degradation. Never used the 1.7 but it does not have any stellar write ups. Canon TCs are considered better than Nikons and with much less image degradation.
  12. I am along term unique ball user as well for my heavy lens. Love it. Drops my total weight and bulk significantly.
  13. Thats good to know thanks. I really only use when I an in the backend of nowhere and my connections bad enough to make the online loader an issue, so your explanation explains why I have that issue, cheers.
  14. I use FTP if I am having problems with the online uploader. When I use it though it does not "batch" the photos, it shows them in the image manager as one photo being one upload instead of all the photos in the FTP session submitted being one upload.
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