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  1. I second that choice. luv the ease of use and automation.
  2. I am just a beginner with Pixsy (8 months) but I did use copy track about 3 years ago as well. It's difficult I will not paint around that fact. Some small agencies I used in the past have been incredibly helpful digging through their databases to provide me with complete records. Some of the bigger ones have been quite unhelpful and even don't reply to requests. I know we all complain about Alamy not showing the buyers name but their details of RM sales provide you a lot of info to narrow down uses, their records they share are quite good comparatively. 99% of my stuff is RM so th
  3. Saw an increase in sales but a reduction in income (at 100% sales value). When I recalculate the sales number to get me the 40 percent income value I am left with the impression that in my particular genre of photography its really not worth me bothering anymore. Its the end of the road for me as I don't see things improving to a point to inspire me to use my time this way anymore. A sad reflection but an honest one for my personal situation. I won't give up photography but will give up stock.
  4. No it is not hot linked Ian. I just upgraded to the paid version of Pixsy and am shocked at the amount of "hits" I am getting that I did not get on the free version. Its a bit overwhelming trying to match them up with licenses. I may just pull out of stock all together and just have Pixsy as my photography income stream. The first case successful case I had has paid for 6 months subscription.
  5. Can anyone shed on light on the terminology used in RM licenses, like this ..... Media: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingImage Size: Any sizeStart: 01 May 2015End: 01 May 2020One use in a single editorial article used within web versions of titles from the same group. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. [my bold] The image appears on a website. The license ran out in 2020 BUT lifetime "archive" rights are included. What is "archive" in terms of a website? How is there delineation between a fixed license p
  6. I just found a usage of one of my images on a website and no corresponding license exists (its not a media company or large company). BUT under the photograph (not on the photograph) is a credit line saying "(my pseudonym)/Alamy". I recall something in the past whereby usage of small images that were watermarked were allowed to be used by bloggers (or am I getting mixed up with Big G) free of use. This is not a blogger btw. Any advice on this? Anyone remember?
  7. Well we are about to hit another January deadline without any forward movement again. Last post from the update blog of PS on this subject is 6 months old already. I wonder if they have just scrapped the idea without telling anyone. Update page is here but you have to log in to see it https://support.photoshelter.com/hc/en-us/articles/360059401754
  8. Has anyone received their December 1 payout yet? I ask because last time it took 14 days for me, so this time I am using a different account (Skrill instead of Paypal) and still no sign of it on the 7th so far.
  9. Just in case anyone from the outside (i.e not an Alamy contributor) is reading this thread, you do not get 30 USD per image sale on average. Your average income would be at most 40% of that average. More probably 30%.
  10. I noticed the mention of syndication (by Ian) in another thread and that made me think I have never really considered the effects of syndication and the Alamy RM standard license terms before. So how does it work, even if one company "owns" another company they are still two separate companies are they not? Can, for example AP (or PA) pick up an image and then syndicate to all their associated companies? Is there a special license clause for this? It has never occurred to me before. I raise this because, like others have mentioned, my largest "sales" this year have be
  11. That would make sense, because if I swift (from overseas) to a US bank I get charges but if I ABA to transfer from one US bank to another I don't see any charges upfront.
  12. I suppose I would have given them a 7 or 8 before, and was happy with that kind of rating (they were not a 10 because of the fit of me and what I shoot rather than them). I would just rate them 20% lower because of the 20% cut in commission. I have had a decent month this past month so am quite chilled. Am also quite neutral now I give away Alamy income to a young relative. I do hope they stop it with the penny sales though.
  13. For those who get paid by bank transfer, what are the bank charges like for: a) a UK bank account b) a US bank account Thanks, trying to figure if one is better than the other to use. Have been using PayPal and now just changed to Skrill but not 100% sure what their fees are like and looking for cheapest way to get paid. Paypal was OK because I could just buy meals, goods, etc with it. Skrill is a bit of a dead end for me as its not much used in Asia so may have to fork out an additional 2% to transfer to my bank as well.
  14. I just opened a Skrill account for this reason. I was going to look at bank deposits but was worried about transfer costs as I only make a pittance anyway. Its a terrible decision by PayPal TH, can't even easily sell stuff by eBay now (owners of PayPal) if you are in Thailand.
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