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  1. What would make Alamy world Number One?

    Id like to see separate web presences for different photography types and curators working on those presences (sites). I think Alamy's UK centric secondary editorial bent (how many pictures of shopping centers do we need collectively) drags its reputation down somewhat. I'd like to see web presences highlighting "why alamy is the best for ..... music, travel, wildlife, fashion, conceptuals, etc, etc -and setting up a community form of communication in each of these areas to the togs registered with an interest to put out info, needs, market orientation insights, etc. Such an undertaking would need people and not be just a search term algorithm.
  2. Who Are We?

    I think we would have to set definitions against the groups John - esp the semi-pro/hobbyist definition split. Based on my own definition split between these two - I would say "hobbyists" could be the larger overall group, with "professionals" being the least. Pros - least Semi pro - mid Hobbyist/Amateur - most, by a long shot
  3. Who Are We?

    I am and always have been a hobbyist. None of my motivation is financial.
  4. Website importance

    Not important at all IMHO - and thats said had having one for about 10 years. I think one is needed if you planned to offer additional services but for stock - a waste of time. For stock sales - a complete waste of time based on my history of sales. If I were to be starting now I would agree with Crypotoprocta - go for a cheap/free solution.
  5. if subscription service was introduced...

    Personally I would like the option to opt out. Mainly because I don't think my picture type would do well with volume users and I, personally, would just throw in the upload towel if my pictures were going for cents.
  6. That's it?!

    I too balk when I see these kind of prices. But its the same or worse everywhere, and its going to get worse on the whole. One must always remember the only qualification to entry into being a contributor, virtually anywhere, these days is to go down the local mall and buy a camera - and cameras are getting better and cheaper by the day. Its an industry whose future belongs to aggregators not contributors. I, personally, stay "in" because photography is my hobby.
  7. Alamy and Safari

    No issues for me
  8. Submitting to Alamy and other stock agencies - RF images

    Context ....... "High standards of living, highly educated people and a fair egalitarian system of governance (low corruption), at least in theory. The rest cannot be said for 95% of the rest of the world where it's more of a "dog eat dog" type short-term mentality. I'll repeat this statistic which I think is important: On one of the major Microstock sites, 34% of their contributors with a portfolio of more than 999 images live in Thailand, Russia and the Ukraine. " Brazilnut, So in the context of this thread - one of the reasons that some people post the same images to MicroS and Alamy is political systems that are not "developed" (my inverted commas) and social norms that spring from that political situation ? I know I have paraphrased that down a lot but I am not getting your point on this. HellonEarth, Again in the context of this thread - I presume you are not a Thai national, but you post the same images to MicroS and Alamy don't you? _________________________ Lets be open about this - people post the same images to multiple non-exclusives not because of their origin, abode or cultural stereotype - they do it because they can. Because they want to maximize their income in an industry (stock) that is already broke for contributors and is not going to get any better.......ever I sincerely don't mean to be rude or judgmental in any way but I wanted to say something as I think this part of the thread was taking a dangerous judgmental turn.
  9. Submitting to Alamy and other stock agencies - RF images

    I really don't get what the correlation here is - are you saying that people who live in Thailand (amongst others) generally have a "dog eat dog type short-term mentality" ?
  10. Sales notification

    Check thats its not about a past sale - I had one as well but the price matched a sale in Jan to the cent ($xxx.xx) so I assume its that sale.
  11. How to travel light?

    I am a wildlife tog for my sins. I have struggled with this issue for sometime but in the end decided that gear re-jigging was not the solution for me, personally - I did spend a lot of money trying though. I now just use two modes of travel - 1) a 4WD which I can literally get everything and anything into for my extended trips and 2) the national carrier for the country I live in. I found that the national carrier (Thai Airways in my case) whilst being more expensive are always very understanding and accommodating if I let them know in advance what I am traveling with. I just see it as an additional expense of my being happy on my trips now. For me personally as a wildlife tog, a lens like a 500 f4 is simply not replaceable by anything else (except a 600 f4). A body that is at the top of the pile in terms of noise, is not replaceable in dark forest conditions. A very sturdy tripod in not replaceable. As you know to consistantly shoot a 500 at 1/30th you need to practiced and very confident in your gear and technique. Theres no point is having a trip of a lifetime see the "pink ruffled tiger eating sparrow of the Upper Volta" and being equipped with something "lesser" than the gear you normally use. I do live in hope that one day Nikon and Canon will have a worthy challenger (Sony) to their long lens wildlife dominance. Just my 2 baht :+)
  12. Pixsy alterative?

    I have some claims running with CopyTrack at the moment - I trialed some images with them but am still waiting to see if they can resolve the claims. When the claims are closed I will be able to give an opinion.
  13. Do no forum contributors sell?

    As someone who also runs a non-profit forum, I thinks its simply a few people like forums and a lot of people don't. Just because we do engage, we should never assume that others are right or wrong for not engaging or that everyone should be like us. By far the majority of people do not like forums of any kind IMHO. Baffles me as well but IMHO its as simple, as that.
  14. Personal use sale

    I never realized that - are you referring to the distribution network (i.e. 3rd party agents/sellers)?
  15. New Lightroom Calssic CC first impressions

    I am OK with the subscription model for the "photographers" bundle - which I think is OK regards price. My amazement comes when I price adding a third program, such as I wanted to use inDesign for one project BUT it would have cost me over 20 USD per month for a minimum of a year ( 250 USD per year) to add it to LR and PS (10 USD per month or $120 per year combined). I am now firmly in the Adobe camp (after migrating from Aperture) but they do seem to specialize in making life unnecessarily expensive and difficult for those of us who don't have much money or a business.