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  1. 44 sales which is 4th highest in rolling year but 2nd highest for gross income thanks to 2 $$$ sales. Not looking forward to next few months as searches seem to be down along with zooms although a small sale dropped in this morning. Pearl
  2. As I said I think the search engine knows from the tags you put in. Back is interpreted as rear so perhaps that is one of your tags also. Pearl
  3. Those have been around for a while and are picked up from the tags you use. Usually they relate to searches for people or buildings Pearl
  4. I have seen 80% quoted as the maximum that might catch it but I can't remember who said it. My understanding is that once 80% have had it the virus fades away because most people are then immune. Pearl
  5. An Alamywhack showed in measures from yesterday's searches and just came through as a $$$ sale. Pearl
  6. Many thanks for reporting this Russell. I wouldn't have found this myself Pearl
  7. 46 sales making it the highest for volume (just) in the rolling year but only 4th highest for income as approx 50% were <$10 sales and only one $$$. Pearl
  8. I have just had exactly the same. The image sold at the start of Feb for $15. This doesn't make any sense and I've never seen anything like it in all my years at Alamy and I have had many refunds. Pearl
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