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  1. I had two of those yesterday and I didn't find it funny. Pearl
  2. Well 2 were from Norway, 2 from Greenland, 1 from Austria and 1 from Sussex UK. Not sure they are particularly American subjects in my case. Pearl
  3. Mine were the same value so probably same license detail. Pearl
  4. I don't know what the uses are as only look at Net Revenue Sales Report but I think they are all US sales as round figures, all the same amount. Pearl
  5. Six low end three figure sales just popped in 🙂 Pearl
  6. I have the same problem with 3 TV licenses for 2020 and DACS have said the same to me when I asked how I can claim. I have managed in the past by sending my Alamy sales report but now they say they won't accept it. It seems very unfair that the artist is unable to claim. Pearl
  7. After a slow start it ended up an average month for volume with 39 sales. No $$$ but more $$ than $ which is unusual these days. Just crept into four figures so well below average for income over the years but fairly typical for recent times. Pearl
  8. Many thanks for reporting this. It was zoomed recently so good to know it has been used. Pearl
  9. Many thanks again Steve. Hopefully I'll get paid for this one as they haven't used it before. Pearl
  10. 2020 - 453 sales compared to 2019 - 465 sales. Gross revenue $170 more for 2020 than 2019 which is less than half of my best year 2013. For volume 2020 has been worst year since 2015 but worst for gross revenue since 2009. Pearl
  11. So the Wetherspoons photos are for TV. This sale has just nudged my 2020 revenue above 2019 although number of sales is still slightly lower. Pearl
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