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  1. Maybe they didn't log in until they got to p3. I was told by Alamy that that happens sometimes so earlier search results don't show up in measures. Pearl
  2. Sometimes it is but not always. I just did a search on Euros and one of my images which has never sold is near the top of p1 whereas an image that has sold at least six times was beyond p17 (I got bored looking any further). Captions, keywords and super tags are very similar as is the age of the images and they are in the same high ranked pseudo. Makes no sense to me. Pearl
  3. Generally I prefer not to have the image posted but it depends what it is. As you say Bryan, some can easily be copied. A reference number and a link to a website is fine and I much appreciate the hard work and time that some put in to bring us this information. Pearl
  4. Los Angeles Times https://www.latimes.com/travel/story/2020-01-03/best-travel-destinations-2020-cities-islands-countries?fbclid=IwAR0nwMuKClQv_e7VwaO0rvhFOxkyOED4EK2yCJpyki8xtqbAaC8mp6hVhwA TCDHB7 Darryl Brooks Eating Roast Corn at Night Market at Vancouver night market
  5. I only had 15 images on Alamy when this sold in June 2004 Country: Saudi Arabia Usage: Advertising and promotion Media: Airport display Industry sector: Travel and Tourism Sub-Industry: Airlines Print run: up to 5 Image Size: Double crown 20inx30in (50.80cm x 76.20cm) Start: 06 June 2005 End: 06 September 2005 It sold again in Feb 2005 for $180 Looking through my early sales is actually quite depressing as only 9 out of the first 50 are less than $100 and many are top $$$ sales and none were less than $$. We didn't realise how lucky we were compared to now. Pearl $ 263.58
  6. Many thanks Wim. I received payment for that in June but it's very interesting to see where it went. Pearl
  7. 45 sales in December so far and there are still a few hours to go, that is equal to the highest number of sales in a month this year BUT it is the lowest revenue month by more than $100 gross and I've had some pretty poor months in 2019. So many low value sales with no decent sales to compensate. Getting very demoralised - I made more money in 2010 and every year since until this one. Pearl
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