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  1. 38 licences for $962 gross. Only two months were worse for volume in rolling year but four months were worse for gross return. I'm generally finding values reducing this year with more and more $ sales and fewer $$$ sales in spite of being mainly exclusive here. Some $ sales to magazines which I think is unacceptable but what can we do? I'm out of NU but in newspaper scheme. I lost access to live news uploads so no hope there. Pearl
  2. As I suspected - my answer from CR came today "This is an update on the personal use query of your image BF93HY.We haven't had a response from the customer, and our team cannot find the image being used anywhere online outside the terms of the license. Therefore we have to assume they have purchased the correct license and are closing the case down." The image is of a food recycling bin on a pavement.
  3. I wouldn't know where to start as I don't know what the images were used for, just that they were not appropriate for PU. Alamy has more information than I do. Pearl
  4. Exactly what I've had on the few occasions I've reported a suspicious use. I'm waiting for something similar at the moment. Pearl
  5. 40 licenses which is about average for me and better than July last year. However prices were low and my only $$$ sale was refunded and sold again for $$. Pearl
  6. Many thanks Steve. Presumably the hardcopy of the digital version reported by Nigel. Pearl
  7. The Guardian online 14/07/2019 https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jul/14/hiking-walking-younger-generation-ramblers?fbclid=IwAR0zAa1_VKhJTo6PgLQnjDPc4byAnXAGSkOxPmVLh0KCsz-0ub_P4pEuhCs R6RF7T Trekkingimages/Alamy Two hikers ascending the Watkin Path towards the summit of Snowdon in Wales. Pearl
  8. Many thanks for reporting this Alan. Now enjoy your much deserved break. Pearl
  9. I opted out of NU last April as I hadn't signed up for those pathetic prices. No regrets so far. Pearl
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