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  1. Hows your CTR doing from 1st August?

    Since February this year my CTR has been up and down on alternating months. Last month was highest at 0.71 but this month presently 0.53 from a total of 140 zooms. Lowest for year was 0.47 in February. So no particular trend. Pearl
  2. I'm a bit 'demoralized

    The ranking is not based on how long a person has been a contributor but on how well their images have performed during that time. The intention was to bring the best images to the front of search results. Being with Alamy for many years has given the opportunity to attain a good ranking and therefore a good search position. However ranking seems to be less of a factor nowadays which is why we are seeing some fairly awful (imo) images coming up early on. Pearl
  3. Thanks again Steve. Pearl
  4. Re-rank

    +1 Pearl
  5. Re-rank

    My main pseudo bhz image was on page 3 until I demoted BHZ to a tag from a supertag then it turned up on page 23. Yesterday I promoted it back to a supertag and it's back at the top of page 3 (120 / page). When bhz was first contrived we didn't have these sorts of tags and bhz was generally put into the essential keywords box. Essential keywords then got made into supertags so if people haven't changed anything then most will have it as a supertag. Pearl
  6. [LU]

    So two of my zooms have come through as NU sales now. Ridiculously low prices for travel and tourism websites which is not the sort of thing I expected would be NU. Can't do anything until April but I shall consider pulling out if these sorts of clients are getting NU prices. I won't be missing anything worth having if today's sales are anything to go by. Pearl
  7. [LU]

    + 1 Pearl
  8. [LU]

    limited use - we should have known!!! Pearl
  9. [LU]

    I've found the same as you Mandy. No images returned. Perhaps Betty only had images returned because she did have a tag "LU" Pearl
  10. [LU]

    Interesting. I had some more [LU] searches today but nothing has sold yet. You would think Alamy would know if [LU] meant Novel Use. Pearl
  11. Alamy told me they couldn't do this when I asked not long ago. I was told to upload a new one and set the old one for deletion. If you do the above you can always delete the caption and tags of the original before deleting then it won't get found. Pearl
  12. [LU]

    Have you read my post above? Pearl
  13. [LU]

    Interestingly it doesn't work today. This mornings measures showed a search for Debenhams [LU] which returned two images of mine. However using that search term today returns nothing. Likewise for some other searches that I had yesterday. Pearl
  14. [LU]

    Reply from Contributor Services "We’ve passed this to our IT team to look into, as like you, we’re not sure. We think that it may be a customer typing it in, and therefore we won’t know what they are after, but we’ll let you know when we hear back from our IT team" Pearl
  15. Problems logging in on Mac

    Yes I had the same problem several times yesterday. It eventually worked after I left it a while. I don't know why we have to keep being logged out, it's a right pain. Pearl