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  1. Many thanks for reporting this Abiyoyo. That was only taken 3 weeks ago on a family weekend. Pearl
  2. I've had several of these requests over the couple of years. The last one did come to fruition and was licensed the next day. Pearl
  3. My experiments have shown that the location filters for UK/USA/Europe are taken from the location field. I initially discovered this as I had put United Kingdom and Europe rather than UK and Europe in the location for a few images. Those images were returned for searches where the filter was set for Europe but not when set for UK even though UK was in the caption. I always fill in all the information
  4. Instead of "no people" try "nobody". It doesn't crop up often but won't lead to false returns when it does. Pearl
  5. I have had several over the last couple of years and one last year was licensed the next day. Pearl
  6. On the low side with 33 sales. Prices from $5.15 to $199.99 and 11 of the sales were distributor (not the big ones fortunately). Disappointing but not devastating. Pearl
  7. I can't remember the exact meaning but it is a NU search so not good news IMO. I asked the question a while ago and Alamy did say what LU stood for and it was something like "limited use" Pearl
  8. Sounds like they were sold to two different countries hence different prices I suspect. Pearl
  9. Many thanks for taking the trouble to provide this very interesting report Doc. James's comments on Alamy ranking confirm what I have been suspecting for quite some time. I would love to be able to attend one of your meetings but Cambridge seems to take for ever to get to from here. Maybe I'll be in the area one day. Pearl
  10. 42 sales. Only 3 months were better in the rolling year but values were disappointingly low, only 2 months were worse in the rolling year. One sale for $52 refunded and resold for $18. Not encouraging to to put it mildly!!! Pearl
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