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  1. I have seen a bit of an increase in zooms and ctr, not dramatic, just in last few days but I was already in the newspaper scheme so I can't offer any explanation. Pearl
  2. many thanks Steve. That was zoomed a little while ago. Thanks for the ISSN too, it's a great help. Pearl
  3. I logged out and then in again. It says 9th November but last updated on 6th. No measures yet either which is very late. Even more serious - no new sales showing up. Pearl
  4. I can't get into net revenue sales report at all now. I had hoped it was because they were working on it. Pearl
  5. In spite of a promising start with a $330 gross sale and a further 38 sales I still just failed to get into $$$$ gross overall. Far too many tiny sales including two at $7 for magazine use! It is certainly becoming an uphill struggle to make a decent income. Pearl
  6. Many thanks Avpics. This came through as a sale on Monday. Interesting to know where it was used for such a pathetic amount. Pearl
  7. I took it as a welcome lighthearted comment. Let's not lose our sense of humour especially when things seem to be going downhill at the moment. Pearl
  8. 38 sales which is about the norm for me but prices generally down. Just crept into $$$$ gross but that is below average for how it used to be for my port. Only one $$$ and that was a distributor sale. On a brighter note October has kicked off with a $330 gross, non-distributor sale so maybe this will be a better month. Pearl
  9. Received mine today too. £4 more than last year but less than previous years. Still I consider it a bonus Pearl
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