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  1. Many thanks again Steve for reporting one of my images Pearl
  2. Has the search engine updated?

    Mine were certainly done quickly and mostly in one batch before 6pm GMT. The odd one that was done separately and has not appeared was actually the first to be done so I don't think it's anything to do with cut-off times. Pearl
  3. Has the search engine updated?

    I am missing 6 out of the 8 I keyword etc on Tuesday evening. They say they are on sale but apparently they're not. Pearl
  4. Commission Change announced in email

    Thanks for the clarification Alamy. That really helps. Pearl
  5. Thank you for reporting this Nigel. Happy New Year. Pearl
  6. BIG Sale....refunded after 3 weeks...

    Yes I agree. Any refunds after the 30 day period should be borne by Alamy I think Pearl
  7. BIG Sale....refunded after 3 weeks...

    A few years ago I had a $800+ sale refunded 6 months after it was cleared and in my bank account. Because the exchange rate had changed in the meantime I paid back more than I had received. In fairness, Alamy did give me the difference but only after I complained. Pearl
  8. Many thanks for reporting this Clare. Happy Christmas Pearl
  9. Ditto that with the exception that I do have a few non-exclusive images and I have marked everything as accurately as I can. I must add that I do take exception to some of the derogatory comments that have been directed at retired contributors. I am "retired" in that I receive a state pension but my Alamy income is still very important to me so I work very hard nearly every day to produce saleable, accurately captioned and tagged images on a regular basis. Losing 20% of that income would be a serious blow to my standard of living and my ability to produce more saleable images. Those of you who think yourselves full time pros because you aren't retired are fortunate if you've managed to find good libraries to supply in addition to Alamy. The only two other libraries that I supply are exclusive anyway so I have to send them different images to those here. Another non-exclusive library that I supplied has recently closed. I'm not saying "I'm alright Jack" and gloating because I would much rather this situation hadn't arisen at all for any of us. I really believe only new contributors, i.e. those joining after the revised contract comes out, should have to accept the lower rate. Pearl
  10. You can't put any restrictions on RF images other than selecting editorial only. So you can only opt out of PU for RM images. Pearl
  11. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Just surpassed 2017 for number of sales (the positive bit) but still $500 short on gross revenue (not so positive). Sign of the times!! Pearl
  12. Commission change - James West comments

    This is a brilliant post. It sums up my sentiments exactly. It's a shame it has been buried in amongst all the other angst from people with far less experience. Pearl
  13. How was your November?

    I know which company you are referring to as I supply them directly as well. The $8.68 license is for a Digital Regional Calendar, for distribution only within its titled region. Print run 150. Even directly they never paid £30-40 for these, only for the full sized, large distribution calendars. It is still annoying to have sold to them via Alamy when I have sent the same images directly but I can understand why they do it. Pearl
  14. How was your November?

    The first half of the month looked pretty dire for both numbers and value, much like the previous four months but then came a surge. Ended up with 62 sales varying from <$10 to >$200. Pearl