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How was your November?

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11 minutes ago, Bryan said:

28 for $254 gross, $101 Net plus $8 for US licensing thingy.


Average net $3.62 and some abysmally low fees, at a net $0.5 


I wouldn't mind them selling the humdrum stuff for next to nowt, but it rankles when they sell historic, unable to be repeated, shots of long gone buildings etc for no money and very generous licensing terms. I know it won't happen but it would be great if contributors could nominate a small proportion of their collection as gold standard not to be sold for less than x amount.



I have the same view as you about some of the historical old slides I have been working on. Some of them, I feel, the ones with unique value, should be held back and offered as availbale for 'First Rights' at a premium price. 



Summary for 01 November 2023 to 30 November 2023 ( 51 item(s) totalling $1084.52 )


Pleased to be non-exclusive!

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34 sales for $724, one $$$ in the mix.  54 zooms for a CTR of 1.10.  A good month made better by a $118 dollar infringement (already cleared) and $15 ASCRL revenue.  Decent payout this month which should cover the Christmas drinks bill!  Any left over I'll probably waste on extra wifely pressies.

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Last few days retrieved a poor month. 38 licences in total for $407 gross (don't want to contemplate the net amount). Highest $35, lowest $. Average $11. Low 0.42 CT. On a good note so far this year I have licensed more pics than in any previous year(s) but revenue is well down on previous best year (about $2k).

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