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  1. Many thanks Sally - so heavily cropped in the print edition that I didn't recognise it at first. Nick
  2. Alamy Photograph found in Decanter http://www.decanter.com/wine-news/opinion/news-blogs-anson/anson-change-chateau-dauzac-383240/ Photographer Nick Maslen Found by Rob Cook Thanks for spotting this Rob.
  3. "June 2016 Issue, UK, Country Walking, p53, Symonds Yat ferry, C8DGH7, Nick Maslen" Many thanks SShep - I'm sure Country Walking has used this photo before! Nick
  4. "May 2016 Issue, UK, Country Walking, p12, cottages in Nailsworth, DBGJF0, Nick Maslen" Many thanks SShep for the spot. Nick
  5. Thanks for the spot Bryan the Birmingham shot in the Times is one of mine - C8WDJ9.
  6. I've got the same problem today using safari on a mac. I've got round it by looking in my browsing history for a "my alamy" page and opening that. Nick
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