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September photo challenge - submissions please


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Hi Everyone


September's challenge is Human Animal interaction - for animal read wildlife also.

Closing date for submissions is midnight UK time on Saturday 30th September; Winner announced 6pm UK time Saturday 7th October

Rules as usual, 3 images per competitor, must be Alamy stock photos; The top 8 will go forward to the poll.


Good luck to you all !


Here's a few samples of what I have in mind







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Congrats ReeRay.  Nice subject. I don't have a lot but just enough to put in three!


A veterinarian giving a horse an acupuncture treatment.




A man feeding his sled dogs before a run in Alberta, Canada




A U.S. Federal K-9 police officer training a dog to sniff for dangerous and illegal substances





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Congratulations, ReeRay. Very moving image. Interesting challenge, but I don't have much to offer.


Woman making a new feline friend





Tapir-human interaction, Belize Zoo





Man with Macaw friends, Riviera Maya, Mexico





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Good topic ReeRay! Thank you.


1. Tourists swimming with dolphins; Zanzibar




2.  A couple looking at jellyfish, Monterey Aquarium, California




3. Local men chatting in the Bird Market, Hong Kong Asia







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Picnickers fleeing as wild cassowary and chick approaches along the beach



Girls being sprayed with sand by turtle nesting on beach



Large stingray looking for a handout



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