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  1. Well! Thank you everyone. A diverse field as always and I hope to be able to set up another interesting challenge given internet access etc. We've all got a lot going on.
  2. I've been on a boat for a few days without internet. Argh! Thanks Avpics for picking one of mine and I have now voted (for one of the people pics).
  3. Three from the southern hemisphere! Corals bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef due to climate change (Feb/Mar 2017) Drought in Western Australia Autumn leaf (Nothofagus) on melting surface of glacier, Argentina
  4. You're a trooper, Ed. I've always been a gypsy and don't expect to reach your age - but if I do, I'd like to think I could be as mobile and flexible and open to new things, as you are.
  5. Algal bloom washing up on beach, Fitzroy Island, Great Barrier Reef. Low $$ for a book in South Korea.
  6. Good month for sales frequency (22 in total) but low average $$. Interestingly, 19 of those 22 sales were for old images - serial numbers starting with G or older.
  7. Yes images of this flower have sold at least once - maybe the pink version rather than the red. They are colloquially known as "porcelain roses" in southeast asia. The flowers are also edible in their early stages (like in your photograph). Quite nicely gingery when sliced up.
  8. Yes, Etlingera elatior, your photo is of an early-stage inflorescence. I have some huge ones in my garden. This is what they look like as they start to open up.
  9. Whale skull half-buried in beach, Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia First $$$ sale for the month. For TV use apparently. Was zoomed a couple of months ago
  10. Continuing on the backyard wildlife theme, this white-lipped green treefrog (world's biggest frog) splatted onto my kitchen window, taking an interest in meal prep. S/he is so beautiful, assume they live in the trees outside, long may s/he reign!
  11. BBQ picnic in rainforest creek, Queensland, Australia. Lovely cool way to spend a hot summer Sunday. Photo from a couple of weeks ago but I've only recently had time to get it through keywording and on sale.
  12. Personal use. Unhappy due to previous experience with these licenses actually being used for commercial purposes and having no recourse.
  13. Gen, I surrender, I am handicapped by a full-time job! I've noticed you're not into underwater pix but Carol at Cbimages has us both snookered there. Maybe we could have a Cairns Alamy contributors meet-up?
  14. 400. This while trying and failing to keep up with fellow alamy contributor gvallee who seems to have recently moved to my area (Cairns, Queensland, Australia) and is blowing me out of the water in terms of technique, artistry, niceness and general productivity. Well done Gen.
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