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  1. Peppermint stick insect. Deeply weird critter endemic to the local rainforest.
  2. I am also incredibly grateful to be living where I am, in such beautiful surroundings, when so many friends and acquaintances are in various degrees of corona-lockdown around the world. A few recent uploads from a 4WD camping trip: Magnetic termite mounds at Nifold Plains, Lakefield National Park, Cape York Archerfish at Boodjamulla National Park The fabulous fan palm forests at Cooper Creek, Daintree National Park
  3. Yes, same here in FNQ, we have done quite well. In Queensland, biosecurity borders are now open up to Cape York as far as I know. Some domestic tourism flights are resuming here into Cairns. Who knows what will happen as all of those chilly southerners charge north for their winter holidays. 😕 PS - our Edge Hill sunbirds are re-using their indoor nest from last year and there are tiny meeping sounds! I think I may be about to be a fairy birdmother again!
  4. Your birds-on-termite-mounds photos are awesome Genevive... am glad you're not stuck in lockdown somewhere, and able to roam with your campervan. ...and camera!
  5. "Stay one shark's length apart" - social distancing on the Great Barrier Reef where the tourism industry is about to start up again, as coronavirus appears to be under control across nearly all of Australia.
  6. Maori wrasse on the Great Barrier Reef last week. This fish's name is Wally and he is very social, at least with some people. He has probably been wondering where on earth everyone is (reef tourism has been cancelled for months). I was trying to work on some sciency stuff and had to keep fending him off.
  7. Bushfire recovery image (from 2016, not recent) mid $$
  8. Omg! Wild garlic! Your comment filled my nostrils with scent and my brain with a memory I had long forgotten, that is vaguely relevant to photography. My postdoc supervisor took me caterpillar collecting on the slopes of the Jungfrau in Switzerland in spring/summer, must have been around 2003. He was a Belgian professor who spoke english EXACTLY like Inspector Cluseau (pink panther). The slopes and forested areas were crowded with some kind of wild garlic that smelled incredible as we trudged through it. He was fussing about with the first digital camera ever purchased by our laboratory group, which he had obtained the weekend before, and eventually as an upstart Australian unaware of polite European behaviour I said, here, let me look at it.... as I took it from him he pressed a button in panic, showing the last photo taken, which was of a naked male body surrounded by candles... still in a panic he pressed the button again, showing the next photo, which was clearly of himself and a lady en flagrante surrounded by candles. We never spoke of it again and whenever I needed an extension on a work deadline it was given, no questions asked.
  9. Speaking of butterflies with green colours, here's a Cairns birdwing butterfly in my back yard... from a previous year. I have had no luck this year (the caterpillars ate their host plant down to a stump) but others nearby are doing well! This is a female, the males are even greener.
  10. Great thread, Betty. And I hope your daughter just has a common cold. (Not that that's much fun either!) I don't know about anyone else, but I do find it comforting to think that nature and the critters are still out there getting on with it, even though us humans are having a hard time. Here are some of my favourites. Sea turtle heading back to the ocean at dawn after nesting on the beach, Pilbara, Western Australia Rainy evening at Milford Sound, Fjordland, New Zealand Detail of anemone tentacles underwater, Lord Howe Island Best wishes to everyone.
  11. Sold twice in the same day for exactly the same purpose and amount (advertorial, low $$). I assume one sale will be refunded at some point. Still, photo production costs were zero given that this native Australian tree is in my backyard in Perth and it fruits like crazy each winter. Also, weirdly, the third photo of mine to sell this month involving a hand holding things. The others were a cassowary egg and a thorny devil lizard. A new trend...?
  12. Marojejy National Park, Madagascar. First $$$-sale of the month (but only just). Quarterly magazine cover in Switzerland, apparently - if anyone happens to spot it I'd be grateful for a tip-off!
  13. Continuing on Gen Vallee's Australian pub theme - an epic quokka vs peacock standoff going on in the bar of the Rottnest Hotel, Western Australia. I like how all the human punters are just getting on with buying their beers in the background.
  14. Habituated wild indri lemur, Parc Mitsinjo, Andasibe, Madagascar. Was so lovely to see that they are successfully breeding in secondary rainforest around the village.
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