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  1. A flowering Australian swamp orchid, low $$ (personal use). Still, didn't cost me anything to shoot as it was growing under a leaky tap at my front stairs!
  2. Hi Alamy, This may have been suggested earlier in the thread, I am in transit and don't have time to check. Thanks for at least trying to be transparent about the changes. Given that we (contributors) have no control over the price our photos are licensed for, and therefore no control over annual earnings - spectacular images can license for $3.00 or less - wouldn't it be fairer to gauge the platinum, gold, silver levels by NUMBER of sales per year for each contributor, rather than $$ gross earned? This would be in Alamy's interests as it would a
  3. Fifth PU and worldwide sale this month, so far. Completely unusual and I agree with Genevieve's assessment - someone's betting that it's not economical for Alamy to pursue these licences to check if they're genuine. I for one am keeping a lookout on reverse google images search.
  4. 10 sales for $200 gross. Unpleasantly high proportion of presentation sales, I'll be keeping an eye out for those ones using reverse google image search.
  5. Happy to hear people are getting the vaccinations already. Here in Australia they are starting with the frontline workers and vulnerable people so I won't be eligible until at least July/August. Still, so far we've had hardly any outbreaks compared to other places, so can't complain.
  6. Well done on the snorkelling Gen! You'll never look back
  7. About once a year or so, this pic of a cassowary egg sells in Japan. Today's the day.
  8. Traditional bucket shower in a field station in a remote arid national park in Western Australia. I'd been camping and hadn't had a shower for days so took the plunge. First you heat the water from the rainwater tank on the wooden stove indoors, then you come outdoors to the stone outhouse and pour it in the bucket, and use the rope to stop/start flow. Certainly makes you appreciate just "turning on the tap"!
  9. Low $$, happened to spot it in Hakai Magazine a couple of days ago
  10. 10 sales for $317 gross. Reasonable under the circumstances I guess! Three sales in the first three days of Feb, and zooms are up, so hopefully onwards and upwards.
  11. Planting grafted grapevines in the Swan Valley near Perth, Western Australia. Low $$$ Restaurant in Akaroa, New Zealand. $$. Same article as your recent Akaroa sale, Wim?
  12. Peppermint stick insect. Deeply weird critter endemic to the local rainforest.
  13. I am also incredibly grateful to be living where I am, in such beautiful surroundings, when so many friends and acquaintances are in various degrees of corona-lockdown around the world. A few recent uploads from a 4WD camping trip: Magnetic termite mounds at Nifold Plains, Lakefield National Park, Cape York Archerfish at Boodjamulla National Park The fabulous fan palm forests at Cooper Creek, Daintree National Park
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