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  1. Hello Bryan, Every time someone moans about Alamy I wonder how they would cope with an interaction with a UK maindealer garage.... Maybe take the car, blow the cobwebs out! They haven't had a lot of use this year and modern diesels are fussy. Seems safer than the train. Stay safe. 😉
  2. Colin, here's hoping the next topic you choose is "mending". Cheers
  3. Hello Paul, For the iPhone, well there is: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/stockimo.aspx For something to eventualy pass to a relative? Fujifilm make some very nice camera's. Stay safe. 😀
  4. Rolls or Bentley, Terry Thomas in the back and Eric Sykes wearing the chauffeurs hat in the front...😉 Hope the hard work pays off.
  5. Surely we can come up with something for _D0A5136.CR2??
  6. Have a look at this thread. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/13358-can-anyone-recommend-a-quick-raw-converter/
  7. "Face covering" is one of those phrases that, Oh I don't know! I mean a mask is a mask, call it a mask! I know it came into use when there was a shortage of masks but what next? Are trousers going to be called knee coverings! 😷😷
  8. Moved up from the "face covering" neck sleeve to masks when they became common in the shops. Made my own sanitiser in the begining, still remember the knowing smile from the chemist when I asked for surgical spirit and aloe vera 😉 Still taking the view that I am only as safe as the people around me. Stay safe kids.
  9. Ask this guy... Stay safe......😉
  10. Our hedgehogs get cheap supemarket kitten food, if they find out Russell is feeding his visitors "Spike" I may be in trouble! 😉
  11. As Ian says that part of Wiltshire is full of monuments. I always thought it inspired Tolkien when he wrote the chapter "Fog on the Barrow Downs" in The Fellowhip of the Ring. An enterprising landowner took the inspiration and built his own Long Barrow, I visited it when it was being built.
  12. Edo nice blog as always. The competition for the big subjects is incredible these days. Quality images get lost; the buyer has too much choice! I think it's because of that I don't bother to compete for the main picture but I'll always look for a "filler" picture. If the buyer is looking for St Peter's Basilica he'll get 35,000 hits but a search for something quirky like St Peter's Basilica sign post gets 2 hits... We used to be able to get right in amongst the stones at Stonehenge when I was a kid. Ancient neolithic monument? Yup fallen off that ! Cheers! 👍
  13. Touching concern for an employee's emotional well-being. ;/)
  14. Went to by a 0.6m lintel and was told they only had 60cm ones...I have a witness!!! 🙃
  15. Made me search Alamy for Araldite the well known epoxy glue....19 hits. Race!
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