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  1. Yes I've a notebook just for that. I also sketch maps for viewpoints. Really looking forward to using my notes again...one day.
  2. Hello Larry, image manager can trip us all up. Your pictures should be visible to buyers after one of two overnight server updates. Good luck!
  3. Hello Jose, if they are asking a question you are not sure about, we may be able to help. Start another thread. 🦔
  4. This chap sold again. I know he's a wrong 'un but he always looks like he's lost his car keys. 😉 $$ just, but $$ times 11 is ok.
  5. Hello Larry, My guess, sitting from here, is that you might not have completed filling out the the caption and keywords correctly. When you open Alamy Image Manager there will be a small bar under the right hand corner of each picture, under the bar is the message on sale or not on sale. If your pictures say not on sale, then we have the problem. Click on just one, add a caption then at least 5 keywords. Save the keywords by pressing the blue cross. and then save at the bottom right corner. This should turn the sale indicator to On Sa
  6. I think you should upload it. I would weigh any uncertainty of how it may be used against its impact and it certainly pops. KW to add: white bookshelves? White bookcase? KW to avoid: Highlander, Queen 😉
  7. Whilst the delay may be unwelcome Alamy have worked to this qc standard for a long time so they don't think they are wasting time and money. Learning the qc standard and working to it is not that hard.
  8. The last 3 posts prompted me to revisit the keywords of a picture of the contents of my garage. Thanks!
  9. A lot of the air to air filming for the 1969 Battle of Britain was done in Malta. Better bet than a UK summer! I expect there will be a lot of cgi, either way looking forward to the series. 🦔
  10. Wim, saw this a few days ago: Hope it helps
  11. Kathy, one of the columns will have excess or odd characters in it which has pushed the formatting out of shape. It will sort itself out . Stay safe
  12. Morning Roger, welcome to the forum. Reading the forum first! Gosh! Stay safe. 🙂
  13. So the water is back on in my sons part of Austin. Pressure is low and the reservoirs aren't full yet. The car washes that opened were told to close down!
  14. Yup, still no water in Austin. HEB was open and stocked. Warmer weather is helping!
  15. Morning Bryan, LR will show you where it is looking for the Presets. Edit Tab Preferences Show Lightroom Presets Folder Then pick Lightroom In amongst about 30 folders you will find the Develop Presets and Metadata presets etc. If you can find the original presets you should be able to drag and drop them into the appropriate folder. Hope this helps (Windows 10 and LR 6.14) 🦔
  16. Jose, feel free to click on the blue number under a forum contributors name, we don't mind. This will show you the sort of scenes we think will sell. The pictures are our common language!
  17. My eldest son lives in Austin with his little family. They've had power constantly since yesterday but still no water. When we skyped today he showed us the bath full of snow they use for flushing, I have a very resourcefull Texan daughter in law! The Texas power company is called Ercot, but apparently Epcot and Ergot are interchangeable at the moment... He was very pleased to hear that the Senator had managed to get away for a few days in the sun. Stay safe kids especially you Phil!
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