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  1. I'm sticking with personal use. It's not a lot of money per sale but they add up over the year. I just think of it as one of ALAMY's more creative versions of the RM licence and an example of not putting a barrier up between ALAMY and a sale.
  2. An indicator as to how Alamy is doing is the number of searches for pictures. The "All of Alamy" section of measures is understandable coy about the number of sales, zooms etc, but it does divulge the number of pages seen over a time period. This will bear a very rough indicator of the interest customers are showing. The number of pages for each month (20 lines per page) are: Jul 10.9k Aug 11.2k Sep 11.0k Oct 12.6k Nov 11.3k Dec 9.6k Jan 12.3k Feb 12.4k Mar 12.6k Apr 12.3k May 12.4k These are very rough figures and are only a very very broad indicator of interest in ALAMY's portfolio. There are hints of an upward trend but of course there is no way of knowing if the gradient is steeper or shallower than it could be. The picture market is evolving and who knows what effect our political shenanigans are having, but those figures do not look like a company that is going the wrong way. Alamy dying? I don't think so, but individual contributors could be more vulnerable to market forces than others. G'night.
  3. How about this, I did a search for Arbroath Smokie WOP. It returned 5 results. All were boats. Not a single fish. That is not as crowded a market as nature pictures. If you've already thought of this and dismissed it then fair enough, but I'd be kicking myself if I didn't sugest it. James (for those who don't watch UK cookery/travel tv programmes, its a sort of smoked fish)
  4. Thank you for putting your portfolio up Brian. I'm not really a plant person but I was just lost in the colours. Betty makes a good point about offset for copy space. I could imagine some text down the side of so many of your pictures and they deserve to sell.
  5. The annual D-Day commemoration parade in Newport Gwent Wales.
  6. Yes, many, many alamy images. I'm guessing it's a distributor type of deal?
  7. The support page of your camera manufacturer will likely provide a download for a free raw file convertor, but as Harry says let us know the camera.
  8. Gordon, I agree that this feels like a liberty. Supporting students is part of the Alamy ethos but I would like to have the choice of opting in or out of this sort of discounted, sale much like we can for NU.
  9. I'm reviewing my submissions from 2010 at the moment, just looking at the keywords and captions to keep them current. I had forgotten that AIM also keeps QC fails submissions as well. Oh dear, oh dear, there were quite a few! We've all been there. Every photograph will exhibit noise, softness, CA,etc to some extent. It just takes time to tune in to what Alamys customers will accept. I don't know if you've found this? https://www.alamy.com/contributors/alamy-how-to-pass-qc.pdf Your own advice is spot on: - " I'm getting more discriminating about what I upload. More rigorous editing, selecting only the gems. " Good luck.
  10. Some smashing photography, I like the flowers especially the composition in T8YPD0. Our good friends in the National Trust have a vested interest in commercial photography on their land and take issue with pictures taken of their property appearing on Alamy. T8YPD0 is not property specific so you can probably justify/get away with contributing it, but I would recommend not drawing the NT's attention to it by mentioning them in the caption. There's plenty about the NT in these forums. In a location like Lynton (T6W41C) it's tempting to try for a landscape shot even when the light is conspiring against you, with some photoshopping you can push the dynamic range, but you are still competing with somone you has stood knee deep in sea weed for an hour waiting for the light. If you are a landscape photgrapher thats your lot and you are stuck with it but as a stock photgrapher you can do what you want! Let your imagination wonder. Accentuate the menacing light and you have the cover of a murder mystery book. Maybe head towards the cafes and ice cream stalls to find a detail you can isolate with a bit of flash or granny in her summer overcoat with a thermos for a lighter travel picture, which still has a sense of place. Anyway enjoy your photography and good luck.
  11. I'm very happy with fuji x-t10, in size it's bigger than the Sony compacts but you have the interchangeable lens flexibility. The primes are also small and fast. The standard zoom also goes down to f2.8. There's loads of attitude in the raw files and the jpegs stand up well on their own. Fuji film regularly update their range and run out models can be found for silly money.
  12. Photgraphing the NT? It would be rude not to do it! Every trip to lacock I take a picture of the Abbey from the road with a little bit of the wall in the bottom of the frame, just for foreground interest of course...
  13. I recommend checking out the "Alamy Live News" credit with Alamy. They may have issues.
  14. Alex Ramsey had us chasing an icelandic Shanyong Rexton last month. That was easier than this one!
  15. Niels is right. The sale may or may not reappear with a slightly different value shortly. If it does it's just an adjustment. We all get refunds on occasion. Sorry to see it landed on the 50$ threshold.
  16. I agree. After checking for stock qc for so long it's difficult to do anything else. There's some lattitude for minor imperfections, maybe focus or blur, but it feels wrong. So stock rules apply!
  17. Drop them an e-mail at news@alam.com
  18. I have been adding iptc caption and heading before uploading, as the images are not going through the live news feed the caption does not have to comply with strict live news rules. If you upload without a caption, the images will sit in aim without a caption until you add one, same as stock would.
  19. I have been adding iptc caption and heading before uploading, as the images are not going through the live news feed the caption does not have to comply with strict live news rules. If you upload without a caption, the images will sit in aim without a caption until you add one, same as stock would.
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