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  1. Bryan, short answer is I don't know. This however is shrapnel damage from the Bath Blitz in the 1940's, there may be similarities?
  2. If you were a little boy in the 60'S you'll remember this.
  3. https://www.shutterbug.com/content/how-not-clean-your-camera-unless-you-need-really-expensive-paperweight-video
  4. I've found he cleaning method depends on the dust. Dry dust goes away with a blower, but sticky dust, like pollens usually needs a wet clean. I bet the Sony RX100 users are chuckling...
  5. Morning Edo, a damn good moan works a treat, highly recommended! Swearing works as well! James
  6. Same as last wednesday, Ok before breakfast and missing afterwards. I wonder if the cleaner comes in on wednesday and unplugs the server in order to plug the vacuum cleaner in?
  7. BIg question. Some articles from the Blog might help. https://www.alamy.com/blog/releases-alamy-says-relax https://www.alamy.com/blog/releases-who-what-when-where-why Oh and your capitals button seems to be stuck.
  8. Yes, it's all part of neuro diversity. When it comes to stock photography I definitely feel like a square peg in a square hole. Engaging with people isn't the easiest thing for me but photography provides a reason and framework to talk to strangers. I like it!
  9. I like the idea of encouraging the kids to do something which will provide them with something which generates an income, but as you imply, Ian the effort/reward ratio isn't going to appeal. Not sure it will improve soon either. Better off pushing them towards an extra exam, basic carpentry or an organic allotment, but thats just my POV. Any way who listens to their parents? First camera melted on the Parcel Shelf of Dad's Morris 1100, yes he did say don't leave it there. So this Grandad is saying g'night!
  10. Ouch! Some days it's not worth picking the locks and sneaking over the wall... I've let the side down, sorry chaps.
  11. Hello John, First of all nice pictures! As for captions, well the definitive answer will have to come from the Live News desk, but since April I've been writing the Date as 14th September as have most of the contributors I've looked at. If your pictures went live and you didn't get an auto email saying "not what our customers want" you are fine. My understanding is that the caption format follows a strict protocol as it is effectively populating a form. The 14 vs 14th thing might be a tweak to improve visibility to USA desks. I bet an email to live news gets a reply today. We'll have to say hello one day! James
  12. Can't teach an old dog new tricks but what if the old dog wants to learn new tricks?
  13. My thinking for the "sold to america thread", rather than search out something, have it in the back of your mind so you don't walk past it. I am though always happier wondering with a camera an capturing whatever serendipity provides. Those presentations and newsletters don't get illustrated on their own you know!
  14. A little bit of spin on the question. Maybe keep the same subjects but as an exercise, how about pictures in the style of... Pick someone who's work you like or maybe don't like and try to incorporate an aspect of that in some pictures. Cheers
  15. The Alamy answer is : https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/understanding-stock-image-licensing/?section=6
  16. James, you said "at least it gives our employees a giggle watching me", so I put "Giggling Farm Workers" into the search, only two results. I'm not suggesting you or anyone should start tickling their employees just that if I thought of "Giggling Farm Workers" a picture buyer might as well. Heed the sound advice of having a carefully curated portfolio, but don't put up too many barriers. Oh and keep posting 'cos then we all have a look at your pictures!
  17. Hello Aaron, You ask, "But what should I mostly focus on to get buys?". It's not a bad question, it's a question we are all asking, the problem is how to provide an answer for a competitor which helps but dosn't give away your own golden goose. Fortunetly there are lots of contributors to this forum who believe being helpfull improves the ALAMY colection and improves all of out chances of making a sale. The "Have you found any images in ..." and "Images sold in ..." threads are very usefull. The challenge is in evaluating how those success apply to your own style and location. I'm told the USA office is doing well so good luck. Stick around Aaron, you get people involved but you take on board what people say. Thats been in short supply recently.
  18. Interesting question. For pictures which IMO will end up in the background with a lot of PR text in the foreground, I think I'd make sure the predominant colour was in the keywords. I'd like to test this but measures has, err um, popped out of office for a moment.
  19. As this hopefully closes, let's not forget QC, who did their job, politely defended their position and then maintained a dignified silence. Thanks chaps.
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